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I am truly honored to be here today, back at what I consider my home, this great university. As a Silicon Valley tech guy, I decided to use technology to help me prepare for this commencement address. You know what most people remember from their graduation speakers? I realized, I can say anything I want! But seriously, as I got feedback from around the world, one theme began to emerge.

And why we are counting on you to fail. From the first time you rolled over, to your first steps. These successes were a culmination of failures. This series continues to explore the new values of GenFlux. While growing up in California, to say I was bad at math would have been an understatement. My freshman year of high school, I was kicked out of my algebra class and had to spend the summer retaking it. This unfortunately would become my regular paradigm. And I had a winning strategy in choosing my courses: I enrolled in all the same classes she was taking.

One problem, the first class was Calculus. Wow, did I get my ass kicked that first day. I was fundamentally afraid of being uncomfortable and having to address the failure that comes with it. To me it was like when you get to the top of the high dive, walk out the edge, looking down that the clear blue water, everyone telling you to jump, and then running back down the steps.

So what did I do about my Calculus class? I went to the library and checked out a bunch of math books and spent the next week going through them. And it was awesome. Suddenly I was failing at a problem, figuring out what I did wrong, and then course correcting. This feeling of being able to iterate was very new to me. Much to my great surprise, I ended up becoming a math major. When I got here to the University of Maryland for my graduate work, I got my ass kicked again.

I failed my first graduate class and got the second-lowest score on my first PhD qualifying exam. But I stayed in the game, failing, getting back up, continuing to push forward. The next time the qualifiers came around, I had the highest scores. The best method is to fail fast. What allowed us to succeed was a mantra of failing fast. We would build products quickly, test them out, then learn about went wrong, and then try again. Failing slow is painful for you and painful for your loved ones. And how, practically, do you achieve success through failure?

Second, surround yourself with people you value. Just like your body responds poorly to junk food, your mind and energy levels also respond to the company you keep. Third, strive to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. The world is changing as we speak. Those of you that are graduating today, you are the first to go through your entire social years puberty onwards with Facebook. And yet during your time in college you have seen the introduction of the tablet. The notion of using a desktop or a laptop is outdated.

Given this rapid pace of change, the only advice that I can give you is to keep learning—putting yourself in uncomfortable situations where you fail and acquire new skills as a result. You are about to embark on your next great journey. And we are all counting on you to fail fast.

While our society is moving forward faster than ever, we are also facing a world with massive challenges. May you go forth and fail so that we can all succeed! Eight years ago, when I was just starting my coaching practice, I was thrilled to win a large, lucrative contract with an international advertising agency. Several days a month, I would train and coach staff from all levels of the company on presentation skills, management skills, and professional presence—a dream assignment.

Business chugged along successfully for three more years, until my biggest and best client merged with another agency, and that agency had preferred vendors of its own. And while my business has more than bounced back since then, the sting of this disappointment is still a part of my consciousness. Sound familiar? It sucks—it sucks our energy, our confidence, and our dreams. Disappointment itself has many cousins in the family of negative emotions anger, fear, sadness but it also has a unique formula, as highlighted by author Chip Conley is his New York Times best-selling book, Emotional Equations : disappointment equals expectations, minus reality.

In other words, disappointment shows up in the gap between what we planned or hoped for and what we actually got. Sometimes that gap is a small fissure, easy to manage and simple to bridge. Other times, that gap is a giant chasm, and it can feel nearly impossible to pull ourselves out. Here are three strategies to manage disappointment when it shows up, because, for better or for worse, it will:. Losing this client means we have time to pursue other, more exciting clients!

Assume that you have something to learn from this setback. When I lost my big client, I realized that I had minimized the importance of creating a long-term business pipeline in order to maximize short-term profits. Your disappointment might highlight some shortcoming in your business strategy, an inflated setup in expectations, a mistake in your assumptions, an error in judgment, or even a character flaw in yourself.

Force it to yield you valuable personal and professional rewards. The anger, sadness, and embarrassment that can result from a setback can be a huge deterrent to putting yourself back out there, professionally and personally, to do what you were meant to do and be who you were meant to be. Do you set an undersized goal for your annual sales so that you are all but guaranteed to achieve it? When your superstar staff member quit to take a bigger job elsewhere, did you replace her with someone less fabulous as a hopeful retention tool?

When we set a low bar for ourselves as a way to feel safe and even victorious when we achieve those small objectives, we deprive ourselves, our companies, and the world of our excellence and brilliance. And again. She is the author of Oy Vey! Cavallo di Troia. Clowns, pezzi da museo, maschere oscene che come esercito invadono la mia patria e vengono applauditi. La massa informe gli gettava fiori addosso, festeggiava i boia che avevano inventato i bombardamenti a tappeto per massacrare le popolazioni civili.

Suona a morte la campana della politica scavalcata da un nuovo movimento che paradossalmente affascina sparando a gradi. Che incarna tutto e il contrario di tutto. Ma questo movimento di protesta fa saltare i fragili contenitori politici, che si trovano improvvisamente a fare i conti con qualcosa di alieno. Come possono stare insieme forze politiche, quali sono i punti contatto? Nella stazione centrale del potere tutte le locomotrici sono ferme inerti, sono nude e mostrano larve, scorie putrescenti. Si deve usare il diserbante per levare la mala pianta e i mercanti del tempio devono essere messi in condizione di non agire per sempre.

La Germania sta barando: ci impone lo spietato regime di austerity e il taglio della spesa pubblica, mentre — sottobanco — usa nientemeno che il proprio debito pubblico quello che ci impedisce di utilizzare per lucrare sulla nostra crisi , aggravandola e pilotandola attraverso il mercato finanziario dei titoli di Stato. Mission impossibile: lo vieta il regolamento europeo che mette fuori gioco le banche centrali. Chiaro, no? Eesempio: la Commerzbank, secondo istituto tedesco, ha lo Stato come azionista di maggioranza.

E come fa, Berlino, ad approvigionarsi di euro? Sitemap

E in Europa lo sanno? Il toro da affrontare per le corna? Poteva finir peggio? La casta delle auto blu? Attenzione: sono soltanto fanterie, soldati semplici, camerieri e maggiordomi. Partiti e sindacati un tempo schierati dalla parte dei diritti? Si profila uno scenario molto mobile e, per la prima volta, con uno schieramento radicale che comincia a mostrarsi forte. Democrazia : il potere controllato dal popolo? E Monti candidato alle elezioni? E gli altri? Eccezioni, appunto. Dittatura dei poteri forti. Obiettivo finale, una nuova Europa. La destra, in questo momento, significa Europa , Monti, banche e messa in ordine dei conti.

La destra ha una natura darwiniana e razzista: vuole usare le differenze naturali per lo sviluppo. La sinistra vuole correggere le differenze naturali in modo che tutti possano competere cominciando dallo stesso livello. Bersani si appresta ad allearsi con Monti, Casini e Fini. Cosa pretende? Mi aspetto un crollo di consenso per lui. Non sono proprio di sinistra i grillini?

Ma per sbattere le cose in faccia a Bersani vanno bene. In questa situazione internazionale bancaria ed europea, grandi aspettative che un governo di sinistra possa fare qualcosa di serio non ce ne sono. Se la sinistra estrema andasse al potere metterebbe in atto la patrimoniale. Ma riusciremmo davvero a farla? Il debito: come facciamo a pagarlo? La sinistra deve inventare una forma di opposizione dura e robusta per limitare i danni di questi governi euro-bancari. In Europa , ad esempio, si potrebbe tentare con Hollande e con la Spagna la trasformazione della Bce in una banca come la Federal Reserve.

