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String Quartet No. 12 (Dvořák) - Wikipedia

Molto vivace 4. The entire sketch for the quartet emerged within an astonishingly short period of time, a mere 72 hours, in fact, and the whole score was finished within twelve days. I am pleased. It all went so quickly!

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The work was so successful that the Kneisel Quartet performed the work fifty times at various music venues that same year. Completed He interprets this marked homophonic style and directness as an opposition of sorts against the traditional paradigm of the quartet form. For these qualities it is one of the most frequently performed chamber works in the world repertoire. Its endless, melancholic melody flows, without interruption and without major contrasts, in a single, sweeping arc against a background of an ostinato figure in the lower voices.

Few people and many empty spaces. A farmer might be separated from his neighbour by perhaps four miles, particularly in the prairies I call it the Sahara , nothing but huge tracts of land and fields — that is all the eye can see. And everything is so wild here, sometimes it is extremely bleak, enough to make a person despair.

Dvorak: String Quartet No. 12 Op. 96 "American" (W. Koa)

From a formal standpoint, this movement is flawless: a broadly-arching and entirely unified lamento moving effortlessly towards its culmination roughly two thirds of the way through the movement, then gently receding to allow the music to return to its muted, melancholic frame of mind. Scarlet Tanager The third part of the quartet, the scherzo, provides an effective contrast to the second movement. The instruments also play in unison more often than in Dvorak. Actually, the Emerson Quartets recordings of these are on the same CD probably because they are closely related musically.

Juilliard String Quartet performs Dvořák’s String Quartet No. 12 in F, Op. 96, "American"; II. Mvt.

Tchaikovsky Quartet No. Oxford Music Online. Lionel B. Davis and Kenneth Carley. Minnesota Historical Society Press, Fall, , pp. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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