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Kingdom : Five groups that classify all living things. Phylum : A group of animals within the animal kingdom. Class : A group of animals within a pylum. Order : A group of animals within a class. Family : A group of animals within an order. Genus : A group of animals within a family.

Black Bear

Scientific Name : The name of the animal in science. Type : The animal group that the species belongs to. Diet : What kind of foods the animal eats. Size H : How long L or tall H the animal is. Weight : The measurement of how heavy the animal is. Top Speed : The fastest recorded speed of the animal. Lifespan : How long the animal lives for. Lifestyle : Whether the animal is solitary or sociable. Polar bears and grizzly bears have been affected by the loss of habitat due to global warming and human encroachment on their territory.

The ancestors of modern bears inhabited North America as early as Miocene times million years ago and evolved into large, small and long-legged cursorial or running forms.

During the Pleistocene about 2 million to 10 years ago , a large long-legged, short-faced cursorial bear Arctodus simus existed in North America. This running bear was as big as a polar bear and a formidable predator.

Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

It is likely that this bear was primarily carnivorous; some researchers believe that it ran down its prey over open country while others suggest it was a scavenger, using its size to drive other carnivores away from their kills. Remains have been found in Alaska, the Old Crow Plain of the Yukon, and the western United States in association with other extinct mammals: mammoth, big-horned bison, shrub-oxen and sabre-toothed cats. The American black bear also lived in North America during the Pleistocene era. Unlike the Arctodus simus which became extinct about 10 years ago , it survived into the modern era.

Its ancestor, a small primitive species called Ursus abstrusus or U. Brown bears grizzly bears migrated to Alaska much later, about , years ago, and did not move south until about 13, years ago. Polar bears evolved from the European brown bear less than one million years ago and the 2 species can still hybridise ie, crossbreed. A Canadian Museum of Nature website.

Bear (Animal)

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Accessed 10 July In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Historica Canada. Article published March 05, ; Last Edited May 18, The Canadian Encyclopedia , s.

+ Free Brown Bear & Bear Images - Pixabay

Article by C. Bears of the family Ursidae are stocky, bob-tailed mammals with 5 clawed toes on each paw. Three species inhabit Canada. Wild Grizzly bear feeding on summer foliage, Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Polar bears remain active during winter, hunting and travelling on sea ice Corel Professional Photos. Black bears, the most common and widespread in Canada, may also be brown or cinnamon Corel Professional Photos. Polar Bear lying in snow.

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Large males may weigh kg and large females kg Corel Professional Photos. Polar bear with her yearling cubs against Arctic sunset. A black bear fishes for salmon in a Pacific coast stream courtesy Thomas Kitchen. Border of Canada and Alaska.