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  4. Observing the Number of Children with EU-SILC: A Quantification of Biases

Extended only for CBA from Aug. Boreal forests represent an excellent case study for such research because these forests have undergone significant changes over recent decades. We analyzed the temporal trends of four widely-used landscape pattern indices for boreal forests of Canada: forest cover, largest forest patch index, forest edge density, and core interior forest cover. We used 26 years of Landsat satellite imagery to derive annualized trends of the landscape pattern indices. Full article published in PlosOne pdf. Papers examine potential positive interactions between biodiversity and managing for timber production, especially of high-value species.

These management goals can be in conflict. But the increasing demands for high-quality timber as well as for biodiversity conservation require that we consider these aims together.

Lire au collège et au lycée :

Papers range geographically from tropical to temperate forests. The overview of the special issue can be found here. The links for the articles are available here. Trois nouveaux membres au CEF! Le CEF est heureux d'accueillir parmi ses rangs deux nouveaux chercheurs.

Date de publication : 2 juin Faits saillants. Toujours pertinent! Pour voir toutes les photos du Colloque. Bonne continuation! Tremblay, G. Jolicoeur et J. Version pdf en ligne. Vous vous demandez dans quel local se trouve les allocutions d'ouverture? Bonne chance Sarah dans la suite de tes projets! La formation est ouverte au non-membres du CEF. Colloque du CEF : Ne manquez pas le rallye! Pour les perdus potentiels! Should you submit a paper to that conference? New book: Forest management and conservation of European forest biodiversity Integrative approaches as an opportunity for the conservation of forest biodiversity - Daniel Kraus and Frank Krumm eds.

The group has taken the unusual step of issuing principles to guide use of the P value, which it says cannot determine whether a hypothesis is true or whether results are important. This is the first time that the year-old ASA has made explicit recommendations on such a foundational matter in statistics, says executive director Ron Wasserstein. Article dans Nature.

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PhD students inscribed at other universities can apply for funding for a 3-months' stay. Contact Niels Holst niels. Un nouveau statisticien au service des membres du CEF! Info et inscriptions. William Keeton Vermont University - examinateur externe , M. Laval , Chris Hopkinson U. Lethbridge , Ahmed Shaker U. Laval , Alexis Achim U. Au plaisir de vous y croiser! Bienvenue Michael et bonnes collaborations! The first is to survive long enough to reproduce, and the second is to actually reproduce.

Your aim is to cast out your seeds as far as possible so that your descendants will have room to grow. The solution? Strike a bargain with an animal. You provide the food, and the animal provides the baby carriage to transport your precious cargo a safe distance away. According to a new study, some of the best animal couriers around are corvids, the family of birds that includes crows, ravens, rooks, jays, and magpies.

Prochaine date limite : 1 er mars Vous avez jusqu'au 31 janvier pour soumettre votre proposition. Vous devez d'abord vous inscrire en ligne. Bev Law. The measurements were specifically collected for characterizing, scaling, and modeling regional forest ecosystem carbon cycling processes and can be used for parameterizing and validating ecological models e. We also have a new article in Nature Scientific Data that describes the dataset and provides statistical summaries of several leaf traits e. SLA, C, N, lifespan by species and genus, which can be accessed here.

Bonne chance Dinesh dans la suite de tes projets! Les codirecteurs, Pierre Drapeau et Louis Bernier. Nouveau membre au CEF La famille s'agrandit! Inscription et infos ici. Inscription obligatoire avec Daniel Lesieur , en mentionnant le nom de votre directeur de recherche.

Online Landscape Genetics Graduate Student Course This course on Landscape Genetics provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary training and provides an overview of the field of landscape genetics. Call for Presentations for the 12 th Canadian Urban Forest Conference ''Bringing together between and urban forestry experts every second year, the Canadian Urban Forest Conference CUFC promotes dialogue between professionals, scientists and community groups.

Inscription obligatoire avec Melanie Desrochers , en mentionnant le nom de votre directeur de recherche. Visite virtuelle. La famille du CEF s'agrandit! This comprehensive handbook provides a unique resource covering all aspects of forest ecology from a global perspective. It covers both natural and managed forests from all regions and climates of the world.

