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Every time I found something positive it wasnt long before I was frustrated again. It's not the worst but it's not far off. A bit of effort guys, if you can't take the time to fill in some details I don't imagine you'll be any good in the bedroom lol Overall the site is a fine option for meeting younger guys.

Cougar life

Theyve been around for years so I trust them more than some of the others, but maybe im just paranoid. I usually turn to the site in the winter or when im short on cash and cant go our looking for older women to flirt with haha. I'm using the site at the moment but not that much going on, a few chats but it's mostly for sending sexts as the chicks ive met are quite far from where I live. Will give it another few weeks and maybe take a break.

Ben Peters. No idea how long some of the women on the site have been on there, I rarely get replies and when I do it still doesnt guarantee im getting laid. You gotta have a lot of freakin patience for this game man. Is it worth it? Hell yeah! But dont be a dumbass and think you sign in, pay and the milf chicks are just waiting for you to bang them. Life doesnt work that way, bro. Some nice features but not sure it's worth it unless you search and you have a lot of older women showing nearby, preferably as online now so you know the profiles are still active. Maybe if I get laid ill change my mind but for now im on the fence.

Total hoax , it used to be good a couple of years back when I used it but after revisiting again I am going to cancel and not renew. It's sad how many fake profiles they allow to get by, web cam girls , escorts , and just plain bs this site should be shut down - at least don't waste your money like I did. I'm not new to NSA hook up dating so I know the score, it takes effort and a lot of people get fed up fast.

But I'd say this site is as good as any of the better ones and obviously for me the key thing is that its got dirty MILFs on the site, and that's my fetish absolutely love older women. Worth trying, run a search in your area and see what you think. If the results disappoint, then leave it at that. I know there are haters but im a fan. Use it a few times every day, just checking for replies or sending messages out.

Cougar Life Date A Cougar On The Largest Cougar Dating Site Commercial

Takes a while and its not like there are cougars lining up to suck me off but I do get lucky sometimes. The site itself looks professional and polished, especially its member search page. The layout is very organized, and all key features are accessible through the top navigation bar. In comparison to other providers Cougar Life is expensive. Test now for free. Premium subscriptions are renewed automatically. With each purchase, you will get free Cougar Life credits.

The amount varies according to which plan you avail of:. In real life, you would give gifts to someone you like or are interested in. Gifts cost credits, so it tells the recipient that you're really interested in them. Users have a public gallery and a private one. The public one is open for everyone to see. You can place sexy and alluring photos in your private gallery and only give access to those you deem worthy of it. On the upper left corner of your screen, you can see how many cougars are looking for dates on a particular day.

Just click on the Find a Date Tonight icon and choose which cougar you want to go on a date with. The blog is a nice resource for both experienced cougars and curious cubs alike. Aside from giving updates about the site itself, you can also find guides and helpful tips about cougar dating. Cougar life works in a similar fashion to regular dating sites - you create an account, complete your profile and search for matches. The only difference is that the site caters to older women looking for younger men and vice versa.

Technically, you can create an account and complete your profile for free. You can also look at other members' profiles for free. However, if you want to message other members, you need to pay for a premium membership. To view the cougar life private photos of other members, you need to get their permission.

How Does Cougarlife Work?

You can go to their profile and click the photo with the lock icon on it. This will send a request to the member, informing them that you want to see their private pictures. Once they accept, you will be able to see the photos. If you're a free member, you can still send Flirts to other members. This will show them that you like them and are interested in them. These are virtual gifts that you can give to other members to show them that you like them.

You need to purchase gifts using credits. With priority mail, you can send virtual gifts with your message, and even attach a request to view the user's private pictures. Yes, you can put users who catch your attention to your favorites list. Just go to their profile and click the "Add to Favorites" button. Also, free users can also check if they're on other users' favorite lists. If for some reason you don't want to be a part of the site anymore, you can deactivate your account. Just click on the thumbnail of your profile photo on the upper right corner of the screen and go to your Account options.

