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Menu Home. Ceanneir Read Online. Newer Post Older Post Home. Frei Restaurant Dalmatia: Roman Gesellschaftsroma Complete Batman Special 0 - Bruce Waynes blutiger Free Sternenkommando Cassiopeia, Band Sammelb Free Devilicious: Teuflische Seelenakquise in Berl Download Atlan - Das absolute Abenteuer 7: Flucht Star Force: Death Knell SF26 With all-out war raging between the Nestafar and Calavari, Morgan takes a small strikeforce off from her armada on a special request to a major Calavari system in an attempt to break the stalemate between the Alliance and Nestafar forces vying for control of the industrially significant linchpin in the Calavari economy.

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Star Force: Ascension SF27 The war for control of the Brokal System continues as Morgan has to come to grips with what happened to her on the jumpship and the aftereffects thereof Star Force: Insurrection SF28 While Star Force's two front war against the Nestafar and lizards rages on, back home a sleeping nemesis twitches, exposing itself to Davis's keen gaze and drawing an Archon-level response.

Star Force: Psionics SF29 With more and more Archons beginning to develop mental powers, Davis's recall order brings those affected back home to Earth where they work together along with a team of highly skilled medtechs to figure out what is happening to them and how they can survive their potentially fatal development Star Force: Recalibration SF30 With Kara now having joined Jason and the others in the pyramid, new insights into the Archons' developing psionic powers are revealed, triggering a host of changes within their ranks.

Star Force: Aquatics SF31 A lizard counteroffensive has begun, with the heavy end of the hammer falling on the waterworld of Atlantica Deep within Star Force territory the moon Tyr is about to draw unwanted attention, turning into a battlefield of a very different type of war. Star Force: Paradigm SF35 Out on the lizard battlefront, multiple engagements continue with a startling revelation that will force a change in Star Force's war strategy, as well as redefine their relationship with the Alliance.

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Star Force: Knighthood SF36 Major structural changes are underway within Star Force to counter the growing threat the lizards pose as the trailblazers use their cunning and inventiveness once again to reshape their growing empire into a more powerful civilization. Star Force: Scruples SF37 With interstellar warfare escalating to unprecedented levels, true colors begin to show, exposing the Alliance for the house of cards that it truly is and causing the trailblazers to chart a different course for Star Force if they are to survive the coming lizard storm.

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Star Force: Termination SF38 Now with a lead on The Word's secretive leadership, Star Force seeks to find a crack in the organization that it may one day use to expose and defeat their Earthbound nemesis. Star Force: Unification SF39 With Davis's edict that 'the 6 nations who created The Word must forfeit their sovereignty' already given to the public, Star Force acts to carry it out, along with setting up a transformational process for the rest of the planet With that change comes opportunity Star Force: Upgrades SF41 The battle on Eshwan continues, with Kip leading Clan Protoss against the super large Skarron walkers, trying to find a way to take the mechanical beasts down where the Protovic army has failed.

Star Force: Probe SF42 As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished," and Star Force is no exception, drawing reprisals for their efforts to help their allies in the ever increasing war zone that the lizard expansion is spurring. Star Force: Consensus SF43 New information leads to new revelations and new plans as the Skarron threat forces Star Force to reestablish its priorities and develop a new playbook for the path ahead.

Tittle: Collections Star Force series by Aer-ki jyr. Write By Unknown AM. Tag : Full Download Ebook add comments. Newer Post Older Post Home. Full Download Ebook. Free Ebook. They are primarily concerned with the series of revolutions on slave-holding worlds that have resulted in the formation of new anti-slavery governments that wish to join the Galactic Alliance. A new member is added to their conspiracy : a new Senator from a recently liberated world, Kameron Suldar.

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Meanwhile, Daala remains on the loose in the galaxy with Boba Fett. The bounty hunter reveals that he and his Mandalorians have discovered that Lecersen was responsible for starting Freedom Flight specifically so they could cause trouble for Daala make it easier for his conspiracy to stage their coup. There, Daala offers an ultimatum to Lecersen; either she will kill Lecersen for his betrayal and reveal to the galaxy evidence of Lecersen's connections with Freedom Flight, or the Moff can join her in fulfilling her plans. Meanwhile, the Squib trio of Emala , Sligh , and Grees meet up with the Solos in order to divulge Daala's whereabouts in exchange for credits and safety from their Imperial pursuers.