The book is divided into seven parts, each with an editorial introduction, addressing the following themes: forest types; forest dynamics; flora and fauna; energy and nutrients; conservation and management; climate change; and human impacts on forest ecology. With contributions from leading authorities, the book provides an essential reference text for a wide range of students of ecology, environmental science, forestry, geography and natural resource management.

News for a fellow graduate Yadav Uprety , who earned his Ph. D with us in and who is now back in Nepal confronted to the post-earthquake reality sent some good news! He will be working on conservation status of endemic plants of Nepal with support from National Geographic. La Terre elle, compte milliards d'arbres. Bravo Johann! Le CEF embauche! Bravo Simon! Pour de plus amples informations, visitez le site de FloraQuebeca. Date limite pour soumettre votre candidature: Le 4 septembre , 17h Meilleur poster pour Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe!

Discussion:Virus de l'immunodéficience humaine/Archive 01

Liste des boursiers. We invite proposals focusing on the relationship between forests and livelihoods, the different ways in which forests are imagined, accessed, used, and governed. In particular, we are interested in the work of practitioners and scholars who work at the interface of forest conservation and livelihoods with the goal of sharing knowledge about their experiences and findings.

We expect papers to: use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods and evidence to report on findings; examine tradeoffs and synergies in forest management and outcomes; and generate a conversation to promote greater visibility and use of key findings, methods, data, and experiences of researchers, practitioners, and decision makers alike. The conference aims to produce a summary document on the state of impact assessment and monitoring efforts, and the impacts of forestry interventions on livelihoods and biodiversity. Abstract submission deadline is July 15, Laval sous la direction de Louis Bernier et C.

De nouveaux membres au CEF! La perche pour la science! La technologie au service de la science! Vous aussi partagez vos photos de terrain sur le site du CEF! Bienvenue Martin et Annie! An open letter to Dr. Pinto will be published in Physics in Canada, Vol. Dear Dr. Amateur de vulgarisation scientifique? La philosophie de la biologie, vous connaissez?

Connaissez-vous le manifeste de Leiden? Bienvenue Dominique! Un lancement officiel aura lieu lors d'un Symposium les mai Toutes nos sympathies aux familles des victimes. Yet, it is unclear how the structure of a manuscript's title influences readership and impact. La date limite pour soumettre votre candidature est le vendredi 17 avril , 17 h.

Tadeusz Splawinski. Integration of Climate Change into Forest Management in Canada A group of CEF researchers is conducting a nationwide survey to gather the views and opinions of various stakeholders on how current forest management practices in Canada respond to the challenges of climate change. They need your input! They are interested in hearing your thoughts on the impacts of climate change on our forests, ecosystem-based management as a tool to help adapt forest ecosystems to climate change, which adaptive practices you would more likely accept, and the barriers that could be preventing their implementation.

If not, or if you have any issues or doubts, please contact Aitor Ameztegui ameztegui gmail. Ils ont besoin de votre avis! Flash Colloque CEF ArcGIS pour les Nuls: changement de date! Le premier candidat, Dr. Le second candidat, Dr. Le CEF est heureux d'accueillir 4 nouveaux membres! Irstea recrute! Colloque du CEF : L'horaire est sorti! Consultez l'horaire! Nouveau docteur au CEF M. Date limite de soumission : 30 janvier Integrating advanced technology solutions such as robotics and automation is part the dynamic direction the Canadian forest products industry is taking to provide its labor force with a safer, more satisfying and efficient working environment.

The FMTC will feature prominent international keynote speakers, invited technical presentations, technology forum presentations, supplier kiosks, ideation working groups and a host of networking opportunities. It will be a unique opportunity to help shape a vision for the future. Your department may be working on research projects dealing with advanced technologies that would surely be of interest to the participants. As part of the Conference, we will be having kiosk exhibitors and technical poster presentations, either venues could be advantageous to present your projects and your students.

Please note that kiosk space will be free for university exhibitors and we have special registration rates for students. Submission deadline: January 30th Si vous avez des questions, contactez Dr. La date limite est le 6 mars, Bioluminescent forest, a video The projection mapping "bioluminescent forest" is made by artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad.

