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  1. Ottenstein/Niederösterreich, September 22–26, 1986
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  3. GWAI-86 und 2. Österreichische Artificial-Intelligence-Tagung
  4. Res2Cat: A tool for assigning Research Results to multiple, tree structured Categories

The terminological framework has been developed primarily in German language, an English title is also available for most categories. The framework development and classification of publications are part of the dissertation project of Carola Schauer. The dissertation thesis is available in German as: Carola Schauer: " Die Wirtschaftsinformatik im internationalen Wettbewerb: Vergleich der Forschung im deutschsprachigen und nordamerikanischen Raum ", Gabler, April Titel i.

Feel free to contact us via e-Mail carola. You are welcome to send us feedback on this project via e-Mail carola. The torque is calculated within Barash and Ginzburg formalism in the nonretarded limit, and is quantified by the introduction of a Hamaker torque constant. Calculations are conducted between anisotropic slabs of materials including BaTiO3 and arrays of Ag nano particles. Depending on the shape and arrangement of the Ag nano particles the effective dielectric function of the array can be tuned as to make it more or less anisotropic.

We show how this torque can be used in self assembly of arrays of nano particles. Esquivel-Sirvent, G. Schatz, Phys. Chem C, , Zeit im Wandel der Zeit. Contents: Einleitung P. Ewigkeit und Zeit Plotin. Was ist die Zeit? Von der Zeit Immanuel Kant. Dauer und Intuition Henri Bergson. Die Geschichte des Unendlichkeitsproblems Bertrand Russell. Raum und Zeit Hermann Minkowski. Newtonscher und Bergsonscher Zeitbegriff Norbert Wiener. Zeit als physikalischer Begriff Friedrich Hund. Zeitmessung und Zeitbegriff in der Astronomie Otto Heckmann.

Martin Gardner. Agoraphobia: A Situational Analysis. Agoraphobia patients answered a questionnaire describing anxiety-producing situations. Home environment was associated with supportive company. Situations requiring patients to venture out alone were most anxiety-producing.

The overriding importance of a significant other suggests treatment implications. In einigen Bereichen sind viele Antibiotika bei bakteriellen Infektionen, die zuvor noch gut auf antibakterielle Wirkstoffe reagierten, mittlerweile wirkungslos geworden. Daher wurden topische Retinoide und Benzoylperoxid als Mittel der ersten Wahl definiert.

Monotherapien mit lokalen Antibiotika sollten insgesamt vermieden werden. Epidemic classification of phytosanitary situations on cereal crops using mathematical modeling. Most plant protection researchers and experts divide emerging phytosanitary situations into three classes: epidemic, moderate development of disease, and yield depression. The known principles and methods for estimating these situations Van der Plank J. Dynamics of Situation Definition. Situation definition is the process and product of actors' interpretive activities toward a given situation.

By reviewing a number of psychological studies conducted in experimental settings, we found that the studies have only explicated a part of the situation definition process and have neglected its dynamic aspects. We need to focus on the…. Bei diesem entwickeln sich aus den monopolistischen Versorgern des Jahrhunderts Utility 1. Oliver D.

  1. The Christian Religion: an Enquiry.
  2. Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard;
  3. Theoretische Ansätze der Kommunikationswissenschaft - Ein Überblick (German Edition)!
  4. Res2Cat: A tool for assigning Research Results to multiple, tree structured Categories.
  5. In Fullness of Glory: True Light In A Dark World.
  6. Cancer 2013 (Colección: Tu destino) (Spanish Edition).
  7. Acid Reflux - 10 Reasons Not To Ignore Reflux or Heartburn;

Verbesserung der Symmetrie von Hirnaufnahmen entlang der Sagittalebene. Diese Arbeit stellt die Entwicklung eines Verfahrens vor, mit dessen Hilfe die Symmetrie von Hirnaufnahmen entlang der Sagittalebene verbessert werden kann. Dies geschieht unter Verwendung von aktiven Konturen, die mit Hilfe einer neuartigen Kostenfunktion gesteuert werden. This article suggests that to better prepare students for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ACTFL oral proficiency interview, it is up to instructors to see that these students are better prepared in oral, creative speech.

Bridging exercises between dialogue memorization and personalized situations can be used to help…. Charles Darwin hat eindrucksvoll gezeigt, dass der Mensch ebenso wie alle anderen Lebewesen ein Produkt der biologischen Evolution ist. Situating emotional experience. Psychological construction approaches to emotion suggest that emotional experience is situated and dynamic.

Fear, for example, is typically studied in a physical danger context e. Understanding situated emotional experience is critical because adaptive responding is guided by situational context e. In an fMRI study, we assessed situated emotional experience using a newly developed paradigm in which participants vividly imagine different scenarios from a first-person perspective, in this case scenarios involving either social evaluation or physical danger.

We hypothesized that distributed neural patterns would underlie immersion in social evaluation and physical danger situations , with shared activity patterns across both situations in multiple sensory modalities and in circuitry involved in integrating salient sensory information, and with unique activity patterns for each situation type in coordinated large-scale networks that reflect situated responding. In contrast, networks underlying the visuospatial attention and action planning involved in responding to a physical threat would be reliably more active during physical danger situations.

