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Mary Trail is Virgil's insurance agent. Andy at East Coast Marine has what Virgil wants. Mark Douka with Xavier Homes provides Virgil with a possible motive for the bombings. The Cover and Title The cover makes me think of Turner's light with that gorgeous glow coming off the painting. It's as though there's gold foil underneath that fiery sky, billowing smoke roiling through the oranges over the city skyline. That's the bottom half. The top half is a deep, deep blue with the author's name in an embossed deep gold and bright white.

The title is a consequence of physics: there is a Shock Wave when a bomb goes off. View 2 comments.

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Oct 14, Tory Wagner rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , police. This is the fifth in the series and deals with a bomber who is targeting a successful businessman who is planning to build one of his stores in a small rural community. The first bomb goes off at the top of a towering office building and then the bomber begins to target the small town that is "selling out" to the businessman. Virgil is an engaging character and the mystery is entertaining. Another classic Virgil Flowers thriller. No nonsense, hilarious at times and one dropped bomb after another.

No pun intended. Virgil is on the case again; this time after a bomber with a plan. No plan is perfect and the bomber learns this quickly. I love reading this series; and love the main character. Nice flow and good for a quick read. May 23, Eleven rated it really liked it. I almost forgot to add this one. Sandford is always good. Virgil Flowers is always good.

Les McBride in John Sandford novel

This episode was easily as good as the rest. I think it's safe to call me a fan. Dec 19, Mary rated it really liked it. Another Virgil Flowers murder solved. Virgil gets called to check out a couple of bombs that seem to be related, and another one goes off Nov 27, Mal Warwick rated it really liked it Shelves: mysteries-thrillers. John Sandford is a master of novels like this. From www. Jul 07, Skip rated it liked it Shelves: crime-detective. Early in the fifth Virgil Flowers novel, a county sheriff refers to Virgil as a "social investigator," which is apt.

In this book, for example, he actually undertakes an anonymous written survey to assemble a list of suspects. More generally, he pokes around a town, bouncing his case theories off people and getting their input until he solves the case. After two bombings kill employees of a modestly upscale discount store, Virgil travels to a town where small business owners and conservationists Early in the fifth Virgil Flowers novel, a county sheriff refers to Virgil as a "social investigator," which is apt.

After two bombings kill employees of a modestly upscale discount store, Virgil travels to a town where small business owners and conservationists and fishermen are the likely suspects.

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Good surprise ending. What a great book!!! I've even read this one before, but could not remember until it was revealed who done it. John Sanford is just that great of a writer! Mar 10, Melanie rated it liked it. Really entertaining. But this is the second book referring to sodomizing a child. Feb 24, Darcy rated it it was amazing Shelves: listened-to-at-work , audio-book , mystery , , , law-enforcement.

I just love Virgil, he is not your usual cop which is part of his charm. He is always open to new ideas, does his deep thinking in unusual ways, and seems to have uncanny luck with women. This time around some of the new ideas that Virgil uses to work the case causes him to get into some hot water. When they first start talking about it I thought it was a crock of crap, but as things progressed it seemed to work. I love how Virgil brings his boat and fishing stuff when working on a case, it seems I just love Virgil, he is not your usual cop which is part of his charm. I love how Virgil brings his boat and fishing stuff when working on a case, it seems to help him do some of his best thinking.

This case was no different, what was different was how this favored past time was used as a punishment for him. The results of that had him walking around looking like someone kicked his brand new puppy. I had to laugh though when Virgil got a call helping him clear the way to get back on his feet in this aspect of his life. Virgil normally has good luck with the ladies, but in this book it seems like that isn't the case.

There were all sorts of possibilities, but there were also strings still holding him or so it seemed. I will say that some of the best scenes in the book was when Virgil was talking to an 18 year old boy about women and I do mean women. He was giving advice on how to score and trying to give some advice on how not to get in over his head. The bombings in the story seemed so random. It was only when you knew the whole story that things made sense.

I didn't guess the bad guy until almost the end. I did enjoy seeing Virgil work with the ATF, the local cops, and the big business bigwigs. It is funny that at first glance none of them take him serious, then he is there to slap them down. I also thought it was great that in addition to the bombings that Virgil was able to investigate the alleged corruption in the city government.

I can't wait to read the next book, I hope Virgil is past his melancholy mood. Oct 07, Giovanni Gelati rated it it was amazing. Virgil Flowers is one of my favorite characters and I love what he does in this , the fifth, stand alone. He is very much Virgil, but a different side of him, more introspective, a bit deeper, more thought out , and definitely a ton of fun. The backdrop to all this is something most readers can appreciate: the angst behind a huge mega store coming in and crushing a community and its businesses. Using that, John Sandford again hits all the right notes and takes us the reader on nice wild ride.

