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  1. Barcelona city guide: What to do on a weekend break in Spain's second city | The Independent
  2. 48 hours in . . . Barcelona
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This is a city with a proud sense of identity and its language, culture and traditional festivals are fiercely guarded. Human pyramids, fire-breathing dragons and fibre-glass giants strolling the streets are in evidence most weekends if you look hard enough. S ally Davies, our resident expert, offers her top tips on the hottest things to do and places to eat and stay this season. Bar Veraz, its ground-floor restaurant, is outstanding. From November 16 to March 3 The queues can be long, but you can bypass them by buying a ticket online beforehand.

Barcelona city guide: What to do on a weekend break in Spain's second city | The Independent

No self-respecting Spaniard would eat paella for dinner there is an almost superstitious belief that rice is impossible to digest at night , but there are plenty of places that serve it to visitors. T here's no better digestif than a moonlit stroll along the beach, but along the seafront you'll also find a line of bars, perfect for a seaside nightcap.

Secure one of the day beds that sit alongside the dancefloor inside to see Barcelona's glam set at play. Have a coffee downstairs to sneak a peak at the lobby, or book a guided tour for the whole thing. Note that the museum has a little-advertised annual pass that costs more or less the same as a day ticket, and means you can skip the queue.

Look for the separate ticket office in the building furthest from the main entrance. It pays to book ahead, as it can get very busy. Inside, there's a cosy dining room at the back, but if you sit there you'll miss all the fun. Better to stand up at the bar and watch Pep and his men working the stoves.

A Barcelona Taste Experience

It's quite popular with tourists early on in the evening — arrive a little later around 10pm if you'd rather eat with the locals. It serves cocktails upstairs in its Modernista-designed bar and offers live music downstairs in a brick-walled basement. The result really is fabulous. H otel Neri is a delightful little place to lay your head with only 22 rooms. It's housed in a 17th-century mansion and what it lacks in facilities no pool, no gym it makes up for in style and location — just next to the cathedral, it could not be more central.

However, some places in Southern Rio where most foreigners stay are within walking distance. You can get pretty much anywhere in the city by taking city buses.

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Most of the time, the bus stops have no maps, making it quite difficult for foreigners to determine which bus they should take. The metro travels along most places in southern Rio. Taxis are generally safe and the prices are OK. Uber works like a charm, and as in most cities, the prices are better than the taxis. Cycling is another great option, even if you have only a couple of days in Rio. You can go to a bike rental shop or use the city bike scheme, which is easy to use. Assaults are common when most shops close and streets become totally empty. This is a beautiful neighborhood; I lived there, and I really love it.

To get to certain parts of Santa Teresa, you must go through dark alleys and endless narrow stairs. Assaults are common at night. Take a cab! Pickpockets know their stuff, and night parties with huge crowds are perfect places to target tipsy foreigners. Read 21 Ways to Outwit Pickpockets. Favela tours have become very popular among foreigners because the tours give you a chance to visit a different part of the city and learn about its history and culture. I recommend that you visit it, by the way. I hope this travel guide helps you plan a great hour layover in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro!

American travelers often pay a premium on travel insurance. World Nomads offers economic solutions for travelers who seek security and peace of mind. It covers countries. Rio de Janeiro is an amazing city for whole tastes.

48 hours in . . . Barcelona

I suggest for who came one time already to visit on a second trip cities like Arraial do Cabo and Paraty. Nice post big hugs from Rio de Janeiro. I love Rio!

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    Day 2 in Denver

    No littering, no blasting the boom box, people selling stuff from cold drinks, on the spot bbq, guys selling souvenirs are not pushy and in your face…. I went there before I started making youtube videos so it was before I had a GoPro. But I was all over the safer parts of the city with my camera and lenses to take photos before dusk and after sunset and it was fine. Muggings and pickpocketing are extremely common, especially in Santa Teresa and along Avenida Atlantica, so just do what you would do in Barcelona or Rome.

    If you do get to go to Rio I can also give you more detailed tips on where to go, what to avoid, where to eat good but cheap etc. I went to Rio for Carnivale in — it exceeded all expectations!!

    A favela tour of Santa Marta with a local guide was my favourite thing. Feel that you have the personality and passion to be successful?

    36 Hours in Madrid

    Looking for a fun, flexible and satisfying way of earning money? The tour guides reserve the right to deny participation in any tour, to any person, for any reason. Thank you for your understanding. New York. Tel Aviv.

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