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Solve puzzle 1 with the elemental gems. Mosaic maestro. Repair the mosaic. The alchemist. Collect all tools for the alchemist. Collect all chalices. Impossible switch. Get to the unreachable switch. The rooftops. Find the giant jump potion to get to the rooftops. Diamonds are forever. Get to the diamond treasure. Find the big diamond. Find the big treasure chest. First aid. Get the unreachable health potion. Pick up the axe in a level. Get the familiar in a level.


God in no time. Beat the game in less than 60 minutes. I just can't get enough. Beat the game 3 times in a row. Reach the end with at least 10 lives left. Elemental puzzle 2. Solve puzzle 2 with the elemental gems. WIZ: Al Simmons was killed on a mission in Botswana, when he died he made a deal with the hell lord Malebolgia and got the powers of a hellspawn. WIZ: Spawn has a huge array of powers that includes hell fire breath, telepathy, time manipulation, demon summoning, super strength, regeneration, super reflexes, etc.

Spawn's only real weakness is holy weapons and being decapitated by them, but since this is god spawn he is not weak against holy weapons. WIZ: The mother of existence really liked Spawn so she got him to eat from the tree of life, making him super powerful, so powerful that he could beat Satan and the Demiurge in a fight easily, then spawn recreated the world! Can the ascended Hell spawn hope to win?

Goku was sent to earth as a baby to destroy it, but was adopted by Gohan, a kind old man in the mountains. WIZ: At first Goku was a violent little brat, but one day he fell into a ravine and hit his head, turning him into a kind and mild-mannered person. Gohan taught Goku martial arts and about the humans in the city, but Goku's life with Gohan would not last.

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WIZ: Goku would grow up to become one of the most powerful Saiyans and a great hero of earth, using martial arts and Ki to defeat foes both alien and magical. WIZ: Using Ki Goku can unleash powerful attacks like Kamehameha or spirit bomb, and other useful abilities like instant transmission and Kaio-ken. I am the warrior you've heard of in the legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. That's what I am. I am the Super Saiyan, Son Goku! WIZ: Who will win? The god, the saiyan, the kryptonian or the demon?

Soluce Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

Who will be triumphant in this clash of titans? The sun is red, the stars are dim, flickering in and out as there numbers dwindle across the cosmos. It is quite apparent this universe is in its death throes, soon to be replaced by something new, yet there are those who are stuck in the past, scientists trying to find cosmic cures, empires waging final wars and old gods wandering the lands of their long dead worshippers, friends and families. Across the barren and lifeless world walks one who was called, hero, friend, father and king, one who had watched man grow from his infancy into a race who's genius and accomplishments were known throughout the cosmos.

Passing through the ruins of the once great city of new York the mighty one comes to a halt and sits down, reminiscing about the days of yore, the days when he had fought side by side with the bravest men and women ever born, driving back evil, protecting the innocent and avenging the righteous fallen; those were the days when man could sit side by side with his gods and none would bat an eye, but eventually those days would pass. As the thunderer looked out with his one good eye over the vast and empty globe he saw once again how it had happened, how he in his wisdom had left man to itself once he had ascended the throne, how he thought it best for man to rule man, for the gods not to interfere, and how the righteousness of man soon turned sour.

The mighty one saw brother turn against brother, friend against friend, science and magic used for war instead of peace, a world divided between Evil and a lesser evil, and broken apart by the ascension of its "superiors". This was all his doing, what had been intended for good turned into the greatest evil. Perhaps the Butcher was right, perhaps it was not evil that drove the god killer to slay his family but righteousness, perhaps this old god deserved to die for his sins, if only he could, if only In the atmosphere he could feel it, a portal opening, and forth from it came a being he was all to familiar with.

Clad in black, dark symbiotic magic coursing through his veins, and the blood of gods on his hands, another butcher had come. Thor the mighty, Thor the powerful grit his teeth, perhaps he did deserve to die, but his family never did, the good gods of a thousand worlds did not deserve their fate. Taking to the skies the thunderer from on high flew towards the dark intruder to protect his dead world of memories or finally meet his fate, for he was Thor, the last king of the dead Earth.

