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The Brazilian Empire

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Brazil Overview

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Brazilian activist says war in Venezuela will bring “catastrophic” consequences to Latin America

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You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Read: What populists do to democracies. What happens in Brazil has consequences not just for the country, but also for Latin America and the world. An unapologetic firebrand, he has already signaled that he intends to lead Brazil into a new era.

But what exactly will that mean for Brazil, and for everyone else?


What changes does the new president promise on these fronts, and which of those can he actually follow through on? These are the topics to watch in the coming months. Functionally, indigenous reserves have been used as a proxy for environmental protections. And indigenous peoples are not a strong enough lobbying group to fight back.

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Toss in a heavy dose of international pressure to protect indigenous peoples, and Bolsonaro might see his land-rights plans backfire. In the hot north of the country, some students attend schools made of sticks and mud.

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Even in the better-educated south of the country, teachers have been protesting in the streets for better pay for years. And countrywide, illiteracy is on the rise. These are not, however, the education issues Bolsonaro has promised to focus on.

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Part of the reason many Brazilians elected Bolsonaro was because he promised to make Brazil more capitalist. How does Bolsonaro want to do this? An easier path than wholesale privatization may be for Bolsonaro to change the pension system, particularly by raising the retirement age.

Today military leaders can retire young with their full salary, plus benefits, for life— numbers show that 55 percent of people who served in the military retired before the age of 50, and the minimum age of retirement can be as low as 55 for civilian women.