The results supported these hypotheses. In line with emerging psychological construction approaches, the findings suggest that coordinated brain networks offer a systematic way to interpret the distributed patterns that underlie the diverse situational contexts characterizing emotional. Situational reaction and planning. One problem faced in designing an autonomous mobile robot system is that there are many parameters of the system to define and optimize. While these parameters can be obtained for any given situation determining what the parameters should be in all situations is difficult.

The usual solution is to give the system general parameters that work in all situations , but this does not help the robot to perform its best in a dynamic environment. Our approach is to develop a higher level situation analysis module that adjusts the parameters by analyzing the goals and history of sensor readings. By allowing the robot to change the system parameters based on its judgement of the situation , the robot will be able to better adapt to a wider set of possible situations.

We use fuzzy logic in our implementation to reduce the number of basic situations the controller has to recognize. For example, a situation may be 60 percent open and 40 percent corridor, causing the optimal parameters to be somewhere between the optimal settings for the two extreme situations. Situation Report--Colombia. Data relating to population and family planning in Colombia are presented in this situation report. Information is provided, where appropriate and available, under two topics, general background and family planning situation.

Dabei erlaubt der schnelle Wechsel zwischen den unterschiedlichen Beobachtungsarten z. Damit kann dann u. Bei der Landessternwarte Heidelberg lag die Leitung des Projekts. Der Organismus der Mathematik - mikro-, makro- und mesoskopisch betrachtet. Die Ergebnisse sind hinsichtlich der Entwicklung von Probennahmestrategien von Bedeutung.

Investigation of sites with groundwater contamination usually involves interpolation of point-based results across the aquifer under consideration. The range of autocorrelation thereby decides whether the quality of interpolation will be sufficient. While there are investigations on the regional km scale, only a few publications exist for correlation lengths at a local 10s to s of m scale. This study investigates the accuracy of interpolation at the example of the BTEX-contaminated aquifer in Zeitz by means of variogram analysis and interpretation of.

In it, Feyerabend defends positivism as a progressive framework for scientific research in certain stages of scientific development. He concludes that from time to time the abandonment of visualizability is crucial for progress in physics, as it is conducive to major theory change, illustrating the point on the basis of advances in atomic theory. All rights reserved.

In the betaproteobacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans, the highly efficient removal of surplus zinc from the periplasm is responsible for the outstanding metal resistance of the organism. Rather than having a typical Zur -dependent, high-affinity ATP-binding cassette transporter of the ABC protein superfamily for zinc uptake at low concentrations, C. It is important to understand, therefore, how this zinc-resistant bacterium copes with exposure to low zinc concentrations. Members of the Zur regulon in C. The consensus sequence of the Zur -binding box was derived for the zupTp promoter-regulatory region by use of a truncation assay.

The motif was used to predict possible Zur boxes upstream of Zur regulon members. The binding of Zur to these boxes was confirmed. Two Zur boxes upstream of the cobW1 gene, encoding a putative zinc chaperone, proved to be required for complete repression of cobW1 and its downstream genes in cells cultivated in mineral salts medium. A Zur box upstream of each of zur -cobW2, cobW3, and zupT permitted both low expression levels of these genes and their upregulation under conditions of zinc starvation.

This demonstrates a compartmentalization of zinc homeostasis in C. Escherichia coli acquires zinc under conditions of. The components of the unique Zur regulon of Cupriavidus metallidurans mediate cytoplasmic zinc handling. Zinc is an essential trace element and at the same time it is toxic at high concentrations. In the beta-proteobacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans the highly efficient removal of surplus zinc from the periplasm is responsible for its outstanding metal resistance. It is important to understand, therefore, how this zinc-resistant bacterium copes when it is exposed to low zinc concentrations.

The consensus sequence of the Zur -binding box was derived for the zupTp promoter-regulatory region using a truncation assay. The motif was used to predict possible Zur -boxes upstream of Zur regulon members. Binding of Zur to these boxes was confirmed. Two Zur -boxes upstream of the cobW 1 gene, encoding a putative zinc chaperone, proved to be required for complete repression of cobW 1 and its downstream genes in cells cultivated in mineral salts medium. A Zur box upstream of each of zur -cobW 2 , cobW 3 and zupT permitted low-expression level of these genes plus their up-regulation under zinc starvation conditions.

Importance Elucidating zinc homeostasis is necessary to understand both host-pathogen interactions and performance of free-living bacteria in their natural environment. Escherichia coli acquires zinc under low zinc concentrations by the Zur -controlled ZnuABC importer of the ABC superfamily, and this was also the paradigm for other.

Situational theory of leadership. The situational theory of leadership and the LEAD instruments for determining leadership style are explained, and the application of the situational leadership theory to the process of planning for and implementing organizational change is described. Early studies of leadership style identified two basic leadership styles: the task-oriented autocratic style and the relationship-oriented democratic style. Subsequent research found that most leaders exhibited one of four combinations of task and relationship behaviors.

