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When you are on a dedicated mission, people will come to your aid to help you make it real. Your relationships are by far the most important aspect of your journey. You will begin attracting the right people in your life when you start doing the work. It begins with initiative and openness. Higher up the mountain, your work will attract the very people who will help spread your message and forward your cause.

Doubts will creep in. Things will appear to be falling apart. This is a crucial part of the process. Indeed, far more fundamental than what you do is who you become.

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Growing in consciousness and progressing as a human being is intended to challenge you to the core. Most people take the path of least resistance and this is not that path. And if for some reason you decide to quit, that will haunt you until you rectify that decision. As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. No matter how devastating your doubts, you will eventually regain the hope you once had. But now it will only be stronger and more solidified.


You are no longer rigid in your thinking. You no longer operate based on how you are feeling in the moment. You expect to be inclined to do things yourself and others might be uncomfortable with. You are completely open. You are moving. You no longer stall or question when you get a prompt. You respond immediately and automatically. And when you act on these impressions, you never regret it. They remain unaware of who they are, what they stand for and who they are becoming. They are living in fear and confusion, simply waiting to be told what to do. They want the easiest path.

They are following dogmatic assumptions. Even worse, most people will go against their own values to fit in with the crowd. Related: Are You an Original? Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, has revolutionized our understanding of intelligence. Most people are taught that intelligence is fixed. Instead, you are enhanced and consecrated in your performance. Where most people rely solely upon themselves, your abilities are channeled and heightened by a source beyond your own. Anything and everything could happen. And being open to that fact allows you infinitely more options than those who put an invisible barrier on possibility.

Strong men believe in cause and effect. When you decide to live your dreams, you expect radical and amazing stuff to happen. Your daily habits regularly attract beautiful things from the outside world. Beyond your point of no return is freedom —freedom from triviality and mediocrity. No longer will you be able to engage in gossip or other destructive activities.

Your entertainment is learning, growth, connecting deep rather than shallow, and grand adventures. Since you no longer limit what you can have in life, you regularly travel. You regularly meet new and interesting people. When one area of your life is out of alignment, every other area of your life suffers. You protect the essentials. Furthermore, when you improve one area of your life, you grow in all areas— you are the system. Consequently, every small and incremental victory you experience creates a surge of momentum toward your ultimate ideal.

The most crippling and pervasive fear is the fear of success. But once you have a compelling vision, you stop focusing on yourself. Money is simply a means to an end. Money is a tool. You are already complete. No form of success or failure will change that. This perspective allows you to be more authentic and free. You are going to do what you believe you should regardless of the outcome. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.

Most people can eat healthy for one day. Most people can be positive for a few minutes.

YOU ARE THE CREATOR - Warning: This might shake up your belief system! Morgan Freeman and Wayne Dyer

Consistency is the evidence of belief. Zig Ziglar used to tell a story of traveling one day and not getting in bed until 4 a. At a. A week later, I might have made an exception if I only got four hours of sleep. A week later, maybe I only got seven hours of sleep.

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The exception so many times becomes the rule. Watch those exceptions! The constraints of responsibility force you to think more creatively. Responsibility qualifies you to show up at a higher level. Rather, he has power because he assumed a huge responsibility. Most people avoid responsibility. Fear of failure i. When you start taking your dreams seriously , you will not initially be qualified. Taking on the right forms of responsibility can put life on easy mode. No excuses. When you begin living your dreams, you will often receive unsolicited critique. If something is noteworthy, there will be haters.

When you really start showing up, the haters will be intimidated by you. Rather than being a reflection of what they could do, you become a reflection of what they are not doing. But the majority of people will support the hell out of you. Most people are inspired when someone lives their dreams. By nature, having a sense of vision is weird to most people.

Being real and authentic is weird. And many people will misunderstand you. Most of them mean well. Others will understand you. You need them more than you know. Social exchange theory is a psychological and sociological perspective on why people do what they do. Essentially, people only engage in activities and relationships that benefit them. Consequently, people are seen as purely self-motivated in all they do. But there is a four stage hierarchy of motivations that allows for the possibility of genuine altruism.

At stage two, you are motivated by reward : focusing only on exchanges that most benefit you. At the pinnacle—stage four— you are motivated by love. Your aim is to bring as much joy to each individual as you possibly can. Your love transcends human reasoning. It drives you to do things most would consider crazy.

You no longer live by conventional rules or wisdom. You are directed by the highest and purest power in existence. As an evolved person, you are connected to your higher source. You believe it and quickly you see it.

What Your Destiny Number Reveals About Your Life Purpose | Felicia Bender

Most people inflate their goodness and minimize their failings and shortcomings. However, beyond your point of no return, you no longer care about looking stupid. You want deep and intimate connections. Your relationships are a sacred space where you and those you love can be completely authentic. Your faults intensify the love other people have for you, and vice versa.

