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  2. Prophet Alex Abbey celebrates golden jubilee birthday | Business & Financial Times Online
  3. Prophet Alex Abbey celebrates golden jubilee birthday

Like the media, the OT prophets were supposed to stand outside of the state apparatus. They acted as a source of independent accountability, critiquing the decisions of the king and the behaviour of the people.

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At other times, prophets could be vilified and persecuted when they gave unwelcome messages. That is, although there could be an eye on the future, their primary job was to speak into their present situation, critiquing culture. The purpose of journalism — which comes in varying forms — is the subject of a complex debate.

However, values such as truth and accuracy, impartiality, independence, public interest and accountability see, e. When the prophets became too close to the state apparatus, they lost their independence. Power of their own actually diminished their ability to speak into a situation.

Is the comparison between prophet and press a valid one? If so, how might we reintroduce that element of the prophetic — the independently critical — into the media? The Churches of God. A Scribe Well Trained. James M. Power from on High. American Crucifixion. Alex Beam. Wednesday Letters. Jason F. A Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement. Works of Ezra Taft Benson.

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Prophet Alex Abbey celebrates golden jubilee birthday | Business & Financial Times Online

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Prophet Alex Abbey celebrates golden jubilee birthday

Danish, But Not Lutheran. Julie K. The Prophets Have Spoken: Volume 2.