The situational leadership theory holds that the difference between the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the four leadership styles is the appropriateness of the leader's behavior to the particular situation in which it is used. The task maturity of the individual or group being led must also be accounted for; follower readiness is defined in terms of the capacity to set high but attainable goals, willingness or ability to accept responsibility, and possession of the necessary education or experience for a specific task.

By applying the principles of the situational leadership theory and adapting their managerial styles to specific tasks and levels of follower maturity, the authors were successful in implementing hour pharmacokinetic dosing services provided by staff pharmacists with little previous experience in clinical services. The situational leadership model enables a leader to identify a task, set goals, determine the task maturity of the individual or group, select an appropriate leadership style, and modify the style as change occurs.

Pharmacy managers can use this model when implementing clinical pharmacy services. Situation Climatic Briefs. The weather is generally cloudy, windy, and cold year-round Puerto Montt, Chile. Conditions are. In spontaneously broken rigid supersymmetry, Goldstone-fermion pair exchange should lead to a universal interaction between massive bodies uniquely fixed by the existing low-energy theorem. The change in the situation when the supersymmetry is promoted to a local symmetry is briefly discussed. Situational Behavior Modeling. VIStology, Inc. June 30, Page 16 Figure 3. Situations and Perception Figure 3 shows four planes, each referring to a different level Quantitative Analyse und Visualisierung der Herzfunktionen.

Hierbei werden alle relevanten herzphysiologsichen Parameter berechnet und mithilfe von Diagrammen und Graphen visualisiert. Diese Berechnungen werden evaluiert, indem die ermittelten Werte mit manuell vermessenen verglichen werden. Leben gibt es auf der Erde seit fast 4 Mio. Jahren, trotz allen Katastrophen. Die Idee des Lebens scheint unsterblich. Der Tod aber offenbar auch. Information Fusion for Situational Awareness.

Situation Assessment, or level 2 be applied to address Situational Awareness - the processing, the knowledge of objects, their goal of this paper. The depressive situation. From a naturalistic perspective on mental illness, depression is often described in terms of biological dysfunctions, while a normative perspective emphasizes the lived experience of depression as a harmful condition.

As such, it predominantly aims to specify depression as a harmful condition in lights of normative perspective on mental disorder, but partially refers to empirical research, i. The depressive situation is further specified with an examination of the evaluative dynamics by which individuals meaningfully relate to themselves, others and the world. These evaluative dynamics emerge out of the interplay of pre-reflective and reflective processes, which are significantly altered in depression.

Such alterations of the evaluative structure are inextricably intertwined with significant distortions of practical sense in depression. From a phenomenological perspective, these distortions of practical sense show in characteristic experiences of evaluative incoherence and impairments of agency. Der Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf die Organisation eines Unternehmens. Dies wirkt sich nicht nur auf die Gesellschaft im Grundsatz, sondern auch auf das Verhalten der Kunden aus. Neue Kommunikationswege beschleunigen die Interaktion zwischen Unternehmen und Verbraucher.

Hieraus ergeben sich mehr Chancen als Risiken, zumal es nicht nur neue Prozesse, sondern auch neue Berufsbilder geben wird. Nutrition in conflict situations. High prevalence of malnutrition is often linked to conflict situations. Conflicts affect local livelihoods, impair productive activities and limit access to safe foods and basic services. Strategies to protect and promote nutrition of affected households and communities must be based on an understanding of this impact.

While nutrition rehabilitation and food aid are clearly essential to preserve lives in the short run, they cannot provide lasting solutions. Impaired nutritional status ultimately reflects livelihood degradation but anthropometric indicators cannot be used to target timely interventions. Local institutions should be encouraged to share information and build causality models of malnutrition for the main vulnerable livelihood groups as a basis for an integrated response.

A communication component will systematically be needed to allow people to make informed decisions in a context with which they are often not familiar. Sizing Up the Situation. In order to measure the defects caused by the storm, Kennedy Space Center used telephoto lenses to zoom in on the tank and view the damage clearly. However, since there was no reference object in the image, the engineers could not determine the scale of the damage.

In photographic situations similar to this, an object, such as a ruler, is placed within the field of view. This allows a person to look at a photograph and have a visual indication of the scale of the objects in it. In the External Tank situation , however, this procedure was not possible. As a solution, Kennedy developed the Scaling and Measurement Device for Photographic Images, which provides a non-intrusive means of adding a scale to a photograph.

In addition to meeting Kennedy's needs, scaling images is extremely important in crime and accident scene investigations, oil and chemical tank monitoring, and aerial photography. The innovation consists of a tool that attaches directly to a camera or charge coupled device using a standard screw. Two lasers fitted to the device provide parallel beams that are set 1 inch apart. These lasers enable the device to project a pattern into the field of view.

When a photograph is taken, the image of the laser pattern appears, along with the image of the object under investigation, allowing the viewer quantifiable information as to the size of the object. The laser beams are accurate to approximately feet. Windows-based software was developed to work with the scaling device tool. The software provides further techniques to measure objects in photographs and digital images. By using the software, any object in the image can be measured diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. The device and its software enable the user to determine two-dimensional measurements within a photograph.