Th Virgil Flowers is one of my favorite characters and I love what he does in this , the fifth, stand alone. The motivations of the community, who really is the bomber, and a great social networking experiment to help find the killer. Would you take part in it? Who else am I going to borrow sugar from in the future, who knows what may be in it if I did. I for one am glad this came buy when it did, now I need my Davenport and company fix. Dec 30, David rated it it was amazing.

This one is an excellent mystery that keeps you guessing the why and how as much as whodunit. A bomb explodes in the conference room on the 55th floor of the Pye Pinnacle, headquarters for the Pye Mart chain that's a bit higher end than Walmart and almost as prolific. Then another bomb takes out the mobile construction office for a new Pye Mart in a small Minnesota town. Davenport sends Flowers to work with the local police and the ATF investigators. Virgil uncovers a web of secrets and corruption, but his investigation could make him a target for the bomber himself.

Wickedly funny and fast paced, this book will keep you guessing until the very end. View 1 comment. Virgil Flowers is an interesting character and Shock Wave is quite readable. Not quite believable, but intelligently written and entertaining. The Minnesota location is different and interesting.

Oct 08, Lawrence Block rated it it was amazing. I don't think I've ever read a book by Sandford to which I'd give fewer than five stars. This one is written with the skill he always displays. Virgil Flowers, always engaging, grows in dimension, as JS's characters always do. Shelves: read-in , library-book , fiction , crime-thriller. This is the 5th of Sandford's Virgil Flowers series. It's written with the same attention to plot detail as the Davenport "Prey" series but with a slightly lighter touch in spite of the murder and mayhem involved.

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An enjoyable "crime break" between more literary fare. Nov 09, K rated it liked it. Let me be clear and disclose that I love the Virgil Flowers series. First, the elements that scored a 4 rating: Plot— terrific with more than enough twists and plausible culprits to keep this reader guessing and changing his mind until late in the story.

Sense of place— ahhh, another small Minnesota town, well described and complete with Ok, now the lower scoring part: As laconic and agreeable as Virgil is, there was just too little energy in the first half of the book. His pining for her just feels wrong, especially given his history of attracting female attention in previous books.

I prefer a more flirtatious and willing Virgil- makes for more interesting reading. Compared with lesser books, this would still be a great book. Jan 18, Peggy rated it really liked it. Virgil works on his own in the more rural areas. Davenport sends Virgil to Butternut, Minnesota to investigate a serial bomber. PyeMart is planning to build a large retail store in Butternut. The fishermen who love the Butternut River are unhappy. The small businesses who are threatened by the behemoth are not happy.

Then a bomb goes off at a work trailer at the building site.

Dark of the Moon

More bombs go off targeting the water system supplying PyeMart, the limousine of the founder, and even Virgil. The pressure is on because the bombs are going off at an alarming rate. So far only two have been killed, one injured, but the stakes are getting higher. Virgil, who tends to talk to as many locals as he can while solving crimes is pressed for time. One of the residents suggests doing market research to narrow down the suspects.

Virgil sends letters to selected residents and asks for anonymous replies of who they believe could be the bomber.

Shock Wave (Virgil Flowers Novels)

He compares the lists to get the most likely suspects. But, he is closing in, putting pressure on the bomber, and, as a byproduct, uncovering a corruption in the city government. These books are easy reading with an immensely likable Virgil. Two things, first - Goodreads doesn't have enough stars, because five just doesn't cut it for this book. Second - it's dangerous to say "best" or "favorite" about any John Sandford book, but I'll take the risk on Shock Wave.

This is my favorite John Sandford - Virgil Flowers book. Sanford's style is creamy.

That is to say smooth, and cool and it goes down very easy. All of his books are almost like Pleasant relaxing hilarious in some places, stunning in others, always easy to read. I get up after an hour of reading Sanford and feel better. I always feel better. This book, Shock Wave, had, to my mind, the Perfect Blend of all of the above not the fan or blanket and they were in just the right amount for a great balance. There are so many great lines that it's hard to pick one, and unfortunately most of them are unprintable in a Goodreads review; in particular though when Virgil is talking to the ATF agent, Jim Barlow, about a bomb Tech removing an unexploded bomb, Virgil asked "how'd he do that?

