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Nov 6 Mark Steinacher Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Jun 12 Sep 3 Oct 27 Wonderful how Psalm was set into this beautiful hymn. Thank you guys. Category: Experience of God.

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Subcategory: As Help. Key: Eb Major. And thee no sun by day shall ever smite; no moon shall harm thee in the silent night. Above thee watching, God whom we adore shall keep thee henceforth, yea, for evermore. First Line : Unto the hills around shall I lift up my longing eyes? Campbell Meter : Contact us Advertisements. Skip to main content.

Home Page. Unto the Hills. Representative Text 1 Unto the hills around do I lift up my longing eyes: O whence for me shall my salvation come, from whence arise? Psalms Year A, Lent, Second Sunday. The sight of the mountains gave the pilgrims great joy, for it told them that close beneath those hill-tops nestled the city which they so much loved, with its temple of marble and gold in which God dwelt.

The sight he beheld not only produced rapture in his heart—but it also gave him a wonderful sense of safety. In another of the " Songs of Ascents " the pilgrims sang:. Those who trust in the Lord Are as mount Zion, which cannot be moved—but abides forever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, So the Lord is round about his people, From this time forth and for evermore. Thus the mountains became a picture or symbol of God. They suggested the divine defense.

Unto These Hills

The pilgrims looked unto the hills— and thought of God. Here we get our lesson. We should train our eyes to look habitually to God—as our help and defense. Mountains have always had a remarkable influence on the minds of men. They figure largely in the Bible story. It was on Mount Sinai that God appeared to Moses in a series of wonderful manifestations. The mountain burned with fire. The people dared not approach it.

Yet Moses met God there. It was on Mount Moriah that the temple was built. Jesus was transfigured on Mount Hermon. And other mountains in Palestine were made forever sacred—by our Lord's nights of prayer on their cold summits. It was on the Mount of Olives that the Master's feet last stood on this earth, where he spoke his parting words and gave his last blessing, and from which he ascended.

Unto the hills around do I lift up Lyrics

In the Scriptures mountains are symbols of perpetuity —the everlasting mountains. God's righteousness is compared to the great mountains. The mountains are said to bring peace to the people. Mountains were refuges to which men fled in time of danger; in one of the psalms—a hunted soul is exhorted to flee as a bird to its mountain. By their elevation above the plains and valleys, mountains naturally suggest the lifting up of the thoughts of men from lower to higher things.

God was supposed to choose the hills for his dwelling-places on the earth, and hence the mountains suggested the home and the sanctuary of God. Thus they became sacred. Even idolatry chose the "high places" for the sites of its altars and thus desecrated many a lofty spot. The sight of a hill or a mountain , made the devout Jew think of God. This is the thought that was in the mind of the writer of this psalm—"I will lift up my eyes unto the mountains. He was safe under the shadow of those everlasting hills, because God was there— and was watching him in tender love.

It is interesting to think a little of the blessings that come from the mountains to the plains, and to the whole earth.

Florida Boys "Unto the Hills" Sheet Music in F Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN

Mountains and hills are not mere accidents in the form and structure of the earth's surface. In wisdom and love—God lifted them up, like great cathedral spires, that they might minister to the health, the beauty, the fertility, and the joy of the world. Think of this earth as a vast flat surface from sea to sea, with no valleys, no hills, no mountains. How dreary, how monotonous it would be! But that is not all. Wonderful are the benefits of the mountains! Ruskin names three great offices which mountains fulfill.

They give motion and direction to water, determining the channels of the rivers, so that men can build their homes and cities in places where they know the streams will continue to flow. Then they are the great ventilators of the earth; generating perpetual currents of air to pour down into the plains, carrying health and comfort on their invisible wings. The third use of mountains is to provide for the constant renewal of the soils of the earth.

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Continually streams carry down the wear and waste from the rocks, and sand and clay from the banks of the ravines, each current bearing its burden of blessing of rich earth to be cast on some favored spot in the fields and valleys below, to add to their fertility. There are other benefits for which we are indebted to the mountains. Among many, "the various medicinal plants which are nestled among their rocks, the delicate pasturage which they furnish for cattle, the forests in which they bear timber for shipping, the stones they supply for building, or the ores of metal which they collect into spots open to discovery and easy for working.

