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The new schedule, along with new series such as the action drama 18 Wheels of Justice , collegiate bowling competition series Rockin' Bowl , reruns of the Western anthology Dead Man's Gun , and a new promotional campaign targeting younger viewers, were intended to introduce a broader audience to the network. As part of its contract, TNN had the rights to a late Sunday afternoon game each week except for the first week, when UPN aired the afternoon game instead.

The game coverage moved to ESPN in Cooper , Miami Vice [19] and Taxi. These moves went unnoticed for the most part, due to TNN's lack of popularity. By this time, all country-western programming had been purged from the network; some of The Nashville Network's former programming was picked up by CMT, while other classic TNN shows were picked up by GAC , including eventually the Grand Ole Opry , which was pushed off to CMT and eventually removed by Viacom after they did not renew the agreement to carry the series. This was done in an effort both to further distance itself from its former country music-based identity and to trumpet an increase in original programming.

Promoted with the slogan "The First Network for Men", Viacom aimed to target a young adult male demographic between the ages of —which they believed was being served insufficiently by other cable networks, and to further distance the network from the TNN name in order to suit its current programming direction. Lee claimed that because of his well-known popularity in Hollywood, viewers would therefore assume that he was associated with the new channel.

Most of the new programming did premiere as schedule but at the same time, the network began to downplay the "TNN" branding entirely, marketing itself as simply "The First Network For Men" on-air. The suit was settled on July 8, , in announcing the settlement, Lee admitted that he did not believe that the channel intentionally tried to trade on his name.

Its launch night programming featured two programs originally intended to air on June 16, including Party with Spike —a launch special filmed at the Playboy Mansion , and the premiere of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge —a comedic dub of the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle. Alongside its launch programs, Spike scored some major coups in terms of its programming, receiving syndication rights to several Star Trek series which were produced by another Viacom branch, Paramount Television , as well as most of the James Bond series of movies. The Klasky Csupo production Immigrants was originally slated to run on Spike TV's animation block, [27] but this never materialized and the series was turned into a film instead.

Its finale led to the channel's highest ratings at the time, and a second season aired in the Summer of It joined the lineup on October 1, The Ultimate Fighter aired on Spike for 14 seasons, ending its run on the network in after the announcement that Fox Sports had acquired the U. Spike's new president, Doug Herzog , stated that the network had planned to "expand its investments in original programming and new acquisitions for its core audience", including new scripted programming.

On March 8, , Impact! All of these introductions were accompanied by multi-day marathons at some point; the Next Generation marathon included appearances by celebrities such as Wil Wheaton , who played Wesley Crusher in the series. Deep Space Nine and Voyager had been relegated to late night hours before they disappeared from the channel's schedule, and The Next Generation had disappeared months before the syndication rights were bought by Syfy. The promotion of the Trek franchises earned Spike the colloquial title The Star Trek Channel during this period because as much as one third eight hours of programming blocks were devoted to the franchise.


A notable omission during the period was Star Trek: Enterprise , which the channel passed on Syfy had proceeded to ease it into four-hour Monday night blocks. TV Land meanwhile had the rights to Star Trek: The Original Series , but Spike stated that there may not be enough episodes only three seasons to accommodate the kind of blocks it would like to air.

In , Viacom conducted research which found that Spike TV's new direction was alienating its target audience and advertisers. Word-of-mouth knowledge narrowly perceived Spike TV's programming as being predominantly " low-brow ", violent, and reliant on sex appeal , rather than reflecting the wider variety of programming offered by the channel. These findings led Viacom to pursue a re-brand in an effort to clarify the network's focus.

At its upfront presentations in , Viacom unveiled a new logo for Spike and a new slogan, "Get More Action"; the new brand was described as being "authentic" and "unapologetically" masculine, and emphasizing action as a core genre of programming for the network. The new branding launched alongside the premiere of Blade: The Series in June Spike also attracted advertisers with product placement opportunities in promos such as "Men of Action" which featured homages and parodies of "classic action moments" and the " CSI Guys", which tied into its new programming direction.

The film proceeds through the ironworkers' dismantling of the fallen towers. In October , Kevin Kay was appointed network president after serving as executive vice president and general manager of the channel for the previous two years. This focused on fathers who demonstrated active roles in their children's lives, through public service announcements on the channel featuring both celebrity and ordinary fathers and websites such as Spike's own "True Dads" site, among other things.