A robot? In short, this book is a great first read for budding or new Sanford fans. And one that I will most likely come back to. Jan 22, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Another awesome book by John Sandford. Love Virgil Flowers. Dec 23, Kevintipple rated it really liked it. This is the fifth novel of the series and this time he is chasing a bomber. Virgil is based in Mankato, Minnesota and therefore routinely covers the southern part of the state for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

He also goes whether his boss, Lucas Davenport, sends him. Virgil has quite the reputation, not just with the ladies, and always gets the job done. The latest bombing was of a construction trailer located at the site of a planned PyeMart store. PyeMart is a major grocery and more type chain store deal and somebody is trying to stop their latest venture.

Like the office tower bombing, the destruction of the construction trailer has killed one and wounded another. Lucas Davenport sends Virgil to the small town of Butternut to deal with the problem in typical Virgil Flowers fashion. That means both traditional police work and a reliance on the unorthodox methods when traditional police work does not give Virgil Flowers the answers he needs. Butternut is one of those small towns where everyone pretty much knows everyone else.

Yet, somebody is doing it because it keeps happening. As expected, Virgil does finally solve the case in a fast paced book that also occasionally provides a laugh out loud moment. No new ground in terms of character development is broken here.

The Virgil Flowers Series Audiobooks | Audiobook Series | Download Instantly! |

Instead, the focus is on the case and chasing a bomber that is striking again and again in the area. In a refreshing change from recent books in this series, discussions and observations about sex and sexual perversions are almost non-existent making for a much better read. The focus is on the case, the suspects, and how to stop the attacks. The read moves very quickly with a minimum of character exploration. That is especially obvious in the way the secondary subplot is handled as it could have easily been expanded some to add some complexity to the book.

Despite that minor nit, there are plenty of twists and turns in this nearly page novel to give you a good read. Kevin R. This is Virgil Flowers fifth novel. I love Virgil. He is so untypical of most of the detectives you read about. He's easy going, laid back and looks nothing like a cop. Long blond hair, jeans and old indie band shirts, along with his trademark cowboy boots is what you will find him wearing not only working crime scenes but that's what he'll be wearing in front of the cameras for a press conferences.

And most of the time he's pulling his fishing boat behind his state vehicle. Virgil thinks best w This is Virgil Flowers fifth novel. Virgil thinks best when he's on the water fishing. Virgil is enjoying his day off with a friend watching scantily clad women playing volleyball, trying to decided if his recent girlfriend, the sheriff is going to break his heart, when he's called away to investigate a serial bomber.

He is sent to the small town of Butternut Falls Minnesota where a construction trailer has been bombed and one man died, one was seriously injured. This is the second hit against the big box store Pye-Mart. The first was earlier, when the bomber took out the board room of Pye Pinnacle, the home base of Willard Pye, the billionaire owner of the franchise. Someone really doesn't want the new Pye-Mart being built in Butternut Falls.

The local fishermen say the runoff from the parking lot will damage the fishing in the river that runs behind the new store, several local businesses will have to close their doors when they cant compete with the prices of the big store. The bomber is nowhere near done, he takes out a construction site and all the new sewer pipe, Willard Pye's limo and, in Virgil's opinion the worst offense, he blew up Virgil's fishing boat.

Now he's really mad. At the same time the town is screaming at the local police force to do something about all the city councilmen who were bribed to sign off on the building of the new Pye-Mart. One more thing for Virgil to look into. This book moves a bit slower that the other Flower's novels.

But the story is very complicated and lots of twists and turns woven in to throw you off. I liked it. I love most everything Sandford writes. Jan 30, Ben Siems rated it it was ok. So, here's the thing. I have an agreement with myself that I read any book I was given as a gift. It seems the right thing to do, karma-wise, given that someone took the trouble to go to a bookstore and pick something out with me in mind. Overall, I would say this policy has been to the good over the years. It has resulted in my discovering a number of great books e. Once in a while, So, here's the thing.

Once in a while, however, a gift such as this book comes along, and I find myself questioning the whole plan. I'll give Sandford this much: he came up with an interesting concept for a crime novel. But go beyond the basic setup, and what does Shock Wave really have to offer? Two-dimensional characters, hackneyed dialogue, an utter lack of truly intelligent or impressive detective work, and a plot with more holes than a prairie dog colony. Yes, there are a couple of interesting observations about politics and society, but they are way too few and far between to make up for the wealth of flaws of the book as a whole.

