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A long time ago before hitRECord was this professional production company, it was just this little hobby website that I was putting my videos on. But I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised.

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Everybody was really cool to each other. I like to be really positive. It makes people feel great and that makes me feel great and that only makes the art better. How does it feel to be promoting hitRECord on a nationwide tour? A lot of people bring their cameras and people come up from the audience and perform — they sing or dance or read stories.

The audience is just supposed to sit and not do anything. Man, there are so many. I just love that because we all, I at least, I love to dress up in private and freak the f— out.

Tiny Talks Vol. 11

And no one needs to know the weird character that I become in the privacy of my own home. FB Twitter ellipsis More. The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.

Rather than seek out the security of another full-time gig, she went freelance, taking on small graphic design jobs for a couple hundred bucks here and there, as well as re-embracing her work as a painter and opening a shop on Etsy. For a time, it worked. Income became more readily available, and like many artists she was able to use her commercial business to maintain a studio practice.


Many would have stopped here, content to live a financially viable life creatively, regardless of context. But on a trip to Telluride with friends, Kunath had a breakthrough. Gradually she began turning down graphic design work in favor of concentrating on her own growth and body of work.

Fortuitously, it was at around this time that she got her first commission for a mural. A global import company, paying only for her supplies, approached her to make a portrait of their namesake, Marco Polo, on the side of their building in Santa Monica. Based on a distinct geometric formula, she had developed a technique of illustration that became her signature.

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More mural projects came her way, as well as private portrait and tattoo design commissions. Once again, she found herself in what most would consider a sweet spot.

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Once again, she decided not to settle. People were coming to me for a specific formula, rather than my whole creative vision. There is still a certain value to working in that style—but it feels super confining.

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Other priorities have shifted too. Instead of working in order to fund travel, Kunath finds herself traveling in order to foster self-reflection and advance her work. Unlike the hard graphic black and white of her previous style, these pieces are curving, abstract meditations on what she might say to herself if it was possible to speak to a younger version, or what an older version might say to her now. The results are something like psychic hieroglyphs, rendered in a dreamscape of harmonious pastels.

If our awareness was sharp enough to perceive more than what meets the eye in the physical world, maybe we could learn things from the experience of others, or different versions of ourselves that existed in another time.