What Your Destiny Number Reveals About Your Life Purpose

Embracing—rather than avoiding—reality requires that you carry no unnecessary baggage. You seek forgiveness, which is really more about you than the person you harmed. Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day. Because he was fine with it. Mark Zuckerberg is similar. These people are less concerned with fashion and more concerned with efficiency.

They are far less concerned about how they appear and far more concerned about the work they do. Beyond clothing and appearance, you are wholly yourself—rather than what society would tell you is proper.

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  • It will initially be embarrassing to start putting yourself out there. As an evolved person, you are happy when other people succeed and sad when other people fail. The success of others is seen as the success of the whole. But the sooner you delegate, the more energy you can put into the work only you can do. Numerology can be a system of divination that engages both our rational and spiritual mind. A key concept within the tradition of numerology is the idea that there is information and meaning hidden in your date of birth and the name you were born with. Although numerology is the study of numbers, each number carries with it a significant meaning and correlates with other meanings from the elements, colors, and gems.

    As you work through your charts, you will be using all the different meanings that correlate with the numbers. It is said that self-knowledge is the key to success and happiness. Knowing what your inner skills are, as well as what lies ahead. And to paraphrase an old saying, an ounce of preparation is otter worth a pound of sheer luck.

    As you may imagine, the same principles that provide you with the knowledge of who you are and where youre going can also provide you with greater insight into others and the world around you. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Eastern system ofC numerology was invented 4, years ago when a wise man named of Hsia discovered a tortoise shell v fth mystical markings and numbers or it.

    The Omega Matrix is based on your date of birth and as such is tuned to your own persona[ vibrations. Many people carry their Omega Matrix with them at all times, and in the East it is common to place your yantra in a small pouch that is worn around your neck. Before discuss how -to create the Omega Matrix, however, it is helpful to know a little bit about the ancient system of numerology. While it is generally accepted that the ancient cultures of China, India and Egypt were with numerology long before the Greeks began using it, most hooks still credit the ancient Creek.

    There are nine primary numbers in numerology: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, S, and 9. Every number — regardless of how big it is — can be simplified to one of these primary numbers. For example, take a number like 18, which, when each of the individual numbers are added together, totals In Numerology, you then add the 2 and the 6, which gives you a total or primary number of 8. There are two exceptions to this rule, and they are -Elie numbers 11 and Your complete numerological chart contains 22 separate numbers, each of which represents a different aspect of your life.

    Of these 22 numbers, the most important number is the Life Path. The path of love, health, happiness and material freedom is a pa-Eh of intelligence. Knowing what your important numbers are and understanding how to use them is a vital key to your success and happiness. The Omega Matrix is often referred to as a Magic Square, and is similar in some respects. If you are not familiar with the Magic Square, it is basically a square grid of numbers in which all of the numbers in a given row or column add up to the same total regardless of which direction the individual numbers are added in.

    For example, all horizontal rows, vertical columns and diagonal rows will add up to the same number. In addition, -die four corner quadrants will add up to the same number, as will the center quadrant and the tour corner cells. But how do you create your own personal Omega Matrix? You would add the individual numbers in the fol [owing manner:. In -this example, the number is 4. Other combinations that add up o 97 include the our-cell corner quadrants, the four-cell center quadrant, the four corner cells, and the two diagonal series of cells.

    Ancient philosophers regarded -this unique arrangement of numbers to be much more than lust a mathematical curiosity, and considered the magic square to be a representation of perfection -the universe. This is a wonderful way o prepare a numerological chart, and it will 1-e just as accurate as a reading based on Tarot cards,, palmistry or any of the usual oracles. As any numerologist will tell you, the single-digit number created by adding up all the numbers in a persons date of birth is called the Life Path Number. In numerology, the Destiny Number represents a persons mission in life and the lessons they are here on Earth to learn.

    ONE: To develop leadership qualities and become independent, confident, and self-sufficient, Ones are naturally curious and embody the pioneering spirit. TWO: To develop diplomatic qualities, tact, as well as how to cooperate and bring others ogether. Often; seen as peacemakers, Twos work well En partnerships of any kind. Threes take a natural delight in the world them, and tend o be flexible and easy-going. The Four fulfills their promise recognizes the value pi- moving slowly and steadily towards a defined goal.

    FIVE: To learn how to cope with constant change, variety, adventure and risk. This is an especially challenging Life Path, and the Five will often appear to [cad an unusually hectic life. Evolved Sixes tend to be very giving of their time and energy, often at the expense of their own personal needs and ambitions.