Simply put, it's not very good writing, and it's not a very good book. Now, I've got nothing against people reading this kind of thing as an "escape. But to each his or her own. Here is what I'd like to see, however: I hope that one day soon, "genre fiction" such as this is published in digital formats only. No tree should give its life for the sake of a book that will be forgotten within a decade.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About John Sandford. John Sandford. He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor's degree in American Studies in He was in the U. Army from , worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from , and went back to the University of Iowa from , where he received a master's degree in journalism. He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from , and then a reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer-Press from ; in , he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis.

From to the present he has written thriller novels. He's also the author of two non-fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art. He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at www. He both hunts and fishes. He has two children, Roswell and Emily, and one grandson, Benjamin. Virgil Flowers kicked around for a while before joining the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

First it was the army and the military police, then the police in St. Flowers is only in his late 30's, but he's been around the block a few times, and he doesn't think much can surprise him anymore. He's wrong. It's a hot, humid summer night in Minnesota, and Flowers is in bed with one of his ex-wives the second one , if you're keeping count when the phone rings. It's Lucas Davenport. There's a body in Stillwater, two shots to the head, found near a veterans' memorial. And the victim has a lemon in his mouth. Virgil Flowers heads north to solve a puzzling murder - and finds that the country is very rough indeed.

While competing in a fishing tournament in a remote area of northern Minnesota, Flowers gets a call from Lucas Davenport asking him to investigate a murder at a nearby resort, where a woman has been shot while kayaking. The resort is for women only: a place to relax, get fit, recover from plastic surgery and commune with nature. It's also hotbed of jealousy, blackmail, greed, anger, and fear. Virgil's always been known for having a somewhat active, er, social life, but he's probably not going to be getting too many opportunities for that during his new case. While competing in a fishing tournament in a remote area of northern Minnesota, he gets a call from Lucas Davenport to investigate a murder at a nearby resort.

While competing in a fishing tournament in a remote area of Northern Minnesota, Virgil Flowers receives a call from Lucas Davenport to investigate a brutal murder at a nearby resort for women only. As Virgil begins investigating, he finds a web of connections between the people at the resort, the victim, and some local women, notably a talented and popular country singer.

The more Virgil digs, the more he discovers the arrows of suspicion point in many directions, encompassing a multitude of motivations: jealousy, blackmail, greed, anger, and fear. One late fall Sunday in southern Minnesota, a farmer brings a load of soybeans to a local grain elevator - and a young man hits him on the head with a steel bar, drops him into the grain bin, waits until he's sure he's dead, and then calls the sheriff to report the "accident.

Virgil isn't so sure The superstore chain PyeMart has its sights set on a Minnesota river town, but two very angry groups want to stop it: local merchants, fearing for their businesses, and environmentalists, predicting ecological disaster. The protests don't seem to be slowing the project, though, until someone decides to take matters into his own hands. The superstore chain PyeMart has its sights set on a Minnesota river town, but two very angry groups want to stop it. The first bomb goes off on the top floor of PyeMart's headquarters. The second one explodes at the construction site itself.

Who's behind the bombs, and how far will they go? It's Virgil Flowers's job to find out Bonnie and Clyde, they thought. And what's-his-name, the sidekick. Three teenagers with dead-end lives, and chips on their shoulders, and guns. The first person they killed was a highway patrolman. The second was a woman during a robbery. Then, hell, why not keep on going? As their crime spree cuts a swath through rural Minnesota, some of it captured on the killers' cell phones and sent to a local television station, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator Virgil Flowers joins the growing army of cops trying to run them down.

In Israel, a man clutching a backpack searches desperately for a boat. It's an Israeli cop, and she's tailing a man who's smuggled out an extraordinary relic - a copper scroll revealing startling details about the man known as King Solomon. Wait a minute, laughs Virgil. Is this one of those Da Vinci Code deals? The secret scroll, the blockbuster revelation, the teams of murderous bad guys? Should I be boning up on my Bible verses? He looks at the cop. She's not laughing. Bad men are chasing the relic, and they don't care who's in the way or what they have to do to get it….

In Southeast Minnesota, down on the Mississippi, a school board meeting is coming to an end. The board chairman announces that the rest of the meeting will be closed, due to personnel issues. The proposal up for a vote before them is whether to authorize the killing of a local reporter. The vote is four to one in favor. In Southeast Minnesota, a school board meeting is coming to an end. The board chairman announces that the rest of the meeting will be closed due to personnel issues. Issues is correct. The proposal up for a vote is whether to authorise the killing of a local reporter.

Meanwhile, Virgil Flowers is helping out a friend by looking into a dognapping when he gets a call from Lucas Davenport. A murdered body has been found, and the victim is a local reporter The first storm comes from, of all places, the Minnesota zoo.