Upon hearing a novel word, language learners must identify its correct meaning from a diverse set of situationally relevant options. Such referential ambiguity could be reduced through "repetitive" exposure to the novel word across diverging learning situations , a learning mechanism referred to as "cross- situational learning. Genetics Home Reference: van der Woude syndrome.

What is the prognosis of a genetic condition? Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center Frequency Van der Woude syndrome is believed to occur in 1 in 35, to 1 in , people, based on data from Europe and Asia. Van der Woude syndrome Der homologs are ubiquitously found in eubacteria. Conversely, very few are conserved in eukaryotes, and none is conserved in archaea.

In the present study, to verify their conserved role in bacterial 50S ribosomal subunit biogenesis, we cloned Der homologs from two gammaproteobacteria, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium; two pathogenic bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and Neisseria gonorrhoeae; and the extremophile Deinococcus radiodurans and then evaluated whether they could functionally complement the E. Only K.

Typhimurium Der proteins enabled the E. Sucrose density gradient experiments revealed that the expression of K. Typhimurium Der proteins rescued the structural instability of 50S ribosomal subunits, which was caused by E. To determine what allows their complementation, we constructed Der chimeras. We found that only Der chimeras harboring both the linker and long C-terminal regions could reverse the growth defects of the der -null strain.

Our findings suggest that ubiquitously conserved essential GTPase Der is involved in 50S ribosomal subunit biosynthesis in various bacteria and that the linker and C-terminal regions may participate in species-specific recognition or interaction with the 50S ribosomal subunit. However, to date, its precise role in ribosome biogenesis has not been. Dazu wurde der Proteingehalt im Endspeichel biochemisch mittels eines modifizierten Bradford Assay gemessen.

Solutions for Hot Situations. From the company that brought the world an integral heating and cooling food service system after originally developing it for NASA's Apollo Program, comes yet another orbital offshoot: a product that can be as thin as paper and as strong as steel. With superior thermal protection, Nextel fabrics, tape, and sleevings outperform other high temperature textiles such as aramids, carbon, glass, and quartz, permitting engineers and manufacturers to handle applications up to 2, F 1, C. The stiffness and strength of Nextel Continuous Ceramic Fibers make them a great match for improving the rigidity of aluminum in metal matrix composites.

Moreover, the fibers demonstrate low shrinkage at operating temperatures, which allow for the manufacturing of a dimensionally stable product. These novel fibers also offer excellent chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low porosity, and unique electrical properties. Die Hiatushernie war nach einer dieser Behandlung endoskopisch nicht mehr nachweisbar. Prospektive kontrollierte klinische Studien sind notwendig, um den Stellenwert von osteopathischen Behandlungen bei GERD mit Hiatushernie zu untersuchen.

Published by S. Preparing for Emergency Situations. Disaster relief can be seen as a dynamic multi actor process with actors both joining and leaving the relief work during the help and rescue phase after the disaster has occurred. Actors may be governmental agencies, non profit voluntary organisations or spontaneous helpers comprised of individual citizens or temporal groups of citizens. Hence, they will vary widely in agility, competence, resources, and endurance. To prepare for for disasters a net based Agora with simulation of emergency situations for mutual preparation, training, and organisational learning is suggested.

Such an Agora will ensure future security by: -Rising awareness and preparedness of potential disaster responders by help of the components and resources in the netAgora environment; -Improving cooperation and coordination between responders; -Improving competence and performance of organisations involved in security issues; -Bridging cultural differences between responders from different organizations and different backgrounds.

The developed models are intended to reflect intelligent anticipatory systems for human operator anticipation of future consequences. As a way to catch what should be included in this netbased Agora and to join the split pictures that is present, Team Syntegrity could be a helpful tool. The purpose of Team Syntegrity is to stimulate collaboration and incite cross fertilization and creativity. The difference between syntegration and other group work is that the participants are evenly and uniquely distributed and will collectively have the means, the knowledge, the experience, the perspectives, and the expertise, to deal with the topic.

In this paper the possibilities with using Team Syntegrity in preparation for the development of a netbased Agora is discussed. We have identified that Team Syntegrity could be useful in the steps User Integration, Designing the netAgora environment, developing Test Scenarios, and assessment of netAgora environment. Symmetriebrechung und Emergenz in der Kosmologie.

Diese Annahme liegt selbst noch den Standardmodellen der relativistischen Kosmologie zugrunde. Stress situations in dental practice. Several studies indicate that stress is inherently present in dental practice. The present study was conducted to help identify the factors underlying this stress and the relative contribution of each factor.

A questionnaire presented participating dentists with 52 potentially-stressful situations related to dental practice. Respondents were asked to rate each situation on a five-point scale, using a range of responses that varied from "not stressful" to "exceedingly stressful," and "I don't know" to "not applicable. Ten situations received a mean score of greater than 3. It was found that the older age groups showed significantly less stress for six of the 10 most stressful situations. This study has indicated the specific situations that most frequently lead to stress in dentists. The precise identification of these situations could lead to reduced stress through the elimination of its vague and insidious character.

Furthermore, an understanding of the most common stress-causing situations allows the practitioner to take preventive measures to eliminate its damaging effects in the dental practice. Zur FurB is a key factor in the control of the oxidative stress response in Anabaena sp.