Al Simmons had fought the god and devil, defeating them and ending the end. Armageddon had finished, Earth had been recreated and heaven and hell were blocked, but all was not well. MoM's two greatest children yet lived, Demiurge and Devil, trapped in a perception of a dead earth, Spawn thought this would be enough but he soon heard rumblings from the beyond, the brothers would soon realize their plight and break forth.

Realizing the consequences of their freedom the man of miracles ordered the ascended hellspawn to find a world in a new multiverse, a dead and barren world, the perfect dungeon for the two immortals, thus Spawn went forth on his mission. Finally Spawn saw a universe dying, a place where the brethren could fight forever until the cosmos burned and all was reborn, into this universe the divine being opened a portal and went forth to investigate.

As the demonic divine travelled he saw many disturbing things, things only seen in a dying creation; dead pantheons floating through space in seas of blood, disembodied spirits unable to travel to a heaven or hell, men in armour killing the pillars of creation, hoping to survive the ultimate end. The Hellspawn travelled undeterred, nothing could terrify one who had been to hell, heaven and back, moving onward he finally found this universes earth, a barren and desolate place.

Spawn smiled to himself, this was easier than expected, then his eyes fell upon a figure travelling towards him, an angry figure. Flying through space at the speed of light, is it a bird, is it a plane, its Superman prime one million! The golden hero travels swiftly toward his universe, finally ready to return home after 15, years. Superman had watched his family die and all his friends fade into a distant memory, but now he was finally going home. As Spawn is given the journal by his father, Richard Simmons is seen providing the demons Ab and Zab some food, then retiring to his quarters to recall a time in his childhood when he would pretend to be asleep and his father would come weeping and reciting a prayer beside his bed.

Feeling that there can be no redemption for himself, Richard follows Mammon down to a door whereupon entering, Richard is swallowed into the bowels of hell. Spawn tells the story that is found in the journal. A runaway soldier, who later becomes Henry Simmons, Al Simmons' great grandfather, is to be lynched with a man who supposedly murdered his family.

Mammon approaches both, saying he will give them what they want. Henry refuses, while the innocent man accepts, when they are hanged. While the man is hanged, Mammon causes a misfire to save Henry's life. A short time thereafter, the man is reborn as Gunslinger Spawn, and he slaughters the town, but leaves Henry alive under Mammon's orders.

The Gunslinger Spawn places the soldier in a pine box casket belonging to the now-dead real Henry Simmons. The box floats down a river, where an awaiting Mammon tells Henry a descendant will become the Spawn that destroys the world. The continuation of "The Monster in the Bubble" from the last issue left Spawn utterly helpless against Erskine's psychic projection of a tentacled creature, that had impaled him multiple times. Erskine's projection suddenly shows features of Mammon, continually coaxing and tempting Spawn to accept death.

Nyx intervenes by stabbing the creature with a sword, gaining the creature's attention, but leading her to become the creature's next target. She then telepathically contacts Marc Simmons, begging him to shoot Erskine. Erskine relents and ceases his attack causing the creature to disappear, allowing Nyx and Al to go to the hospital where Erskine is held. Spawn is faced with the predicament however of whether or not to cause Erskine's death, threatening to enter the bubble dome if Erskine does not reveal the whereabouts of Mammon, whom Spawn believed was pulling the strings.

Mammon then appears to complicate the situation allowing Erskine to complete his last murder using a psychic projection of a woman to attack the last victim in his home.

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Mammon reveals that it was he who taught Erskine to use his powers. Upon killing his last victim, Erskine then proceeds to commit suicide, leaving his worldly possessions in the name of the doctor who had taken care of him. Spawn then proceeds to attack Mammon, and ask what Mammon wanted from him. Mammon then says that he wants nothing from Spawn, saying that Spawn had lost everything that made him special, only wanting Spawn to accept that it is his time.

It is then revealed that Mammon had been using Erskine's powers to project a psychic projection of himself, and he was actually in another location. As the psychic projection melts away, Spawn is left kneeling, accepting the belief that whatever he tries to do goes wrong, that he is no longer needed by the world. The story then shifts to a mortuary. The story begins to be told in first person by an amnesiac vampire know as Severin. Severin awakes, from what is thought to have been his death, and finds himself in a mortuary lying on a table.

