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The main expenses were concrete, the outside cage, and wire. We will be adding chicken wire along the sides of the cage for chicken predator protection and we have chicken wire along the top of the pen also. We would have liked to have free range chickens but too many predators including fox, coyote, dogs, and muskrat prevent that. Many hours have been put into building this coop but my husband enjoyed doing it and having our friends and neighbors admire it as it was being built.

We did plenty of research into building sturdy, attractive chicken runs and coops and are happy with what we finally ended up with!

They sleep in, come and go as they please and each hen lays nearly one egg a day for us. We started our chicken journey in April with four hens. They were the cutest little things. What a precious little thing. After all, they were so tiny and seemed to be very content to cuddle for warmth. We were reading all about raising chickens and looked at all kinds of options for building chicken runs and coops — we were trying to be prepared. We had a heat lamp, lots of fresh food and water and we would spend loads of time with them, talking to them and bonding.

Month after month, our hens were growing, having all the feed, scratch, bread, oatmeal, cornbread, and veggies, that their little hearts desired. We thought it was funny though, that little Peep was filling out differently than the other hens…and we thought her colors were just gorgeous. Our little Peep was growing up and had just tried his very first crow! After a few short weeks, Peep was crowing and quite proud to be doing so.

And Peep was very happy his flock was growing…with all hens.

Top Chicken Coop Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

We had seen other insulated chicken runs and coops and used those ideas to finish building our backyard chicken house. On the front wall, we added a small window with a screen, a walk-in door with glass and screens, and a little walk-out door for the chickens. Next, we built six chicken nest boxes, put hay in them, put up four chicken roosting bars , separated the room with wood to lay a thick layer of pine shavings on the floor for the chickens. On the other side of the room, we laid linoleum for us to walk on to go in to feed and clean out the coop. What a treat! Our girls just love the nests, coop and run and are now giving us around four eggs a day.

We both wish we had done this years ago! We love our chickens and adopt more hens. We now have nine hens and our rooster, Peep.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest

Needless to say, he is a very happy rooster! It became the perfect spot to relax and enjoy my happy little chicken cottage. Although my chickens are all happy in their coop, we are saddened that my Scarlett has passed on. I was holding her one evening, just like I always did, and I looked down and she looked as if she had fallen asleep, but I knew immediately that our story together had ended. She had died in my arms.

It was her time. Chickens have been an unlikely comfort in my life, and I am glad I could share this with you. I made this observation years ago during the design-and-build phase of our house in the country.

Chicken coop - Wikipedia

Eventually, I found that a rooster terrorized her as a little girl, and this explained the resistance. More research followed on docile breeds. We reached a compromise, and as part of the deal, the coop could not be an eyesore. The local home center had a special on a plastic shed, which she approved for the purpose.

The twin walls have a small R-value, plus the hut was equipped with two ventilation grids and an acrylic window. This told me the internal flutes of the wall panels ran horizontally, which would come in handy later.

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I followed the assembly instructions, and can provide the following hints:. The wall panels look like siding.

Photo by Robin Miller. For the chicken tractor design phase, I built a 6-foot-byfoot frame of treated decking, with an elevated platform for the coop. The system can provide natural ventilation for a great deal of the time when the doors are open, but it is also possible to open the wall inlets and ventilate mechanically via fans in the exhaust units. When that is the case, we regulate the climate in the livestock house based on the temperature of the air as well as humidity and CO2 levels. When we were looking ate expanding our farm we were looking for a shed builder who not only built quality shed but also one who had an understanding of the industry.

With Luke, Garry, Richard and the crew from Santrev, we were supplied with shedding that far exceeded our expectations. Very Happy with them. Would not hesitate to contract them to build the new farm. We have installed a fully automatic system that can open and close doors pop-holes providing access to the free-range areas. The system primarily applies natural ventilation when the broilers occupy the free-range areas and ventilates according to the Combi-Tunnel principle when the broilers are inside the livestock house and the doors are closed.

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The system is state-of-art and the DOL house computer controls the climate and production in the house. The well-designed, airtight profiles supplied by Santrev makes it possible for us to make an efficient ventilation system. The high-quality materials used — as an example dip galvanized steel — guarantee that the house also will be functional many years from now. Having visited in mid-October , whereby farm 5 was well underway with the build and farm 4 was levelled ready to build, I am compelled to pass on my delight to return and see such a magnificent result.

The level of detail is impressive, the quality of the broiler houses and associated buildings is a real credit to Richard, Gary, Luke and the teams involved. Santrev can be justifiably proud of these sites. If you would like to get in touch, please leave your details below and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch.

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