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Trump repeatedly said that his copy was the genuine work, despite O'Brien's statements to the contrary. Trump Tower has been criticized for being environmentally unfriendly, and has been described as one of the city's least energy-efficient buildings per square foot. The city threatened to fine Trump Organization for each year the infractions went unfixed.

On August 9, , a man posted a YouTube video where he said he was an independent researcher wishing to speak to Donald Trump. It went viral. EDT on April 7, , a 4-alarm fire broke out in a condominium in the tower's 50th floor, killing a resident and injuring six firefighters; the apartment was almost entirely engulfed in flames by the time the New York City Fire Department FDNY arrived.

Serious issues concerning safety and security in the building arose after Trump became president-elect of the United States on November 8, Street closures were imposed along the east side of Fifth Avenue and on the north side of 56th Street, and NYPD officers started stopping and questioning pedestrians about their destinations. As a result of the heavy security, businesses around the tower saw decreased patronage due to less foot traffic in the heavily secured area. Despite the heavy security after the election, there have been some detentions and arrests related to the increased security at the tower.

On December 6, a woman managed to bypass security and go to the 24th floor—two floors below Donald Trump's office—before being stopped by Secret Service officers. The building's main entrance is on Fifth Avenue, [] with a side entrance on 56th Street only for residents.

Senate Investigators Want a Word with Don Jr. About Trump Tower Moscow

The tower is a reinforced concrete shear wall core structure. At the time of its completion, it was the tallest structure of its type in the world. The sided structure, with a stepped facade, was intended to give the tower more window exposure. This hat-truss increases the effective dimensions of the core to that of the building allowing the building to resist the overturning of lateral forces such as those caused by wind , minor earthquakes , and other impacts perpendicular to the building's height.

The tower's public spaces are clad in tons of Breccia Pernice, a pink white-veined marble. The tower has two outdoor terraces as part of Trump's agreement with the city during construction. There is a terrace on the fifth floor on the northern 57th Street side of the building, with a smaller fourth-floor terrace on the southern 56th Street side. Trump Grill was generally panned as gaudy-looking and the food bland-tasting. Vanity Fair called it a contender for "the worst restaurant in America," with different menus for different customers and "steakhouse classics doused with unnecessarily high-end ingredients.

Eater reviewed the three other establishments as well, finding them to be commonplace compared to Trump Tower's stature. The ice cream was described as "almost too soft to be scooped," and the cafe contained food such as a "rubbery and overcooked" hamburger patty and some "inedible" steak fries. The reviewers at Eater also wrote that the bar offered a small, overpriced drink menu and snacks that "do little to affirm the luxury that the place aspires to.

Since the launch of Trump's presidential campaign in , the number of visits to the tower had risen drastically, with many of the visitors being supporters of Trump's candidacy. During Trump's presidential campaign , the stores sold campaign memorabilia such as hats, with the proceeds going toward funding his campaign. The set of The Apprentice included the famous boardroom , which was prominently featured in the television show, where at least one person was fired at the end of each episode.

Trump for President, Inc. Donald Trump, his wife Melania , and their son Barron maintain a three-story residence on the penthouse floors. Noted soccer organizations and players have rented space or lived in Trump Tower. In February , the United States Department of Defense announced it was looking to lease space in Trump Tower, to house "personnel and equipment" dedicated to protecting President Trump.

Fodor's New York City described Trump Tower's "ostentatious atrium" as an example of the "unbridled luxury" of the s, characterized by "expensive boutiques and gaudy brass everywhere. Frommer's called the tower a "bold and brassy place" whose golden sign "practically screams 'Look at me! In a review of the building, New York Times architecture critic Paul Goldberger contrasted the "reflective" Trump Tower with the nearby postmodern Madison Avenue building.

Before the atrium opened, Ada Louise Huxtable , an architectural critic for the New York Times , said that the building was a "dramatically handsome structure. The fifth edition of the AIA Guide to New York City , published in , described Trump Tower as a "fantasyland for the affluent shopper" hidden by "folded glass," with the Trump theme evident throughout the building. Comparing the building's interior design to alcoholic drink brands, the authors wrote that the design was less like a high-end " Veuve Clicquot " and more like a generic " malt liquor.