Davvero occorre prepararsi alla resistenza. Ci ha salvati, da cosa? Monti ha fatto quella politica che Berlusconi non ha avuto il coraggio di fare. A sinistra abbiamo recalcitrato, ma poi abbiamo accettato lo stesso. Avremmo risparmiato tempo e fiato. Cosa ci abbiamo guadagnato a sospendere la democrazia e ad aumentare i disoccupati? Growth in the economy in this decade will be the slowest.

It is the most complicated. There is no escape from the imperative need for the federal government to come to the rescue to right the economic and financial ship of state. Uno stato ridotto , sostanzialmente, ad una banca , un esercito ed una struttura di controllo della popolazione. Sperando che per uscirne non si debba ricorrere ad un millenaristico uomo della provvidenza. Quando si parla di case di settembre. In fondo io la mia casa me la porto nel cuore…. Le 12 juillet Le 21 novembre Le 19 septembre Le 25 janvier Public Affairs Program.

Michael Spence , Joanne J. We are fortunate to have him as our guest. Today he will be addressing such critical economic questions as: How will the global economy develop over the next 50 years? What are appropriate economic models in the wake of the recent global financial crisis? When we look around the world, we see economic change taking place everywhere. In some countries it is slow, while in other parts of the world development is taking place so rapidly that these advances will alter the history of a nation or even an entire continent within a span of years. The Industrial Revolution was one such phenomenon, when, for the first time in history, per-capita income of ordinary people began to rise and living standards started to undergo sustained growth.

This occurred first in Britain, transferred to the European continent, and then the United States. Although many lives were changed forever, this shift was confined only to industrialized nations, while the rest of the world remained below the poverty line. Following World War II, there was a second revolution that altered the global economy.

New advances in technology and increased production created more efficient economies so that profits rose. Countries that once lagged behind started growing at unprecedented rates. He tells us that while the gap between advanced and developing countries is still there, for the first time in years, this gap is becoming smaller and smaller.

It is one of convergence rather than divergence. If these trends continue, he tells us, we will witness a merging of living standards resulting in a better life for billions of people. Still, as with any change, there are challenges. For example, how can countries sustain this growth? What impact will this trend have on advanced economies? What will happen to populations, incomes, and natural resources when this growth appears? Will the global financial system be able to sustain the economic growth that is predicted?

In the four years that Professor Spence was chairman of the Commission on Growth and Development , a project launched in part by the World Bank, our guest had much time to think about these shifting patterns of economic activity in developing countries. When his chairmanship ended, Professor Spence knew he wanted to share what he had learned so that others could benefit from his experience.

In writing The Next Convergence, I believe he has done just that. Not only has he taken the dynamics of developing economies to show how their growth and that of the global economy are interrelated, but he also provides critical insight to reveal how this new dynamic will affect us all. In order to avail ourselves of his wisdom, please join me in giving a very warm welcome to our very distinguished guest, Michael Spence.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The storyline is the one Joanne mentioned. We had negligible economic growth in the world for eight or nine centuries. The rest of the world basically stayed where it was, probably for complex reasons, but having to do with the inherent asymmetries associated with colonialism and all that went with it.

Then, after World War II, several things came together. Technology produced a huge tailwind in integrating the global economy in a way that none of us could see at the time. I was born during World War II. So it went on like that. But by now, we can clearly see that this pattern of 15 percent going in one direction and everybody else staying where they were was reversed at that time. There were a lot of false starts. I wanted to do two things in the book. One is to say that, and to say these are such enormous changes that we all have to think about whether the planet will withstand it, and how we govern this thing.

Just to give you one data point. At very conservative estimates of global growth rates, in the next 20 years, we will more than triple global GDP. We already have a pretty big global economy.

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If you triple it, you have an extraordinary set of pressures on natural resources, energy, the environment, and so on. Then I spent some time—and this I did in large part because as I went around the world and talked to people, including investors and businesspeople, they would ask: Is the growth at 7 to 10 percent in China sustainable? Is there something wrong with this model? Will it stop? I spend a fair amount of time in in the first half of the book trying to explain the dynamics of high-speed growth. And they are fairly straightforward.

The key first input is the open global economy, which, in a sense, was a gift. It was created by the advanced countries, led by the United States. The global economy gives you three things, in principle, two of which are genuinely crucial. One is knowledge. My colleague Paul Romer does.

That increases their potential output. That brings us to the second key component, which is that they invest and save, when they are growing at very high rates. China in , when it started growing rapidly, was investing and saving—meaning funding their own investment—at 35 percent, or a third of GDP. That is an extraordinary choice. Indeed, if you look across developing countries, not all of them are able to make this choice. Some of them are stuck in a trap at a low level. A question you might want to walk away with is, why is the United States investment rate 13 percent of GDP in , and the savings rate below that, because we are running a current account surplus?

The third thing that is really important—and this goes all the way back to Adam Smith —is that these countries have to sell what they make. If you look at the dynamics and watch it running, what happens is, there are a whole bunch of people in agriculture and traditional sectors in these economies, and they come into the modern sector, in the way that Sir W.

Arthur Lewis described. That sector is usually the export sector. The image now is labor-intensive, process-oriented manufacturing. They sell it to the global economy. That turns out to be the other critical input. One way to think about it is, suppose they have done this for a while and their global market share is 2 percent. The only country that finally got big enough to make a dent is China. China actually turns prices against itself, both on the output side, by driving prices down, and on the input side, by driving the prices, like energy, cement—name any commodity, and China is a factor in driving the prices up.

The final key piece of this dynamic is very important. This has to do with equity, distribution, and equality of opportunity. It could be violence. It could be political disruption, chaos, and so on. I talk a fair amount about that. There are a lot of countries that are either still stuck or, at best, just starting this journey that others did. In this you will find things that, given your knowledge in general of the global economy, are fun.

There are 13 economies that have grown at 7 percent or more for 25 years or more. Why do we pick those numbers? Because you double every decade at 7 percent, and in 25 years, you have made a significant amount of progress. The first was Japan. Brazil was the second—a fascinating case. It grew very quickly and then, around , just stopped for 25 years. There is a huge variety in size. A lot of the countries are Asian—the Asian Tigers and so on. There is a lot of variety in governance. You have autocratic systems, dominant single parties, full-fledged multiparty democracies. I reached my own conclusions and I suggested them without pretending that they are scientific fact.

It seems to me that the governments that succeed have benefited from leadership which brings multi-stakeholders together. They pick approximately the right economic model, dynamic model. That is, they get the elements I described before right. Finally, they are benign in the sense that they intend this to improve the lives of all their people over time. The governments that fail do something else. Just look around the world at, in economic terms, failing performance.

There is usually a governing group that is pursuing its own interests somehow or the interests of a subset of people. Paul Collier says that countries with natural-resource wealth tend to perform poorly in governments, and therefore in economic performance. Because the pie is bigger than it is in a poor country, and so the game turns into getting your share or expanding your share of the pie rather than increasing it. A final thought on this. Economists forecast, and they are usually wrong, so you should discount everything I say. But in the s economists believed that Africa would be the star performer in the developing world and Asia would be the basket case.

What we got wrong is fairly easy to see with the benefit of hindsight. We thought that economic wealth came from natural-resource wealth, and Africa is knee-deep in natural-resource wealth, compared to any continent in the world. The global economy opened, and sure enough, that turns out to be the durable basis of the creation of wealth, human capital—a terrible term—human beings, creativity, innovation, and so on. Very briefly, looking forward: First of all, the advanced countries should take credit and be reasonably proud of finally having created an environment in which this could happen.

