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Selected to the call for projects Starting Grant European Research Council, May project evaluated as fundable but not funded. Montpellier, Organization of international meetings and summer schools. March, , Funded projects. Responsible of teams in funded research projects. Elena Casetta, Portugal. Huneman P. Paris, Ellipses, Understanding purpose? Kant and the philosophy of biology ed. Silberstein M. Les mondes darwiniens, Paris: Syllepses, Translation : Springer, Handbook of evolutionary thinking in the sciences, Improved and augmented translation.

Reviews : Acta biotheoretica; Quarterly review of biology; Pour la science. Functions : selection and mechanisms, Synthese Library, Dordrecht: Springer. From Groups to Individuals. Dordrecht: Springer, Review: Notre-Dame Philosophical Reviews. Dutreuil S. Volume II. Essays in the philosophy of time in sciences.

Dordrecht: Springer. Histoire, philosophie, biologie. The interplay between economics and evolution. Philosophy of biological death. Delivery date Huneman P. Kant and the concept of the organism. Paris: Flammarion. Editor in chief. Special issues of international journals. Berkowitz, J. Erkenntnis, special issue Probabilities in physics and in biology.

In preparation, to appear. Journal of the History of Biology. Dastur , C. Das Leben denken. Arndt A. Berlin : Akademie Verlag, pp. Vukovar I. Biological Theory, 9 2 , Schurr, Wilfried Thuiller and Michel Loreau. Munoz F. History of Psychiatry DOI: DOI Oikos, — Forthcoming, Zilsel, , 4: Sosoe eds. Theis, J. Ferrari, Margit Ruffin eds. Henke W. Wolff L. Stanford: Stanford University Press, , pp. A quick Survey. Kant and the philosophy of biology, Huneman P.

Clavien, C. El-Bez eds , Lausanne: Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes, , pp. Martin ed. Bouton, F. Paris, Vrin, , pp. Parot ed.

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Durand-Richard ed. Langlois ed. Heams, P. Huneman, G. Lecointre, M.

Silberstein eds. Stone ed. Osmo, M. Foessel eds. Paris : Ellipses, , pp. Maurines ed. Agard, F. Lartillot ed. Nouvel ed. Stability, individuation, ethics.

A propos de Gide

Wood, S. Hahn eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , pp. Cambridge : MIT Press, , pp. Bouchard F. Desjardins, D. Dumouchel eds. Varenne F. Goy and E. Watkins eds. Berlin: De Gruyter, , pp. Dordrecht: Springer, , pp. Casetta E. Cohen Tannoudji eds. Handbook of paleoanthropology. Handbook of Evolutionary thinking in the sciences. Paris: Vuibert, , pp. Elements of an alternative theoretical framework towards an objective notion of emergence.

Redmond, S. Rahman eds. Springer, , pp.

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Smith ed , Oxford University Press, , pp. In Alter und Altern.

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Fuchs M. Stuttgart: Metzler. Challenges for Scientific Practice Caianiello S. Dordrecht, Springer , forth. Sliding doors. Contingency in evolution. Beyond the Species Approach. Accepted or invited chapters, to appear. Translated from the french Chapters in encyclopedia. Dubitzky, O.

CV | Philippe Huneman

Wolkenhauer, K. Cho, H. Yokota Eds. Encyclopedia of systems biology. Review of Di Palo L. Cambridge: MIT Press, Isis, , 98, 3: Review of Pont J. Review of Reid R. History and philosophy of life sciences, , Review of Bedau M. Contemporary readings MIT Press, History and philosophy of life sciences, Paris: Puf, , Philosophie, , Wozniack, G.

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Origgi eds. Papers in film esthetics. Translations english to french. Popularizing science. Philosophie Magazine, n. La Croix. Northwestern University Ill. Workshop Teleology in biology org. Lenny Moss , Exeter, Juillet International conference on emergence, Erice Sicile , Avril Conference Darwinism and its problems, Sydney, Juillet Workshop Metaphysics of Microevolutionary processes. Birmingham AL. Workshop Cognitive sciences and realisability.


University of Maryland, Department of Philosophy. Workshop Causation, probability and evidence. Oxford, All Souls College. Invited researcher.

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  • Cooperation and major evolutionary transitions. Michod, D. Queller, M. Lynch, J. Roughgarden, etc. Mind and life: mechanical and topological explanations. Universita Tor Vergata. Rome, Octobre Selected researcher, Janvier , Kyoto. Keynote speaker. Juillet ; Gut Siggen Germany. Philosophy of Science in Missouri Conference. By Rep. Wednesday, July 10, International Association of Democratic Lawyers.

    Commission I. Security Council United Nations in maintaining peace, international security and international treaties on weapons except destruction series Mr. The right to ethnic autonomy and the role of UN Dr. Commission 2. Arthur Heitzer USA. Commission 3. Boehringer Australia. Access rights management in Vietnam Prof. Pham Hong Hai. Some reflections on juvenile prosecution system Associate Prof. Democratic governance for the people- Dr.

    Debt and the role of financial institutions internationally TS.

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    Labor rights and labor migration Dr. The right of citizens to participate in construction law and policy Dr. Edhlund and John Leppanen. Financial and economical crisis — no destiny but a crime, — missing regulations in international law Thomas Schmidt. Commission 5. The rule of law of the Socialist republic of Vietnam on the protection of human environment rights and environment Associate prof.

    Human rights and sustainable development PhD. Associate professor, Chu Hong Thanh.