The artists spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by the silence and natural occurrences in nature, especially the phenomenon "bioluminescence". They personified the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing magical mushrooms that speaks volumes to any visitor that enters the minds of the artists through viewing "bioluminescent forest". Laval , Richard Fournier U. During this event, Changhui Peng will host a special session and invites contributions for all. You have until January 14 th to submit your abstract.

The usual dilemma: save jobs or polar bears? It describes how a greater understanding of natural dynamics in the boreal forest has informed forest policy in Canada and how this has led to changes in silvicultural practice. The new approaches to silviculture, including variants of partial cutting, are increasingly being applied in the boreal forest to balance economic, ecological and social management objectives.

The paper is an authoritative review of the factors that limit the application of these practices, highlights a number of operational challenges and proposes new research to address the gaps in understanding. The paper was published in Forestry, 87 1 : Laval et M.

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  • Pour voir d'autres photos. Bravo Mathilde! Plumes of carbon dioxide in the simulation swirl and shift as winds disperse the greenhouse gas away from its sources. The simulation also illustrates differences in carbon dioxide levels in the northern and southern hemispheres and distinct swings in global carbon dioxide concentrations as the growth cycle of plants and trees changes with the seasons. Humour du vendredi.

    Bloquez vos agendas! Le CEF est fier d'annoncer la venue de 3 nouveaux membres dans son centre de recherche. Pour consulter le classement Gauthier a fait son doctorat sous la co-direction de Daniel Kneeshaw. Bravo Gauthier! Il ne reste que 12 places! Jour de la terre. The goal is to bring together experts in the field of hybrid modelling to discuss how this approach can address the challenge of representing the complexity of natural systems. Systems studied in environmental science, due to their structure and the heterogeneity of the entities composing them, often exhibit complex dynamics that can only be captured by hybrid approaches.

    The need for hybrid models generally arises from the necessity to overcome the limitation of a single modelling technique in terms of structural flexibility, capabilities, or computational efficiency. Considering that this field of study is still young and poorly documented, this research topic aims at compiling a corpus that will serve as reference for scientists interested in taking advantage of this particular type of models to simulate complex environmental systems. It will also strive to become a focal point for new developments in this discipline.

    Papers describing models in any field of environmental science, including but not limited to ecology, atmospheric sciences, marine sciences, geosciences, environmental toxicology, epidemiology, agroecology, and social-ecological systems are eligible for publication, given that they make a clear case for the use of the hybrid modeling approach featured. We particularly encourage the submission of papers that are centered on the modeling methodology rather than the results themselves, and that illustrate to an inexperienced readership how hybrid modeling can be applied practically to reproduce the inherent complexity of a variety of environmental systems.

    No restriction is set on the techniques coupled e. General Linear Models are admissible only if combined with a dynamic mechanistic modeling approach. More information. Katie Gibbs, an author on the report. For most of us, working in teams can improve the quality of our research by bringing together people with complementary areas of expertise, generating and refining ideas, and writing and revising manuscripts.

    Although working with co-authors is usually rewarding, it can also lead to difficulties. Co-authors may not contribute as much as they promised, or in particularly problematic cases, they may deliberately obstruct the research or publication process.


    We have encountered examples of conflicts among co-authors at Biological Conservation and have been told about many others. We share some general examples below and then consider how to avoid such conflicts. And finally, based on our experience and readings, we offer a general Co-authors Agreement for use by scientists. Hugo Asselin , Ph. Yves Bergeron , Ph. Vous pouvez aussi suivre Morgane sur son blog. Greene went to the University of Calgary for the M. A forest ecologist, Dr. Greene studies pollination, seed production, seed abscission and dispersal, and germination, as well as broader issues in forestry and disturbance ecology.