Jackson 's character drive his car into Trump Tower. Trump Tower , a romance novel by Jeffrey Robinson , chronicles the sexual activities of fictional characters living in the tower. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the building in New York. For other buildings known as "Trump Tower" or similar and all other uses, see Trump Tower disambiguation. View from Fifth Avenue. This article is part of a series about. President of the United States. Presidential campaigns.

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Insofar as the T-E defendants are concerned, plaintiff has failed to satisfy this burden. Granting judgment to plaintiffs: Diduck v. Plaintiff shall submit a judgment. Partially reversing judgment to plaintiffs: Diduck v. I concur in all other aspects of the Court's judgment. Finger Lakes Times. Geneva, New York. February 8, Retrieved August 11, — via fultonhistory. July 30, Archived from the original on February 4, Retrieved January 30, April 8, Archived from the original on February 1, Gannett Westchester Newspapers.

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Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

The Christiana Riot

Retrieved March 21, — via Twitter. Turned down by court earlier. Bad or sick guy! The Guardian. Archived from the original on March 20, BBC News. March 5, NBC News. Vanity Fair. The Art Institute of Chicago. Retrieved April 30, October 20, CBS News. Retrieved May 14, December 10, Archived from the original on August 11, Retrieved August 10, New York Daily News. Archived from the original on August 10, NBC New York. August 10, Archived from the original on August 14, ABC News. Retrieved April 8, April 7, Retrieved April 7, Zwirz, Elizabeth April 7, Fox News.

Marino, Joe; Woods, Amanda April 7, Helsel, Phil; Winter, Tom April 7, April 16, Retrieved April 16, Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved November 20, Archived from the original on November 14, Retrieved November 14, Archived from the original on December 9, Retrieved December 9, Mike was relaying information to everyone.

Randy could hear him relaying information to everyone. He could hear people in the background. Because we're getting air through the window. Don't hang up. You need to get an engineer on another line who knows the building to tell us how to get out. Because we don't know how to get out. They died alone.

No one was there to help them. No one was there to hold their hand.

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But they were brave. They did everything they could to get out and they fought with their heart and soul and there was just no way out, and that was torture. Jeff Shaw , victim. Forest Electric I. His wife, Debra, offered this account of her brief conversations with him after the first plane hit:. I called him on his cell. I called him right after the first plane hit. He was up on the th floor at the time. He asked me first of all what happened. I said a plane hit. He said the room is full of heavy black smoke.

They can't even see in front of them. And it was hard to breathe. He said they are trying to get the people out. I called him back a little while later. And of course the phone went dead. I called him at 10 to 9 and then 5 after 9. Actually, just as the second plane hit was the time I got back to him.

He knew that building like the back of his hand. He slept in there. I'm sure he went down searching, doing everything they could. Robert McCarthy , victim. Portraits of Grief: Devoted to Family and Food. His spoke to his wife, Annie. He called me right after the impact. He really didn't say anything to me. He sounded like he was kind of crying. I don't know. I think Gerry's dead. McCarthy's brother-in-law, Gerald O'Leary, worked as a sous-chef for the company in a kitchen several floors below. I called his sister right away. She turned on the TV. She saw. I believe Rob called her.

Basically said the same thing he said to me. It didn't sound like there was any panic going on in the background. I talked to him right after it happened. He didn't sound like he was running to get out at that point because it had just happened. Ian Schneider , victim. Portraits of Grief: Loud and Caring.

His wife, Cheryl, spoke with him after the plane hit. He phoned home before he called It looked like it was He told me that a plane had hit the building, that the buildng had rocked like it never had before, that he was okay. I'm not sure what's going on. And he hung up. It was probably within a matter of seconds of when the plane hit.

I tried to get back, but couldn't get through. It wasn't until I guess a couple weeks later that some of the transcripts were released. He identified himelf, that he was on the th floor. His office was on He said that there were a lot of people with him, that the smoke was getting pretty thick.

