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The hotels were excellent and the itinerary was perfect for the relatively brief 7 days. There was a good balance between being guided and being left to ones own devices. My guide was very friendly and accommodating and took great care in ensuring I was satisfied with the tour. So on the whole, I was extremely satisfied with my holiday. Many thanks! Mr Denny was excellent. He worked really hard and helped us find good vegetarian meals at lunch each day - not easy in Korea we don't eat fish either.

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for a great trip! South Korea is a really fascinating country and we loved Gyeongju. Our tour guide Kyungyi was very friendly and informative, she really made our trip! I will definitely be recommending On The Go and hope to travel with you again soon. Thanks again. Our guided group tour in South Korea kicks off in the cosmopolitan capital city of Seoul, before continuing on to Andong, Gyeongju and the infamous Demilitarised Zone.

Fully escorted by an expert English speaking South Korean tour guide, staying in comfortable hotels and with plenty of guided sightseeing, you are sure to have an enjoyable, fun and relaxing holiday to South Korea. View all South Korea Group Tours. Departure dates noted with a 'G' are guaranteed to operate with 2 persons a supplement may apply.

Prices shown are based upon a group of 4 persons travelling. If you are a group of 2 or 3 persons we can operate this tour, however a supplement will apply. The supplement will be refunded to you should more passengers join the group. On The Go's Signature group tours place local interaction and authenticity at the heart of your cultural travel experience. Upping the comfort stakes, this range is a clear cut above our Budget range.

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Hotels can sometimes be of 3 or 5 star standard too, ensuring you get the best value for your holiday. Group size is typically 18 with a maximum for 24, apart from festival tours, where group sizes can be larger due to the one-off nature of these events. Free Brochure Trip Enquiry Subscribe. On The Go Tours. Expert Local guides. Group Tours. Tailor-made Holidays. Private Tours. Jeju Island. Cheongpung Lake. Mount Hallasan. Mount Seoraksan National Park. Seongsan Sunrise Peak. South Korea Travel Guide Start planning for a holiday where K-Pop and kimchi is likely to feature with our travel guide resources that cover everything from visas to currency, what to see and when to go.

Best Time to Visit. Top Travel Tips. Tourist Visas. Traveller Reviews. Escorted by a qualified local tour guide separate driver and tour guide for groups of 5 or more. All transfers and tranportation in private air conditioned vehicles. Touring of Seoul, Andong and Gyeongju. Airport arrival and departure transfer on days 1 and 7. Not Included. International flights and visa.

Tipping - an entirely personal gesture. For your tour guide and driver, we suggest you allow USD8 - 10 per traveller per day. Scenic Andong Seoul - Andong. Read More. Extra Prices. Pre Tour Accommodation - Seoul. Post Tour Accommodation - Seoul. Reviews Travellers have rated this tour as 4.

In Brief Range. Seoul , Gyeongju. Download Trip Notes Your exclusive guide with itinerary, visas, money, weather and more! View of the city Seoul South Korea. The Dimilitarized Zone South Korea. Open air museum Gyeongju South Korea. Bulguksa Temple Gyeongju South Korea. Pricing Information. There are also coffee shops and both international and Korean restaurants to suit all tastes. It has a sort of Parisian feel along the lake.

World Peace Gate in Songpa. This area is best visited in warmer months as it is tranquil and peaceful with an easy walking loop among the super green grass. There are families having picnics and lovers stealing kisses on benches. The Peace Gate is filled with rollerbladers and bike riders of all ages. Seocho Seocho is one of the top art centers to get lost for days. A must visit in the metropolis is the Seoul Arts Center. It holds everything from modern to classical art to a sprawling opera house.

Yeouido 63 Building in Yeouido. Yeouido is worth a quick mention for those traveling for banking and finance as you will most likely be holding meetings in this area. A statue of Sejong the Great in Yeouido Park. Central Seoul Jongno-gu in Central Seoul. This is the true heart of the metropolis. You can pray, play, shop and pig out in the epicenter of Seoul.

The area is always busy, at any time of the year, and is where you will find most of the historic and cultural artefacts and can experience the true vibrancy of Seoul. Gwanghwamun is the entrance to Gyeongbokgung. Those staying in Central Seoul can expect a frenetic energy. As it is central, it is a good place to stay if you have limited time.

Central Seoul, which is mostly Jongno-gu , is the heart of the city with loads of historic sites. This is the busiest and most chaotic part of the city. Yet it is the most central to all of the major tourist districts. Jongno-gu Historical artefacts meets business hub and foodies dream in the heart of the city. Lantern Festival along the Cheonggyecheon. My personal favourite coffee shop in Korea, Caffe Themselves , is also in Jongno.

Jongno is also famous in Korea for all the art movie theatres like Seoul Cinema and Cinecube. Jogyesa Temple near Insadong is another popularly frequented landmark and a fine example of Korean Buddhist architecture. It is the chief temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Ssamzie Market in the middle of Insadong.