They make extraordinary sacrifices for that. But there are challenges going forward. In America, we have lots of very fine features of our economy.

Unione Parkinsoniani 16dic

We are innovative. There are portions of our tradable sector that benefit from and operate in the high-growth parts of the global economy. They are doing very well. But we are under-investing and we need to up our game. The way I describe it to people—and myself, actually—is that there are two scenarios. This is not a zero-sum game. We are going to have lots more friendly competitors in the future than we did before when the global economy is three to four times its size.

But we are going to have to start investing in people, knowledge, technology, and infrastructure. We are going to have to have a sensible energy policy. We are going to have to have a sensible tax system that encourages this kind of investment and creates employment.

We have a fairly difficult few years, in the short- to medium-run, to deal with. To refer briefly to some research I did after I wrote the book, last fall, in the 18 years from to , just before the crisis, if you look at where the American economy created jobs—and there were a lot of them, 27 million, to be precise—almost all of them, 98 percent of them, were created in the nontradable sector.

It was driven by health care, government, and so on. People have different views on that. It has more employment in the industrial sector and so on. These are all issues that will be debated and discussed in the advanced countries, maybe later than is ideal. There are problems and issues that will come to the advanced countries. There is a set of governance issues. The governance institutions in the global economy are just way behind the market integration. This is a well-known fact. These are hard things. The G20 is supposed to be the main place where priorities are set and where this is coordinated.

So we create an institution that captures the major economies and puts them together. The reason is that there are 3. They already started. If you read carefully the Twelfth Five-Year Plan in China, which we can think of as a beginning of this path, there is a pretty aggressive start on lower energy. Unusually, a film had been released earlier that year called Riptide, written by Edmund Goulding and directed by him and Robert Z.

I used it in an episode of the Hollywood television series devoted to the scandals, when an extract from A Woman of Affairs showed Garbo loosening her ring in the love scene with John Gilbert. That piano piece became the basis for the whole film. It is scored for 18 players — but I used no percussion, to make it softgrained, to go with the lighting. The performance at the Giornate will mark the first time I have personally conducted the score publicly. Nel periodo del muto furono realizzati circa cento film tratti dalle opere di Charles Dickens.

Sfortunatamente, circa due terzi degli adattamenti muti sono andati perduti o sono in attesa di una riscoperta. Sono in programma anche altri film poco visti, alcuni dei quali freschi di restauro. During the silent era about a hundred films were made from the works of Charles Dickens. Through the eras of sound film and television, the enthusiasm for Dickens adaptations has hardly waned. No proof is needed of the continuing international popularity of these stories and characters and their fundamental influence on such an artist as Chaplin.

Sadly, some two-thirds of the silent adaptations are now lost or awaiting rediscovery. Nevertheless, the remaining third are conserved in archives throughout the world. Starting from this, the extensive retrospective includes rarely seen films, some only very recently restored. Taken together, however, they chart a history of developing approaches to cinematic adaptations of literary texts. Perhaps the most exciting revelation in this bicentennial year will be long-awaited restorations of A. La stessa Jennie Lee ripropose a teatro il suo celebre personaggio nel maggio , poco prima della realizzazione del film di Smith.

A night watchman passes, shining his lamp in the snow. Yes and No. Smith, GB ? Smith; cast: Tom Green, Laura Bayley; 35mm, 73 ft. Passa un guardiano notturno, la sua lampada brilla in mezzo alla neve. Anche Tom Green era una presenza costante nei film di Smith. Vediamo la signora Bardwell e vari testimoni che vengono interrogati e Pickwick che reagisce alle loro parole. Pickwick va in prigione. Pickwick acconsente e il film si conclude con una rimpatriata al Circolo.

Scenes introducing Dodson and Fogg and the Pickwick Club follow before the court scene — filmed in a single shot without titles. Bardell and the various witnesses are questioned while Pickwick reacts. Bardwell to join him. Finally he agrees and the film ends with a reunion at the Club. Paul; 35mm, ft. Nel , R. Pickwick da Wardle che si ritenevano entrambi perduti.

Si tratta di una scoperta molto rilevante sia per la filmografia di Paul che per il cinema dickensiano. However, an almost-complete print of the latter has been found in Madrid and will receive its public premiere at Pordenone. This is a really significant discovery for the filmography of Paul as well as for Dickensian cinema. This scene from The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club derives from the first extended treatment the young Dickens wrote of the yuletide season, with which he will forever be associated.

Budger , Arthur White Dr. Owen Sam Weller ; 35mm, ft. Wallace Erskine Mrs. Bardell , Elizabeth Miller Mrs. Basato sul processo Pickwick-Bardwell, questo film Edison da un rullo si apre con la scena in cui la signora Bardwell legge la lettera ambiguamente formulata che Pickwick le ha scritto; quando questi arriva, lei gli si getta al collo svenendo fra le sua braccia. Dopo alcune scene che introducono He was given a truly stellar welcome, mobbed by crowds when he arrived to film at the Derby, though his star was soon to be eclipsed and after his death in he was largely forgotten.

Topographical authenticity always rated highly in adaptations of The Inimitable. The first film is taken from the early chapters of the book and concerns Winkle, one of the members of the Pickwick Club, being challenged to a duel in a case of mistaken identity due to the machinations of the comic villain Alfred Jingle.

Despite the use of explanatory titles the film is not easy to understand without prior knowledge — perhaps these films were meant to be accompanied by a lecturer. The story begins with Pickwick leaving his house in London, but all the scenes were shot in and around Rochester, Kent, making excellent use of picturesque thoroughfares, the exterior and interior of the old coaching inn, The Bull, and the grounds of Rochester Castle. The second episode concerns Jingle and his companion, Job Trotter, tricking the gullible Pickwick, despite the protestations of Sam Weller, into entering an academy for ladies to, as he believes, rescue one of the pupils.

This provides much more scope for the star to display his comic talents, but, though this is far funnier than its predecessor, Bunny struggles to embody the innocent naivety of Samuel Pickwick, looking much older than his 50 years. The Thanhouser company logo is very much in evidence on the walls of the often elaborate sets, once even making a far from subtle appearance nailed to the trunk of a tree.

Le statue di cera di Mrs. Jarley risultano particolarmente realistiche, essendo impersonate da esseri viventi. The Thanhouser film consists of 13 single-shot scenes, several of them. Alf Collins era un comico di music hall prima di diventare produttore per la British Gaumont di A. Squeers distribuisce zolfo e melassa alle dolenti creature a lei affidate. This production, mounted on a set with a painted backdrop and filmed in one shot from a static camera position, might be considered as a typical instance of literary adaptation in the early years of cinema.

Squeers doles out the brimstone and treacle to her groaning charges. Poor quaking Smike is brutally beaten by one-eyed Squeers before Nicholas intervenes to rescue him and anarchy ensues in the classroom. Nicholls; f. Nickleby , Justus D. Barnes Ralph Nickleby , N. Squeers , Marie Eline Wackford Jr. These two films were released together, in the United States before the UK, but the third, missing, episode did not open until 6 months later. Though the camera remains frontally mounted throughout, some scenes have effective internal cuts, and the movement of characters from foreground to background and vice-versa, often along the diagonal, means the action is never static.

