Manual Mysterious Man: A Guide to Mastering Small Talk and Keeping Her Interested from the Get Go.

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This episode only goes to show we are now in a brand—new world. We used to be able to remember AND to forget, but now with the Internet forget is a thing of the past. Familiarity does breed contempt, for sure…but some other commentators here are making good points about not swinging too far to the other side and being overly mysterious for the sake of it, which probably would backfire with most people.

I think Jesus of Nazareth set a great example for us here. There were times when he spoke from his heart in a direct and honest way. At other times he spoke using stories parables and rarely took the time to explain them afterwards. He left the figuring out up to the listener. But know this…He also would go completely mute and not say a word a lot, when most of us would be running off at the mouth in the same situation. Yep, Jesus makes a great social media role model and in my opinion serves as a great example to follow here. Demian- Always one of the most difficult things to teach young trial lawyers.

Keeping your jury interested throughout the entire trial is challenging. Using this approach and bringing it all together during closing argument can be extremely powerful if done correctly.

But back to social- absolutely important. Excellent post!

3 Ways to Be Mysterious - wikiHow

I think that mystery is one of the most powerful tools of story telling — it allows the reader to shape the story and imagine and create a narrative. But saying one thing and doing another? Absolutely hate it, I do have a reason. See you next time, Julieta. Mystery works well with earth-shattering-revelation. The latter is more important than the former. So true.

Small talk – big gain

Working in the music industry, I can tell you the most successful people leave a little something to the imagination. Mmm, what an interesting post. I tend to be a big over-sharer. Wonderful article. To me, social media is a never-ending cocktail party. Folks come and go, drop into one conversation, eavesdrop on others. Every now and then, I have to leave for some fresh air and to recover from the perpetual hangover.

But I always come back. Giving smart ways to improve your blog or consider this giving thrill to your audience. Well, if one is not good in doing such mystery then they should practice first. Being safe is always boring! So I encourage bloggers to try something new. Thank you for sharing this post! As a mystery writer, I agree with your premise. That simple question kept me going chapter after chapter. It was almost impossible to put the book down, since each chapter ended with another hook.

Good copy is the same way…. My new book is all about red… blood red… and is entitled Blood Red P——. What a nice post! On the one hand, a cave is times more mysterious than your room. However, would you like to live in a cave for the rest of your life just because it is more mysterious? I like the tip to create, discretely, an aura of mystery.

It will give you, in time, an aura of power. And you also provided some practical advice:. You have succeeding in creating an aura of mystery with a smart post that shows real literary talent. Superb example of practicing what you preach. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.

1. Take Control Of The Relationship

The bartender looks down on Marcel, raises an eyebrow, then turns his attention back to Robert. Does the scene above remind you of anything? Andy Warhol once said, I learned that you actually have more power when you shut up. JJ Abram said, Mystery is more important than knowledge. And Robert Greene , reading out of the orange book, said, Humans are machines of interpretation and explanation; they have to know what you are thinking.

Let me explain … How to be mysterious Social media is a tool that gives you the ability to say whatever you want, when you want. But that freedom — if not checked — has its costs: The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish. By babbling on you may appear silly, less intelligent.

An air bag. By contrast, powerful people impress by saying less. Think Seth Godin. Risk of over-familiarity. This is why strangers have an aura of power, while we take our spouses for granted. Hold something back. This is not unlike the tease. Or the internal cliffhanger. Pull a disappearing act, like the unannounced social media sabbatical. Each question you answer should lead to another question. Hold some parts of your life close to the vest.

Vow never to talk about that area. Use misdirection. Suggest one thing while you are working on another. And delete all your tweets.

Like someone on our staff regularly does. If that makes sense? Literary studies show that some cultures feel more comfortable identifying with winners and some with victims. Croatian small talk abounds with heroes who are victimised in more than one way.

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Nothing in Croatia works because of the people who run it. So all the natural beauty will either go undiscovered or get ruined. Great talents and educated minds will leave Croatia and find prosperity abroad.

The Power of Mystery

It goes like this:. The excuses are countless and can be very imaginative. What the storyteller wants is to remain in the victim role. Who sleeps with whom jerk! You assume your storyteller is talking about their worst enemy. Will they gossip about me in the same way, you wonder. They probably will.

Croats gossip most about the people they care about. Or people they envy most. But just like in literature, everyday conversations have trends that change over time.

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Let your local storyteller speak first. Nowadays, Croats are concerned either about their personal problems, leisure activities travel, food, sports or global economic and political events. Croatian small talk is an answer-lead storytelling. This means that your storyteller will enjoy answering your questions about their country, family or work. They just small talk in a different way. This social skill is not universally taught. If you lasted hours over coffee, or sailed through a party without being left in the corner — congratulations!

Now go to your inbox and open my email. You're on your way to effortlessly making friends in Croatia. Start by joining my super engaged Facebook group Croatia Insider. I'll see you there! Hi Gugi, thanks a lot for your comment. Maybe the geographical proximity to Vienna makes the two cultures quite similar. Thanks for sharing as well. I just loved your post. I lived abroad quite a lot, adore Croatia, but what did I adore if I disliked the small talk? Your blog helped me relax about the topic.

Excellent blog! Thank you Andrea. Thanks so much for you comment, Zrinka. It seems that many Croatian people could relate to the post. It is surprising how difficult it is for the locals to find their way around well-established customs. Your article just summed up the way my father talked about everything!

I started reading about Croatia, history and all, after my Dad died at the age of ! I wish I would have read earlier in life. I would have understood more and not taken so many things to heart! Thanks for sharing your story with me. Now I know where I am going wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed this! I arrived here via Frank About Croatia. I write my own blog about my life in Istria. Looking forward to reading more.

Master Croatian small talk without speaking the language

Hi Isabel, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Being a local tour guide in Zagreb I thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories. You really get to the point. Funny, refreshing, informative and so true. I hope I continue inspiring your tours in Zagreb! This is so funny to read. I have been married to my Cro for almost 13 years and never understood why he cannot answer to my questions directly.

To this date I ended up in an argument since he goes in circles before the answer. Even now he forgets to introduce me to people and since I live in Australia, in most cases I introduce my self and keep chatting. Once the guest leaves…I keep complaining how rude he is for being ignorant. I blew it! For a while I got to interact with people from Croatia. Reading your insights about Croat small talk and Croatian friends, I really blew a great opportunity.