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As a result, he faces his fears in order save his daughter and the world. Dale Neven. Lorenzo Lamas as General Lane. Ben Stobber as Doctor Tanner. Mark Justice as Sherwood. Gabriel Burrafato as Albert. Ashley LeConte Campbell as Dr.


Brittany Hoza as Liv. Joe Chin as Doctor Lin. Ethan Patton as Petie. Steven B. Mandel as Master Sergeant. See All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Go back. More trailers. Jane the Virgin. Michelle Carter. The Handmaid's Tale.


The InBetween. No Score Yet. Queen Sugar. Southern Charm. Are You the One? Then I turned to the next chapter and Sometimes with a story you end up with more than you expect. I wanted to know who he was, his story and why he lived on a boat packed with thousands of books in Florida. A loner, books are his friends. This man is also friends with the old priest, known to his friends as Steady. The two men become involved in saving Katie Quinn, a world famous actress, from self-destructing and help her see there might be an alternative.

We are not physically cut out for it. Life in the spotlight, on the pedestal, at the top of the world was a lonely, singular, desolate, soul-killing place. It may also require Sunday to forfeit what he values most, his current way of life. The setting is so well described at times you can almost hear the mosquitos and wildlife of the Everglades.

If you can read this book without some tears then you are stronger than me. I was up till 1am because I simply could not put this book down. I found it a compelling story about three people scarred by life, who find a way out. An added bonus, the story is managed without graphic sex scenes and crude language. View all 5 comments. Jul 25, Angelica rated it it was amazing. I lost myself in this book. It was an interesting, unique concept for a story-line, and the character development was superb one of the things I appreciate so much about Charles Martin's writing.

I grew to love each one of the characters, and I was sad when the book ended and immediately began to miss them. The one negative thing that I might say is that for being such a redemptive book, there is really so little talk of the Redeemer. Steady, the Catholic priest, certainly personified Christ, I lost myself in this book. Steady, the Catholic priest, certainly personified Christ, but even he had so little to say about God himself. God had to be working in these hearts for anything redemptive to happen, and there just wasn't any mention of God's work really, or of Jesus.

I know that Charles Martin is a man of faith, and I appreciate that he is subtle in weaving that faith into his books in a natural way. This time, I think he was just a little too subtle. Oh, and one last thing, Charles Martin needs to write a series of Pirate Charles and the Misfits now! Don't leave us hanging!!! Jul 15, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: epic , favorites. This book did exactly that; every beautiful word created a remarkable story about love, friendship and faith that I'm sure anybody who reads it can relate to it and use its message to heal ourselves or others.

Unwritten is the story of Katie an award winning actress who has all the fame and money in the world, but is completely lonely and broken by a very painful past. Tired of the desolation and the feeling that everyone is trying to get something from her, Katie decides to end her life, but she wasn't counting on meeting Pete who with his own broken heart will become the missing piece on the puzzle of her life.

Katie and Pete have been running away from themselves for years and the only thing that is real in the charade they created as their world is the beautiful and grounding friendship they both have with father Steady. From the islands of Florida to the enchanting country side of France this characters will continue to hide from their past and the secrets that they have become, but will end up finding the answers and the resolutions that ultimately will make the whole again.

This one is a very intricate story where adventure, tragedy and love will teach you that we can all live in a world without limits, if only we accept and embrace who we really are. I was mesmerized by this author and his ability to write such a magnificent book, I highlighted so many parts of it and wanted to share with you just one of the many beautiful paragraphs that resonated with me: Of the six million species on the planet, only man makes language.

Words What's more--in evidence of the Divine--we string these symbols together and then write them down, where they take a life of their own and breathe outside of us. Story is the bandage of the broken. Sutures of the shattered. The tapestry upon which we write our lives. To me this was more than story, it is now a treasure, a prize that I will cherish and share with everybody for years to come View 2 comments.

May 22, DKM rated it it was ok Shelves: christian-fiction. An avid Charles Martin fan, I was somewhat disappointed in this novel. It is predictable and filled with repetitions phrases and character tics like the "spittle" forming in the corner of one's mouth.

I guess that is Martin's new favorite characteristic. The whole strong-silent-man-saves-mysterious-woman-in An avid Charles Martin fan, I was somewhat disappointed in this novel. The whole strong-silent-man-saves-mysterious-woman-in-distress plot is becoming stale. And trust me, I'm a sucker for that type of storyline. Instead of buying new Charles Martin novels, I think I will just re-read his brilliant early works.

View all 4 comments. Instead of watching football,baseball and golf,I was finishing this book. He is becoming my favorite author. I have read a bunch of his books and all have been 5 star!! Guys,try him because if you like great stories,he is the MAN!!! View 1 comment. Aug 06, Vannetta Chapman rated it really liked it. The good: Charles Martin has a way with words. He's a top notch author and this book has some very poignant moments in it.

The ending, for me, redeemed the book and some problems I had with the characterization. Very well done overall. The bad: Sigh--this is a frequent complaint for me, so don't let it deter you from reading Unwritten. My biggest problem? I didn't like the characters. As for the male lead, he was a little more relatable, but still I wanted to shake him.

Which eventually someone does, but it takes a long long long time to get there. Note: Maybe very minor language. Overall a good clean read. Apr 16, Sylvie rated it did not like it Shelves: books , 0-star-quality. Im at page 64 will i finish this book? Only in the beginning and I already know it's not worth it. Full of non-realistic situations with simplistic drama that has no common sense and been written in million other books, bad Harlequins novels included.