Avoid This One! The Full Tower FAIL

When he called home, I heard other noise in the background. His trading desk was fairly noisy. I didn't sense an unbelievable amount of panic in his voice. He was there when the bomb went off in ' As the words were coming out of his mouth, and I was trying to digest them, it took a while to sink in.

A plane? How could a plane hit the building. View all New York Times newsletters. His voice was okay. It was fairly calm. He didn't want to worry me. I got a sense that they quite didn't know that it was the big jetliner. He had been in that building since He had been with Cantor for 23 years.

He was there in the bombing and went back into building the next day to recover transactions and computer records. He was very loyal. Andrew Rosenblum , victim. Andrew Rosenblum was a stock trader and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald who led a team on the th floor of 1 World Trade Center.

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  6. They sat on the north side of the floor, in an open trading area, where they had fine views of the Empire State Building. He made four calls to his wife, Jill Rosenblum, from the conference room on northwestern corner of the floor, where he and about 50 others barricaded themselves. According to cell records, the times of the calls were the following:.

    Rosenblum took an incoming call at , for 2 minutes. His last call out was at a. Jill Rosenblum told this story:. I always talked to Andrew at least three or four times a day. Usually very early and then usually not until the market had been open for a while. He was usually at work to 8. I happened to have gotten a phone call from a friend of ours who asked me to remove a cabinet door that he was going to replace for me. So I had called Andrew because I happened to have been in the house.

    I thought why don't I just call him and tell him I'm trying to remove this cabinet door. I probably called him about Maybe He said, "How come you're not at the gym? And all of a sudden said to me: "Did you hear that? Maybe a minute and a half later, maybe two minutes later, he called me. It must have been his cell phone. And he said "Put on, quick, put on the news. He had no idea what had happened.

    He thought there was some sort of explosion but he didn't know from what. His floor had filled up with smoke. It's a big trading floor. It's a big open area with just long desks and chairs. There's really no offices. Except one or two corners of the room. One was in the northwest corner. He and about 50 other people ran into this corner office because their floor had filled up with smoke relatively quickly.

    And I told Andy that a plane just hit the second tower. And he yelled out to these people who were in this office with them, "A plane just hit the second tower. He started giving me names of these people who were standing near him and their phone numbers and said please call their spouses, "And tell them that they were in this corner office. I have to say the people were relatively calm. At that point we lost our connection.

    We got it back. At that point he told me the office was getting smoky. I asked him if they had any water. They didn't. I said did they have any ventilation. They said they had taken a computer terminal and broken one of the windows. So they had some air coming in. This is all prior to the second building falling. I guess it must have filled up with smoke pretty quickly.

    He did say there was some fire on this floor. It was impeding his way to get to the stairs or anything else. He also didn't say anything about people jumping or anything like that. But he did say at one point, "Oh my God. He said that it was getting smoky in there. He was coughing. I heard people having some problems with coughing and kind of choking a bit. I asked, could he make it to a stairwell. He said to me, "There's no way. We can't open this door.

    There's fire on the floor.

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    He kept saying to me, "I don't know that they know we're still there. Finally we got through to one one of the New York City fire departments, just to tell them there were about 50 people in the northwest corner office of the th floor of 1 World Trade Center. I told Andrew, "They know you're in there. And he yelled out to the people who were with him, "They know we're in here.

    You heard a couple people saying, "Oh my God. That was maybe two minutes before 2 World Trade Center fell. I watched on T. It never occurred to me that these buildings would fall.

    Report: No One Wants to Live in Trump’s Decrepit, Tainted Tower

    As soon as the building fell, everybody was dialing to get through. At that point I was just going to say to him, "You know what? You have nothing to lose. I never got through to him again. But after the other building fell down. My telephone rang. And I answered it. And there was nobody there. After about 3 minutes of saying, "Hello hello hello," I star 69'd. You know where they give you the phone number.