The often gestural performance style seems appropriate to a story which is inherently melodramatic and theatrical. Il coincise col centenario della nascita di Charles Dickens, che fu ampiamente celebrato in tutti i Paesi di lingua inglese; nel corso del biennio uscirono ben 20 film ispirati alle sue opere. Nicholls remains a deft distillation. Despite its compression the film has strong characterization, with especially good accounts. Marston Mrs. Fielding ; 35mm, ft. Una versione in 7 rulli fu realizzata nel dalla casa americana Paul Gerson Pictures. Ma vi furono anche un Grillon in 2 rulli nel , con un giovane Charles Boyer nei panni di Edward, e una oggi apparentemente perduta versione russa nel Hepworth; scen: Thomas Bentley; f.

Rivary Mr. Questo film era da tempo considerato perduto. Di sicuro Cecil Hepworth lo produsse per celebrare, nel , il centenario di Dickens. Bentley , che aveva studiato ingegneria, si era affermato nel music hall grazie alle sue caratterizzazioni dickensiane. Egli era apparso nel film del centenario, Leaves from the Books of Charles Dickens, e Oliver Twist rappresentava il suo esordio come regista. Diventato un prolifico regista commerciale, avrebbe successivamente firmato i seguenti adattamenti dickensiani: Hard Times , The Old Curiosity Shop , The Adventures of Mr.

Pickwick e ancora The Old Curiosity Shop Noi lo dubitiamo. La storia inizia con il ritorno al suo villaggio costiero di un giovane marinaio, Edward Plummer, dato per disperso in mare. It is rarely read today, however, and the half-dozen film versions all date from the silent period, with the exception of a French Le Grillon du foyer, in The first adaptation, in , came from D. Griffith as a Biograph one-reeler, with 25 shots and only 5 titles.

This was followed in by a 2-reeler from the American Film Co. A 7-reel version came from the American company Paul Gerson Pictures in There was also a 2-reel Grillon in , featuring a young Charles Boyer as Edward, and a now apparently lost Russian version in It opens with the arrival in a coastal village of a young sailor, Edward Plummer, thought to have been lost at sea. Finally Edward reveals his true identity to May, who is overjoyed to recover him and rejects Tackleton, who renounces his claim to her, and all ends happily.

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La scena si dissolve poi in quello che diventa un lungo flashback, che nasce come un ricordo di Leeford e copre tutta la parte restante del film. Il flashback inizia con una signora elegante che conduce per mano un. A last-minute addition to the festival, thanks to the efforts of the Library of Congress in restoring 28mm prints held by them and George Eastman House, this is the first public screening of a film long believed to be entirely lost. No doubt Cecil Hepworth intended it to mark the Dickens centenary.

Bentley , trained as an engineer, had become a successful music hall performer with his Dickens characterizations. Following his appearance in the centenary film, Leaves from the Books of Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist was his debut as director. Pickwick , and The Old Curiosity Shop Oliver Twist, in 4 reels, was particularly notable as the first British multi-reel feature, and received almost unanimous acclaim from the press.

Most critics praised the film for its care in including all the best-loved scenes in its minute length. Can we say more in its favour? We doubt it. The Bioscope singled Ma si tratta solo di lievi pecche in un film per il resto molto accurato e sicuramente meritevole di maggiore attenzione. Long thought to be lost, this film was recently rediscovered in the Serbian Archive in Belgrade, missing 2 reels and with Serbian intertitles. The obvious problem that Leeford could not have been present at many of the scenes being shown can be easily ignored.

This begins with a well-dressed woman leading a child by the hand — a child whom Leeford then imagines being sacrificed and killed. Meanwhile Leeford now calling himself Monks makes an early appearance conspiring with Fagin to discredit Oliver so that he will become ineligible to receive his inheritance.

Poi il piccolo viene rapito da Sikes e Nancy mentre esegue una commissione per Brownlow e costretto a riunirsi alla banda di Fagin. Nancy, udendo per caso Fagin e Monks complottare, si pente e cerca di aiutare Oliver, ma Sikes glielo impedisce e la uccide in una scena ora sfortunatamente mancante. Monks fissa disperato un orologio che segna le Lo ritroviamo da Brownlow, dove Oliver cerca di fargli animo e prega Brownlow di perdonarlo. Brownlow gli chiede dove abbia nascosto i documenti che gli ha dato Monks e Fagin ne rivela il nascondiglio supplicando Oliver di perdonarlo.

Quando i due visitatori se ne vanno, Fagin rimane a tremare dal terrore sulla paglia che copre il pavimento della cella. Nancy, overhearing Fagin and Monks plotting, repents and tries to help Oliver, but is prevented and murdered by Sikes, in a scene now unfortunately missing. He escapes to the roof, but, startled by a momentary visual memory of Nancy, loses his balance and inadvertently hangs himself.

Brownlow says that he will not prosecute Monks, but he must leave the country and go to Australia and never be heard of again. Oliver and Brownlow visit Fagin in the condemned cell on the night before his execution. He begs them to save him; Brownlow says that it is impossible and advises him to repent and save his soul, while Oliver tries to console him as he trembles with fear.

Brownlow asks him where he hid the documents that Monks gave him, and Fagin reveals the hiding place and asks Oliver to forgive him. They leave, and Fagin is seen writhing in terror in the straw covering the cell floor. The last image is a split-screen showing Fagin on the left and a gallows on the right. The film follows the plot of the novel far more fully and elaborately than most other extant works of the time, while incorporating it into an unusually sophisticated filmic structure that departs radically from the purely chronological approach employed previously, in which one tableau-like and largely static scene dutifully follows another.

There are one or two anomalies in the setting of the story, which obviously takes place in a Hungarian town of some size — evident in an overhead shot taken from the roof where Sikes meets his demise — and in the uniforms worn by the gendarmes who arrest Oliver. But these are small flaws in an otherwise very competent film that deserves to be much better known.

Maylie ; DigiBeta, 74' 24 fps , col. La copia ritrovata era priva delle didascalie originali, ma Coogan e Lesser, lavorando a fianco dello studioso di Dickens Edward Wagenknecht, furono in grado di ricostruire con discreta approssimazione i testi originali. This film was considered lost producer Sol Lesser had burned the camera negative for its silver content and no prints were known to survive until David Shepard discovered a pristine 35mm print in a film archive in Yugoslavia, and enlisted Coogan and an octogenarian Lesser to work on a restoration for Blackhawk Films.

The rediscovered print was missing its original English intertitles, but Coogan and Lesser, working closely with Dickens scholar Edward Wagenknecht, were able to conjure up good approximations of the originals. The breakthrough came when Coogan remembered that director Frank Lloyd had used quotes lifted directly from the novel for dialogue intertitles. The film was directed by the prolific and talented Scottish-born Frank Lloyd, who had earlier produced the best silent version of A Tale of Two Cities and was an acknowledged and enthusiastic Dickensian.

In several scenes he runs away from danger or retribution in exactly the comic style of the Chaplin film, and his character is considerably more lively and resourceful than the generally passive and tearful Oliver of the book. Similarly, when he is sent to work with Sowerberry and is mistreated by Noah Claypole, the resulting conflict is more comic than painful. The pursuit of Oliver after the pickpocketing of Mr.

Given these significant shifts of tone from the novel, it is rather. La principale omissione della trama cui si fa peraltro succintamente cenno in un paio di brevi scene e relative didascalie riguarda il fallito tentativo del giovane Martin di farsi una fortuna in America, in compagnia del suo amico Mark Tapley. Questo episodio, piuttosto lungo nel libro, era ampiamente basato sulle deludenti esperienze personali maturate dallo stesso Dickens durante una sua recente visita negli Stati Uniti, dove sia il romanzo sia il diario di viaggio American Notes suscitarono il risentimento dei suoi numerosi lettori e ammiratori americani.

