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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The present moment is where you will always be. If you are not happy with what you are and what you have now, how can you expect to be happy with more?

Nobody Has to Be Anybody!

If you become somebody else and obtain something else, you will grow tired of the new existence or the new thing and you will continue the proverbial carrot chase that never really ends: You are in a constant state of Becoming; and you never enter the state of Being. It is not wrong to want more but it is certainly unhealthy to want to be someone else or to want more without being content with who you are and what you have now. Accepting: Most suffering is the failure to accept transience. Everything is changing, evolving. Changes are not always in your favor but they may be seen as opportunities to grow.

Aware: To be aware, among many other things, is to know the extent to which you are influenced from outside sources.

How To Be Nobody But Yourself

Just be aware of your purchases, pursuits and external desires and decide if they are helping you become somebody someone else or to be nobody yourself. Giving: The dedication to a cause greater than oneself, with little or no selfish motives, is the greatest enabler of meaning and fulfillment and hence success. In other words, not caring about success will sooner provide a higher quality of success than a hyper-intentional desire to quickly create it.

What are your thoughts? Have you discovered the wisdom of being nobody? How so? Previous Mindfully Moving Beyond Multitasking. About The Author.

Additional Online “Be Nobody” Book Reviews, Commentaries, and Interviews

Kent Thune Kent Thune is the blog author of The Financial Philosopher , where he urges readers to place meaning before money and purpose before planning. Related Posts. Dandy R. Reiner on September 20, at am. Dandy Reply. Kate on September 20, at am. Kent The Financial Philosopher on September 20, at am.

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Be nobody, but do something. Even though such perpetual worry and frenetic activity is wearing us out and down, we nevertheless revel in what has become a cult of busyness. They are rushing because rushing is how they display how hard they work. In every area of public life, we demand not only that people work harder, but, crucially, that they be seen to work ever harder. This is the age of professional martyrdom. Busyness for its own sake can keep us unaware of and unfocused on the more consequential things we have to do in life.

And the busyness stresses us out, which often enough triggers major mentalaffliction attacks. Anxiety about how many things there are to do does not help us do them better or more efficiently, let alone more wisely and calmly. Instead of putting us in the flow, busyness just sweeps us away in the current. Instead of the mindful unselfconsciousness that characterizes being in the zone, the cult of busyness instills a self-conscious mindlessness that keeps us stewing about how much we have to do instead of concentrating on what we are actually doing.

Staying busy for the sake of busyness is not a spiritual technique for self-transcendence, happiness, or contentment. The spiritual methods for self-forgetfulness in action are quite different than this kind of hectic, chicken-with-its-head-cut-off urge to just keep busy all the time.

To Be Nobody, Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Another cause of stress derives from worrying about all the things we should be doing that for one reason or another we are unable or unwilling to do. Reading this book is easy, and understanding it is liberating. I invite you to do both. And then he outlines a way that leads to joy by showing us how to practice a new thought pattern that encourages focus on anything but self.

DISCUSSION & BOOK SIGNING: Lama Marut - 'Be Nobody'

This is an amazingly powerful piece of work from a truly unique and dynamic nobody. Be Nobody exposes our culture of narcissism that precludes personal happiness, social equality, and ecological balance. Rather than taking us from our deluded state of alienated self-absorption to some exalted state of equally misguided self-annihilation, Marut guides us through an inner transformation and re-emergence as awakened altruists contributing to a sustainable future for all.

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This really is the only way to be happy. The antidote he offers is truly liberating, not only for oneself but for all sentient beings. We aim to be somebody, but only find tension and loneliness as we never reach the bar. What good is getting star billing if you never feel like a star? Laying out a clear spiritual alternative, he dares us to become nobody: a state of complete authenticity, where we are present to our lives and joyfully connected to all.

This is no mystical pipe dream; the ideas in this book point to something every one of us can do.