The Squibs carry out their end of the bargain, but when they meet Imperial Head of State Jagged Fel to ask for amnesty, the alien trio are forced to reveal that they had also stolen an Imperial chemical that reverses aging. Jag blackmails them into returning the chemical in exchange for amnesty.

While the Skywalkers and Jaina defeat and kill most of their attackers, Vestara is forced to fight her father.

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This experience provides the last push needed for Vestara to embrace the light side of the Force. Ben and Vestara ultimately admit their love for each other, and she asks to become a Jedi apprentice. After probing her thoughts for deception, Luke sees that Vestara is sincere in her desire to become a Jedi, and accepts her into the Order. Afterward, they return to Coruscant—with Luke's sentence of exile from the GA capital world officially lifted since Daala's deposition—in order to accomplish two goals: to search the Jedi Archives for clues about Abeloth and her allies' whereabouts, and for Luke to make an announcement.

First though, Luke decides that Saba Sebatyne won't be punished for killing Master Kenth Hamner , as she did it for the good of the Order. He then declares that the Jedi Order shall become a separate entity from the Galactic Alliance. This effectively dissolves the GA triumvirate, prompting the Galactic Alliance Senate to hold an emergency session in order to elect an acting Chief of State. Jag accepts this arrangement, though he has no desire to see Tahiri come to any harm.

As the Jedi depart Coruscant to investigate the Sith world of Upekzar which had been discovered through research conducted Jedi Knight Natua Wan , Leia stays behind in order to help advise in the Galactic Alliance leadership, while Tesar Sebatyne and his fellow Barabel Jedi secretly guard the Jedi Temple from the caverns they nest in. But Ovin is sharp enough to realize that his voters decided on him due to his simplistic leadership style, which they believe would allow them to manipulate him as a puppet.

As it turns out, Kameron Suldar, whose real name is Ivaar Workan , and all of the other Senators in the anti-Jedi subcommittee are really the human members of the Lost Tribe of the Sith doing their duties whilst their Keshiri colleagues scour the Jedi Temple. The subcommittee quickly has Leia arrested on trumped-up charges, but she does not resist; as it turns out, Luke was aware of the Lost Tribe's infiltration of the GA early on, which was what partially persuaded him to remove the Jedi from the Galactic Alliance and Coruscant.

While this does allow the Sith to secretly control the government, it gives the Jedi time to deal with Abeloth, Ship, and their Sith allies; when Abeloth and the others are taken care of, the Jedi will swoop in on Coruscant and wipe out the remainders of the Lost Tribe in one swift stroke. In the meantime, Leia, gets involved in a new conspiracy circle called Club Bwua'tu , which includes the newly-reawakened Admiral Nek Bwua'tu , his uncle Eramuth , Wynn Dorvan, and a few others; their intention is to expose the Lecersen conspiracy still boiling within the Galactic Alliance.

Because of all this, the Lecersen conspiracy gradually dissolves, beginning with Stavin Thaal telling Senator Treen that it's time to disband.

Treen kills Bramsin, making it look like he died of old age, and then retires from politics in order to return to her home world of Kuat. Parova is caught by Club Bwua'tu, but before she can reveal any information, she is killed in a refresher by Ivaar Workan's Sith. Jaxton is forced to commit suicide by Thaal, who in turn goes into hiding, and the Imperial-Alliance conspiracy ends.

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Meanwhile, Jag confronts Moff Tol Getelles on the experiments the Squibs discovered, which leads to him shooting Jag aboard the Bloodfin and Getelles reporting to Daala that Jag is dead. However, unknown to Daala, Getelles actually staged the whole thing, only stunning Jag and then defect to Daala. In an attempt to stop Daala's plan for becoming Empress of the Imperial Remnant, Jag, together with the vanguard of the Empire of the Hand and his own loyal forces of the Remnant, track her down to a meeting of her Maw Irregular Fleet and the forces of Lecersen, Vansyn, Trevin , and Getelles, surprising them in the Exodo system.