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Series 1. What is my role in this struggle? What is yours? Jun 19, Roger bookworm rated it it was amazing. This author makes me feel things, and I don't like it, but she is so freaking amazing!

Africa's Lost Eden

Apr 17, Michelle Clem rated it it was amazing. Blown away by this book!! It's book five in The Soulkeepers series. It's difficult to pin down one or two reasons why this book deserves more stars than Amazon allows - there are so many, so bear with me, because this could get long I'll do my best to keep it short. The subject.

It's a tough subject to write about These things could happen tomorrow, and I commend the author for tackling an incredibly tough subject with gusto! Ching jumps in with both feet and doesn't look back! I love that Ching shows different points of view throughout her series. In book one, it was just from Jacob's POV. Book three added Dr. Book four added Dane and Cheveyo, and also Ethan, and now Book 5 adds Bonnie - who I've really enjoyed getting to know.

They've all elicited some major emotions from the reader - whether it be dispair, anger, pride, HOPE or inner strength; and I feel like I'm a part of this exclusive Soulkeepers group - that these people could be real - living out these amazing situations. And that brings me to number 3. The brilliance of the story!! The brilliance of a human truth told in such an extraordinary way: that, in order to get to the summit, you're gonna go through a lot hardships - you're mess up, you're gonna lose things - hope or even friendships.

That in order for God's master plan to play out, sometimes you just have to hold on and let the bad things happen, and just trust that God has things under control - and He WILL win in the end.

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He's God - we know he wins. But the path to make it happen is what will either make or break us. I know that was really long, so here's the TLDR version: Classic story of good versus evil with kickass, love-to-hate, and inspiring characters who evolve with every story, making you wanna root for them when they are doing badass stuff, and cry with them when they go through periods of loss. The story is a web of events thy ultimately all lead to one thing: who are you loyal to? The light? Or the darkness?? You won't be disappointed!! Nov 17, Larissa rated it really liked it. A deal of freedom is valid, a war has begun, and presents and curses will be launch into the world.

Souls will have to find their own balance or fall ridiculously into a trap. The truth, the run, and hope will be present within each page. A romance blooming, and… well… you do know that. Will there be deaths? Will Eden be lost forever? What else can befall the Soulkeepers? The full review and snapshots can be found here. Jan 10, Paul Slater rated it really liked it. The book has some very sad parts for people who have been with the series since book one and just as the book was starting to pick up with some really strange twists and turns it ends.

I really look forward to the next book in the series and hope that its sooner rather than later. May 04, Michele rated it liked it. The soulkeepers find themselves caught in the sibling rivalry between God and Lucifer. A wager has been struck for the fate of humanity. Lucifer and God will each release a series of 6 temptations and gifts designed to sway human hearts. Difficult to remember all the characters if you didn't read the other books recently.

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  4. Although it can be read alone, it's better to read the others first. Jun 26, Fiona Bertram rated it did not like it. I've read the whole series up to this book.

    It kind of annoyed me that all of the soulkeepers world wide were all from North America and when world domination of demons happened the focus was still on America. The author invents a good quick way of travel and I feel that other countries could be mentioned a bit more but thats just me.

    Lost Eden (MH3U)

    View 1 comment. Jan 27, William Eric Harris rated it it was amazing. Great page Turner, can't wait for the final book This has been a great series. What originally caught my attention was parts happened in the town of Paris,I'll where I grew up, but although there are many details that could have been more accurate about Paris, the story takes you so many places and raises many thought provoking themes.

    Oct 18, Laura rated it really liked it. Better book than the last couple in the series. Really enjoyed this one. My only regret or complaint is that she didn't just finish it in this book. It seemed like it was cut short to get a sixth book deal. I would have preferred a longer fifth, would have made more sense in my mind. Can't wait til Spring to finish it up.

    Nov 21, Cameron Mascari rated it really liked it. Seems to get better at writing with each book she produces. I really enjoyed this book, there is just something about evil vs good at its core that makes the book so good. As for Lucifer, I think the way he acts is different and unique, I like the approach GP took with him. Dec 25, Kathy Chung rated it really liked it.

    May 22, Lisa Wilkerson rated it it was amazing. Love this series! The Soulkeepers series takes you down to the pits of the underworld and you feel like you are living among them and fighting right along with them! I recommend this series to anyone who wonders what it would feel like to go up against Lucifer. Nov 21, Wil rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this part of the ongoing series.

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    I did however feel like it was the shortest book so far and the ending felt like a full novel being cutoff in the middle. Nonetheless I look forward to the next book. Oct 20, Zeenah Spirit rated it really liked it. Like some other readers I felt like this was too short.

    I enjoyed what was there. Unlike the other books the character developments were short. I would have liked to be in someone's mind more seeing their struggles. This was more a remote approach. Looking forward to the final installment. May 25, JT rated it it was amazing.

    Unlike most series, this one gets better with each book!! I'm moving onto book six now! I have to see how this all wraps up. Great author I can't wait for many more in the future from her! Sep 11, Amanda s rated it it was amazing Shelves: on-my-book-shelf. Mar 21, Cindy Farmer rated it it was amazing. Can't wait for the next book Since I started reading this series I kept reading it until now I'm done and I can't wait until the next book is out awesome books can not get enough.

    Dec 10, Julie rated it it was amazing. Great Book! I loved this series by G. Ready for book 6 Please so I can find out what happens!!!!!!!!! Jan 11, Tracy rated it really liked it. Good read This series keeps getting better with each book the battle is on who's going to win?

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    Lots of surprises in this book. You will enjoy reading it.

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    Aug 11, Felicia rated it it was amazing. Awesome Awesome my interest never fails these books are absolutely amazing. I can't put it down. I love this series.