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  1. Slippery When Wet - Other & Nature Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus (Image )
  2. ISBN 13: 9780352340917
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Slippery When Wet - Other & Nature Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus (Image )

I tried Ballistic, Otterbox and Trident with the iPhone and they never lasted more then 3 months before the charging port cover would start to rip or the plastic would break. Best part is you can use just the innermost piece and it still provides a layer of good plastic over the edges of the screen which is the most important aspect in screen protection all the cases you list just have silicone over the edges which doesn't do very well..

You can actually just buy the inner piece, called Surface, as its own case, if you want. Everything is great, and their screen protectors are much better quality then most others I've used. I'm just now starting to consider buying a new one because the charging port is finally starting to rip. I wish that I had reviewed the Seidio case. Judging from its appearance, it looks rugged. I should have at least mentioned the Seidio case, because I've gone hands on with them before and they're among the better hybrid cases out there.

ISBN 13: 9780352340917

Fantastic write-up. Thorough, thoughtful, comprehensive. I wish there are more that do as well a job as you did. Note: For Screen Protectors, I'm quite happy with iloome's flexible tempered glass. Take a look, if you haven't already. I personally think it looks like a better case than the i-Blason you tried and it also eliminates the two cons you mentioned with the i-Blason. I am trying to decide whether to order one of these two or possibly go with the Tudia WAV Hybrid and just wondering if there are any opinions between the three from someone with experience between the three?

Thanks much!

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It's a good case, but not the best. I have a lot of criticisms regarding the toughness of the case and how tightly fitted it was around the screen.

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If you use a thicker screen protector, like a ZAGG or XtremeGuard, the screen protector will lift up around the edges. Also, they don't use a silicone inner jacket - it's some kind of tougher material. Evecase makes Otterbox clones, which are probably the best in terms of grippiness and drop protection - although the fact that they use a hard interior isn't particularly appealing. I have the Fusion case from Caseology and I like it. Spigen Slim Armor in Champagne Gold is the best! Best looks and best protection air cushion technology. How come no Spigen case is included in this article??

My glass screen cracked in many places after dropping the phone from 1.

Bestselling Series

Seems like this case is a waste of money. I have a nexus 7 and now a nexus Nexus 7 has an awesome case from poetic with a protective flap that rolls up in 3 sections so that it can be stood up etc The flip case for the nexus 5 straight for LG i figured would be good too. And while it is stream line and not bulky or anything.

The stupid flap covers the camera when open. You would think they would design around that. Something like making the flap fold up in sections.

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But nope.. I am going to have to cut down the lid and glue leather in there so I can get the stupid thing to fold properly. I suggest using the Infuse Wallet case. It uses TPU as the phone holder and a magnetic strap. So far it's the best wallet case I've tried out. It's not perfect, but it's cheap and high quality:. I also purchased 2 extreme guard screen protector and other than having to clean off all the smudges every morning it's ok. Most of the cases above are very ugly and they also hide the design of the phone. If the device comes in white and black, manufacturers should at least have a white option - or go for other colors like blue, green, red that customers can't buy the device in.

Ieve never used a case before but told I should get one here. But every review I read contradicts every other one. There were some sizing issues with the first batch of Spigen Ultra Hybrids. On paper it looks like one of the best midrange cases available, though. It's definitely worth looking into if the design flaws have been ironed out.

Why, people?


I've been using portable electronics since phones wouldn't fit in a pocket. Being a nerd, I admit I have had Palm and OQO cases that attached to my belt the OQO weighed a pound and was an inch thick - sporting that in a belt case was definite nerd cred. However, I got over it years ago. Instead I just decided to be careful. All my Nexus phones have gone naked with no damage. If I wanted a phone that could survive a drop, I'd get one designed to survive drops rather than junk up a well designed phone with a case.

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36 products for "slippery%20when%20wet%20(nexus)"

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