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Felicity Wishes
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The Amish residents of Willow Ridge share their talents at the Simple Gifts crafts shop - and share the blessings of faith, hard work, and love with their community - even when family secrets bring unexpected challenges. Making rugs for Simple Gifts has taught Loretta Riehl that an unassuming pattern can reveal surprising depth. People, too, have a way of defying first impressions.

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Drew Detweiler came to Willow Ridge under a cloud, but the handsome craftsman has gained the community's respect for his upholstery skills and commitment to making amends for his mistakes. As her new brother-in-law's twin, he's joining the family for dinners and Sunday visits at the Riehl house, and Loretta can't deny enjoying his attentions.

Felicity Wishes loves a party in these three sparkling short stories. Book 1 Glittering Gems - Felicity Wishes' fancy dr Felicity Wishes and her fairy friends have many adventures working for the school newspaper.

Quilts of Lancaster County - Book 4

Told in three short stori Felicity and Winnie have a magical time in Winnie's Wonderland in these three fantastic short stories, perfect for Fel Felicity Wishes and her friends are determined to pefect their wish-making technique in these three short stories, per Find out how to make friendship bracelets and fairy cakes, and how to set up your very own fairy fashion club.

A must bu Felicity Wishes goes to school in Little Blossoming. But it's no ordinary school - it's a fairy school!

Read the story, Join Felicity in the hectic days leading up to her birthday. Have Felicity's friends forgotten all about it?

The Blind Wish (Jinni Wars, book 2) by Amber Lough

Will anybod Fun is filling each day with things you love to do. Fun is having a good time with sparkly friends Felicity and her friends have formed a dance group, but Holly wants to perform a singing solo! Who will be the star of t Happiness is when someone makes you feel really special.

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Just like a fairy princess. Happiness is Felicity Wishes and her friends have won tickets to the opening of Sparkle Towers Fairground. Candyfloss Canyon, Whizzin The sky is filled with balloons of every size, shape and colour as Felicity and her friends set off for the first ever G Felicity and her friend are off backpacking around Fairy World in this colour summer special with three short stories Step-by-step recipes show you how to make 15 fairy recipes, including magical muffins, heart-shaped biscuits, fudge fl There are some fairy secrets so treasured that they are hidden far away in a place called Island of Secrets.

Only a hand Christmas is for sending cards to your friends. Use your best fairy handwriting!

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  6. Christmas is for decorating your home unt If you fall, pick yourself up and dust yourself down. If you're quick no one will notice!

    ‘Just 1,238 pages to go’: could you read War and Peace in a week?

    If you learn from Thank you for being a special friend. I've made a wish just for you! Thank you for happy, fun times. With only a week to go to the Blossom Ball, Felicity Wishes and her friends have their first dance lesson. Felicity trie It's fairy sports day at the School of Nine Wishes. Even though Felicity has practised day and night, she still can't The weather is behaving very strangely in Little Blossoming, but Felicity and her friend are on hand to help in these Felicity and Daisy have lots of flowery fun in these three short stories, perfect for children to read alone.

    Felicity dream of taking centre stage finally comes true in Starlight Songs in these three short stories.

    Toppsta - Childrens Books – Reviews

    Starlight Song Felicity and Holly have lots of fun in these three fantastic short stories, perfect for Felicity fans to read on their Over 20 magical pictures of Felicity Wishes and her friends in Little Blossoming to colour and keep forever. The first book in a terrifyingly spooktastic adventure series by Jason Segel!

    More demons, epic battles, and fights to the death: introducing the unmissable next instalment in the New York Times bes Everything Felicity Wishes' best friend Polly does is perfect, until now! Three fantastic short stories, perfect for F Felicity Wishes wants to be a Friendship Fairy so friendship is at the heart of everything she says and does. Meet her b Candyfloss Canyon, Whizz From fancy dress to sleepovers, you'll find out how to plan the big day, make invitations and decorations, what food t Help Felicity decide what to wear for the Fashion Show in a mix-and-match activity.

    The Blind Wish

    Discover your very own fairy name Felicity Wishes has lots of adventures - and three fantastic friends to share them with! Whether she's solving Whether she's singing Love is feeling butterflies in your tummy. My heart's all a flutter! Love is the magic that makes you feel you can do an Felicity Wishes and her friends go on a holiday of a lifetime to visit Felicity's new penfriend in these three short sto Felicity shows you how to be a good friend, and how to make and keep friends with lots of sparkling fun along the way.

    It's the start of the fairies summer adventure exploring fairy world. Felicity has packed her sparkling album full of ac Birthdays are for doing all your favourite things. Perhaps not at the same time! Birthdays are for enjoying yourself! Felicity Wishes, the fairy for the twenty-first century, shows you how to wear make-up with dazzling results! With top t Felicity Wishes is all of a fluster. There's only a day to go until the Wish-making competition and she still hasn't lea Felicity Wishes and her friends set up a fairy fashion club and make lots of new friends in these three short stories, p Felicity Wishes, the fairy for the twenty-first century, shows you how to have perfect shimmery hair.

    With top tips on l Felicity has started to count down to the most magical day of the year. At the top of her list of things to do is send C Covers: buyers and merchandisers; color analysts and image consultants; fashion agents; fashion coordinators; fashion de This website uses cookies. By continuing to use our website you agree to our use of cookies. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more.

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