In north Jongno is the only place to visit to get souvenirs for your loved ones, Insadong-gil street. You can find everything here from high quality art, copies of famous paintings, tea houses, traditional food, statues of Buddha, and general Korean memorabilia like magnets, pens and t-shirts. There is a feel of national pride here as all signs, from Starbucks to the Body Shop, are only written in Hangeul Korean alphabet.

At the beginning of Insadong is Nagwon Instrument Market , an indoor arcade that houses multitudes of instruments. Gwanghwamun at night. At the other end of the street is the famous Gyeongbokgung, the royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. When standing at the King Sejong statue there is an epic view of the gate, the Palace, the Blue House of the presidency and Bugaksan mountain.

Statue of King Sejong the Great near Gwangwhamun station. Gwanghwamun is also a famed area for massive peaceful protests, such as the one million person protest against former president Park Geun Hye. There is also another large Kyobo book store at Gwanghwamun Station.

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Bukchon is the more famous, where Instagrammers flock to take selfies. The scene is of metropolitan Seoul in the background, with traditional Hanok houses in the foreground. A fun activity for all lovers of Hallyu the Korean Wave is to hire traditional Korean clothing hanbok and walk the streets of Bukchon. Seochon is also filled with hanok, but is a bit less visually pleasing. But what it lacks in scenery it makes up with traditional food.

How to get from Incheon airport to Seoul

Kilsangsa Temple. Up north, a short bus ride away, is a fantastic temple compound called Kilsangsa.

70+ Great Things to do in Seoul – By District

Visitors can stroll around the former brothel that was converted into a Buddhist Temple. You are also free to meditate at any time and can participate in a Temple Stay for longer periods. Daehangno Mural saying Hello in Daehangro street. There are two major places to experience college life in Korea as an expat or traveler.

The lesser known area is Daehangno which is where Hyehwa station is situated. Younger travelers would find Daehangno the perfect place to visit for the university feel, amateur theater productions and hipster cafes and restaurants. There are a few makgeolli houses, which are dimly lit eateries where giant cauldrons of makgeolli are served. The always bustling nightlife of Dongdaemun by Eugene Lim. Discounts are usually given for cash purchases. And again, if you decide to visit, bring comfy shoes as there are levels and levels of stores.

Similar to Myeongdong , there are musical performances from time to time. The Greater Gangbuk Area is most well known for cultural integration, vibrant college life and green areas. Younger travelers will want to stay near Hongdae for the enthusiastic and authentic college life. Why stay in Gangbuk View of central Gangbuk from Yeouido. The area immediately above the Han river is very diverse as it covers a lot of land.

The eastern side is greener and farther removed from the businesses in Seoul. There are some nice hotels along the Han river like the W that is trendy and calm. Yet it is further away. So this is a good place to retire after a day of travel. The west side has more of a student vibe with areas like Hongdae and Ewha that are always trendy, hip and more free spirited. The central area above the river, like Yongsan is a nice place to stay for Westerners who are prone to culture shock. Due to the high frequency of expats in this area, it allows for easier cultural adaptation.

Jung-gu Shop till drop then take the cable car up to N Seoul Tower and admire the view. There are options to hike up or around the mountain with well-maintained paths and outdoor exercise machines. There are two paths going up to the top, one being steep and direct, the other gradual and goes around the mountain. The other way up is to catch the cable car from the Myeongdong area. The views up top are spectacular and provide a deeper insight into the geography of this bustling metropolis, particularly from inside N Seoul Tower.

Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae) Tours

Try out a pochang macha tented food stall in Namdaemun market. Myeongdong and Namdaemun are two prominent shopping areas in Seoul. You can also find everything from vintage cameras to cartoon clad backpacks and beyond. It has small alleyways, is incredibly crowded and is a fantastic experience. Shops, shops and more shops in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong on the other hand is the place to visit for all true fans of Korean culture. It is a melting pot of cultures looking to grab the Korean Wave and experience shopping as only can be done in Korea. Wear comfortable shoes if you decide to visit because you will be in and out of shops for the entire day.

There are also frequent cultural and K-pop performances all over Myeongdong at any time of year. If you want to study architecture or art in Korea, this is the place to go. Due to its art-forward inclination, the area surrounding the university is a haunt for all things artistic and free , a fresh take on the more rigid salaried life of the majority of South Korea. There are some nice mountains to climb in the area, like Mt Ansan, which is a popular tourist attraction as it is only Yongsan-gu A place for Westerners to balance the culture shock with expat pubs of all kinds.

Suffice it to say, both areas are packed with foreigners. There are shops on the main road with some Big and Tall stores and all the fast food chains you can imagine. Up north of the main road are swanky clubs, fine-dining restaurants, and pubs of all kinds. Due to the boisterous drinking, nights should be an adults-only affair.