PCC Iron and zinc are necessary nutrients whose homeostasis is tightly controlled by members of the ferric uptake regulator FUR superfamily in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. Although the link between iron metabolism and oxidative stress management is well documented, little is known about the connection between zinc homeostasis and the oxidative stress response in cyanobacteria. Zinc homeostasis in Anabaena is controlled by Zur , also named FurB. When overexpressed in Escherichia coli, Zur FurB improved cell survival during oxidative stress.

In order to investigate the possible correlation between Zur and the oxidative stress response in Anabaena, zur deletion and zur -overexpressing strains have been constructed, and the consequences of Zur imbalance evaluated. The lack of Zur increased sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide H2 O2 , whereas an excess of Zur enhanced oxidative stress resistance. Both mutants displayed pleiotropic phenotypes, including alterations on the filament surfaces observable by scanning electron microscopy, reduced content of endogenous H2 O2 and altered expression of sodA, catalases and several peroxiredoxins.

Transcriptional and biochemical analyses unveiled that the appropriate level of Zur is required for proper control of the oxidative stress response and allowed us to identify major antioxidant enzymes as novel members of the Zur regulon. Eso's Situation in Chile. For this reason, ESO has until now been silent in these matters, but we have now become obliged to make our opinion known".

The ESO representative also made it clear, that "ESO does not question the rights of the claimants to recur to the Chilean Tribunals which must decide on the matter of ownership, and that ESO cannot be party to this lawsuit". The same opinion has been ventured by Chilean experts in international law, quoted in various Chilean newspapers. Jose M. Insulza, made a similar, very eloquent statement. ESO welcomes these articulate expressions that support its official position and trusts that the current situation will be speedily resolved by the competent Chilean authorities, so that the construction work at Paranal will not be stopped.

During the past three decades, ESO's presence in Chile has been characterised by good relations to all sides. The development of astronomy in Chile during the past decades has reached such a level that it will now benefit from a new quality of cooperation. In addition to its past and numerous services to Chilean astronomy, ESO has recently considered to establish a "guaranteed" observing time for astronomers from this country, both at La Silla and the future VLT observatory on Paranal.

With a proposed 10 percent quota for the VLT, Chilean astronomers will in fact have free access to the equivalent of 40 percent of one 8. ESO has also considered to incorporate. Response to van der Meer. In our recent Current Biology paper [1], we describe an ocean warming experiment in which we manipulated the temperature of panels set on the seafloor to provide a realistic and relevant indication of how benthic communities may change under future ocean warming.

In his correspondence, Jaap van der Meer [2] questions our methods and provides alternative analyses which lead him to conclude that our observed increases in growth rate were in fact much lower and in accordance with previous studies from temperate zones. We provide justification for our use of absolute growth rate, justification for not using instantaneous growth rate or a measure of growth in proportion to previous growth and encourage the on-going discussion of how to measure and compare growth rates.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. The Language Situation in Tunisia. Describes the current language situation in Tunisia while maintaining a historical perspective that is helpful in understanding how language-related changes have come about, and a prospective view that may illuminate future developments.

PPS-Systeme, Struktur

Among Fur family proteins, Fur and Zur are ubiquitous in most prokaryotic organisms, whereas PerR exists mainly in Gram positive bacteria as a functional homologue of OxyR. Gram positive bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis, Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus encode three Fur family proteins: Fur, Zur , and PerR. In this study, we identified five Fur family proteins from B.

Our data indicate that all of the five B. Taken together, our results suggest that B. The epidemiological situation in Iraq. This article presents information on the health condition of the Iraqi population as well as the situation of the country's health care and education system over the course of recent decades. Author has discussed a number ofriskfactors which influence the incidence of diseases among the country " population paying particular attention to environmental factors.

In the 's the epidemiological situation of Iraq and its citizens was comparable with the situation in average developed countries. Over the last two decades the country, rich in natural resources, having one of the worlds richest crude oil deposits, has been turned into an economic ruin. Warfare, famine and catastrophic sanitary conditions are now widespread and they all intensify the growth of incidence of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Dignity should not be confused with the unbecoming conditions that a person can find himself in due to external situations or disease. But it is true that in terminal situations dignity can be particularly threatened. Nonetheless, one must not deduce from the criterion of respecting dignity the conclusion of prolonging biological life at all costs, but instead that of guaranteeing the best quality of living during the process of dying and of worthily accompanying the person who is approaching death by helping him to accept this.

Situational awareness appears to be an attractive term to describe attentiveness when performing complex tasks in an operating theatre, as its meaning seems clear and it is considered useful. It is embraced for describing human behaviour in the aftermath of incidents and appears to provide a clear explanation of what went wrong. But it actually describes a wide range of aspects of human behaviour and therefore comprises a risk of oversimplification. As a consequence, hasty and unwarranted conclusions may be drawn about a complex situation , especially where its outcome is known, leading to hindsight bias.