This is made clear in the book, at least, though the film implies that he has been genuinely deceived by Pecksniff almost to the very end of the story. No doubt an American film company thought it wiser to eliminate it, as a result. Gamp, infermiera garrula e ubriacona, la cui parlata molto singolare mal si adattava alle didascalie, pur essendo fonte di grande divertimento per i lettori del romanzo.

Questo, per lo meno, il romanzo lo dice chiaramente, mentre il film lascia intendere che il vecchio si sia lasciato gabbare da Pecksniff. Skewton ; Nel complesso, il film rimane nondimeno un pregevole, pur se occasionalmente mal applicato, esperimento, e il disprezzo con cui fu accolto a suo tempo appare del tutto ingiustificato. In response, Stannard argued that, unlike A Tale of Two Cities or Oliver Twist, the true meaning of Dombey and Son was internal rather than external and applied as much to the present day as to Victorian England. If Hamlet, he went on, could be presented in modern dress, why not Dickens?

Mayer Foundation. Yet it is perfectly efficient by the standards of adaptations of Dickens at the time. The plot is intelligently condensed, as usual, around the personal relationships, while social and industrial themes such as the impact of the railways and the urban sprawl that is encroaching on the countryside are ignored. The more eccentric and grotesque characters, such as Major Bagstock or Mrs. As Dombey seems never to be charged with any crime, however, the audience is presumably expected to assume the latter. All in all, however, it is a worthwhile, if occasionally misguided, experiment, and not at all deserving of the opprobrium with which it was originally received.

The popularity of this moral tale is shown not merely by the sales of the book but by the 24 theatrical productions in the 19th century, culminating in a particularly successful adaptation by J. Buckstone which premiered in October with a then-youthful Seymour Hicks in the title role. The story and characters were also well-known through the magic lantern, where dissolving views were used in both drawn and photographed sets.

Booth; cast:? McDermott conferisce una genuina gravitas al personaggio, e il film riesce ad includere un discreto numero di episodi molto amati, ivi incluso il ballo organizzato da Fezziwig. I tre fantasmi natalizi sono qui fusi in un solo spirito del Natale, iconograficamente affine allo Spirito del Natale Presente descritto da Dickens. Patrick Campbell on the London stage and was hired by Charles Frohman, who cast him as Sherlock Holmes and later brought him to Broadway.

Unusually for early versions the social dimension of the story is not ignored, as there is an inclusion of the starving children, Want and Ignorance, though here again they are composited into only one figure. The awakening scene, though short, is nevertheless moving as played. What remains, however, amply demonstrates this to be a technically innovative production. The length alone was unusual for , and the effective animated intertitles pre-date their general use.

The version of the Carol made by Essanay in and the Il sogno del vecchio usuraio Old Scrooge by Cines in Rome are both missing, though there are descriptions of them in the trade press. Le parti sopravvissute, nondimeno, dimostrano ampiamente che si tratta di una pellicola di notevole innovazione tecnica. La durata stessa del film era inusuale per il , e le suggestive didascalie animate anticipavano il loro uso generalizzato. Alcune foto di scena della produzione teatrale di Buckstone mostrano il fantasma di Marley avvolto negli spaventevoli abiti della tomba.

A Christmas Carol prodotto nel dalla Essanay e Il sogno del vecchio usuraio Old Scrooge della romana Cines del sono entrambi andati perduti, pur se ne rimangono descrizioni nella stampa di categoria.

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Hicks reprised the role for which he was so famous in the first sound version of , by which time he had been knighted, was 64 years old — and still no more convincing. Anche gli effetti speciali sono piuttosto statici e grossolani, lontanissimi dai virtuosismi della versione di Paul di 12 anni prima — e di nuovo troviamo un solo fantasma del Natale.

Buckstone play the author himself even puts in an appearance as the invented character, Middlemark the Charity Commissioner and it shows, for this is a stodgy theatrical pudding. By now Seymour Hicks had played the character over 2, times on the stage, but he makes a most unprepossessing Scrooge, looking more like a scruffy tramp than a wealthy miser, with none of the pompous self-importance McDermott brought to the role.

The special effects are equally clumsy and static, with none of the bravura of the Paul version 12 years earlier — once again there is only one Christmas ghost. By far the most interesting and bizarre aspect of this pedestrian production is the Prologue. Sorprendentemente, per la prima volta tutti i fantasmi fanno la loro apparizione, e con un vestiario adeguato.

The stage actor Charles Rock makes a far more restrained Scrooge, casting a baleful influence over everyone with whom he comes into contact, in his office, the eating house, and the street. Amazingly, for the first time all the spirits are depicted, and in convincing garb. Murdstone , Miss West Mrs. Micawber , Shiel Porter Mr. Creakle , Marie de Solla Mrs. Gummidge ; orig. Malgrado fosse un tipo eccentrico, lavorare con lui era veramente piacevole.

Al suo ritorno mi disse di aver trovato proprio la casa descritta da Dickens. Credo che non abbia mai capito la ragione dello scarso entusiasmo con cui accolsi la notizia. Il film sarebbe risultato incomprensibile senza un solido supporto informativo scritto, sotto forma di didascalie o di inserti di lettere filmate. La narrazione procede a un ritmo alquanto sostenuto, necessariamente. I primi ammiratori di Dickens furono inguaribilmente affascinati da Topografia e Personificazione. VIII, n. Thomas Bentley appears in certain characters from the novels in incidents enacted in the real background of their setting in the respective books… He cleverly and faithfully presents each character, making the whole of the series wonderfully life-like.

After each visitation Scrooge is returned to his bed before his soul once more is led out, creating the impression that this is all a guilty dream. But again, the coruscating social criticism of the original is barely hinted at. It may not have been outstandingly good but it was very successful and it marked the beginning of a Dickens series … The next one on our list was the dreadfully difficult story of David Copperfield. Bentley certainly loved his Dickens and there is no gainsaying the fact that he turned out a great deal of very good work which rebounded considerably to his credit and also to ours.

He was a rum chap but I found him very pleasant to work with. He went to Dover among many other places in the making of this film. When he came back he told me that he had found the very house that Dickens had described. I do not think he ever understood why I received this news with so little enthusiasm. The film would be hard to follow without substantial recourse to important information being given in writing, whether in the form of intertitles or filmed letters.

The narrative progresses at quite a lick, necessarily compressed, frequently perfunctory. He seems equally capable in scenes in which David is cruelly abused at home by Murdstone, at school by Creakle, at the bottle factory by his fellow child-labourers, or on his exhausting escape from. This film has a hallowed status as it is sometimes considered, arguably, the first British feature. It was certainly the longest production thus far from a Dickensian source. The film pioneer Cecil Hepworth was the son of a lantern lecturer Should there be any doubts about the continuing centrality of Dickens to the iconographical heritage of London, this delightful short must dispel them.

Real places associated with the Man become interchangeable with the fictional locations of the Works. The covers of his books become porous and his creations rub shoulders together on a motor omnibus. And where, in , would these ever-living characters who never lived be going? To the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley.

Williams apparve anche in numerosi adattamenti teatrali di opere dello scrittore e divenne vicepresidente di The Dickens Fellowship. Parkinson; orig. E dove potevano recarsi, nel , questi personaggi destinati a vivere per sempre pur senza aver mai vissuto? London , as well as in delightful comic moments the waiter eating and drinking more of his meal than he does, Micawber mixing punch, or Mister Dick kite-flying. However, as is so often the case with a Hepworth production, it is the beauty of the pictorial compositions and the picturesque quality of the exteriors — the lanes of Suffolk, the cliffs at Dover, the storm at Yarmouth, the streets of Canterbury, the houses of Highgate — which remain the greatest achievement of this production.