Click on "Deactivate Your Account" and confirm your request. Currently, you can't cancel your subscription via the account settings tab. Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no experience reports about Cougar Life. Be the first one and share your experiences:. Thank you for sharing your experience! This helps others sort of the fake profiles from the real profiles. All in all, this area on Cougar Life needs some attention! To distinguish a fake profile, find out whether the member is a premium member.

In most cases, premium members are not fake as scammers avoid paying extra costs. We want to let you know as well, that CougarLife has many animators on the platform. Animators are people who entertain by putting up a fake profile.

5 Other Cougar Dating Sites

You may have to be a member on the site for a while to start recognizing the signs of fake profiles. The animators will probably send you messages and gifts, but do not go to meet them in person! This negative factor is quite small still, thanks to the fact that you can easily block animators from contacting you. In their terms, CougarLife says that these animators are only able to contact guest users, not paying members.

Apparently, having a premium membership makes it impossible for animators to contact you. You can also change your settings so that no one can contact you but instead you have to initiate all communication. Optimizing your search settings allows you to find other members quickly and easily while preventing yourself from being targeted. We then fine-tuned the search settings so that we could see profiles which were better-suited to exactly what we were looking for.

Not bad, not bad at all! Picture: refine your search on Cougar Life. Thanks to these wonderful search settings, users can easily eliminate profiles they have no interest in. Very helpful! Picture: Search results on Cougar Life. Other search settings are hair colour, physique, eye colour, and ethnicity.

These can all be entered directly into the search bar. Click on any profile you come across that interests you. Now, you just have to contact them. Picture: A profile of an attractive cougar on Cougar Life Canada. Picture: Communication features. Many websites offer this option for users to communicate with other users that interest them. What are the advantages , you may ask? Picture: Send a gift to other Cougar Life members. You can immediately chat with any person in real-time if they are online.

Real-time chat is great for small talk and getting to know more about them and their life. We are not so sure whether we like this feature or not. Sending a gift is really just sending a virtual present.

“Cougar Life Review” — And 5 Other Cougar Dating Sites

This feature will make you more noticeable and memorable to whoever you send it to. Picture: Cougars know what they want. Picture: We have messaged 50 cougars within a few days.

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They tell other users a lot about you and are simple enough to set-up. We are definitely a fan of the secure privacy options to make sure users remain anonymous. The fact that CougarLife contacts guest users with animators though is a huge turn off.

Cougarlife.com TV Commercial, 'Professor'

The rest of the functions on the site seemed o work very well — no disappointments there! Rating: Not bad! Try out for free! We were glad to see this feature and did follow through on testing the email they had on the contact form with some sort of made up problem. The team did get back to us within two days. So this was alright. After the phone call, we wrote an email to cancel the Premium membership once more, just to be sure.

This is what ours looked like:. I hereby make use of my right of revocation and cancel my premium membership within the period fixed. In case you do not accept, I reaffirm the cancellation already made by phone at the earliest date possible. In order to make sure they can identify you and your profile, state the email address that you registered with at CougarLife. Past CougarLife members often say that their cancellation by phone and email was successful.

There is definitely room for improvement in this area. Using Cougar Life is quite simple and straightforward. Profile loading errors do come up every once in a while though. The design and colour palette are easy on the eyes as well, so navigating the site is a nice experience.

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Not only is Cougar Life accessible from a laptop or computer, but there is also an app English only available for iOS and Android. This allows members to flirt while on the go. The app is well-designed includes all of the great functions that the desktop version has. We think the app is a wonderful addition to the overall Cougar Life experience.

Like many other dating sites, a subscription on Cougar Life is automatically renewed if not cancelled soon enough. Cancellation also has to be made 3 days before the term ends , which we feel is fair. To talk to a Cougar, you need to invest in a premium membership. We think that the premium membership is worth it however — Cougar Life has great profiles, settings, design, and features!