PLOT for the first 5 chapters: The ultra rich star hires, through her army of lawyers, a writer for her autobiography to tell her miserable story.

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten (US Version) (Official Video)

And the guy runs away with the story and sell it himself making Oprah. Pleeeaaaze if J. LO was selling Im at page 64 will i finish this book? LO was selling her story and the writer stole her information, guaranteed her lawyers would find the guy and shut down any edition house before the book is even thought of and Oprah would not touch with a miles long foot pole Then there is the near missed suicide where the girl jumps over a penthouse balcony with a rope around the neck and survive. The hero explains her neck has not snapped because the rope slipped in his hands as he caught it in extremis.

Yeah sure. Of course she had already done the Lohan thing with pills and booze prior. The plot is so bad that just reading her interactions with the priest in the beginning I already knew there was a suicide planned. Who could invent something so obvious with poor characters definition. Oh and the priest only gets it when sunset comes in though she told him before "it's bad when it gets dark" so now they have to take the hero's car and rush across the city to try save her; how original! How many hints do we need?

The author takes us for stupids. And the best place to hide her for peace and quiet after the missed suicide is in the hero's house, of course, instead of kicking everyone out of her 5-villa penthouse condo which was actually very quiet and dark not long before, so why not rest at home guarded by ex Navy SEALS as the author takes great effort to detail 3 times? Or send her back to the hospital? I was considering a 2 stars rating reading the 1st two pages; now it's going down to a 1; hopefully not a 0 but I still have 35 chapters and hope is dwindling.

The book was corny to the end. Witness this on pgs I sat and stared at the worn marble at my feet. A tear dripped off my nose and landed on the floor beneath me. Then another. The drops gathered in the vein of the marble She leaned against me Worn marble floor staring back at us. Her tears mixed with mine. How tacky can you be?! The only positive is the book which was aptly named Unwritten. I agree it should have stayed that way. I'll have to give it 1 star unfortunately since 0 is not counted.

View all 3 comments. Jul 19, Nan Williams rated it did not like it Recommends it for: no one - no one at all. Shelves: no-more , quit. This was my third book by Charles Martin - and my last. The first was The Mountain Between Us which was a survivalist story set in the snow covered mountains of Wyoming I think.

There was a plane crash, the soon-to-be girl friend had a broken leg and how in the world was our hero going to survive and [later] take himself and his soon-to-be-lover out of the mountains. Of course, we had the requisite blizzard and avalanche and wild animals. The second book, something about a river, was set in Charleston, SC, and the survival issue was giving his dying wife her dream of floating down a river where they encountered all sorts of terrible situations and he had to rely on unprecedented survival skills all while caring for a dying woman who was so sick she couldn't even sit up.

This book is set in the Everglades in South Florida. These stories all have the same framework, but have gotten more and more ridiculous in their plotwork. Presumably our hero a survivalist, of course has shucked all worldly goods and worldly aspirations and merely lives off odd jobs he does for a priest. He lives on 2 boats in the area of 1, Islands, but also has a very primitive cabin in the Everglades. The Damsel in Distress in this book is a well known movie actress who has been a world favorite since the age of 5. She is willing to "kill" herself and live, as he lives, to escape the world.

It just gets too, too improbable and too, too ridiculous. Oh and the names! We have a priest named, "Steady," and our hero's name is "Sunday" rest, get it? Oct 10, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Charles Martin is among my top 10 favorite authors.

The Unwritten Series

I can trust just about anything he writes to utterly captivate me. His stories go deep, clear to the bone, and then they go winging back into the sunshine. It's impressive when an author can make me identify with two people so NOT like me. A thrown-away kid who stumbles into writing. An ugly duckling who reaches the heights of fame. Somehow I understood what they were feeling, had a clear view of their agony, and understood that longing to Charles Martin is among my top 10 favorite authors.

Somehow I understood what they were feeling, had a clear view of their agony, and understood that longing to just run away.

Unwritten (song)

I'm always sad the story is over when I read that last page. Thank goodness Martin keeps writing! Jan 01, Pamela rated it it was amazing Shelves: north-carolina , christian-fiction , inspirational , oceania , own , top-picks-read-in , romance , florida. There are certain life events that cut to the bone, pulverize our souls, and shatter our hearts into a million jagged pieces. Male or female, young or old, we all have breaking points. However, no matter the trigger, pain and regret are universal battles to all. In which sometimes the wounds are so deep, so intimate, so core-shattering, one con There are certain life events that cut to the bone, pulverize our souls, and shatter our hearts into a million jagged pieces.

In which sometimes the wounds are so deep, so intimate, so core-shattering, one contemplates stepping off the world stage with a final curtain call. Rich, powerful, impacting. Five artesian-well stars. Aug 25, Connie rated it did not like it. Why did I keep reading this book?

Unwritten, a song by Natasha Bedingfield on Spotify

I had so many negative opinions as compared to all the positive reviews I started to suspect maybe the fault lay with me and not the book. And so I kept on reading. My irritation only grew. I was thinking a cross between melodrama and pathos. Then I coined a new word, "Meglo-drama. You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site.

To learn more see our Cookies Policy. Tags celebs the rest is still unwritten unwritten See other tags Tags. And an angel named Natasha Bedingfield had just unleashed Unwritten on the world.

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