    Following a year year career at Concordia University in Montreal, he arrived at Humboldt State in Selon Yadav " It was nice to hear University of Quebec in that big ceremony but they could not spell-out Abitibi-Temiscamingue! Le Dr. From to he worked as lecturer and senior lecturer in silviculture and tree physiology at the Australian National University, where dynamics of mixed-species plantations and native forests were a focus of his research. In , he took up the chair of silviculture at Freiburg University, where he developed a research programme on structure and dynamics of forests, carbon and nutrient cycles, ecological interactions in forest ecosystems as well as the adaptation of forests to global change.

    At Freiburg University, Prof. Here's a challenge: take a conservationist out for a drink and ask them about their work. You'll hear about rainforests being chopped down for palm oil or chopsticks; or a just-discovered species that probably just went extinct; or a government that is worse than ambivalent: corrupt; or a shadowy corporation that's doing some horrific thing to ecosystems and local people just to make greedy shareholders happy. Humour du lundi. Prenons quelques exemples.

    C'est difficile d'imaginer pire. Pour information : Brian Harvey ou Pierre Drapeau. Il est disponible en version pdf. Nature , 24 July doi His research interests focus on structure, functioning and dynamics of plant communities in relation to disturbances that often have an anthropogenic source, such as fire regime, climate change, land use transformations and exotic plant invasion. Le temps passe et l'orme s'en va Ahmed Koubaa, Ph. Alain Cloutier, Ph. Jean Bousquet! Its aim is to provide a synthetic overview upon different research perspectives ranging from paleoecology to population genetics, ecophysiology and bioclimatic modeling.

    The course will include lectures and practical exercises provided by an international panel of high-profile researchers, as well as field trips within the National Park. The course language will be English. Applicants should provide a brief CV max. Application deadline is 8 June. Christopher Bryant examinateur externe- UdeM , Prof. Oral presentations will consist of invited plenary speakers and volunteer presentations. Web site to come. La Seigneurie. Un Colloque record! Cotactez Igor. Drobyshev at uqat.

    Keep in mind that the tree rings are being translated into the language of music, rather than sounding musical in and of themselves. It relays the data to a computer with a program called Ableton Live. What you end up with is an incredible piano track, and in the case of the Ash, a very eerie one. Real Farmacy. Article de Global News. Quelques photos sont disponibles en ligne. Programme complet version pdf.

    Discussion:Virus de l'immunodéficience humaine/Archive 01 — Wikipédia

    Martine Lapointe oeuvre dans le domaine de la recherche universitaire et de l'enseignement en foresterie depuis plus de 20 ans. En collaboration avec le CEF. FSC Canada cherche des participants volontaires pour les groupes d'experts techniques suivants:. Les applications sont dues pour vendredi le 4 avril Inscription reste ouverte jusqu'au 18 mai. Faites vite, la date limite pour postuler est le 28 mars.

    Vous avez jusqu'au 16 mars pour vous inscrire en ligne! Digital slideshows are the scourge of higher education. Bienvenue au CEF et bonnes collaborations! Mais la demande reprend. Or How can we both conserve forests and provide timber and non-timber forest values for society? Utilisateurs de R? Voici une liste non exhaustive.

    Bonne exploration! Apps for fied work - Many phone apps are great tools for fieldwork. Here's a non exhaustive list. Most are either free or very inexpensive. Date limite : 26 janvier He and his colleagues in the Inventory and Monitoring program have just published baseline data from the first decade of sampling in Denali on the distribution and abundance of southcentral Alaska's six tree species.

    If you're interested in what they found, drop by the podcast, and maybe leave us a comment or question - or do us a favor and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes! Les cours seront offerts selon deux modes. Boyd et al. Adam A. Accueil Imprimer Login. As disturbance regimes vary in space and time, as a function of regional climatic variability, physical set-up and biota, they will be subject to global change impacts.

    In this Special Issue, we invite papers describing regional disturbance regimes of various types such as fire, insect, windstorms, landslides, etc. Methods developed to regionalise disturbance regimes are also welcome. The umbrella concept of the course is beta diversity, which is the spatial variation of communities. These methods are applicable to all types of communities bacteria, plants, animals sampled along transects, regular grids or irregularly distributed sites.

