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Joan Elliott Pickart
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Scegli la libreria del tuo Paese per vedere i libri disponibili per l'acquisto. Tux can't explain how he knows trouble is stalking a beautiful stranger. He just knows.

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He figures he must be destined to protect the unwilling Nancy Shatner, but he can't be destined to marry her! No red-blooded Texas relies on fate to find a woman. That, Tux will do on his own. Just as soon as he can keep his mind - and his hands - off Nancy…. Skin Deep. Nora Roberts. Sex, Lies, and Online Dating. Rachel Gibson. Screaming in the Silence. Lydia Kelly. Kathleen Morgan. Susan Meier. God's Gift. Dee Henderson.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts. Charlie Cochet. Cowboy Crazy. Joanne Kennedy. Suite Seduction. Leslie Kelly. Mad, Bad and Blonde. Cathie Linz. When Memory Fails. Don of the Dead. Casey Daniels. Holly Blues. Susan Wittig Albert. Supernatural Born Killers. A Handful of Heaven. Jillian Hart. Millionaire Wives Club. Tu-Shonda Whitaker. Megan Derr. Killer Weekend. Ridley Pearson. Hannah's Blessing.

Collette Scott. Delayed Gratification: The Honeymoon. Meghan O'Brien. Hope's Child. Helen R. Cassie Miles. At Midnight. He just couldn't. To get Adelaide back, she needed a job. And in these parts, jobs were hard to come by even if your record was squeaky clean. The door of the saloon opened, letting in a blast of hot August air barely tempered by nightfall. Lexie waved her arm at the opening door. You need me, Joe.

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Too quickly. Her high heeled boots slipped across the beer puddling on the saloon's cement floor, and she went sprawling headlong into one of the newcomers who'd just entered Smoky Joe's. Strong arms caught her up against a hard, hot body. A low, raspy voice rumbled from his chest, taking Lexie back a decade. Lifting her gaze, she found herself drowning in a familiar pair of smoky hazel eyes. Her heart skipped a beat, then gave a helpless flop. He walked away without explanation, and she vowed to never put her heart on the line again.

As the romance and beauty of the Maui overcomes them, and secrets are revealed, will the next wedding they attend be their own? As the future Laird of Lochmore, Hamish Lochmore needs a wife. He was too old, too sophisticated, too wealthy -- his social sphere too far from her own.

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And he was engaged to be married. Even her cousin Karen had seen the signs Karen Sinclair was deeply ashamed of her brief, inglorious love affair with Alexis Whitney seven years earlier. Since then she'd settled down - with an interesting job and a steady boyfriend. Everything was so calm and pleasant that when Alexis u Seven years ago, Caroline had considered Gareth Morgan unsuitable as a husband. Now she was to find herself part of Gareth's life again when she got a job in Central Africa where he was living.

And Gareth wasted no time in telling her. It would be easy, Eve told Sophie. All she had to do was to go to Trinidad and pretend to be the granddaughter of the wealthy Brandt St. Vincente for four weeks and the money she needed would be hers. But when Sophie met the disturbing Edge St Christina thought the long university vacation would be an excellent time to visit her brother and sister-in-law in southern Portugal. But she soon realized that she was unwelcome and she was thankful when she was offered a job by the local lord of t It was on the invitation of the elderly Marquesa de Mendao that Malcolm Trevellyan and his young wife Rachel were staying at the imposing quinta in Portugal.

But Rachel was far from happy there. Malcolm was being embarrassingly rude and demanding Susannah met and fell in love with Fernando Cuevas in London.

She little thought when she traveled out to Spain to work for a wealthy family that the child she had come to teach was Fernando's child and that she would be meeting Fernando himself far Helen simply couldn't believe her eyes when, stranded in the snow in the wilds of Cumberland, she found herself confronted by a leopard! But luckily it was a tame one, and its owner, the mysterious Dominic Lyall, was able to offer Helen shelter in hi At any rate, it had all ended in disaster, with Tamar's heart broken, her life in ruins -- and Ross married Six years ago Julie's world had turned upside down; she had married Michael Pemberton and left England--and Robert.