    And they played back Andy's cell phone number. He was definitely still in that office with those other 50 people. Michael Wittenstein , victim. He spoke with Robert Bernstein, the man who was to be his father in law. Bernstein eventually walked out onto the streets around the Trade Center, near where he worked.

    I called him. I was sitting across the street. I said let me call over there and see what's going on. He was perfectly calm. He didn't know what was happening. She was crying. He's fine. I might have been one of the first ones that called him. I didn't tell him it was a plane. I just told him to run. And I threw in a couple more words obviously. He did say that everything's all right, and we're going to evacuate.

    Richard Y. Lee , victim. Portraits of Grief: Time for a Playroom. Lee ran the equities technology group for Cantor Fitzgerald, with an office on the Hudson River side of the th floor. Dan Windram, who worked for Mr. Lee and who left the office for a training seminar at a. But Mr. Lee carried it lightly by using his highly developed sense of humor. For instance, Mr. Windram noticed on a visit to Mr. Lee's home that he had pasted a picture of Homer Simpson over the Yale seal on his college degree. Windram said.

    Lee phoned his wife, Karen, after the plane hit his tower. She wrote this description of her conversation with him:. As usual, I'd already spoken to him on the phone a few times that morning and had told him I was about to go run some errands, so I was surprised when the phone rang less than 20 minutes later around a quarter to 9. Karen: Hello?

    A'DAM Lookout - º Amsterdam & Sensational Swing

    Rich: Hi. He sounded relieved I had answered, he continued in a calm voice. Can you do me a favor? Karen: O. Rich: Dont panic, but a plane just hit the building, there's smoke, and I need you to call or World Trade Center maintenance and give them my cell phone number. Tell them there are people on the th floor, we're all O. He sounded calm and controlled, I thought it must just have been a small private plane that went off course.

    Karen: I was flustered and nervous, asked why he wanted me to call and which to try, or World Trade Center. Rich: I could, but I don't have the numbers. Call either, both - whoever you can get. I started getting more nervous. Karen: And what should I tell them again? Rich: There's a lot of smoke. We need to know what to do, should we break a window or what? My heart started racing, realizing it was worse than I thought. Static on the line. Are you there? I can't hear you. I hung up not sure that he had heard me or the connection had been broken.

    I called local first After delivering the message, I didn't call back because I wanted to leave the line open for the rescue people to reach him. I began listening to the radio news. People who saw it began calling me. I started to panic, but kept clinging to the sound of his voice, so calm and strong, and told myself and the callers he was O.

    If anyone could get out, he would, but I also knew he'd make sure everyone with him got out first. This sentiment was shared by all who knew him. I received many notes expressing these feelings in the days following the tragedy from people who had worked with him over the years.

    A coworker who was not there that day wrote:. Surely people were looking to Rich to lead them down to safety, and if anyone could have done it would have been him. As the enormity of the attack unfolded, I couldn't bear it anymore and tried phoning. At first it was busy and in my confused state I thought good, he's talking to the rescue teams.

    I tried sending him e-mail messages through his Blackberry, reassuring him I'd called and help was on the way, and telling him to be careful, that he was the world to me and we loved him - all the things I didnt get to say on the phone. I sent several messages, becoming more desperate, begging him to tell me he was still O. Patricia Massari , victim. Her husband, Louis, was speaking with her when the plane hit. The two were both taking college courses in addition to their jobs.

    His account follows:. We had found out we were having our first child that morning. I was off of work that Tuesday. She saw something, she felt something. For me, it was something that scared her for that split second. I heard like a noise real quick. I thought it was her falling on the chair and disconnecting the phone line. I waited a few minutes and I tried to call back. And I called back and it said all circuits were busy.

    I just knew that it was pretty bad because the hole was pretty high. Interview by Jim Glanz. Patricia Alonso , victim. She managed one phone call to her husband, Robert. This is his brief account:. She worked in Tower 1, 95th floor. She was on the southeast side looking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

    I talked to her while she was evacuating. She called me on her cell phone at She said she was leaving. She was evacuating. And she told me she loved me. She didn't know that a plane had hit the building. She just said there was smoke. Jeff Nussbaum , victim. Portraits of Grief: The Mayor of the Hamptons.

