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Eligibility for Early Probation Termination
  1. Early Termination of Probation in Texas
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  3. What is early termination of probation?
  4. How to Terminate Your Probation Early in 5 Simple Steps (PC 1203.03)
  5. Can I get off of federal probation early?

They may have to travel out of state frequently for work or to attend to a chronically sick family member at the last minute and not always have the time to get permission first.

Early Termination of Probation in Texas

If, as a condition of probation, they wear a GPS monitor, it may greatly limit the hours and places they can go within the state while frequently malfunctioning and giving off false alarms at their workplace. There is also the expense of the monthly probation fee and the taking time off of work to report in person to ones probation officer. Or it may just be that, after years of being on probation where they have done everything right to both comply with the terms of their probation and to resume a good law-abiding life of contribution to the community, they may have earned it.

Until fairly recently, it used to be rare for a probationer to get their period of probation terminated early. Judges would frequently deny the request stating that the fact that someone was already doing so well for the time they had been on probation was expected of them and, besides, why end probation early if it is working out so successfully.

They might also say that the judge, who originally handed out the sentence and was, therefore, the one possibly most familiar with the case, knew how long they wanted the defendant to be on probation and would have, indeed, sentenced the person to a shorter period of probation if they had seen fit.

However, recently, in the intended interest of public safety, there has been a trend in the opposite direction in favor of presumably giving probationers an incentive to do well and rewarding them for establishing a track record of resuming a good law-abiding life. It is the same idea as when a prisoner gets paroled early.

At this present time in the courts of Massachusetts, early termination of probation is actually being encouraged as a routine action when merited. Some of these judges are very conservative and are all about law and order. However, good people get good results. Your attorney will be able to work with you to make sure you have the best case presentation possible.

Product description

Call Jackson Law at In some counties, the really big ones this is all about a visit to the supervising probation officer, some sweet talk by the attorney, and a follow up telephone call. Most counties, however, it will require a Motion for Early Termination of Probation and a scheduled hearing. You need to have a lawyer do this for you. Yes, it is true you can do it on your own. That may not sound fair, but that is the way it is.

What is early termination of probation?

Get your local lawyer involved. Judge : the decision to terminate is entirely up to the judge.

How soon can someone get off probation?

He or she will grant the Motion for early release from probation based upon the evidence presented. Prosecutor : The DA, most of the time, will be present.

Boosie Speaks on Finally Getting Off Parole and Probation After 10 Years (Part 1)

They represent the state. It is the probation officer, however, that is the most important player. Probation Officer : At the hearing, the most important testimony is that of the probation officer.

How to Terminate Your Probation Early in 5 Simple Steps (PC 1203.03)

He or she is the one that spends the most time with you. You want the probation officer to like you. Many people are sentenced to serve a term of probation either after serving time in jail or instead of serving jail time. Although the laws that govern probation vary between jurisdictions, it is possible to draw some general conclusions about how to get off probation early.

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to getting off probation early is knowing the law in your jurisdiction. It should be easy enough to look up the pertinent laws online.

Can I get off of federal probation early?

Alternatively, get in touch with your lawyer who can probably offer plenty of advice about methods for ending probation early. Not every jurisdiction allows the probation period to end early. In some places, being sentenced to six months of probation means that every minute of that time must be served.