Manual Cases on Criminal Procedure, Second Edition (Aspen Coursebook)

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Cappelletti, Mauro The judicial process in comparative perspective, Oxford: Clarendon Press. Carnelutti, Francesco La prova civile. Parte generale. Il concetto giuridico di prova.

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Milano, Chiovenda, Giuseppe Principi di diritto processuale. Le azioni. Il processo di cognizione, Jovene, Napoli. Jolowicz, J. European Commission, Communication on a stronger partnership to deliver market access for European Exporters. It is recommended that the various theses that have been submitted on the subjects of Trusts Law, fiduciary obligations and foundations be consulted in conjunction with the Syllabus. Fundamental Principles of the Law of Trusts 4th ed. Hayton and Charles Mitchell Paperback - 26 Jul ;.

Giappichelli Editore s. Neumann, The students will be given a list of reading materials and such material will be available at Paperclips for each topic. Boele-Woelki ed. Rowland, D. Information Technology Law, 4th ed. Routledge, , ISBN: Reed, C.

Criminal Procedure: Investigation, Third Edition

Computer Law 7th ed. Bainbridge, D. Introduction to Information Technology Law, 6th ed. Longman, , ISBN: Davidson A. Edwards, L. Hedley, S. There are a wide range of websites relevant to the course. As Information technology law is a rapidly developing area, the law is often challenged to respond to the many advances in technology. It is therefore important to keep abreast of developments. Key websites that assist with this include:. The Regulation of International Trade, 3rd ed Routledge, The area of Information Technology Law is a fast moving one.

As such, it can be difficult to find textbooks which are up-to-date with current developments, as textbooks can often be 12 months behind current developments even at the time of their publication. Policing America: An Introduction. In a balanced approach, the text presents the theoretical foundations of American policing, with a focus on contemporary police practices and research.

Oliver covers all of the key topics in policing, but does not overburden the student with either extraneous material only loosely related to policing or the overly detailed presentation of research more suited to a graduate program. In an engaging and readable style, the author offers an overview of past practices and research in policing, but emphasizes more contemporary policing practices and research.

The focus of.. Family Law for Paralegals. Family Law for Paralegals, 7E is a comprehensive text for family law, offering complete coverage of the basics of family law, br combined with historical context and insight into topics of current interest. This thoughtful and carefully written textbook offers the br nuts-and-bolts of the law, framed in historical context and include exposure to some of the most dynamic issues in family law today.

The text's comprehensive coverage includes basic coverage of the issues of marriage and divorce, as well as cutting-edge issues such as non-marital families, child abuse and neglect, child support and custody, and same-sex marriage.

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Features: ul li Detaile.. Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal. Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal, Second Edition, offers assignments that mirror the work of the paralegal and cover local, state, and federal criminal cases. Students can gain practice and confidence doing the kind of work that a defense attorney, prosecutor, or law enforcement agency expects from a paralegal. Working with the various types of cases presented in this book familiarizes students with the role of the paralegal in the process of investigation, prosecution, and defense in criminal cases.

The second edition has been updated to include more than three dozen new legal decisions, new coverage of legislative jurisdiction and Fifth Amendment d..

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Understanding Immigration Law and Practice. Understanding Immigration Law and Practice offers a thorough, accessible, and practical approach to understanding and putting to use U. S, and reunite families. Attuned to the sensitivity and responsibility necessary to ensuring just results in high stakes immigration cases, the authors provide readers with in-depth, information and freely offer their knowledge and insights into the complex legal issues faced by immigration clients, while proposing strategies for the professionals seeking to help them. Key Features: ul li Authors with more than twenty-five years combined front-l..

An Introduction to the American Legal System. The Fourth Edition of An Introduction to the American Legal System provides both historical context and thoroughly up-to-date coverage of all aspects of American law and the legal system. Vivid examples, on-point case summaries, and hot-button issues make this text an obvious choice for paralegal, criminal justice, political science, or legal studies courses.

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Key New Features ul li Cases in Point that concisely illustrate how the law applies in the real world li li Questions for discussion in every chapter that point to high-interest issues for debate li li Discussions of recent U. Supreme Court decisions such as the Obamacare decisions, the Defense of.. Principles of Law and Economics. Grossman, Peter Z.

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Principles of Law and Economics is an undergraduate coursebook designed specifically for students with little or no background in economics. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, it provides an overview of the relationship between law and economics, including leading-edge topics such as environmental law, intellectual property law and game theory. Each chapter poses questions and problems to challenge and engage students. Thomas C. This text is available in ebook format from the VitalSource Store. Victimology: Crime Victimization and Victim Services.

Examination of Witness in Criminal Trial and Evidence Act ( Recent Case Law ) Section 231(2) CRPC

Victimology: Crime Victimization and Victim Services is a text written for undergraduate students that provides a broad overview of the theoretical basis of victimology, and the role of victimology in today's criminal justice system. This multidisciplinary approach to crime victimization, crime victims, and victim services includes chapters written by authors from a variety of disciplines: criminal justice and criminology, counseling, nursing, social work, nonprofit organizations, law, student affairs, and public policy.

Within each chapter, chapter highlights provide more in-depth information on a central concept, spotlights on pioneers in the field, and real.. Introduction to Corrections. This is that book: The one that is authoritative and readable.

The one that covers the subject thoroughly, but is always manageable, navigable, and engaging. It pairs sterling authorship with an accessible style. Like the wind at your back, Richard Tewksbury s Introduction to Corrections motivates you through a wide range of interesting topics without impediment because clear text needs no box. Accessible and authoritative, Richard Tewksbury s Introduction to Corrections features: ul li A succinct overview of the American correctional system, by a renowned scholar in the field li li Thorough coverage of course content li ul li The structure and..

The activities-based approach of Practical Contract Law for Paralegals builds valuable contract management skills. Numerous assignments that mirror the work of an actual paralegal teach students to read, draft, and implement contracts, as well as to research and apply local law. Ideal for both the classroom and online courses, this book combines contracts and applied legal research for paralegals. Accessible explanations of doctrine and principles prepare students to tackle assignments based on state-specific laws and procedures.

Features: ul li New and updated examples and assignments throughout the text li li NEW Career Corner features that connect ma.. Legal Research Explained. Legal Research Explained provides a building-block approach to the fundamentals of legal research for paralegal students. The fundamentals of legal research for paralegal students. The text is divided into five separate sections, as follows: 1 conducting legal research using primary authorities; 2 conducting legal research using secondary authorities and other research aids; 3 electronic and computer resources; 4 legal citation form and validating authorities; and 5 "putting it all together," providing a final overview of the legal research process.

Although based on the legal research section of author Deborah Bouchoux's highly successful Legal Research.. Wills, Trusts, and Estates for Paralegals.

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New text for the paralegal course on Wills, Trusts, and Estates that provides a general overview of Wills and Trusts. Covers the use of wills and trusts in creating an estate plan, as well as an overview of estate litigation and estate administration. This text teaches paralegals the necessary skills to assist with the preparation of wills and trusts and with the administration of estates. Key Features ul li Begins with an understanding of the history and development of estate planning laws, continues through the preparation of the documents needed to create an estate plan, and ends with how to administer an estate.

It provides a general overview of employment law and HR issues as it relates to workplace issues, including day-to-day hiring, managing and firing practices. Written in an engaging and informative style, the text comprehensively covers a wide range of topics, including workplace discrimination; candidate recruitment, interviewing, employer-employee and employer-independent contractor relationships, performance management, terminations an..

Gender Law and Policy, Second Edition.