The vast rugged ranges which rise like mighty walls and seem so full of terror and threatening—are really sources of happiness and good for our earth. All this had its analogy in the thought of the pilgrim, as in the evening he lifted up his eyes unto the mountains round about Jerusalem. He thought of God, and of the grace and goodness which were in God for his people in the world. What the mountains are to the earth in benefit and blessing, God is to his people.

In portions of the great West of the United States there are vast tracts of land which not so many years ago were only deserts. The soil was wondrously fertile—but there was no water. Little rain fell and scarcely anything would grow. Yet yonder all the while were the mountains with their melting snows and their flowing streams. All that was needed to transform these desert valleys into gardens—was to bring the blessing of the mountains to them.

Unto The Hills

Men lifted up their eyes to the hills for help, and the result is seen today in the great orange groves and all the unparalleled luxuriance of Southern California, and in the garden beauty and fertility of other portions of the country. This is a parable. All over the world, there are men and women with possibilities of rich spiritual life. They might become great blessings in the world. They might be like trees bearing much fruit for the glory of God and to feed the world's hungers. But with all their natural gifts—their lives are like deserts.

Psalms 121:1-2

They live only for themselves. They do not know the secret of service. They are weak in the presence of the world's evil, and fall before its temptations. They have no power to help others in their deep needs. Yet all the while, yonder rise the hills of God above their heads, with their treasures of life and power, available to faith and prayer.

If only they would lift up their eyes to the mountains, they would find what they need to change the desert of their lives— into gardens. If through the channels of faith and love they would bring the grace of heaven down into their barrenness and emptiness, they would henceforth be like fields which the Lord has blessed. It is God that men need. They may have wisdom, learning, eloquence, strength, courage, and a gentle heart,—all the elements which make power; but without God, they lack that which alone will make any life rich in beauty and blessing.

We know, for example, what a wondrous change was wrought in the disciples of Christ by the descent of the Holy Spirit upon them, on the day of Pentecost. From weakness, they became strong.

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Their dullness was transformed into vivid life. The blessing of the hills had been emptied upon them. A writer tells of a man who, though he lived on barren, level land beside the sea, was always talking to his neighbors of the purple mountains which his eyes saw. The neighbors could see no mountains, and laughed at his delusion , as they called it. Still he persisted in his belief, and one day he sailed away to find these mountains of his dreams—and returned in due time laden with treasures.

Just so, the world laughs when a Christian sings of the visions of his faith, and lifts up his eyes unto the invisible hills which he says he sees. But the most real things in the universe—are the things of Christian faith. Paul tells us that the things which are seen— are only temporal —for time, unsubstantial, unreal; and that the things which are unseen —are the eternal things—the real, enduring things. The mountains which our natural eyes can see—shall depart. Even now they are crumbling to dust, and some day they will be gone! Those who seek refuge in them—will then be left without home or shelter.

But when earth's mountains have crumbled—the hills of God will stand firm and eternal. Those who lift up their eyes to these heavenly heights will never be disappointed in their trust. It is the thought of refuge and help that is prominently in the mind of the pilgrim: "I lift my eyes toward the mountains. He expects help to come down to him from the mountains ; that is, he looks for help in his danger and need from God. The world has no shelter for him—but God will be his defense. Too many people look only around them for comfort and aid, when they are in trouble.

When they have sorrow—they turn to human friends for consolation. Human love is very sweet in the day of adversity. We never can be thankful enough for the comfort that comes to us through those who enter the shadows of our grief with their wise help. But if this be all, very small are our consolations. Those, however, who, when the earthly lights go out, lift up their eyes to the mountains where the light of God shines in undimmed glory—find everlasting consolation.

God is enough, though all else be gone. So it is in temptation. There are those who in the deep valley of struggle fight the battle, without any help from the hills. They seek only earthly help. They appeal to their brothers when the battle goes hard against them; but human allies are not enough in our struggles with the enemy of souls.

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Happy are they who in their sore conflicts, lift up their eyes unto the hills. There is One who is a master of struggle with temptation, for he was tempted in all points like as we are, yet without sin—and is able, therefore, to help those who are tempted. In the story of the Exodus, there is a beautiful incident which illustrates this truth. The people of Israel were fighting with strong enemies in the valley of Rephidim. Moses commanded Joshua to lead the army into battle.