To understand what happened, it is necessary to reconstruct the entire situation as it evolved at the time, considering all the activities, people, circumstances and equipment involved. People are always part of a system, so the proposed monitoring devices will be of only limited use in preventing adverse events. Cosmology with an interacting van der Waals fluid. A model for the late-time accelerated expansion of the Universe is considered where a van der Waals fluid interacting with matter plays the role of dark energy.

The transition towards this phase in the cosmic evolution history is discussed in detail and, moreover, a complete classification of the future finite-time singularities is obtained for six different possible forms of the nongravitational interaction between dark energy the van der Waals fluid and dark matter.

On the other hand, for certain values of the parameters, exit from the accelerated expanding phase is possible in the near future, what means that the expansion of the Universe in the future could become decelerated - to our knowledge, this interesting situation is not commonplace in the literature. On the other hand, our study shows that space can be divided into different regions.

On the other hand, for some other regions of the parameter space, the mentioned interactions would not affect the singularity type, namely the type IV singularity generated in the case of the noninteracting model would be preserved. A writer, more specific a writer on the history of astronomy, might from time to time look at the collected document folders with all the research material and reprints, and might wonder: has this been all?

Especially at a time when recycling is in vogue? And, perhaps with a request or an invitation to submit something, he or she might consider re-using the material before its definitive disposal. A slight chance for survival of medium-sized publishers like Kosmos is to offer popular books, and a title must attract potential buyers: Aristoteles means the "old" times, and as concerns the "mad scientist" of modern times, Stephen Hawking has by now dethroned Einstein. In , Hamel had published a Geschichte der Astronomie - Von den Anfangen bis zur Gegenwart History of astronomy, from the beginnings to the present , which, of course, he could not simply copy.

This time, he selected some stones from his research areas - milestones, touchstones, stumbling blocks in the long road of astronomical evolution - and put them between the covers of his new book. So let us look at these mile stones. The reader is informed about Aristoteles on 2 pages, but his medieval interpreter Johannes de Sacrobosco gets 8 pages! Copernicus' life and achievements are described on 9 pages, closely followed by his devotee and translator Rothmann with 8 pages; Copernicus' contemporary, Peter Apian, however, gets about 13!

Bessel's and Herschel's lifes and works are described on well-deserved 13 and 15 pages, while the achievements of the two Lucasian professors, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking, are just outlined in a single paragraph! Thus, importance is sometimes inversely proportional to text length But let us become serious now.

Why should an active historian outline, for the hundreth time, the life of Copernicus, while there are so many interesting, and often. The Forced van der Pol Equation. In doing so, many striking and interesting trajectories can be discovered and phenomena such as frequency entrainment,…. Chancen und Visionen Der Modernen Mechanik. Die Gesellschaft des Power networks have to withstand a variety of disturbances that affect system frequency, and the problem is compounded with the increasing integration of intermittent renewable generation.

Following a large-signal generation or load disturbance, system frequency is arrested leveraging primary frequency control provided by governor action in synchronous generators. In this work, we propose a framework for distributed energy resources DERs deployed in distribution networks to provide supplemental primary frequency response.

Particularly, we demonstrate how power-frequency droop slopes for individual DERs can be designed so that the distribution feeder presents a guaranteed frequency-regulation characteristic at the feeder head. Time-domain simulations for an illustrative network composed of a combined transmission network and distribution network with frequency-responsive DERs are provided to validate the approach.

The Language Situation in Mexico. This monograph will cover the language situation in Mexico; a linguistically very complex country with 62 recognised indigenous languages, the "de facto" official language, Spanish, and some immigrant languages of lesser importance. Throughout the monograph, we will concentrate on three distinct challenges which we consider relevant for….

Situations That Lead to Disqualification. Tested, in five hypothetical paper-and-pencil experiments, subjects' use of disqualification ambiguous, indirect, or evasive massages. Concluded that a disqualification is not a failed communication, but rather a reasonable response to an impossible situation , one that permits the communicator to leave the field gracefully. Career Development Guides: Situational English.

The guide provides lesson plans for a week situational English course geared toward career development at the junior high school level. The course aims at increasing eighth- and ninth-grade student self-awareness, involving interested parents in classroom activities, and providing students with an opportunity to evaluate what they have learned…. The Language Situation in Macao. In postcolonial societies, forces associated with globalization operate along with local geopolitical changes. The complex and multifaceted interactions between local, national, and global forces may take different sociolinguistic shapes in postcolonial societies.

This study provides an overview of the language situation in Macao. The Portuguese…. Situational Awareness in Complex Systems. Contents vii Aerospace Operations New York: Wiley Interscience. Craik , F. Gilson 0 University. The Language Situation in Cameroon. This monograph examines the language situation in Cameroon, a Central African country where fewer than 20 million people speak close to languages. Specifically, the monograph addresses the issues of language use and spread, language policy and planning, and language maintenance and prospects.

Ottenstein/Niederösterreich, September 22–26, 1986

The study is divided into five parts. The Language Situation in Luxembourg. This monograph describes the overall language situation in Luxembourg, a highly multilingual country in Western Europe, from a language policy and planning perspective. The first part discusses the social and historical contexts, including major societal changes and uncertainties about the future, which are bound up with Europeanisation and the…. Hearing on Space Situational Awareness:. Situated Learning: Conceptualization and Measurement.

