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Configure BottomSheetViewController
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In Maps, as you may have noticed, when the tableView reaches contentOffset. It would stop the scroll until a new touch begins. This is the case in most of the proposed solutions here. It doesn't tell how the motion works, but it helped me to understand the logic of it. You can play with the lldb and the view hierarchy debugger.

Now, we need a VC to embed the overlay and manage its translation. To simplify the problem, we consider that it can translate the overlay from one static point OverlayPosition. For now it only has one public method to animate the position change and it has a transparent view :. Most of the proposed solutions use a dedicated pan gesture recognizer, but we actually already have one : the pan gesture of the table view.

Moreover, we need to keep the scroll and the translation synchronised and the UIScrollViewDelegate has all the events we need! A naive implementation would use a second pan Gesture and try to reset the contentOffset of the table view when the translation occurs :. But it does not work. The tableView updates its contentOffset when its own pan gesture recognizer action triggers or when its displayLink callback is called. There is no chance that our recognizer triggers right after those to successfully override the contentOffset.

Our only chance is either to take part of the layout phase by overriding layoutSubviews of the scroll view calls at each frame of the scroll view or to respond to the didScroll method of the delegate called each time the contentOffset is modified.

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Let's try this one. We add a delegate to our OverlayVC to dispatch the scrollview's events to our translation handler, the OverlayContainerViewController :. The second one performs the translation.

Thought Process: Surviving Silent Terror

It uses the translation in: method of the scrollView's pan gesture. The third one animates the end of the translation when the user releases its finger. The translation is now pretty efficient. But there is still a final problem : the touches are not delivered to our background view. They are all intercepted by the overlay container's view. We can not set isUserInteractionEnabled to false because it would also disable the interaction in our table view. The solution is the one used massively in the Maps app, PassThroughView :.

‘Bottom Of The Map’ Podcast Explores Hip-Hop Culture In The South

You can find the code here. Please if you see any bugs, let me know!

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Note that your implementation can of course use a second pan gesture, specially if you add a header in your overlay. We can use a spring animation and allow user interaction while animating to make the motion flow better :. Pulley is an easy to use drawer library meant to imitate the drawer in iOS 10's Maps app. It provides a container view controller to display a "bottom sheet" interface. It's easy to use and you don't mind any gesture recognizer handling! Also you can track a scroll view's or the sibling view in a bottom sheet if needed.

This is a simple example. Please note that you need to prepare a view controller to display your content in a bottom sheet. Here is another example code to display a bottom sheet to search a location like Apple Maps. None of the above works for me because the panning both the tableview and the outer view simultaneously is not work smooth. So i wrote my own code to achieve the intended behaviour in ios Maps app.

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Smooth transition from moving the drawer to scrolling the list. More detail in my github link above. Wish to help. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Learn more about Teams. How can I mimic the bottom sheet from the Maps app? Ask Question. Can anyone tell me how I can mimic the bottom sheet in the new Maps app in iOS 10? Is that a simple scroll view with a content inset, so that the search bar is at the bottom? This is what I mean by "bottom sheet":. You have to build it yourself I'm afraid. It's a view with blurred background view and some gesture recognisers.

Young Jeezy - Bottom of the Map Lyrics | SongMeanings

It's visual effect view with blur effect. I think you can add a pan gesture recogniser to the bottom view and move the view accordingly by observing the changes by storing the y coordinates between the gesture recogniser's events, and calculate the difference. I like your questions. I'm planning to implement something like this.

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If someone could write some example would be nice. I assume you know how to: 1- create view controllers either by storyboards or using xib files. Example 1- Create 2 view controllers e. Configure MapViewController Create a method to add the bottom sheet view. Second: 1 - Add the panGesture to the bottom sheet view. Floyd Hall is a cultural producer, writer and documentarian from Atlanta, Georgia. His professional work often relates to the intersection of art, media and technology as platforms. As an artist he is interested in the process of how we come to define and design ourselves, and is passionate about how history, culture and art blend together to construct narratives of place.

He has worked across the media spectrum in a variety of roles and capacities, including strategy, research and production; his current and past work spans several industries, including Gaming, Brand Management, Nonprofit Arts, Social Change, Sporting Goods, Sports Media and Luxury Lifestyle. Floyd counts the experiences of his Intown Atlanta upbringing, childhood summers spent in Augusta, Georgia and living in New York City as an adult as the primary influences on his life.

Time spent in these locations gave him moments of clarity and insight about regional perspectives, the immigrant experience, how spaces influence patterns of life, and the imagination and ingenuity of different cultures. Stephen Key is a podcast producer and visual artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

He has ten years of experience with producing and hosting a variety of podcasts and radio programs. Stephen produces the podcast Crazy Good Turns with former Home Depot CEO Frank Blake, which highlights the stories of people who achieve amazing things to help inspire listeners with empathy and action.

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Stephen also co-hosts, produces and helps instruct undergraduates at The Georgia Institute of Technology for the podcast Building Memories. The South still got something to say. We explore how the trap became commodified to create space for a new black cool. When did the trap start popping up at brunch, church, yoga? Bradley, Host redclayscholar Dr.