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In his short time there he acquired a reputation as a skilled and dedicated teacher.

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Despite close contact with revolutionary leaders, Gospodin Dimov Bachvarov survived the War of Liberation and continued teaching in Medven. He died in He completed his early education in the local church school, studying under beloved local teacher Gospodin Bachvarov. After that he worked as a shepherd in the Dobrudzha, northeastern Bulgaria, and finally apprenticed under a tailor in Ruse.

Along with similar villages such as Zheravna , Gradets, and Neykovo. It is famous for its traditional wooden architecture and well preserved 19th century national revival period homes. The early settlers engaged in animal husbandry, mainly shepherding, and the production of homespun crafts. These trades sustained the village throughout its history. Medven also enjoyed the status of a military village, providing contract services to the Ottoman troops. Until the war of liberation, Bulgarians lived side by side with Turks in the area around Medven.

It was found among the ruins hidden in a niche. The attackers also burned about a dozen homes owned by prominent local citizens. Many of the destroyed homes were said to have been among the most beautiful in the village. Zahari Stoyanov , born Dzhendo Stoyanov Dzhedev was a revolutionary, historian, and writer.

Eyewitness Reports. Gospodin Dimov Buchvarov was a teacher, patriot, and cultural activist.

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View a collection of images from around Medven. We strive for realistic representation of the places we visit and write about on this site. He completed primary school in his home town, then middle school in Dolno Sahrane, the town next door. Dobrev graduated from High School in Kazanlak, and it was there that he first dreamed of becoming an artist. During high school Dobrev hung out in a circle of artists including the well known humorist and artist Chudomir.

In the autumn of he left for Sofia, where he enrolled in Sofia University. He graduated in In he joined the faculty of the Art Academy, where he remained for 32 years until his retirement in From he served as Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts. As an artist, Dobrev distinguished himself as a technical expert and influential force in the Bulgarian art scene. His works explored a variety of themes.

He was particularly adept at portraiture, and worked prolifically in that genre. He was also a master of historical representation, and his finest works depict real historical events.

Rockbitch – The Weirdest Band in the World

He also painted fine landscapes and other compositions. He donated his historical painting The Defense of Perushtitsa to the Perushtitsa History Museum for its opening in Over the course of his career he participated in many group and individual exhibitions. He died in Sofia on 2 December It is the most important item and central exhibit in the permanent collection of the Perushtitsa History Museum. The tragic events of the last day of the April Uprising in the town of Perushtitsa have inspired many artists over the years, among them the noteworthy Dobri Pavlov Dobrev.

The Defense of Perushtitsa , painted in for his senior project at the Sofia Art Academy, is without question his most famous work. On that day, the rebels decided it was better to commit suicide, taking their loved ones with them, than to be captured and killed by the Turks and Pomaks holding them under siege.

Some of the more famous stories of that day are captured in the scene as imagined by Dobrev for his painting. Kocho Chestimenski killed his wife and child before taking his own life. Spas Ginov killed 4 of his 5 children, then his wife, and finally killed himself. One of his children managed to hide himself during the carnage, thereby surviving as a witness of the events that occurred.

Eighteen more people died by their own hands. In all, people died inside the church. The Defense of Perushtitsa has taken on an important role as part of the collective memory of the town regarding the tragic events that took place in the town. In addition to the deaths inside the church, historian Ivan Kepov counted a total of sons and daughters of Perushtitsa who died in the April Uprising.

Medven Image Gallery

From that day to this, it remains the central work of the museum permanent collection and an essential exhibit for viewing by all museum visitors. In addition to the work itself, Dobrev gave to the museum preliminary studies, sketches, and notes he used during the creation of the work. Now in its 10th year, this popular international sand sculpture exhibition has become one of the most anticipated events of the Bulgarian Black Sea summer season.

Rediscover Burgas Sandfest Twenty one sculptors from ten countries used over tons of sand to produce a fairy tale atmosphere on the beach including over 50 beloved characters in twenty compositions. Subjects include Bulgarian folk traditions, fictional characters, famous people, structures and nature scenes.

A giant sized birthday cake looks good enough to eat! As usual, Burgas Sandfest can be found in Lake Park, north of the Sea Garden, right next to the horseback riding stables. General Admission 3.

