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Forget tonight — you'll never sleep again.
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If a person happens to open their eyes at the wrong time, they'll be faced with a sight so terrifying there is no chance of survival. The through-line story is spooky, but not horrific. The anthology of the fictional authors' stories, however, contains some incredibly disturbing stuff. The book is set between the sleepy antebellum town of Natches, Mississippi and the mysterious city of New Orleans. I was unable to put down the book, but I was also afraid to look over my shoulder. I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, ghosts, stunning storytelling, and has an affinity for large, spooky houses.

A man's daughter goes missing and is eventually found dead. At the same time, he and his wife begin experiencing strange things going on in their home.

23 Books That Are Actually Really, Really Scary

The end takes an abrupt shift for the brutal, but most of the book is chillingly haunting. It's one of those stories that's terrifying because it's totally something that could happen, rather than being paranormal. It's been at least a decade since I read Intensity and I still get creeped out thinking about it. I'm scarred for life. I don't know which is worse — the people who are affected by the parasites or what happens to the ones who aren't.

You start off in the head of a dog who loves his family, and then you experience in first person his rapid psychological deterioration. When the dog begins slaughtering people, it's both heartbreaking and horrifying, especially as a dog lover. Cujo is my favorite horror book because it's the only one I've never been able to finish. The most unnerving part is how the house itself becomes a character with its own malevolent presence. I read this book in one evening, and when I was done I wanted to throw it across the room. I still think of this story to this day and it chills me.

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But man, it's good. They're then taken to the hellish 'Grey' realm, where they must fight for survival for 24 hours. It's spooky and full of twists — it's a really, really good read. Every little sound had me jumping out of my skin for a solid week after I read this. I am normally skeptical of the existence of the devil and demons, or anything religious really, but Martin seems very credible and convincing.

Years after reading this book, the stories are still vivid in my mind and it still scares the hell out of me. It's a slow burn and on more of the psychological side, but it kept me up at night!

6 Nonfiction Horror Books for Your TBR | Book Riot

I looked around the coffee shop wondering why everyone was acting so normal and cheery when everything to me seemed scary and dreadful. It was the best reading experience I've had since I was a much easier to scare tween. It's the only book that has literally given me nightmares. A good book makes me forget time and reality — it takes me to a different place. A ny form of rebellion, or sexual or moral transgression, is punishable with death.

I look at the grass instead. I describe the rope.

B ut when imagining these kind of monstrous laws and communal punishments, for inspiration Atwood only had to look to recent history, and to the world around her. A lmost everything described in the book has a parallel in a totalitarian or religious state, military regime, religious order or cult, or, chillingly, Western society today. The modest dresses of the Handmaids, for example, recall the habits of Catholic nuns, as well as traditional Islamic dress, which may be adopted as a matter of choice by women living in free societies, but can be forced upon them by the authorities in others.

In in an area of Somalia controlled by fundamentalist Al-Shabaab militants, a year-old rape victim named Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was accused of adultery, buried up to her neck in a football stadium and stoned to death by 50 men as a crowd watched some people intervened but were shot. I started noticing that a lot of the things I thought I was more or less making up were now happening, and indeed more of them have happened since the publication of the book. And they're right, because this isn't there.

But what could happen here? They came to establish their own regime, where they could persecute people to their heart's content just the way they themselves had been persecuted.

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If you think you have the word and the right way, that's the only thing you can do. W hile most Christians, it goes without saying, are not fundamentalists, Atwood believed that anyone seeking a right-wing revolution in America would most likely capitalise on fundamentalist beliefs and values, as well as upon anxieties surrounding abortion and fertility. In the US, a number of atrocities, including the bombings of abortion clinics and the murder of doctors who perform abortions, have been carried out by anti-abortion extremists since the Nineties: the death toll currently stands at 11, with the most recent killing taking place in in Colorado.

Recently, however, under the Presidency of Donald Trump , the country has also seen a state-imposed crackdown on abortion rights.

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The news was treated as a victory by evangelical anti-abortion groups. But if it was a pregnant woman, they would wait until she had the baby and then they gave the baby to somebody in their command system. And then they dumped the woman out of the airplane. Hitler stole his children, blond ones, hoping that he could turn them into blond Germans.