Now Michael was dead, and Julie and her small daughter, Emma, had come home again--only to learn that Michael had appointed Robert The child of a broken marriage, seventeen-year-old Tamsyn wasn't at all looking forward to going to Wales to visit the father she hardly knew -- until she arrived there and met Hywel Benedict. Her first feelings of antagonism towards him soon chan There had been two men so far in Madeline's life--her late husband, Joe, and her boss, Adrian.

Both had been kind and uncomplicated, wanting only to cherish and look after her. But now another man had surged into her life--Nicholas Vitale. It was only desperation that had brought Dionne back to the Camargue, that remote, still little-known part of southern France that had been so important -- and so tragic -- a part of her life three years ago. Back she had to come to the Mas St. Emma Seaton was comfortably if unexcitingly engaged to Victor Harrison; he was a wealthy business tycoon, and Emma could look forward to a life of ease and luxury with him -- but was that all she wanted from life?

She became even more aware of her Sancha was thrilled with her assignment--to interview the famous author, the Conte Cesare Alberto Venturo di Malatesta. Entering his palazzo was like stepping back into the Renaissance, its poverty-stricken appearance at odds with his success.

Why do some women always manage to fall for a man who they know from the start can never be any good to them? Julie Kennedy, like most girls, had hero-worshipped the famous television singer Manuel Cortez from afar, but it had never entered her he Jarrod guarded Sara even against himself Sara Robins had never even heard of Jarrod Kyle until he became her guardian. He was far removed from anyone Sara, at seventeen, had known in the small, quiet world she'd lived in until her grandfather's de Fresh from a convent Sarah Winter was starry-eyed at the thought of what lay ahead of her-a trip, her first ever abroad to the.

West Indies, and a challenging job as governess to three children-the nephew and nieces of Jason de Cordova, who more or l Although Karen Frazer had been divorced by her husband Paul two years before, and had heard that he had since become engaged to another woman, she still loved him. But she was not yet free of him -- for Paul's married brother was pursuing Karen's i He despised her but wanted her as a wife Jake Howard and his wife, Helen, were outwardly a perfect couple with a perfect marriage.

Jake was immensely attractive, rich and successful. Helen was beautiful, intelligent and wellbred. But Jake had c They loved Monkshood but hated each other! Monkshood complicated Melanie's well-planned life. Soon to marry a London lawyer, Melanie couldn't really consider living in the Scottish Highlands house she'd inherited.

But she did want to see it before Nicola had never met Jason Wilde, but she hated him for the way he had hurt and deceived her sister, and was determined to be revenged on him. So she worked out a plan that seemed fool-proof. She took a job with the oil company for which Jason wo Dallas was forced to accept his charity! Dallas always felt responsible for her young sister, Jane. But Jane's announcement that she was expecting a baby by rich, young Paris Stavros --and then the news of his death in a car crash--was just too m It had not taken Rebecca long to fall wildly in love with Piers St.

Clair -- not much longer, in fact, than it had taken her to discover that he was married. So, all too swiftly, that idyll on a romantic Pacific island had had to come to an end. She remembered Adam as an older brother So, when Maria wanted to getaway from home, who better togo and stay with while she decided what to do with her life?

But she hadn't seen him for five years. The Adam she met in London now was a successfu Domine was surprised to find that far from being alone after the death of her guardian, Great Uncle Henry Farriday, she was con-signed to the unknown James Mannering --an attractive man who already had several equally attractive women vying for his a It was five years since Rachel had left her husband Andre Sanchez, and she was only coming to him now because he was the only one who could help her beloved father. But the marriage had broken up in the first place because of the suffocating influenc She dared not dismount from the tiger she rode -- but what if she was thrown?

The Conde, with his looks, his money, his castle in Portugal, was not the kind of man who could forgive anyone who tried to deceive him. When Toni Morley attempted to do just that, the Conde proceeded to exact a very subtle revenge. Five years ago Raphael Madralena had left Laura Fleming, renouncing their passionate relationship, to return to Spain to marry the girl he had been betrothed to since childhood.

Now, he was a widower and they were to meet again. It was inevitable tha It was to save her father from ruin that Stephanie had married Santino Ventura and gone to live with him in his castle in Sicily. Santino had made it clear that he had not married her because she wanted a real wife, but a companion for his small da Samantha was twenty one before she learned that her mother was not, as she had always been told, dead, but very much alive and a famous and glamorous actress.