The most ambitious must surely have been Barnaby Rudge in It would be wonderful if this lost epic were one day rediscovered. Williams was the predominant interpreter of Dickensian characters throughout the first half of the 20th century. He brought Dickens to the masses through monologues, his extensive repertoire including Mr. His first Christmas Carol recording for the Edison phonograph was in , and in he recorded a further series of recitals of this character, which he would go on playing until he was 80, his final interpretation being for a BBC TV broadcast of He also appeared in many stage adaptations of the works and became Vice-President of The Dickens Fellowship.

However, this companion piece remains, and here Williams impersonates Smallweed, the grotesque, avaricious rentier from Bleak House. Elliott, che in seguito avrebbe scritto per Elvey i popolari cortometraggi di Sherlock Holmes con Eille Norwood. Ma neanche questa fu una versione del tutto convenzionale.

Comyns Carr in cui Tree impersonava Fagin e che ebbe una lunghissima tenitura. Jellyby, Chadband, Skimpole o Smallweed — resterebbero molto delusi. Un film inglese intitolato Jo the Crossing Sweeper fu distribuito nel Nel la prima prova dickensiana di Elvey aveva sollevato molte polemiche ed era stato bistrattata dalla critica. La versione di Dombey and Son scritta da Eliot Stannard ambientava la vicenda in epoca Oliver Twist. Neither of them had a chance to reprise these roles for the screen, as in the U.

Contemporary notices praised her performance. No one could claim that this film comes anywhere close to doing justice to the magnificence of the original, and those purists seeking characters which display the satirical brilliance of Dickens, such as Mrs. Jellyby, Chadband, Skimpole, or Smallweed, will be severely disappointed. This is a family melodrama, with no mention of the Court of Chancery or the case of Jarndyce versus Jarndyce. Sandberg; scen: Sam Ask; f. Lo script si concentra unicamente sulla casa dei Clennam e sulla famiglia Dorrit. As the title might suggest, Bleak House is far from the jolliest or most sentimental of the collected works.

The complexity of the plot, the seriousness of the subject matter, the wide focus of the social scope, and the vast number of characters and locations all militate against Bleak House as a fitting property for feature-film exploitation. This never prevented the book being staged throughout the 19th century, though many of the plays were confined to the story of poor Jo, with Miss Jennie Lee as the most celebrated interpreter of this pathetic part. A British film titled Jo the Crossing Sweeper was released in Eliot Stannard had updated his script of Dombey and Son to the present day, and this had outraged the Keepers of the Flame, who poured vitriol upon the project, particularly in the pages of The Dickensian.

So when the director took on Bleak House three years later he played it somewhat safer, sticking with the period setting and working with an adaptation by William J. This was not an entirely conventional version, however. For this picture we have chosen the most dramatic of all the tales embedded in the book — the story of the hunting down of Lady Dedlock, and the discovery of her secret. From the outset we know spoiler alert! Obviously, for such an approach to be successful much is riding on the central character, and it is hard to imagine a more moving and convincing performance than that of Constance Collier The scenario concentrates entirely on the Clennam household and the Dorrit family.

Clennam and then perishes dramatically in the collapse of the Clennam house. His speech welcoming his guests is presented in a series of dissolves in which, at one moment, William and his guests are in appropriate evening dress and, at the next, all those present are dressed in the drab, nondescript clothing of the earlier prison scenes. Sopravvive invece Mr. Merdle, il finanziere fraudolento, ma solo come elemento catalizzatore della rovina finanziaria di Arthur e con una diversione dal romanzo del tracollo nervoso di William Dorrit.

Clennam e morire tragicamente nel crollo della casa dei Clennam. Sandberg for Nordisk, ensuring that these are the most respectful adaptations of the silent era. As with all the Danish productions, Little Dorrit is superbly mounted with fine design, effective casting and acting, a good sense of period atmosphere, and a reasonably effective attempt to create. Humphrey; prod: J.

Florence Turner, the Vitagraph Girl, stars as Lucie, and there is a cameo for Norma Talmadge, in one of her earliest roles; even John Bunny makes a brief appearance as a jailer, prior to his international fame as a screen comedian. The central narrative problem of the resemblance between Darnay and Carton is solved by casting an actor who bears a passing resemblance to Maurice Costello playing Carton.

Evremonde, who has Doctor Manette imprisoned in the Bastille to ensure his silence. Though the condensation of the action necessitates a heavy reliance on titles to deal with events that are not represented, the film was a great success. I left the theatre greatly. Le scene clou obbligate quali la presa della Bastiglia, il tribunale rivoluzionario e la folla urlante ai piedi della ghigliottina richiedono set molto elaborati e migliaia di comparse.

Requisiti che non difettono certo nel film Fox. The central theme of a tarnished man sacrificing himself for a woman he loves but who he knows can never reciprocate such adoration first came to him when he was acting in a similar role in The Frozen Deep — an amateur performance for which he gained great critical plaudits and during which he first met the professional actress Ellen Ternan. Obligatory set-pieces such as the storming of the Bastille, the Revolutionary Tribunal, and the baying mob at the foot of La Guillotine demand elaborate sets and a cast of thousands.

All this is certainly achieved in the Fox film. However, the greatest difficulty in moving from page to performance lies in the central conceit of the total resemblance between French aristocrat Charles Darnay and failed English lawyer Sydney Carton. Adapters have tackled this extreme demand upon the suspension of disbelief with varying degrees of success.

The most imaginative solution would come in the David O. For the first and only time, the Fox film takes this problem on the chin and looks it bravely in the eye by casting the same actor, William Farnum, in both roles. The result transcends technical wizardry, a demonstration of the capability of the medium in The split-second, precision-timed, doubleexposure photography is no mere special effect but adds psychological complexity to the characterization. The bland figure of Darnay. Per la prima e unica volta, il film Fox affronta il toro per le corna affidando il doppio ruolo direttamente allo stesso attore, William Farnum.

Un collaudato e ininterrotto successo di ieri, oggi e domani. Ma il film sopprime, elide,. Evremonde , J. Fisher White Dr. This theme is superbly manifested in the tavern scene where the advocate regards himself in the mirror before his dissolute features dissolve into those of his doppelganger. The action of the climax is especially exciting, cutting between the coach carrying Lucie, Lorry, and the drugged Charles away from Paris while Pross fights Madame Defarge and Carton takes his inescapable journey to the scaffold and immortality.

No greater play. No greater author in the history of screen or stage. A proved and continuous success of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Only Way is a double adaptation: a film adapted from a play adapted from a novel. The charismatic Harvey became identified with the role of Sydney Carton, which he purportedly performed over 7, times between and in Britain and throughout North America.

Our familiarity with A Tale of Two Cities might lead us to suppose that Dickens is being directly plagiarized, but the facts are otherwise. Perhaps because the guillotine is the first attempt to industrialize death and to make the operation of the process more interesting than the individuals consumed in the process, dramatists have sensed that one frightened victim looks much like all the others and that errors might occur.

But it also suppresses and elides and rearranges and adds to the novel. Manette appears in the prologue as a young. Molti personaggi dickensiani minori o di media importanza sono scomparsi, tra questi Miss Pross e di conseguenza anche il suo assordante scontro finale con la Vendetta e la famiglia Cruncher. Il Dr. Manette figura nel prologo come un giovane medico che cerca di salvare una ragazza rapita dai St.