Five new unscripted series were picked up for the channel's summer lineup. On March 30, , with the series premiere of Coal a new series from Ways to Die creator Thom Beers , Spike rebranded itself with a slightly recolored logo and a new slogan, "Get Real", emphasizing a major shift in its original programming from a mix of low-brow scripted and unscripted series aimed at young males towards reality series aimed at the broader 18—49 demographic. The premiere episode documented what would have happened if the Germans stopped the Allied invasion of France and took over the world.

No other episodes have been featured. In , Bellator MMA made its network debut with the premiere of its eighth season ; the now Viacom-owned mixed martial arts promotion previously aired on sibling channel MTV2. In response to their growing audience, Spike underwent a brand refresh, giving the channel a "more cinematic" look. Spike Art Director Michael Sutton-Long, who led the rebrand, says the refresh "lets people know that Spike is a classy, entertainment-driven network.

At the end of the summer, Spike debuted the 26th season of Cops , having picked up the series from Fox. With 2. On February 9, , Viacom announced that Spike TV would be rebranded as Paramount Network in to give the network a closer association with the Paramount Pictures film studio. New original series announced in the first half of included the miniseries Waco and Yellowstone , along with American Woman and Heathers —two comedies originally slated for TV Land , which the former was canceled after its first season.

He added that Paramount Network's offerings would be distinguished from other "premium" basic cable networks by continuing to emphasize Middle America as a key viewer base. Even with its subsequent rebrandings, Paramount Network still had significant carriage strength and viewership in the Midwest and South due to its heritage as TNN. Kay argued that its initial slate of original dramas were not as "dark", citing the setting of Yellowstone as making it "brighter and a bit more blue sky than some of the things that are on premium cable TV now.

Paramount Network began a viral marketing campaign to promote its launch in December The campaign included a Times Square advertisement asking viewers to phone and email Paramount Network's chief marketing officer Niels Schuurmans to protest Spike's "firing", as well as a string of self-deprecating posts by the network's Twitter account about its history and programming including that "My favorite number is because it's the number of times Cops is on every night", "We had a show called The Joe Schmo Show.

No one around here knew how to read". A network executive stated that the campaign was meant to represent a "public meltdown" by a fired employee. Spike additionally held a Facebook live streaming event on January 17, where users could vote on various ways a crew would deface a large model of the former Spike logo, culminating in its demolition. In May , the Spike brand was relaunched in the U. The relaunch consisted of a main Spike-branded channel and a second channel called "Spike Outdoors".

Paramount Network's current lineup consists of original series, feature films, and reruns of sitcoms like Friends , Mom and Two and a Half Men. Male-oriented programs constituted the majority of Spike's schedule upon its original re-launch in but, since , Spike had shifted towards reality series such as Bar Rescue and Ink Master that were aimed at more, broader audiences. With its rebrand, Spike attempted to air more "gender-balanced" programming.

Paramount Network is the main broadcaster for the Viacom-owned mixed martial arts promotion, Bellator MMA , and kickboxing promotion Bellator Kickboxing. On October 15, , Viacom acquired iFilm , which was initially launched in The iFilm. During the era where they hosted user generated content, Spike. The CAB felt that its new general entertainment format would unduly compete with various Canadian-run specialty channels, arguing that there was overlap in its niche and its then-current schedule with Men TV men's lifestyle , Space Star Trek , sports channels The Score broadcasts WWE programming , Discovery Health interstitial segments focusing on men's health, although the network did not air any full-length programs on the topic , along with the inexplicable naming of Report on Business Television and CTV Travel for reasons unknown.

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The CRTC ruled that Spike did not unduly compete with Men TV, since it was licensed to broadcast lifestyle programming oriented towards men in contrast to Spike, which the CRTC classified as being a general entertainment channel targeting a male audience , and that the remaining allegations of overlap with domestic Canadian specialty channels represented only a minority of Spike's overall programming. Due to programming rights issues, programs which the channel does not hold rights to air outside of the U.

Paramount Channel in Spain had been among Viacom's most successful international properties. The channel adopted a similar general entertainment format to the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American cable channel. This article is about the current U. G North America. AMC North America. We will release selected categories of support system, such as "For Nurse" in the near future.

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  • Slovakian woman gets three years for smuggling opium through Vancouver | Vancouver Sun.
  • Paramount Network.
  • Psychotic Continuum.
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    List of vegans

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