He is not alone as two doctors are examining a body close by. Once the doctors discover that Severin is alive, they flee in terror only to be killed by Morana the robed associate of Mammon.

Albert Francis Simmons

With Morana's help, Severin begins to remember his past and discovers he is one of the Vrykolakas, the first of the vampires. Morana seeks Severin's assistance and promises to end Severin's life if he agrees to help. Morana takes Severin to Spawn's warehouse where Spawn and Nyx try to explain to Marc about his brother's current situation. Morana explains that Severin must infect the Hellspawn with his curse.

Severin must bite Spawn. Severin emerges and easily defeats Marc and Nyx before infecting Spawn with the vampiric curse. Severin and Morana escape to the rooftops where Severin receives his reward, death. However, Severin has been tricked. Severin desires death but was instead given an inescapable hellish experience; Severin must relive the moments leading up to his infecting of the Hellspawn for all eternity. Cyan, the daughter of Wanda Blake and Terry Fitzgerald, is having terrible visions. Her visions seem to be targeted mostly at her mother.

Cyan sees her mother covered in blood every time they see each other.

Can God Trust Us?

She envisions the pain that her savior, Spawn, is suffering through. Her visions are confirmed to be true. Spawn, having been infected by the vampire Severin, struggles with his symbiotic costume inside his own conscience while Nyx and Marc stand by unable to help in any way. The costume insists that although Spawn is the host, the costume has always been in control of the Hellspawn's powers. The costume is angered by Spawn's actions, namely deciding to throw away the powers of a god.

Kill the God

The costume begins fighting with Spawn, now returned to his Al Simmons form. The costume tries to convince Simmons that his wife Wanda Blake had betrayed him while they were married. The costume insists that Wanda decided not to have Simmons' child because she hated Simmons. The costume continues to taunt Simmons, bringing up Wanda's marriage to Simmons' best friend Terry Fitzgerald.

Eventually, Simmons' accepts what the costume has been saying and returns to consciousness. The setting shifts to Mammon's residence where it is revealed that Mammon was guiding Spawn's costume into turning against him. Mammon is accompanied by Moranna and Moranna's foster parents Lucian and Daciana, leaders of the original vampires. Mammon orders Morana to prepare himself for what he must do next, which is unknown at this point.

Lair of The Minotaur | Lyrics

The scene shifts back to Cyan's bedroom. There, her visions tell her that something terrible is about to occur. For the first time in the story she is afraid of Spawn, fearing his return will be to murder someone close to her. Cyan stands, approaches her closet door which is covered with blood , she opens the door and finds Spawn standing before her. Cyan looks at him and asks, "You're going to kill my mommy, aren't you? Forewarned by Granny Blake, Cyan plunges a knife wrapped with the shoelace once bound to Spawn's face into him.

The knife, mystically charged, is able to rip a wound into the symbiotic entity, plunging Simmons in a delusional world, based on his memories with Wanda, to settle his unresolved issues with her in a more peaceful manner. They are transported into a boat in a lake, similar to the location where Al Simmons and Wanda Blake once had a boat ride together. Spawn talks with Wanda, stating that he wished to move on, but couldn't due to their connection and what he had done.

Wanda asks if Spawn could move on if she forgave him for the miscarriage of their child to which Spawn responds to do it. But Wanda states that she couldn't forgive him, but also that if anything of her late husband is within him, that she loves him. Spawn, contemplating what to do, feels the pain of the knife that Cyan had stabbed on his chest and attempts to extract it, but upon doing so finds hanging from the shoelace, his wedding ring, the symbol of his bond with Wanda. Al Simmons is then able to reject his costume and bring the boat to the side of the lake, finding that both Cyan and Nyx were able to follow them into that location.

But upon getting on shore, the symbiote resurfaces and attacks Nyx. The symbiote is revealed as retaining its sentience and independence, and to have always worked for Mammon, offering full collaboration to his efforts to breed a perfect Hellspawn in exchange for being free to roam the Earth. Since Al Simmons is no longer needed, K7 Leetha merges with Nyx, in retaliation for its past enslavement, gaining full control over Nyx's actions and torturing her by imposing its will on hers. The symbiote attempts to kill Wanda and Cyan, but Mammon stops it by promising to bestow it with new powers and a new host if it keeps obeying.