La parte fu creata per Miss De Silva: Mrs. Helena Martin-Harvey. Indubbiamente, quello di Mimi era un ruolo coi fiocchi per la moglie di un attore-impresario. Il comportamento di Carton sul luogo del patibolo galvanizzava il pubblico di Harvey.

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  • Sulle prime il giovane lo respinge con sdegno ma, al sopraggiungere della polizia, lo aiuta a fuggire. The first 6 scenes show the meeting between the boy and the convict, in which the child is frightened into providing him with food, before the latter attempts to escape re-arrest. Sandberg; scen: Laurids Skands; f. Evremondes but has only a small role as the dazed amnesiac victim of Royalist injustice. Produce le castagne. Modello la luna Ieri sera, il cielo era sereno e linpido; la luna era completamente visible; era risplendente e piena.

    Ringhia 4. Ruggisce 5. Un essere vivente ucciso da animali per mangiarlo. Ci si rifugiano gli animali selvatici. Un tratto di acqua stagnante con vegetazione palustre. Un precipizio. Un piccolo monte. Una spaccatura piuttosto stretta e profonda in rocce, ghiacciai e terreni. Adesso, completa la seguente tabella nel modo indicato. Gli animali di Disney! Dumbo b. La bella addormentata c.

    La sirenetta 2. I due animali cattivi che convincono Pinocchio a non andare a scuola sono. Geppetto e Pinocchio sono inghiottiti da. I tre topolini b. I tre gattini c. I tre porcellini 8. Gli animali che preparano un abito da sera a Cenerentola per andare alla festa da ballo sono dei topolini e. Sapresti completare le seguenti metafore scegliendo dalla seguente lista di animali? Si arrampica climbs come una Sai riconoscere i segni del tempo? Ci sono pochi tuoni e molti lampi.

    Il sale diventa umido. Le rane gracidano. I passeri cantano continuamente insieme. Le rondini volano alto. I gatti si passano le zampe dietro le orecchie. Lodato sii, mio Signore, per sorella luna e le stelle: in cielo le hai formate chiare e preziose e belle. Riassumi con parole tue la poesia di San Francesco.

    E poi leggi le tue ricerche in classe. Discuti il tema della poesia con altri compagni. Ecco il sol che ritorna, ecco sorride per li poggi e le ville. Si rallegra ogni core. Quando dei mali suoi men si ricorda? O natura cortese, son questi i doni tuoi, questi i diletti sono che tu porgi ai mortali. Umana prole cara agli eterni! Trova nella poesia i sinonimi o i quasi-sinonimi dei seguenti vocaboli. Rispondi alle seguenti domande. Chi torna sulla via? Che cosa appare nella valle? Che cosa si rallegra? Che fa il sole?

    Quali sono i doni della natura? Che cosa sparge la natura? Text work 53 Riporta i versi in cui il poeta. Rispondi alle seguenti domande discutendo le tue risposte con gli altri membri della classe. Intervista storica a Leopardi. La sua poesia evoca sempre immagini di solitudine e di pena. Era un pessimista. Ma Leopardi non ci crede. Discussione 1. Pensi che gli animali domestici siano importanti? Hai un animale domestico? Se no, per quale motivo non ne hai uno?

    Scrivi un componimento di circa parole su uno dei seguenti temi. Poi, leggilo in classe. Il tipo di tempo che amo. Espulsione di saliva. Membrana muscolare posta anteriormente al globo oculare, con funzione di proteggerlo dai corpi estranei e dalla luce. Serie di piccole squame chiare che provengono dal cuoio capelluto. Membrana che riveste il corpo esternamente. Ciascuna delle parti articolate del corpo che si inseriscono sul tronco.

    Liquido di colore rosso che, su impulso del cuore, circola nel corpo dei vertebrati attraverso vene, capillari e arterie. Parte del corpo tra la testa e il torace. Residuo del cordone tagliato alla nascita. Mano chiusa. Parte terminale di un dito. Parte sporgente del braccio.

    Regione posteriore del corpo umano. Parte della gamba immediatamente sopra al piede. Osso che fa parte del torace. Parte prominente del seno. Parte della faccia. Piccola formazione cava, presente in gran numero in molti organi del corpo umano. Si trova sotto la bocca. Si trova tra gli occhi e la testa. Verticali 1. Insieme di peli che crescono sulla guancia. Colore della pelle del viso umano. Traduci o in italiano o in inglese, secondo il caso. English My breathing is irregular. I can only breathe easily while I sleep.

    Yesterday I pulled a nerve. And the day before, I was told that a membrane of mine was ruptured. I am clearly unlucky. Mi fanno male i denti. E poi sembra che una delle mie narici sia otturata. Spesso ho dolori allo stomaco. I believe it is due to the pain I also have in the lower part of my arm. Quando sono le ore di visita di quel medico? That patient was admitted yesterday. They decided not to amputate his leg.

    Amputation is a truly drastic measure. I had a blood test. My doctor is trying to diagnose me for all kinds of possible ailments. Modello sentirsi bene Non mi sento bene oggi; ho un forte mal di gola e di testa. Specialista che allevia o elimina dolori alla colonna vertebrale con le mani.

    Medico che compie interventi operatori sul corpo umano. Medico che interviene per eliminare difetti del viso o del corpo. Exercises 4. Medico specializzato per curare le malattie della gola e la laringe. Specialista che si occupa dei disturbi del linguaggio. Medico specializzato nella cura delle malattie del sistema nervoso. Medico specialista nella cura dei tumori. Persona autorizzata legalmente a misurare la vista e a prescrivere lenti correttive. Medico che si occupa delle malattie dei bambini. Specialista del trattamento sistematico di una patologia. Completa la seguente tabella in modo appropriato.

    Ailment, sickness, condition, etc. Mancanza patologica di appetito. Completa ciascuna frase con la parola adatta nella sua forma appropriata. Il spesso caratterizza la bronchite. Ho un 6. Mio zio ha il e. Quando ho il raffreddore, non smetto mai di Mi pare che tu abbia la febbre. Te la voglio. Ci sono tanti in quella casa: hanno tutti lo stesso virus. Non sono un Quale antibiotico ti ha il medico? Spiega ciascuna delle seguenti cose o nozioni con le tue parole. Usa un dizionario, se necessario. Accoppia il sintomo o la condizione nella colonna a sinistra logicamente con un organo, arto, parte del corpo, ecc.

    Traduci in inglese o in italiano, secondo il caso. Incidente involontario. Malattia tropicale. Cessazione delle mestruazioni. Malattia delle vie respiratorie. Periodo della gestazione. Malattia causata dalla mancanza della vitamina C. Malattia infettiva provocata da germi o tossine nel sangue. Formazione patologica benigna. Dolore nel collo. Ostruzione patologica della normale circolazione del sangue. Modello la nuca La nuca si trova tra la base e la volta del cranio.

    Traduci in italiano o in inglese, secondo il caso. Sai quali sono i cibi che possono far bene o male alla salute? Indica se le affermazioni sono vere V o false F. Discuti le tue risposte in classe. Chi ha il diabete. Indica se le seguenti affermazioni sono vere V o false F. I barbiturici si usano per i raffreddori.

    Il chirurgo estetico si occupa di malattie veneree. Il farmacista prepara medicinali. Le aspirine si prendono per il mal di testa. Put these drops in your eye every evening. Take your temperature regularly. Then come in for a checkup next week. You must take your medicine, even if it is penicillin. All pharmaceuticals must be taken according to prescription. My doctor prescribed an injection. What was her prognosis? Do you know how to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? She had plastic surgery recently. Does he wear a hearing aid? He broke his leg a week ago. Alexander will study pediatrics when he goes to university.