    Le volet des communications libres est la solution! This year's theme is "Extreme events, ecosystem resilience and human well-being. Plus d'info. The final publication will be subjected to standard peer review. The deadline for submissions is 31 December The submission deadline is 1 February You may send your manuscript now or up until the deadline. Submitted papers should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We also encourage authors to send a short abstract or tentative title to the Editorial Office in advance forests mdpi. Mentors work online with teams of students to help them design and carry out investigations on a variety of plant science themes.

    It only takes about an hour a week, and is an easy way to get outreach experience and make a real difference to the next generation of scientists and citizens. Nominations will be accepted through September 30, and successful candidates will begin their 3-year term on January 1, Individuals meeting the requirements listed below may self-nominate. Ne manquez pas J. Pourquoi pas! La vulgarisation scientifique est vraiment importante pour elle.

    Apply for your chance to participate in a special student e-lecture series! Annually, e-lectures reach an audience of over 10, individuals across Canada! Building on the success of last year's report, this year we look not only at the numbers of plants, but also why they are important and what makes some plants more resilient than others to threats of climate change, wildfires and pests. A great outlet for some of the research that the CEF students and colleagues are conducting.

    Please send a tentative title or abstract if you are considering a submission to this special issue. More info here. High-resolution satellite imagery from Planet available to students, researchers and faculty! Une publication de Planet. This will be the 15th international conference in a series focusing on lidar applications for assessing and managing forest ecosystems.

    The conference will bring together research scientists and practitioners from around the world to share their experience in the development and application of lidar to improve our understanding of forest ecosystem functioning and facilitate their sustainable management through improved forest assessment and inventory. It also aims to strengthen and develop new linkages between researchers, data providers, and product end users.

    Laflamme, G. La recherche au Centre de foresterie des Laurentides de Ressources naturelles Canada. Add to that distribution maps, WCSP and historical facts. Bringing Kew's science data online by Yves Bergeron and Dr. Sylvie Gauthier. All articles can be accessed freely online. Venez apprendre des meilleurs programmeurs R! Appliquez sur la Bourse Wladimir-A. Fonds de bourse J. Ensemble, nous pourrons y arriver! Pour contribuez visitez cette page.

    Nous vous conseillons fortement de vous inscrire le plus rapidement possible. Information: aroldlavoie gmail. Submit your abstracts online. The deadline for submissions is 30 September This site contains libraries of images, videos, diagrams, and illustrated articles. Books, charts, and digital products are available for purchase or free download in the Products section.

    A lot of efforts have been carried out on understanding the effects of diversity on forest productivity. The challenge modellers now face is to integrate this knowledge into growth simulators, while considering uncertainties on future climate and disturbances. Call for abstracts in now open, and will run until November 30 th. The University of Washington is pleased to announce the competition for the Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies is open.

    The competition is currently open, the application deadline is November 15th, SpaDES is a new generation simulation package for the R environment. For more information, check out this link. Please write to Eliot McIntire if you are interested. Peut-on trop publier? Date limite pour les colloques scientifiques et Enjeux de la recherche : 1 er novembre Date limite pour les communications libres : 28 novembre Call for Abstracts! The event is focused on moving the Canadian bioeconomy further along the value chain through knowledge sharing, technology demonstrations, workshops on policy gaps and skills development, and building strategic partnerships between industry, communities, and academia.

    As well as workshops, seminars, a research symposium, a trade show and job fair, there will be a gala dinner and awards ceremony, allowing the best and most innovative sector leaders to be recognized for the excellent work they do. Please visit our for full details. So you know, we will gladly offer free admission to the Forum on October 25 and 26 October 24th is invite-only for those we select as speakers.

    Please note this does not include the Gala Dinner, which must be purchased separately. Here I give you my advices when attending such big meetings Jeffrey Wells, science and policy director with the Boreal Songbird Initiative and one of the report's authors, says while it was groundbreaking in its time, the Migratory Bird Treaty signed by Canada and the U.

    Are you, or is someone you know, interested in studying or researching in Mexico? A Gouvernment Canada press release Are you, or is someone you know, interested in studying or researching in Mexico? The application deadline is October 10, Today we're rolling out an even more beautiful and seamless version, with fresh imagery from Landsat 8 satellite and new processing techniques for sharper images than ever before," says Google. Thanks to the new update, which will be activated this week, users will be able to see more detailed and improved orbital imagery that has higher contrast compared to the older version of Google Maps and Google Earth.