So she was whisked off to London and a new and very different life, with a hard, selfish mo It was to get away from a troublesome love affair that Victoria Monroe had taken on the job of governess to little Sophie von Reichstein in the Austrian alps -- but she arrived at the schloss to find another challenging situation awaiting her.

The ch When Carolyn joined her archaeologist father in Mexico, she found herself immediately in conflict with Don Carlos, who owned the valley where her father was searching for a Zapotec city. Don Carlos thought she was 'a typical product of the permissive Perhaps it was the hot tropical atmosphere of the Pacific island of Manatoa that caused the sparks to fly between Charlotte Carlisle and Patrick Meredith.

But it was only when the island showed its most dangerous side that they really came to underst For years, Juliet's father had used his wealth, power and influence to rule her life. But now, she was free to make her own decisions. She had assumed a new name and identity, and had run away to a job on this beautiful West Indian island. But had sh Debra Warren had believed during all her life that she was orphaned, until she went to San Francisco to work. She found she was the daughter of the famous actress Elizabeth Steel.

There she knew Dominic McGill A brief encounter or lasting love? When Caroline first saw him on the elevator, she had no idea who he was. She only knew that he was tall and darkly handsome--and that she longed to see him again. Later she would discover that the magnetic str We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles. A Dangerous Taste of Passion. Morelli's Mistress. Silent Echo. A Forbidden Temptation. A Wild Surrender. His Forbidden Passion.

The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child. Mendez's Mistress. Bedded For The Italian's Pleasure. The Greek Tycoon's Pregnant Wife. The Pregnancy Affair. Stay Through The Night. Jack Riordan's Baby. The Virgin's Seduction. Sleeping With A Stranger. Savage Awakening. The Forbidden Mistress. In the Italian's Bed.

The Rodrigues Pregnancy. Sinful Truths. Alejandro's Revenge. His Virgin Mistress. Hot Pursuit. The Spaniard's Seduction. A Rich Man's Touch.

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Savage Innocence. All Night Long. Innocent Sins. The Millionaire's Virgin. The Baby Gambit.

Just My Joe - Joan Elliott Pickart - Google Books

Her Guilty Secret. Pacific Heat. Morgan's Child. Sinful Pleasures. Dishonourable Intent. Shattered Illusions. Long Night's Loving. Wicked Caprice. Dangerous Temptation. Relative Sins.

Book Bites: Vintage Harlequin and The Art of Forgiveness by Megan Mulry

A Woman of Passion. Treacherous Longings. Raw Silk. Brittle Bondage. Strange Intimacy. A Secret Rebellion. Tender Assault. Tidewater Seduction. Rich As Sin. Dangerous Sanctuary. Diamond Fire. Such Sweet Poison. Blind Passion. A Relative Betrayal. A Fever in the Blood. Dark Mosaic. Trial of Innocence. Burning Inheritance. Night Heat. The Longest Pleasure. An All-Consuming Passion. Pale Orchid. Stolen Summer. Act of Possession. Hidden in the Flame. Wild Concerto. Green Lightning. Cage of Shadows. An Elusive Desire. A Passionate Affair.

Season of Mists. Impetuous Masquerade. Duelling Fire. Innocent Obsession. Castles of Sand. Forbidden Flame. A Haunting Compulsion. Forbidden Love. Edge of Temptation. Images of Love. Whisper of Darkness. Spirit of Atlantis. Hell or High Water. Apollo's Seed. Lure of Eagles. The Judas Trap. Melting Fire. Harlequin Presents - Fallen Angel.

Charade in Winter. Captive Destiny. Follow Thy Desire. Scorpion's Dance. Proud Harvest. Rooted in Dishonour. Loren's Baby. Devil in Velvet. Come Running.

Treacherous Beauties - Harlequin Romance Movie

A Trial Marriage. Born Out of Love. Devil's Mount. Dangerous Rhapsody. The Medici Lover. Alien Wife. Beware the Beast. Wild Enchantress. Smouldering Flame. Valley Deep, Mountain High. The High Valley. The Arrogance of Love. The Shrouded Web. Dark Venetian. For the Love of Sara. Country of the Falcon. All the Fire. Dark Castle. Come the Vintage. Take What You Want. Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset.

The Waterfalls of the Moon. No Gentle Possession. Dark Moonless Night. Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees. Mask of Scars. Rachel Trevellyan.