    He left a phone message with his brother Craig. He also spoke more than once with his mother, Arline. His first phone call to me was before 9 o'clock. I had just heard on the radio about the plane when the phone rang. We can't breathe. The rooms are filling up with smoke, and the sprinkler sysems have gone off.

    He told me they're knee deep in water and there's black smoke -- they can hardly see and they're having difficulty breathing. Then he hung up. I called the here in Long Island, and they put me through to the NYC , and I told her where people were alive, and this was what my son was saying to me. In the second phone call, he told me they were 45 of them together.

    He said the they're overlooking the river. I did not hear any of the girls' voices. I know one of the girls was a very good friend, and they were like brother and sister, and I am sure they would have stayed close. The fellows in the background were giving me telephone numbers to call. Andy spoke to his wife Lisa. His third phone came just after the first tower went down.

    I love you. Interview by Jim Dwyer. Andrew Friedman , victim. Portraits of Grief: A Life of Friends. He spoke briefly with his wife, Lisa. My husband had been working there for two weeks. He was starting an equities desk. He called me at I have Andrew for you. I could hear coughing in the background. He sounded totally calm. He sounded like he had to get off the phone, that others were waiting for it. Mike McQuaid , survivor. Fire Alarm Installer.

    McQuaid was on the 91st floor of the north tower when the first plane hit. This put him just below the impact zone, which was the 94th floor to the 98 floor. He is not counted among the 18 who got out alive from at or above the impact zone. But his story describes the conditions just below impact. I was on the south side of We were installing fire alarms. There were five of us in my crew. The plane came in from the north side.

    I could look out and see the Statue of Liberty. The floor was only 25 percent occupied. Silverstein [the company that leased the towers] was going to take it over. There were also a couple of artists on the floor. They have some kind of artists. A big open area. I was talking to someone from American Bureau of Shipping [also on 91st floor].

    I hear this explosion, like a transformer below. What the hell was that? The whole place shook. The hallway started filling up with smoke. I started screaming for the rest of my crew to come out. One of them emerged with a cut on his head. He says he got knocked out, and the smoke woke him up. This guy later died in the hospital, some two months later, but he seemed fine at the time.

    We went to the stairwell. It was the one across from the men's room on The northwest stairwell. One of my crew went back for his phone. I yelled into the offices of American Bureau of Shipping. Is anybody else in there? The first thing I noticed was that no one was coming down the stairs. I also noticed the Sheetrock on the interior of the stairwell on his floor had been knocked off the walls so thoroughly that the steel behind it was showing.

    The stairwell was dark black and it looked like it was blocked above me, although I can't see much because of the dark. On 86, I stopped to yell out into the hallway to make sure everyone was out. My aunt works part time for Julien Studley on that floor, and I would have walked through the office if that day had been one of her workdays.

    If it had been a Monday, I would have had to go and look for her. Around 82, I and my partner find someone stuck in the elevators between floors -- a Japanese guy. Me and my partner, Anthony, were trying to pull apart the elevator doors, but the guys inside were like slapping our hands. They didn't want the electricians to open the doors for fear of dislodging the elevator. They preferred to wait for rescuers. At 52, my partner and I went into some empty offices and called their our ones, and the company we worked for.

    At 38, we ran into the first of the firemen they saw. From there down to the ground, it was nonstop firemen coming up the stairs. We got them water on These guys were pouring sweat, they were loaded down with hoses. Interview by Ford Fessenden. James Gartenberg , victim. Patricia Puma , victim. Julien Studley. Portraits of Grief: Love at First Sight. Portraits of Grief: Two Days a Week.

    James Gartenberg and Patricia Puma were on the 86th floor of Tower 1, well below the bottom of the impact zone on the 94th floor. But they said that access to the exits was blocked by the collapsed walls and debris. They were unable to escape. During the crisis, both Mr.