    So now, Google Earth tool users will get more detailed and sharper images of the planet thanks to Landsat 8, the new satellite that has better cameras compared to its predecessor Landsat 7. Landsat 8 will also enable Google to click double the number of images compared to Landsat 7.

    Brian J. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated. The submission deadline is 20 November Mort au Facteur d'impact! Inscription gratuite et obligatoire avant le 15 octobre. Pour plus d'information, voir le pdf ou contacter Richard Fournier. These sessions are distinguished from other organized sessions in that they are more explicitly integrated, provide an overall synthesis on a specific topic, and have broad enough appeal to generate large audiences at the meeting. Any timely and coherent subject of broad interest to forest ecology will be considered. We also welcome proposals that explore interdisciplinary connections of forest sustainability in a social or economic context.

    Exploring such cause-effect relationships through a series of statistical methods, this book explains how to test causal hypotheses when randomised experiments cannot be performed. This completely revised and updated edition features detailed explanations for carrying out statistical methods using the popular and freely available R statistical language.

    Sections on d-sep tests, latent constructs that are common in biology, missing values, phylogenetic constraints, and multilevel models are also an important feature of this new edition. Written for biologists and using a minimum of statistical jargon, the concept of testing multivariate causal hypotheses using structural equations and path analysis is demystified. Assuming only a basic understanding of statistical analysis, this new edition is a valuable resource for both students and practising biologists.

    Cliquez pour agrandir. MSU Forestry welcomes participation from the global climate change community in our online graduate-level coursework in Forest Carbon Science, Policy, and Management. Two courses are offered each semester and once a participant completes all required courses, they earn a Graduate Certificate from MSU. Participation in individual courses is also welcome. Courses for spring semester starting in late August are: - Forestry Forest Carbon Biogeochemistry - Forestry Forest Carbon Policy, Economics, and Finance See website for full announcement and contact information.

    A bridge between forest sciences, remote sensing and geo-spatial applications. Elle se trouve sans ressources car elle ne travaillait pas. Par vacherie pure et simple elle lui met du goudron dans les cheveux. L'identification est formatrice. Le plaisir, on le voit s'oppose au devoir, mais il n'est pas gratuit. Elle ne prend. Ces romans. C'est alors le contenu humain des.

    La lecture de ces livres n'est pas livres qui est mis au premier plan, la lecture fonctionnant. Pour moi l'auteur n'existait pas. Elle suppose qu'il existe chez tous une pratique personnelle de lecture en concurrence avec une pratique scolaire. La lecture ne constitue plus un tout. La transformation des horizons de lecture. Indicateurs de la baisse de la lecture. King fait exception puisqu'on le voit pro-. Les trios de l'an 1 et de l'an 4 sont significatifs d'un horizon de lecture pluriel et ouvert.

    A l'an 3,. L'horizon des lectures s'ouvre par plusieurs chemins. Higgins Clark donne le ton principal de l'horizon de lecture des filles. Les best-sellers Le Monde de Sophie de Gaarder,. J'en ai lu plusieurs, j'ai lu Carne, j'ai lu, euh! Moi, je collectionnerai pas les Stephen King. J'ai pas tellement envie d'en lire d'autres. Parce que tout le monde m'en parlait. Maintenant je vois ce que c'est. J'en ai lu deux, c'est bon. Il s'agit, dans le meilleur des cas, d'une pratique sans croyance. Yann, fils d'agents SNCF, comptabilise les heures de lecture comme celles d'un effort fastidieux.

    La morale est de classe mais la science est universelle.

    Observing the Number of Children with EU-SILC: A Quantification of Biases

    L'institutionnalisation d'une coupure aussi radicale entre ces deux modes de lecture est une production typiquement scolaire. Bourdieu, La Distinction. Critique sociale du jugement, coll. Paris, Minuit, Indicateurs de la baisse de la lecture [link] Graphique 3.