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History and Physical Description of Snezhanka Tower Snezhanka Tower is a meter tall glass and reinforced concrete tower built at an elevation of meters above sea level on the summit of Snezhanka Peak. Views from Snezhanka Tower The observation deck offers panoramic views across the major geographic features of the region. Here are some shots of Snezhanka Tower:. Bansko International Jazz Festival By. Gospodin Dimov Bachvarov By. Gospodin Dimov Bachvarov: Teacher and Patriot Upon completing his studies Bachvarov became a teacher in his hometown, where he was active in much more than simple classroom instruction.

Zahari Stoyanov: Politician and Chronicler By. Medven Massacre Until the war of liberation, Bulgarians lived side by side with Turks in the area around Medven. Stoyan Bachvarov Actor and director.

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A pioneer of the Bulgarian National Theater. Medven Image Gallery View a collection of images from around Medven. The Defense of Perushtitsa By. The Defense of Perushtitsa as Collective Commemoration The Defense of Perushtitsa has taken on an important role as part of the collective memory of the town regarding the tragic events that took place in the town.

Burgas Sandfest By. Rediscover Burgas Sandfest Twenty one sculptors from ten countries used over tons of sand to produce a fairy tale atmosphere on the beach including over 50 beloved characters in twenty compositions. Follow us on Instagram bobfaber Bulstack is an infopedia for people who love Bulgaria and want to learn more about this amazing country. Contact us: honeycombholdings gmail.

Treaty of San Stefano full text 3 March Ah, the politics of physical appearance! How an entire socio-sexual political stance is rendered invalid by a random arrangement of facial and body features! How their svelt figures protected the RB women from slings and arrows, government persecution, Christian death threats and petty music reviewers lying about their standard of musicianship!

What a jolly jape! Rockbitch never found the need to slag off other bands, performance artists or other creative people for their efforts to redress the imbalance in the perceptions of female sexuality or other acts of sexual positivism. They accepted that we all do what we can. The aged, the disabled, the socially challenged…. The glories of sex were shared and explored with them — not by a bunch of narcissists bestowing their pseudo-benevolent sexual largesse from on high with tongs and smelling salts, but by some women randomly lucky enough to have the faces and bodies that the vast majority of the planet seem to want to fuck.

There are indeed social trends and pressures according to attractiveness but yet, it is a biological urge to pull the best you can. Remember that. Interesting that all the negative terms that the comment maker Gems have used are sexually pejorative ones…sluts…nymphomaniacs…! The lead singer Julie, was constantly targeted for her weight in articles and reviews — so much so that she took to wearing pants with BIG ASS across the back. She was a UK dress size The bass player was a size Yes indeed, the keyboard player Nikki, the guitarist Luci were size 6 and 10 respectively.

To slag them off for their thinness is a dumb as slagging someone off for being fat. Those were the bodies they had.

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The world is a spectrum. I was, and still am a size 12 without diet or effort. Stop being so silly about it. I and we still live our life according to our pro-women and pro-sex principles. Sometimes I get sent stuff on Rockbitch which is how I came across this piece. Thank you guys for a cracking article. You have understood where we were coming from and obviously respect and love women. That mashup was really sweet! It was rated the most obscene music video of all time in a countdown hosted by Alice Cooper, lovely chap. I nearly pissed my self laughing. A true gem indeed!

I had a friend who successfully caught a golden condom once. Hi Babe! What you ladies did was and is amazing and should be more well-documented. Lords of Acid already broke ground in the area of promoting female sexuality, and did so in a more creative way. Lords of Acid also promotes various forms of sexuality for everyone, and makes their music about the enjoyment of sex.

Where Rockbitch made the show about gaining attention for themselves, not that different from pop stars who flaunt how fuckable they are. Upholding the standard sexuality is to be celebrated, if the sex goddesses look like what mainstream society finds attractive. No wonder men wanted nothing to do with them.

Not when it comes from a place of narcissism and viewing yourself as unattainable. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading It all strikes me as male centric judgement of shit they refuse to understand. May 29, at am Reply.

If you are a guy and constantly worry about being sexist, you probably are sexist. March 30, at am Reply. May 31, at pm Reply. If you are hostile to sexual expression in any form then you are hostile to the human spirit. January 23, at am Reply.