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  1. Sir Robert Anderson The Thinking Man's Guide to the Bible
  2. Gerald B. Shugart (Author of Progressive Dispensationalism & the Missing Throne)
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Here was the Gospel message which Moses brought from their Jehovah God" When He seeth the blood upon the lintel and on the two side posts, the Lord will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come into your houses to smite you. But it could foreshadow the death of Christ, the great Passover of our redemption.

And the meaning of "blood" is death applied. Therefore it is that, in the Divine accuracy which marks the language of Scripture, redemption is by "blood. We learn from the typology of Exodus, and from the express teaching of the New Testament, that the Passover was but the first step in the full redemption of the people. But it was the foundation of all the rest, and therefore it is well to pause here, and to mark its significance. But why, it may be asked, should we study Exodus, when the New Testament lies open before us?

The ready answer is, that never in the history of Christendom was the typology of the Pentateuch more needed than today. So utter is the blindness, so deep the apostasy, of the present hour, that on every hand popular leaders of religious thought are commending, as the outcome of a new enlightenment, a Gospel that betrays ignorance of "the first principles of the oracles of God" - the very A B C of the Divine revelation to mankind.

Sir Robert Anderson The Thinking Man's Guide to the Bible

The underside of the tapestry, of course, looks blurred and foul. And "evil is only the underside of good. The doctrines of original sin and vicarious sacrifice belong to the childhood of the race, and ill these days of ours it is time to break with the nursery. No less so are words that follow: - "The cross is growing old, And the great Sepulcher Is but a Hebrew tomb; The Christ has died in vain. And we need not only to have Scriptural truth, but to have truth Scripturally expressed. The present day revolt against orthodox doctrines is due in part to the manner in which those doctrines have been formulated.

One great school of theology has taken its stand upon the sin-offering, and, ignoring the redemption sacrifices, it unduly limits the scope and efficacy of the work of Christ. Another school bases its Gospel on the teaching of the Passover, and ignores all that follows. As already indicated, the sin-offering, in its various aspects, was only for a redeemed people; and it was by the Passover that they obtained redemption.

And further, as we shall find in the sequel, the full revelation of grace in the New Testament transcends all that the types can teach us. But let us begin at the beginning, and trace the successive steps indicated in the key-pictures of the Pentateuch. No one must suppose, of course, that the blessings prefigured by the types come to the believer in a chronological sequence, or that they are separated by intervals of time.

But in the key-pictures these stages are clearly distinguished, in order that our minds may dwell upon them, and that thus we may learn in all its fullness what the redemption of Christ has won for us. We all know the story, do we not? Well, we think we do - how God passed through the land in judgment, and how when He came to the bloodsprinkled door He passed it over, instead of entering in to slay the firstborn. But what if we should find that this is not at all what the record teaches?

In dealing with a dead language, etymology may sometimes afford a clue to the meaning of a word, but the only safe and certain guide to its meaning is its use. This verb, pasach , which occurs three times in Exodus verses 13, 23, and 27 , is used in three other passages of Scripture, namely, 2 Samuel ; 1 Kings and 26; and Isaiah A careful study of these passages will confirm a first impression that the meaning usually given to the word is really foreign to it. In 2 Samuel it is translated, "became lame," a rendering which its use in 1 Kings may serve to explain.

We there read that the prophets of Baal leaped about their altar. Their action was not, as has been grotesquely suggested, "a religious dance"; it betokened the physical paroxysms of demon-possessed men. Having worked themselves into a state of religious frenzy, they leaped up and down, round the altar. McGafful, V. Dunning, S. Blooburch, J. Farver, Troy Steam Laundry, L. Ledell, J. Chisolm, J. Dunwody, A. Cox, J. Hunnicutt, W. Maddox, J. Raven, Dr. Hopkins, S. Rogers, Lewis H. Thomas, Hall Bros. Hincks, J. Sullivan, W. Le Van, J. Raine, N.

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Gerald B. Shugart (Author of Progressive Dispensationalism & the Missing Throne)

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Luke Bible Study

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Sir Robert Anderson The Thinking Man's Guide to the Bible

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