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Please enable cookies in your browser to get the full Trove experience. Skip to content Skip to search. Brook, Meljean, author. Language English. Author Brook, Meljean, author. Novel of the Iron Seas. Subjects Ocean travel -- Fiction. Ship captains -- Fiction. Man-woman relationships -- Fiction. Man-woman relationships. I liked that Mad Machen had a thing for Ivy before she got to his room that night.

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I liked that he never gave up on looking for her and I really liked seeing him fumble his way through each and every single conversation they had on the ship. He was the captain of the ship but he kept slipping every time he talked to Ivy. I thought it was adorable. I liked seeing Ivy and Eben grow closer and closer with each passing day. I liked seeing Ivy struggle with what she was feeling for Eben, her confusion and seeing her come into her feelings for him. How short it was. Ivy was a good heroine though there were times when I wanted to give her a good shake but she was strong and I liked how she made a life for herself in the town that she settled in.

Eben was a great hero. I loved how patient he was with Ivy. He waited a long time to be with this woman and every time she bought her freedom from hooking up with him each night, I groaned because he just kept right on waiting to get his hands on her.

I wanted more but that was just me being greedy. I really liked both Ivy and Eben. Good stuff. It is rich and well thought out After discovering Meljean Brook as a writer, and this series, I went back to find the beginning. It is rich and well thought out but she never lets it overshadow the stories themselves. View 1 comment. Jun 09, Catherine Stein rated it it was amazing. Great Iron seas novella. Ivy and Eban are both interesting and entertaining characters, and I think there are enough glimpses of the world and the other characters to entice readers who don't know the series.

I know it's silly, but after my love letter to Meljean Brook's previous book , I almost feel like I should give one of her books a bad grade if I don't want people to think I'm a complete fangirl.

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Well, that will have to wait, because there's no way I can say that this short story was anything but wonderful. What a difference a few years make! But much as I liked FFA, I can't deny that there was way too much going on there for a short story, and it felt a bit unfocused. This one wasn't like that at all. I know this is a much longer review than I'd usually do of a short story or could we say this is a novella?

Somehow there is plenty of room in that short length both to develop Eben and Ivy's relationship and to do some very good worldbuilding. The way their relationship develops has this kind of old-school pirate romance feel to it, but with enough twists to feel fresh and make me NOT a fan of your typical old pirate romance love it. I especially loved the scenes with Ivy's coins. Money changing hands in bed could have felt very sleazy, but it didn't at all here.

It actually turns into something completely different, a sort of commitment device, and I really liked how that worked. The story also works very well as an introduction to the world in which this series will be set. There are plenty of questions still to be answered especially since the set-up is that the main big Good vs. Evil fight has already happened , but this felt enticing, rather than puzzling.

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There is not too much exposition, the information about what the Horde is and what they did and how they were defeated is worked into the story, and it all makes me want to find out more. I actually don't usually like short stories all that much. But this one was not just a good short story, it was a good story, period. And I think it wouldn't have been nearly as good in longer form, although the part of me that tried to read slower and slower as the end approached, just to stay in that world, might disagree. Apr 23, A.

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Ivy Blacksmith had been a slave under the horde, a tiny slim girl forced to clean chimneys with her robotic arms. Years later, after the Iron Duke has destroyed the radio tower and freed them all, she wakes in her bed frozen and unable to move, the same way the radio tower controlled people in the past. Slavers are taking people in her building. She wants to go on his ship, but has no money. All her savings have gone to pay off her new mechanical hands.

He tells her she can pay by sleeping in his bunk. The first night, when the Lady Corsair appears at her window with a ladder to her airship, Ivy goes with her. But she has reneged on her deal with Eben Machen. It takes him two years to track her down. Use your words, man! The whole prospect of intimacy scares her. It also makes sense that given that experience she would never have heard of condoms.

And his fearsome reputation is a very thin veneer. Eben cannot have a soft underbelly.

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  7. Loving Ivy is a weakness that his enemies can attack. The same one that the lady Jasmeen solves in the same way; just take them with you and keep them by your side. Although of course, Archimedes Fox can look after himself. And as it turns out, so can Ivy.

    Here There Be Monsters (Iron Seas Series Novella)

    And she had better build Eben the best leg ever. Dec 26, Bethany rated it really liked it. While the story is only a novella — which translates to just under four hours of audio listening — I was blown away by the depth of the character development, and the worldbuilding. Oh, mercy! There was a confidence behind the technology and alternate history that made it very easy to believe, and the technology also played a key role in the plot and resolution of the novella.

    Read more reviews like this on Dark Side of the Covers A terrifying experience has Ivy Blacksmith desperate to leave England. But with only the clothes on her back and her skills as a blacksmith she has nothing much to offer. Mad Machen cannot believe Ivy Blacksmith, the woman he had been planning to court has come to him for help Two years later, he finally manages to track her down Another nove A terrifying experience has Ivy Blacksmith desperate to leave England.

    Another novella in the Iron Seas series by Meljean Brooks.

    Review: Here There Be Monsters by Meljean Brook

    I love all the novellas that seem to accompany this series, either expanding on secondary characters lives or diving back into the couples and main characters we know. It all comes together to enrich the world that Brook has created. It also gives us another fantastic novella, with a sweet and saucy romance that kept a smile on my face.

    This was set before The Iron Duke and would be easy to read as a standalone, so even if you aren't looking to start a new series, this is a great one to get a romance fix.


    Of course, it will leave you wanting more, so it may be the start of a new series after all! A great read, which gets me excited to read my next Meljean Brook novel. Feb 26, Danielle Gypsy Soul rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-ve-read. This book had a fun plot, interesting world, passion, action and even humor.

    I really enjoyed this book! I really liked both Mad Machen and Ivy. The relationship was a slow build as she was both afraid of and didn't like him in the beginning. Ivy was a strong woman with a bit of vulnerability. She has an interesting past and a lot of courage. Mad Machen is more then his reputa 4. Mad Machen is more then his reputation as a dangerous and crazy sea captain. He was a great hero who I really enjoyed and I loved his passion for Ivy.

    Here There Be Monsters - Penguin Random House Education

    The relationship building between them was done really well and I loved the way they solved the issue of being together. The "Shootout" in the bar was funny and just perfect. There was plenty of action but some downtime where the characters could really connect as well. There wasn't a lot of background or world building in this book but for a short story it wasn't really necessary. I highly recommend this book. I immediately went and bought the Iron Duke after reading this one!

    Mar 30, Melindeeloo rated it really liked it Shelves: steampunk-romance. I read this as part of the Burning Up anthology, and it is funny to see that I had commented way back when that I wasn't drawn to steampunk, because Brook is actually the one who made me a convert. I am now a steampunk fan for the twisted histories.

    For me steampunk is sort like historical UF. My original review I a I read this as part of the Burning Up anthology, and it is funny to see that I had commented way back when that I wasn't drawn to steampunk, because Brook is actually the one who made me a convert. I am not really drawn to the steampunk genre but I liked this story, even with the odd flavor that the world out of time gives the tale - Victorian trappings mixed with technology, which Brook calls "historical sci fi". The action and the inventions were fun but I especially loved how smitten the hero was with the heroine and how patient he is in his courtship - boy, she makes him suffer.

    I will definitely be checking out the rest of the series. Dec 03, Maggie rated it it was amazing Shelves: