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  5. A Guide to the Naomi Shihab Nye Papers, 1812, 1846, 1943-2010 (bulk 1970-2008)

Kahn, Lloyd Kapleau, DeLancey Kearney, Margaret Kervin, Brian Killian, Kevin Kowit, Steve Krafft, Charles Kundawala, Ish Kush Steven Kushner undated. Kyger, Anne [Kyger's mother] Kyger, Jacob [Kyger's father] La Alameda Press Lamont, Kimberly M. Lance, Jeanne Larsen, Nicolai undated.

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LaVoie, Steven Lawless, Gary undated. Lazzeri, Simone Lerner, Steve Levi, Louise Landes Loewinsohn, Ron Lowry, Thea [Gary Snyder's sister] MacAdams, Lewis MacAdams, Ocean Lee MacAdams, Phoebe Mallman, Jerome Malone, Eric Marin Arts Council Marin Poetry Center Marsh, Kate Marshall, Tom Martin, Richard McClure, Michael McIntyre, Joan McNaughton, Genie McNeill, William Bill ca.

McQuaid, Diana Meier, Barbara Mikolowski, Ken Miller, Margaret Kyger Mills, Susannah Millward, Pamela Money, Peter Montgomery, John Moore, Alvin William Morgan, Bill Morris, Virginia Naropa Institute The National Poetry Series Navero, Bud Newton, Ryan Nicosia, Gerald Northup, Harry Notley, Alice O'Donnell, Joshua Okamura, Arthur Opstedal, Kevin Ostriker, Alicia Oswald, Ernest Peabody, Richard ca.

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Suiter, John Thomas, Jimo Todd, Glenn Tricycle: The Buddhist Review University of California Press VanDeWetering, Janwillem Van Gogh's Ear , Ian Ayres, ed. Vincent, Stephen Vogel, Shelly Warsh, Lewis Warshall, Peter Watsky, Paul Weishaus, Joel Originals are located at Reed College. Whaling City Review , John Landry, ed. Whitefield, Chris Whitefield, Nancy Breedlove Wieners, John Whole Earth Magazine Wienpahl, Paul Wilmarth, Richard Wolfe, Michael Women-In-Literature, Inc.

World Bout Poetry Association The Writer's Almanac Wyrick, Claudia Yardas, William Young, Nicole Notes for Kyger while staying at the Hotel Boulderado Scrapbook - Newspaper clippings of JK's articles for school paper Early poetry ca. Duncan poetry workshop notebook Copies of "notebook" poems Poems from Japan Miscellaneous poems The Tapestry and the Web Unpublished manuscripts Travels in Europe February-September New York City September-December The Fool in April NYC writing, mostly unpublished Salmon Creek, Bodega Bay Handwritten copies of poems ca.

The Tent Spring-Summer Walk with Arthur O.

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Places to Go Joanne Cliff House Fall Lynne's house Winter-Spring Downtown Brighton Avenue Fall Spring Desecho Notebook New house on Evergreen, Poetry Medicine Show Miscellaneous writing ca. Writing Spring-Winter Trip Out and Fall Back Older poems to be rescued ca. All This Every Day - Includes bound typescript with edits. Pretty contemporary summer The Wonderful Focus of You Writing January-October Japan and India Journals - Includes original journals, bound. Japan and India Journals Up My Coast Calligraphic wonders, inspired brushstrokes Going On: Selected Poems Conditions Governing Access note.

The Dharma Committee Phenomenological Just Space: Poems, Naropa Fall-Winter Working manuscript Journals, typed January-March The Brown Thrasher Introduction for Paul Elliott's book Anne Waldman. Conari Press. Richard Peabody. Eine Neue Landkarte Some Life Memorial tribute to Edward Dorn February Again: Poems, Writing January-August Writing September-December Ten Shines As Ever: Selected Poems The Distressed Look God Never Dies: Poems from Oaxaca Detektivgeschichten der Leidenschaft Night Palace Not Veracruz: Poems, January-March About Now: Collected Poems Miscellaneous papers by Kyger undated.

Archives & Manuscripts

Miscellaneous blurbs written by Kyger undated. Poems - Italian translations undated. Original piece, typed on toilet paper Naropa radio play Full moon eclipse October 27, Script for play "Ways of Spending Money. Gerald Stern Papers, , SC. The second of two children, Stern was deeply affected by the death of his older sister, Sylvia, from cerebrospinal meningitis when he was eight years old. Stern and his wife divorced in the late s.

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From to , he served as an assistant professor in the English Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and from to he was a professor at Somerset County later known as Raritan Valley Community College in Somerville, N. During this latter period, he also conducted poetry workshops at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. Spring , as well as serving as a visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh Fall and Columbia University Louis, Mo. Gerald Stern is the author of over fifteen books of poetry, two collections of personal essays, a one verse play, and a book of drawings.

His first major published work was a long poem entitled "The Pineys," which first appeared in the Journal of the Rutgers University Library in , when Stern was Since then, he has given countless poetry readings and lectures throughout the United States and Europe and conducted several poetry workshops. He has been awarded numerous prestigious honors and prizes for his work. Among these are:. The collection covers Stern's life from his early years through his writing and teaching career.

Joanne Kyger Papers

New materials were added to the collection in These materials are identified at the end of each applicable series or subseries as " Addition. Finding aid revised in and by Jennifer Needham with the donation of additional materials. December Researchers are therefore advised to follow the regulations set forth in the U. This collection was processed by Debora A. Rougeux in October A subsequent addition was processed between by Jennifer Needham. This series contains early and unpublished poems as well as materials related to published works, including notes, rough drafts, research material, original manuscripts, and page proofs.

Within subseries , poems are arranged in the order in which they appear in the published work. The entire issue was dedicated to this lengthy poem about the people who reside in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The subseries includes Stern's research, notes, various drafts one of which completely handwritten in pencil , typescripts, and photographs. Rejoicings , published in , was a collection of Stern's early poetry written between and Each folder contains notes and drafts for each of the poems, organized according to the order they appear in the book.

The subseries also includes various typescripts, correspondence with publishers, reviews, and publicity. Stern's work became widely recognized after the publication of Lucky Life , which was that years Lamont Poetry Selection of the Academy of American Poets and was nominated for a National Book Award. The first part of the subseries includes drafts of individual poems and research notes, organized according the order they appear in the publication. These are then followed by materials that document the books publication and include proofs, reviews, and correspondence with various publishers.

The subseries consists of notes and drafts for individual poems, organized according to the order they appear in the book. The subseries also includes publication information, like correspondence with publishers and various proofs.

Shopping : Small Beer Press

The subseries includes research materials, notes, drafts, proofs, correspondence, and a playscript. This subseries includes materials related to Paradise Poems , published in by Random House. Materials include notes and drafts for individual poems, organized according to the order they appear in the book. Following the individual poems are notebooks, correspondence with publishers, and proofs and galleys that include Stern's notes and corrections.

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  8. This subseries contains materials related to Stern's Lovesick , published in by Harpercollins and includes notes and drafts for individual poems, organized according to the order they appear in the publication. Following individual poems are notebooks, reviews, correspondence with publishers, and galleys and proofs that include Stern's notes and corrections. Leaving Another Kingdom , published in by Harpercollins was a collection of previously published poems.

    The subseries includes only a typescript, proof, and a galley. This suberies includes materials related to Stern's collection of poetry, Bread Without Sugar , published by W. Norton and Co. Sutton Hoo was a fine press publisher founded in Iowa City in The publication of his long poem would be their first. The subseries includes notes and drafts of individual poems, orgainzed according the order they appear in the book, follwed by reviews, correspondence with publishers,typescripts, proofs, and galleys--many of which include Stern's notes and corrections. Stern's ninth collection of poetry, Odd Mercy , published in by W.

    Norton included 22 poems. The subseries includes notes and drafts of individual poem, organized according to the order they appear in the book, followed by notebooks, reviews, correspondence with publishers, and a typescript, proof, and galley which include Stern's notes and corrections. National Book Award winner, This Time , was published in and included selections from his previous seven books of poetry and 14 new poems.

    The subseries mostly includes drafts of the new poems and various publication materials, like proofs, as well as materials realted the publication's National Book Award for Poetry. This subseries includes one galley for the Polish translation of Stern's poem "Underground Dancing" , translated by Adam Szyper and published in This subseries includes materials related to Last Blue , published in by W. This is followed by various typescripts, proofs, and galleys, organized according to the publishing process, and include Stern's notes and corrections. New materials were added to the subseries in and include additional typescripts and a galley.

    This subseries includes materials related to American Sonnets , published in by W. This is followed by notebooks, correspondence with pubishers, and various proofs and galleys, organized according to the publishing process, and that include Stern's notes and corrections. This is followed by notebooks, correspondence, and typescripts, organized according to the publishing process, and that include Stern's notes and corrections. The book was republished in with the addition of seven new essays.

    Materials related to the edition are located under the subseries " Addition. This subseries includes materials related to Stern's 15th book of poetry, Everything is Burning , published in by W. This is followed by notebooks, various typescripts, proofs, and galleys, organized according to the publishing process, and include Stern's notes and corrections. Note: Shihab donated a pair of her shoes, painted by Bettie Ward, to the Institute of Texan Cultures museum for this exhibit.

    Wedding guest book and invitation Naomi Shihab and Michael Nye wedding , Yearbook, 12th grade Robert E. Textiles which include a quilt, vest, cap, t-shirt, and dress, undated. Includes typescripts, manuscripts, manuscript notes, correspondence, journals, coursework, and other writings by Naomi Shihab Nye. General files document the administrative aspects of Nye's writing career. These files contain correspondence, chiefly between Nye and various publishers, financial and legal materials, writing awards, and general publicity and reviews of Nye's work.

    Primarily correspondence with book publishers and other writers, these materials comprise the correspondence chiefly relating to Nye's writings or writing career in some way. Includes copyright permissions requests, correspondence with Nye's literary editor Virginia Duncan, assorted correspondence with other writers much of this correspondence is also located in Subseries 1.

    Note that correspondence related to specific book projects has been filed under each book project in Subseries 2. Letters from students requesting interviews, information, etc. Form letter by Nye regarding reviewing unsolicited manuscripts, undated. Includes royalty and remittance statements, contracts, and other financial and legal materials.

    Billy Childish

    Comprises awards and accolades Nye received for her work. Materials include plaques, certificates, clippings, related correspondence, and other materials. Note: awards and honors conveyed to Nye not directly relating to her writing career may be found in Subseries 1. National Council, National Endowment for the Humanities appointed official, Includes general publicity for and reviews about Nye's writings, including materials publicizing or reviewing multiple works in a single piece.

    Publicity often comprises materials created by book publishers, including publication catalogs and brochures. Reviews include typical literary reviews as well as materials in which Nye's work is recommended. Note : publicity and reviews relating to a specific book project may be found in Subseries 2. Publicity related to children's and young adult books, and undated. Reviews of children's and young adult literature, and undated. Articles regarding teaching Nye's poems and teaching materials using Nye's work, and undated. Includes correspondence, notes, poems, essays, and other materials pertaining to Nye's efforts to publish children's books.

    This subseries includes materials relating to the writing and production of Nye's books, including books she wrote, co-wrote, edited, or appeared in e. Materials include manuscripts and typescripts, notes, correspondence with publishers, correspondence with editor Virginia Duncan, news clippings collected for research purposes, review copies, proofs, galleys, and uncorrected advance proofs.

    Also included in this subseries are publicity materials, reviews, and documentation of projects inspired by Nye's books, such as stage adaptations. Arranged alphabetically by book title, and roughly chronologically thereafter: folders are arranged, whenever possible, in the presumed order of the book's production. Note: there are materials in the Naomi Shihab Nye Papers that pertain to specific books, but are filed elsewhere. Such materials include students' school assignments based on Nye's work see: Series 8, Works by Others ; requests to reprint items from specific books see: Folders ; materials relating to book signings see: Series 5, Public Appearances, or Subseries 1.

    Drafts of poems, related correspondence, and other materials, Drafts and related correspondence with editor [as Sweet Sifter in Time ], and undated. Galley proofs with early illustrator's sketches and related correspondence, Publicity, reviews, related correspondence, and other materials, and undated.

    Photocopies of photographs of Nye at school with "Our Dream Bottle" project, undated. Correspondence with editor, drafts, and illustrations, and undated. Correspondence with publisher, financial and legal materials, and related materials, and undated. Chapbook, photocopy of autographed and inscribed publication, and review, Correspondence with editor and multiple versions of dust jacket, and undated.

    Foul matter "[copyedited manuscript] - copy for keyboarding" , undated. Foul matter typescript? Foul matter "[copyedited manuscript with] author's responses" , September 4. Foul matter page proofs, "[author's corrections] to bg pass - transferred back to [copyedited manuscript]" , October 4. Foul matter "Corrections to Honeybee blues" , December January 8. National Poetry Series: correspondence and related materials, Is This Forever, Or What? Note: According to the author, the book Mint Snowball was adapted from the chapbook Mint. Corrected proof Mint Snowball "2nd corrections" with dust jacket, November Essays in draft form, with document "other earlier title possibilities," undated.

    Personal Narratives of the Middle East [unfinished editing project]. Salting the Ocean: Poems by Young Poets. Poems, notes, teaching materials, and other materials, and undated. Submissions and related correspondence, dust jacket, and undated. Contributors' notes and poetry selections, call for submissions, and undated. Biographical notes, signatures, and related correspondence, and undated. Letters from contributors and translators, and related materials, Correspondence with editor and publisher, notes, reviews, and related materials, and undated. Naomi Shihab Nye essay about the book in Booklist , January Note: Travel Alarm was subsequently adapted into Red Suitcase.

    A Guide to the Naomi Shihab Nye Papers, 1812, 1846, 1943-2010 (bulk 1970-2008)

    Correspondence, photographs, and public appearances, and undated. Manuscript with cover pages "Thom's comments on manuscript so far" , February 27 and undated. Subseries includes class papers and other coursework from junior high, high school, and college, often with original artwork on or as cover. Includes critical essays, creative writing, and other assignments. Poems and other writings for high school English class, with accompanying letter from teacher Cathy Prater, circa and Two untitled papers for Integration of Abilities course, October and undated.

    Notes are loose and in notebooks and tend to comprise writings, quotes, ideas for creative pieces, and notes of a miscellaneous personal nature. Journals tend to follow the traditional diary format, with more essay-like entries, many of them dated. There is some overlap in content between the notes and the journals.

    Pete Lee

    In addition to journal entries, the journal contains correspondence including a letter from Margaret Atwood , photographs, poems, writings and artwork by others, clippings, drawings by Nye's son Madison, typed notes, and other materials. Note: Folder contains the journal; Folders contain items removed from inside the journal for proper storage. Journal, "Air Travels,"documenting trip to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other countries, Arranged into two subseries: Published Poems and Unpublished Poems.

    Chiefly comprises poetry published in literary journals, magazines, and newspapers, but also includes other types of use.