A focus on the interaction between cognitive schemas and context in situ has been suggested as fundamental in organizational decision making and information interpretation. Past research suggests that the situation and the social interaction that occur during learning at the cognitive level consist of factors that affect the process, but the…. Commander, U. Hard Choices for Individual Situations. This paper focuses on faculty use of a decision-making process for complex situations. The analysis part of the process describes and compares course management software focusing on: technical specifications, instructional design values,tools and features, ease of use, and standards compliance.

The extensive comparisons provide faculty with…. How To Consider the Situation. Suggestions are offered to practitioners on how to consider situational variables in the assessment and remediation of childhood language disorders.

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Eight sociolinguistic principles, derived from research on normally developing children, are presented. Among the principles are those which state that sociocultural patterns may vary as a function of…. Preparing Children for Situational Crises. Provides guidelines for parents to help children to deal with anxiety and stress resulting from major changes or new situations in the child's life. Advocates truth, repetition and pacing, proper timing, dialog, fostering familiarity, honest expression of feelings, mobilization of anxiety, encouraging play, and support as strategies for reducing….

It seems that a certain consensus exists to speak about a traumatic situation as an experience which is made up of a threat on the physical or psychological integrity of a person and against which one responds with fear, desperation and intensive horror. In particular, the response to traumatic situations , mourning, and blame share their characteristic of being an irreversible living reality related to facts, loss or past impacts and it is necessary to integrate these in one's life in order to advance; these comprise a triangle frequently coexisting and interconnected.

Aid for these three situations has, therefore, as common elements, two premises: an active task is required by the person who suffers this situation ; this person must, in some form, desire to move ahead. One can not toil in mourning, in a traumatic experience, or in a life of blame if these have a positive symbolic value for this person; for example, mourning as a manner not to treason the dead person by forgetting that person, the reliving a trauma as an attempt to provide some sense to the actions which occurred, or blame as a desire to not forget an error or as a final punishment of this active task; the final objective of this active task is not usually to forget but to integrate in order to live.

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If a person does not perceive this clearly, this person may not become actively involved in the task to overcome a traumatic situation and to move ahead, nor will that person accept that a person who tries to help questions this person's realities or experiences. Situation awareness system for Canada. Situation awareness encompasses a knowledge of orders, plans and current knowledge of friendly force actions. Knowing where you are and being able to transmit that information in near real-time to other friendly forces provides the ability to exercise precise command and control over those forces.

With respect to current command and control using voice methods, between 40 percent and 60 percent of Combat Net Radio traffic relates to location reporting of some sort. Commanders at Battle Group and below spend, on average, 40 percent of their total time performing position and navigation related functions. The need to rapidly transfer own force location information throughout a force and to process the received information quickly, accurately and reliably provides the rationale for the requirement for an automated situation awareness system.

The SAS software provides a core operating environment onto which command and control functionality can be easily added to produce general and specialist battlefield management systems. Dick Potsdam and J. Hamel Berlin.

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  • Besides a few short notices and book reviews, the book contains eight major articles, which deal with astronomical topics covering the time from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The first article by Michael Weichenhan Berlin deals with "the invention of the disk-shaped earth: a chapter of Copernican apologetics". The author shows that the concept of a "disc-shaped Earth" was by no means widespread in the middle ages, but restricted to the father of the church Lactantius and some adherents.

    Nevertheless, it was used by adherents of Copernicus to show the absurd consequences of a strictly literal biblical interpretation -- here concerning the Earth's shape, disc versus sphere, there the geocentric versus the heliocentric system. This thorough philosophical study is followed by two very short articles. The result is that standard deviations are 80 arcseconds for Saturn and 89 arcseconds for Jupiter and Mars, an unexpectedly poor result in view of the general opinion that Tycho was famous for his precision work.

    While he was inclined to Galilei early on, he was forced to propagate Aristotelian doctrine. The brief article is very concise, but extremely tiresome to read 3 pages of pure text are embellished by. Dieses Zitat des britischen Mathematikers G. Geometrothermodynamics of Van der Waals black hole. We study the geometrothermodynamics of a special asymptotically AdS black hole, i. Analysing some special conditions of this black hole with geometrothermodynamical method, we find a good correlation with ordinary cases according to the state equation.

    Update on the nutrition situation. Thus, data available at the country level about estimates of the nutritional situation now provide trends of prevalences of underweight children in 35 countries for the s. In Sub-Saharan Africa recent deterioration has occurred as a result of the general worsening of nutrition in Africa. However, in the Near East, North Africa, and South America the generally improving trends of the s seem to be continuing with the likelihood of reaching the prevalences of the developed countries by the year In many countries of southeast Asia, China, Middle America and the Caribbean, South America, the Near East and North Africa the improvement of rates could result in halving the prevalences of underweight children.

