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For centuries the Hebrew prophets had proclaimed the coming of a deliverer, and these promises had been construed by successive generations as referring to a new Jewish ruler who would sit upon the throne of David and, by the reputed miraculous methods of Moses, proceed to establish the Jews in Palestine as a powerful nation, free from all foreign domination. Again, many figurative passages found throughout the Hebrew scriptures were subsequently misapplied to the life mission of Jesus.

Jesus himself onetime publicly denied any connection with the royal house of David. The early followers of Jesus all too often succumbed to the temptation to make all the olden prophetic utterances appear to find fulfillment in the life of their Lord and Master. He talked little but thought much. The sorry plight of the Jewish people caused Joseph much sadness.

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These temperamental manifestations were greatly improved just before his untimely death and after the economic condition of his family had been enhanced by his advancement from the rank of carpenter to the role of a prosperous contractor. She was usually cheerful, was very rarely downcast, and possessed an ever-sunny disposition. Mary indulged in free and frequent expression of her emotional feelings and was never observed to be sorrowful until after the sudden death of Joseph.

And she had hardly recovered from this shock when she had thrust upon her the anxieties and questionings aroused by the extraordinary career of her eldest son, which was so rapidly unfolding before her astonished gaze. But throughout all this unusual experience Mary was composed, courageous, and fairly wise in her relationship with her strange and little-understood first-born son and his surviving brothers and sisters. Joseph and Mary were educated far above the average for their day and station in life.

He was a thinker; she was a planner, expert in adaptation and practical in immediate execution. Joseph was a black-eyed brunet; Mary, a brown-eyed well-nigh blond type. Both Joseph and Mary were good teachers, and they saw to it that their children were well versed in the learning of that day.

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Shortly thereafter they moved into their new home in Nazareth, which had been built by Joseph with the assistance of two of his brothers. The house was located near the foot of the near-by elevated land which so charmingly overlooked the surrounding countryside. In this home, especially prepared, these young and expectant parents had thought to welcome the child of promise, little realizing that this momentous event of a universe was to transpire while they would be absent from home in Bethlehem of Judea.

Joseph leaned more toward the spiritual concept of the expected Messiah, but Mary and her family, especially her father, held to the idea of the Messiah as a temporal deliverer and political ruler. Their home was located a little to the south and east of the southern promontory of this hill and about midway between the base of this elevation and the road leading out of Nazareth toward Cana. The furniture consisted of a low stone table, earthenware and stone dishes and pots, a loom, a lampstand, several small stools, and mats for sleeping on the stone floor.

In the back yard, near the animal annex, was the shelter which covered the oven and the mill for grinding grain. It required two persons to operate this type of mill, one to grind and another to feed the grain. As a small boy Jesus often fed grain to this mill while his mother turned the grinder. During the winter, at the evening meal the table would be lighted by a small, flat clay lamp, which was filled with olive oil. After the birth of Martha, Joseph built an addition to this house, a large room, which was used as a carpenter shop during the day and as a sleeping room at night.

Throughout all the Roman Empire this census was registered in the year 8 B. She feared being left alone lest the child be born while Joseph was away, and again, Bethlehem being not far from the City of Judah, Mary foresaw a possible pleasurable visit with her kinswoman Elizabeth. The building and furnishing of a home had been a great drain on Joseph since he had also to contribute to the support of his parents, as his father had been recently disabled.

And so this Jewish couple went forth from their humble home early on the morning of August 18, 7 B. They partook of their noontide meal at the foot of Mount Sartaba, overlooking the Jordan valley, and journeyed on, making Jericho for the night, where they stopped at an inn on the highway in the outskirts of the city. Early in the morning of August 20 they resumed their journey, reaching Jerusalem before noon, visiting the temple, and going on to their destination, arriving at Bethlehem in midafternoon. On returning to the courtyard of the inn, he was informed that the caravan stables, hewn out of the side of the rock and situated just below the inn, had been cleared of animals and cleaned up for the reception of lodgers.

Leaving the donkey in the courtyard, Joseph shouldered their bags of clothing and provisions and with Mary descended the stone steps to their lodgings below. They found themselves located in what had been a grain storage room to the front of the stalls and mangers. Tent curtains had been hung, and they counted themselves fortunate to have such comfortable quarters. By the break of day the pangs of childbirth were well in evidence, and at noon, August 21, 7 B.

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Introduce your visitor and tell the children that you have invited this person to tell them briefly how he feels about Jesus Christ. Thank your guest as soon as he is finished and invite him to leave. After he has left, ask the following questions:. How could know that we had a visitor in class today? Help the children understand that the person not present did not see the visitor here. However, if the class explained that the visitor came, the person would probably believe it.

To believe in something that is real and true even though we have not seen it ourselves is to have faith. Have younger children repeat it aloud with you. Explain that having faith or believing in Jesus Christ is the first step in becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. For younger children, you might display a picture of Jesus with the wordstrip to remind them of what it says. Have the older children read the words with you. Tell the children that during this lesson they will learn about faith in Jesus Christ. Even though we may not have seen Jesus, how can we believe or have faith that he lives and loves us?

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Other people have seen Jesus and can tell us about him. Point to the books on the table and explain that these books are called scriptures. The scriptures tell of many people who have seen or talked with Jesus. Hold up the Bible. Point out that part of the Bible tells about the time when Jesus lived on the earth, gave the people his teachings, and organized his Church. The Bible tells about the people who saw and knew Jesus and about the way he helped many of them. Display picture , Healing the Blind. Tell the children the story of Bartimaeus, a blind man who lived during the time of Jesus see Mark — Explain that when Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was coming, he cried out for Jesus to have mercy on him.

Many people told Bartimaeus not to bother Jesus and to be quiet. But Jesus heard Bartimaeus and asked to have Bartimaeus brought to him. Bartimaeus asked Jesus to heal him so that he could see. Ask the children to listen as you read Mark to discover what happened to Bartimaeus. What happened to Bartimaeus? Jesus healed him. Bartimaeus could see. Jesus said that Bartimaeus was healed because he had faith. Bartimaeus believed that Jesus could heal him.

What does the story of Bartimaeus help us know about Jesus? Jesus loves us and will help us if we have faith in him. What is happening in this picture? John the Baptist is baptizing Jesus.

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Read Matthew Heavenly Father. What do we learn about Jesus from what Heavenly Father said?

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