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The story of Alexander Pushkin, whose audacious, comical exploits against totalitarianism find him facing the hostility of the police and the consternation of his family. The story of two men who were accused of intending to firebomb the Republican National Convention, is a dramatic tale of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal. Bill Nye is on a mission: to stop the spread of anti-scientific thinking. This intimate film features the life and work of TV's favorite scientist.

When documentary filmmaker Richard Kassebaum learned that his younger brother, Bill, a rancher and country lawyer, had decided to run for the Kansas House of Representatives, he left Los Angeles and…. Support Provided By: Learn more. POV Season Videos from this film. Trailer Nowhere to Hide. Nowhere to Hide - Introducing Nori.

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Classroom Clip. Nowhere to Hide - Return to Destruction. Nowhere to Hide - Caught in the Crossfire. Nowhere to Hide - Living in a Warzone. Nowhere to Hide - Refugee Crisis in Iraq. Learn More.

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A Perfect Candidate Feature Film A Song for Daniel Short Film A Thousand Words Short Film Afghanistan Year Feature Film Ai Weiwei Feature Film Al Otro Lado Feature Film Almost Sunrise Feature Film American Revolutionary Feature Film Armadillo Feature Film In this report, we present the results from a revolutionary method pioneered by Carbon Tracker to use satellite imagery to estimate the utilisation of fossil fuel power plants. Using advanced machine learning techniques to process both commercial and public satellite images of coal plants, we explore the potential to estimate the capacity factors of coal plants in regions where data is inadequate for investors, policymakers and campaigners to make informed decisions.

This analysis brings asset-level data to life by making it possible to develop actionable climate scenario analysis for coal power. It can also help investors gain trading insights in emerging Asian economies, which are significant contributors to global GDP and have considerable fossil fuel exposure.

There is a revolution happening in space. As of August , there were nearly 1, operational satellites in orbit. Of these, are used for earth observation. Planet, a commercial satellite provider, has over satellites in orbit, enabling them to produce an image anywhere on the globe with up to 30 cm resolution. This paradigm shift in the availability, coverage and granularity of satellite imagery coupled with advances in machine learning are going to have profound implications for asset-level data and environmental monitoring. However, in many power markets outside the EU and the US, plant utilisation data is often untimely, unreliable or publicly-unavailable.

These markets, where governments and asset owners are either unable or unwilling to provide granular and timely data, are predicted to dominate global demand growth for both power generation and fossil capacity. Decision-makers need support to ensure an orderly and economically rational phase-out. Asset-level data and modelling lies at the heart of these retirement schedules. Our methodology can improve the data provision and accuracy of asset-level modelling.

Our modelling techniques showed that satellite imagery can independently derive coal power plant capacity factors when aggregated at local levels. Modelling accuracy was strongly influenced by a number of factors, including:. Nonetheless, these results suggest that a quantitative methodology to estimate the capacity factor using satellite imagery is potentially feasible.

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As the quality of satellite imagery improves, we expect our methodology to be a powerful tool for investors, policymakers and campaigners to navigate the transition away from fossil fuel power generation. As decision-makers turn their focus towards phasing-out existing fossil fuel power capacity, the data requirement will need to become timelier and more accurate.

For example, the IEA, stated in that Chinese coal demand would peak in — only to say in that Chinese coal demand had already peaked in Moreover, for asset-level inventory data to be actionable it will need to be translated into economic and financial outcomes. Keep up to date with the latest news and reports as they are released. Carbon Tracker is an independent financial think tank that carries out in-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition on capital markets and the potential investment in high-cost, carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

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