    The gross domestic product GDP is an important indicator of nutritional performance. In other areas of the world the GDP growth rates improved after and the underweight trends in the early s were generally similar to those of the late s. The nutritional improvement outside Sub-Saharan Africa and possibly India continued in the early s. Rapid economic growth was associated with improving nutrition in Thailand and Vietnam in the s and also to a smaller extent for Indonesia and China. Faster than average improvement is plausible for Jamaica, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

    Deteriorating cases are Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Rwanda. Economic growth, health, education, and community-based nutrition programs all contribute to improving nutrition. Mehr Mathematik Wagen in der Medizin. Theory of coherent van der Waals matter. We explain in depth the previously proposed theory of the coherent van der Waals cvdW interaction, the counterpart of van der Waals vdW force, emerging in spatially coherently fluctuating electromagnetic fields.

    We show that cvdW driven matter is dominated by many-body interactions, which are significantly stronger than those found in standard van der Waals vdW systems. From a microscopic theory we show that the anisotropic cvdW many-body interactions drive the formation of low-dimensional structures such as chains, membranes, and vesicles with very unusual, nonlocal properties. In particular, cvdW chains display a logarithmically growing stiffness with the chain length, while cvdW membranes have a bending modulus growing linearly with their size.

    We argue that the cvdW anisotropic many-body forces cause local cohesion but also a negative effective "surface tension. Der gemeinsame Ausgangspunkt des Evolutionsgedanken ist dabei die Beobachtung, dass die biologische Welt nicht konstant ist. Jahrhundert eine Revolution, da die Konstanz der Arten und der Welt eine vorherrschende Stellung im damaligen Weltbild hatte Amundson Efimov states near a Feshbach resonance and the limits of van der Waals universality at finite background scattering length.

    We calculate the spectrum of three-body Efimov bound states near a Feshbach resonance within a model which accounts both for the finite range of interactions and the presence of background scattering. The latter may be due to direct interactions in an open channel or a second overlapping Feshbach resonance.

    It is found that background scattering gives rise to substantial changes in the trimer spectrum as a function of the detuning away from a Feshbach resonance, in particular in the regime where the background channel supports Efimov states on its own. Compared to the situation with negligible background scattering, the regime where van der Waals universality applies is shifted to larger values of the resonance strength if the background scattering length is positive. For negative background scattering lengths, in turn, van der Waals universality extends to even small values of the resonance strength parameter, consistent with experimental results on Efimov states in 39K.

    Within a simple model, we show that short-range three-body forces do not affect van der Waals universality significantly. Repulsive three-body forces may, however, explain the observed variation between around -8 and of the ratio between the scattering length where the first Efimov trimer appears and the van der Waals length. Enhancing situational interest in pediatrics. Individual interest, something that persists regardless of the situation , and situational interest, finding personal value in an educational context, have not been studied in medical student education.

    To determine if individualized case discussions enhance interest in pediatric medicine. Intervention and control groups were randomly assigned. The intervention group personalized cases to students' medical specialty interests. The control group discussed the case presentation. Groups met twice during the 8-week clerkships, completing a post-IIP at the end of the clerkship.

    The observation and monitoring of traffic with smart visions systems for the purpose of improving traffic safety has a big potential. For example embedded vision systems built into vehicles can be used as early warning systems, or stationary camera systems can modify the switching frequency of signals at intersections. Today the automated analysis of traffic situations is still in its infancy - the patterns of vehicle motion and pedestrian flow in an urban environment are too complex to be fully understood by a vision system.

    We present steps towards such a traffic monitoring system which is designed to detect potentially dangerous traffic situations , especially incidents in which the interaction of pedestrians and vehicles might develop into safety critical encounters. The proposed system is field-tested at a real pedestrian crossing in the City of Vienna for the duration of one year. It consists of a cluster of 3 smart cameras, each of which is built from a very compact PC hardware system in an outdoor capable housing. Two cameras run vehicle detection software including license plate detection and recognition, one camera runs a complex pedestrian detection and tracking module based on the HOG detection principle.

    As a supplement, all 3 cameras use additional optical flow computation in a low-resolution video stream in order to estimate the motion path and speed of objects. This work describes the foundation for all 3 different object detection modalities pedestrians, vehi1cles, license plates , and explains the system setup and its design. Thematische Einheiten erweitern den Wissensstoff - u.

    Dabei werden wir auf den I. Elastolysen und Hauterkrankungen mit Verlust der elastischen Fasern. Modeling of DER were studied based on a system point of view, the article initially proposed a CIM extended information model. By analysis the basic structure of the message interaction between DMS and DER , a bidirectional messaging mapping method based on data exchange was proposed.

    Res2Cat: A tool for assigning Research Results to multiple, tree structured Categories

    Task-oriented situation recognition. From the advances in computer vision methods for the detection, tracking and recognition of objects in video streams, new opportunities for video surveillance arise: In the future, automated video surveillance systems will be able to detect critical situations early enough to enable an operator to take preventive actions, instead of using video material merely for forensic investigations. However, problems such as limited computational resources, privacy regulations and a constant change in potential threads have to be addressed by a practical automated video surveillance system.

    In this paper, we show how these problems can be addressed using a task-oriented approach. The system architecture of the task-oriented video surveillance system NEST and an algorithm for the detection of abnormal behavior as part of the system are presented and illustrated for the surveillance of guests inside a video-monitored building.