Mammon then leads the whole party, now formed by the new She-Spawn, Al Simmons in a human, unscarred, body, Wanda and Cyan, to a distant castle. He then unveils how Wanda and Al were part of a master plan to breed the perfect Hellspawn, thus connecting Al Simmons to all previous Hellspawns, coming from Al and Wanda's bloodlines, and the Armageddon was simply a convenient way to put Malebolgia, God and Satan out of the picture, paving the way for his rule over the Universe. On the way to the castle, Mammon reveals that Al Simmons has now outlived his usefulness, as a new, better host is already prepared to take his place, loyal to his plans and more powerful than Al Simmons ever was.

The host is finally unveiled to Wanda and Al Simmons as Morana, their miscarried child, stolen by Mammon the day in which Al Simmons brought Wanda to the hospital after beating her. Morana, now a full grown woman, waits in the castle, bathing in the blood of virgin youths as a part of her coming of age rite.

After that, Morana is restored to her human self, ready to meet her parents for the first time. Renouncing them as she claims they've abandoned her, she takes over the K7 symbiote from Nyx and plans to feed over Wanda's and Al's souls. Since Nyx is powerless, and the Mother of Miracles is away from the earthly plane for ten thousand years, Cyan is pressured by Grandma Blake's apparition to push her precognitive powers to the limits, where she meets an old woman writing down a book in a dilapidated house.

Ready to die, yet willing to help Cyan in her role, she gives Cyan a message for Spawn. Returned to Limbo, Cyan pressures Spawn into calling down the Legion, or at least the still living souls of it, numbering a mere dozen. Even if Christopher claims that this new incarnation of the Legion is made by the strongest members, stronger even than the Hellspawn, Cyan shares with Nyx how her plan actually involves the Legion being soundly defeated by Morana. The events unfold the way the old wise woman is writing them in her book, and despite their impressive powers, the Legion are slayed in front of a guilty, helpless, Cyan, until only Christopher is left, ready to go on in a new afterlife, beyond Heaven and Hell.

Al Simmons, taunted by Mammon about his losses, from the happy family he could have had up to his life, denounces Morana, refusing her as his daughter. In retaliation, Morana savagely attacks her own servants, and his father. Using the distraction in her favor, Cyan teaches a binding spell to Nyx, so powerful to be able to trap Morana and Mammon in Limbo for eternity.

In a sort of predestination paradox, Cyan claims the spell was taught to her by the wise old woman, who received the words by an older Nyx, in the future. The spell is successful, and Morana is left trapped, and pleading Wanda to be saved. Al Simmons convinces Wanda to return to the earthly plane with Cyan and Nyx, and after giving her a last farewell, and an apology for the life they never could have had together, he stays behind, searching for a way to be reborn as a new individual, no more a tool of Heaven and Hell.

Journeying in a hellish dimension paved with discarded soul, Simmons begins his last voyage, a voyage described by the wise old woman, who's revealed to be an older Cyan, as a path of retribution, turning Spawn in the biggest anti-hero known on Earth, both hero and villain, destined to bring on the final downfall of Heaven and Hell, and enact his final vengeance over God and Satan. As Al traverses the land of discarded souls he prepares to enter the human world.

Escaping Hell, he arrives back in the alleys of New York City. Al Simmons searches for one spot in particular perhaps the exact spot where he returned to Earth as a newly created Hellspawn at the beginning of the comic , once he finds the spot he is looking for he gathers his remaining Hellspawn energy and blows his own head off. The one "true" way to effectively kill a Spawn.

Seconds later, a hospital patient awakens from a coma. His name is Jim Downing, and he has no memory it is speculated that Jim Downing isn't his real name, just one given to him by the hospital. The doctors are amazed at his supernatural recovery time as in only a few hours his muscles grow and he becomes more stable.

Who this Jim is is still a mystery, but it is clear that at one time he did know the Hellspawn known as Al Simmons confirmed when it shows Jim thinking about Spawn. During Jim's recovery, a janitor makes a call to a wealthy lawyer informing him of Jim's awakening.