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Leeum contemporary museum is also located in Itaewon and is a must visit for all art lovers. Haebongchon is a bit more subdued and quieter, but still lively and one of the best places to go for international cuisine. HBC is trendy, hipster and a fun break from rowdy Itaewon. They are nowhere near as flash as Apgujeong, but nice to stroll around and find some deals while experiencing Korean culture untainted by tourism.

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Try Common Ground , the flea market meets art fair made entirely of blue containers. See the video below. Seongsu is an up and coming hipster foodie area where old warehouses are being converted into coworking coffee shops. Some are calling it the Brooklyn of Seoul due to its industrial, gentrified feel.

Seoul Blue House Museum & Hanbok Mukbang - Korea Trip Day 5

Hangeul for Seoul Forest. Seoul Forest is also close by and another place to experience green in the concrete jungle. Where should first time visitors stay in Seoul? First time visitors to Seoul should probably stay above the river and to the center of the city. Somewhere like Yongsan is a good pick. This area is central enough to all tourist places and is also closer to Incheon and Gimpo airports , so it could save you a few good hours getting in and out of the city. The area is also tourist friendly with a lot of international restaurants and has loads of expats frequenting or living in the area.

If you are on a strict budget , then a love motel is fine for a few nights, but I would recommend looking at reviews on booking sites before making your reservation. Guest House near Ewha in Seoul. There are hotels and motels all over Seoul , so it is possible to arrive without making a reservation, yet it is highly recommended to reserve a spot especially if you are looking for a specific type of accommodation in Seoul. This way you can also get the best deals and not waste time going from place to place.

As I said at the beginning, where you base yourself in Seoul will depend on your travel style, how long you have, if you plan on visiting another city, if you are traveling with your family and what you want to see and do. Base yourself in the neighbourhood or district where you think you will be spending most of your time.

Starting your journey in the north east and then moving to the south west, for example, could be a nice plan. We recommend taking a look online before your visit, you never know what you can find on this site. Check out all ongoing the promotions here. We have also added some activities throughout the article that we think you may enjoy. For those who are looking for the best accommodation options, here are our recommendations for the top hotels in Seoul to stay at.

Watch the Han River go by, stay on the outskirts, or place yourself right in the thick of it all. Here are the best luxury hotels in Seoul. Much like Seoul itself, it blends modernity and tradition seamlessly as well as East and West. The Shilla is slap bang in the center of Seoul, but on the edge of the Jangchungdan Park, so you can blend your shopping at infamous Myeong-dong with spectacular views of Namsan Mountain.

Airbnb® | Seoul - Vacation Rentals & Places to Stay - Seoul, South Korea

The interior was completely refurbished recently so it still feels new and fresh. The bedrooms are a blend of wood paneling and expensive upholstery with all the little finishings fit for a luxe stay. And the service is typical Korean, always busy and quick but in a meticulously trained pampering way. There are also 6 restaurants to choose from and the renowned Guerlain Spa in the nine-hectare property.

So go on and indulge. Book your trip now on Booking. But worry not, the outside hustle and bustle is worlds away once you enter the magnificent and spacious property. With white Italian marble bathrooms and carpeted interiors, the rooms feel regal and more suited for Venice than Asia. All the amenities are checked, like requesting your turndown service time via iPad. The service is intuitive and attentive without being overly robotic like many other Korean hotels. The vitality pool is opulent, the sauna is panoramic and the screen golf is luxurious.

You can also choose from seven restaurants and bars to indulge your taste buds, including a wine bar, something lacking in Seoul. The rooms are covered in a natural green carpeting, giving it a lovely garden feel. You should choose a room facing the temple for a gorgeous morning view. And The service is sophisticated with muted elegance, especially at Asian Live, a 5 in 1 concept restaurant that includes fare from 5 Asian countries.

Set apart from its glass tower neighbours, the brick-faced GLAD is something fresh and new in a district that is termed the Manhattan of Seoul. All rooms provide a very different experience, from industrial to minimalist and everything in between. Be sure to visit the Mark T whiskey bar, inspired by the infamous tippler Mark Twain. The minimalist interiors could be something out of an Ikea catalog, albeit much classier. Forgot your gym clothes at home? No worries, the Park Hyatt provides everything, including a personal trainer.

After your personalised workout, lounge in the infinity pool with a gorgeous view of Seoul. The area is a mix of financial prowess being close to the Stock Exchange and nature with proximity to running trails in Yeouido Park along the Han River. The Conrad has a glossy corporate feel and fits meltingly into its surrounding financial district. The rooms are calming, with a blend of muted Rothko-esque tones and mixed materials from carpeting to marble to leather.

In fact, why not go all out with a complete make-over and extend your indulgence with a mani and pedi. It does not have to be mentioned that service is fantastic. Or jump in the 25m lap pool for a bit of exercise. The choice is yours. The hotel is located atop a hill in the always vibing and expat heavy Itaewon and Haebongchon districts.

The space has a modern-kitsch feel with a dash of elegance and is catered for tourism. With its hilltop location you are rewarded with panoramic views of the city and Namsan.