    Quali sono le parole? Diventano rosse quando si sente vergogna o grande emozione. Possono essere rossi, biondi o castani. Text work 3. Parte della testa tra gli occhi e i capelli. Si leccano quando si mangia una cosa veramente buona o saporita. Sono gli organi della vista. Che cosa simboleggia la testa per il poeta? Come si potrebbe parafrasare questa poesia in prosa? Ma a questo punto si fece largo il medico del quartiere, con la borsa degli strumenti. Sono dottore in economia e commercio. Non diversamente si comportano, pare, gli impiegati, i commessi viaggiatori, gli uscieri delle Case farmaceutiche di prestigio.

    Che ne pensi dei dottori dilettanti? Ce ne sono nella tua famiglia? Diversi gruppi di studenti dovranno mettere in scena la seguente situazione. Ad una festa, qualcuno si sente male. Questa persona fa la vera diagnosi. Dal medico! Rispondi liberamente alle seguenti domande, discutendo le tue risposte con gli altri membri della classe. Secondo te, sono necessari lunghi periodi di relax?

    Quando non riesci a dormire, cosa fai per addormentarti? Metti un visto nelle caselle che per te sono vere. Discuti le tue risposte con altri compagni. Scrivi un componimento sulla strategia migliore per mantenersi sempre in buona salute. Poi leggilo e discuti la strategia in classe. Andare a piedi. Ebooks and Manuals

    Andare da una parte 6. Andare indietro. Camminare velocemente. Fare gesti. Unit 4 inginocchiarsi raggiungere ritirarsi salire scivoloso bussare i. Il contrario di scendere. Il contrario di sedersi. Mettersi in ginocchio. Muoversi in qualsiasi direzione. Muoversi senza scopo. Picchiare su una porta. Salire con le mani e i piedi.

    Modello ben fatto ben fatta—understood La mia ragazza 1. Modello la vita Mia sorella ha una vita molto stretta e sottile. Modello Sa cavarsela. Si spinge sempre avanti. Cammina impettito impettita. Cammina ondeggiando. Si dimena in modo curioso. Ha le dita affusolate. Ha le dita tozze. Ha le gambe storte. Ha le mani screpolate. Ha i capelli striati. Ha la carnagione scura. Ha un ciuffo sulla fronte. Porta la coda di cavallo. Fa spesso il broncio. Ha il naso appuntito. Porta la parrucca. Ha il viso contratto. Ha il viso stravolto. Modello farsi la permanente Mia sorella ha dei capelli ricci bellissimi, eppure si fa sempre la permanente anche se non ne ha bisogno.

    Quante parole ricordi? Corporatura: alto, basso, tarchiato, magro, grasso, snello. Capelli: neri, castani, rossi, biondi lisci, ricci,. Naso: regolare, aquilino. Bocca: larga, stretta. Labbra: sottili, carnose. Orecchie: strette, larghe, sporgenti. He has a large waistline, although his weight is still fairly low.

    She is well built. Her skin is delicate as is her face. And her dark hair is gorgeous. Baldness is a common condition in males. His beard is always too long. I think he lets it grow to hide his double chin and his freckles. Her face is always alert, although she easily changes expression. He is afraid to become bald at a young age. His hair is curly. He should cut his hair more frequently and comb his hair less often. Text work 7. My sister is cute.

    I generally do not like bulging eyes, but in her case, they match her dark-skinned face. You should color your hair to brighten you dark-looking face and give texture to your dry skin. Dove sono? Adamo, giovane aitante, di gambe pelose e petto largo.

    Esce dalla grotta in fondo a destra e si china a raccogliere una manciata di ciottoli. Li getta a uno a uno con cura contro il tronco di una palma a sinistra. Qualche volta sbaglia la mira. Che bisogno hai di dirlo? Tu non sai quel che voglia dire esser solo. Non sei mai stata sola.

    E dimentichi troppo sovente che sei stata fatta per tenermi compagnia. Si china a raccogliere ciottoli e storce la bocca sorridendo Ho detto per dire, Eva. Scaglia con rabbia i ciottoli Ebbene, vado a pescare. Si sente una risatina di Eva. Adamo se ne va. Nella radura si diffonde la fresca calma del mattino. Passa un capriolo che saltella e annusa i petali di varie piante, poi schizza via a sinistra. Se potesse parlare, mi tratterebbe come lei.

    Ah Signore. Signore, mi domando se capisci che cosa vuol dire esser solo. Adamo si volta e la guarda rasserenato. Son queste adesso le tue orazioni? Non pregavo, parlavo tra me. Fa per abbracciarla e sedersela sulle ginocchia. Si scosta e dice seccamente Diventi volgare. E tu impertinente. Non hai da piacere che a me. Per quel che te ne intendi. Che bisogno abbiamo di maltrattarci a questo modo? Me ne parli sempre. Lo sai bene che siamo soli. Siamo soli. Con gli stessi capelli? Che si chiamasse Eva? Ma saresti tu. Sarei io. E poi ti lamenti.

    Ma no, non hai capito. Si ferma sorridendo Sciocchezze, io sono Adamo e tu sei Eva. Lo guarda commiserando E se il Signore ne avesse fatte due di Eve e ti avesse dato la scelta, quale avresti scelto? Non so. Ma te, certo. Due Eve? Ma ragiona, Eva. Te lo dico io quello che avresti fatto: ci avresti prese tutte e due e costrette a stare nella stessa grotta. Ci mancherebbe altro. Tu non mi capisci e non mi meriti. Ti sono caduta addosso come una mela matura e hai creduto di raccogliermi senza fatica. E te la prendi ancora col Signore. Ma stai fresco.

    Balza in piedi Basta! Hai sentito, Signore? Non ha sentito. Non sente mai. Si riabbandona sul sasso, col capo tra le mani. Poi descrivi il temperamento e il carattere dei due protagonisti. Sapresti dare alla commedia un titolo italiano? Game-playing La classe si divide in coppie. Le schede saranno poi mischiate. Rispondi a piacere alle seguenti domande, discutendo le tue risposte con gli altri membri della classe.

    Secondo te, i maschi sono egoisti e ossessionati dal sesso? Secondo te, quali sarebbero le caratteristiche ideali per una donna? Secondo te, quali sarebbero le caratteristiche ideali per un uomo? La classe si divide in gruppi diversi consistenti di solo studenti maschi e di solo studentesse rispettivamente. Scrivi un breve componimento su uno dei seguenti temi. Poi, leggilo e discutilo in classe. Durante gli anni settanta andarono in vigore molte leggi a favore dei diritti delle donne.

    Dove abita, Lei? Con chi abiti? Vivono in periferia. Abito in via Verdi, numero Dove vivono i tuoi genitori? Vive presso amici. E tua sorella dove vive? Abito con i miei genitori. Mi chiamo Alessandro. Ne ho due. Come ti chiami? Uomo non sposato. Chi ha conseguito un diploma. Donna non sposata. Sono di Torino. Unione tra uomo e donna. Sono un elettricista. Persona che ha ottenuto il divorzio. Scioglimento del matrimonio.

    In questo momento sono disoccupato. Quello che siamo. Appartenenza a due stati. Ingegnere, per quale ditta lavora? Nome e cognome. Con le tue parole, spiega ciascuna delle seguenti nozioni.