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Wildlife enjoy its edible rosehips, which inclined growers can use in jams, jellies, and rose hip tea. View Product Details. All rights reserved. We also regularly ship to the United States.


Here is a list of our most popular Canadian cities:. Cart reopens in November Subscribe to our email list to stay updated. Alberta Wild Rose Prickly Rose. Populus tremuloides. Rosa acicularis. Zone: 1a. Height: 25 m 82 ft. Height: 2. Spread: 9 m 30 ft. Spread: 1. Moisture: dry, normal. Moisture: normal.

Light: full sun. Light: any.

The Trembling Giant

Catkins: yes. Fall colour: brilliant yellow. Fall colour: bright red. Flowers: pink,blooms between May and June. Flowers are both male and female. Growth rate: fast. Growth rate: medium. Life span: short. Life span: medium. Maintenance: medium. This extremely narrow variety is great for a small yard or in mass plantings. It is generally grown with it's branches coming from the very base of the tree. Purple Spires is the new and improved version of Dreamweaver and will slowly replace it over time in the industry. This is a great new tree that is sure to be a main stay on the prairies.

It is a close cousin of Purple Spires Crab but with green foliage instead. This is another great alternative for smaller yards and it offers a little more exotic look than most. Although this would have a slower growth rate than the ultra fast Swedish Columnar Aspen, it still grows at a good rate of " per year. It will also be longer lived than an Aspen.

It is slightly wider than the Swedish Columnar Aspen. It is best used in a shelterbelt or wide open acreage setting as it tends to shoot up "suckers", otherwise known as underground roots that form new trees. If you are in a tighter situation it is recommended that you choose either Swedish Columnar Aspen or Prairie Skyrise Aspen. It makes for a great privacy screen between neighbours or a vertical accent. This is one of the fastest growing and low maintenance trees available today. Perfect for people who don't like to be patient with their trees.

It was selected for its narrow, dense and upright shape. It is thought that this tree could be a new and improved version of Swedish Columnar Aspen because it offers more disease resistance. Although it is still too early to tell it looks very promising.

Trembling Aspen vs Alberta Wild Rose (Prickly Rose) -

Another fantastic feature of this tree is the contrast of the shades of green that the new growth offers in comparison to the old growth. It is bright green on top of a darker shade of green and it's one more aspect that can be appreciated. This tree is best used as a specimen tree in a narrow setting in the modern front yard, or as a privacy screen to block neighbours or other unwanted views. It is one of the hardiest, most prolific trees you will find. It is known for it's beautiful white bark. It is not as white as the Paper Birch however, which is also a Native tree and the untrained eye can confuse them if you don't know what you are looking for.

In the last ten years it is being used extensively in the urban forest, whereas in the past it was seldom planted outside of reclamation projects. It is a beautiful green throughout the season followed by a spectacular gold in the Fall. If you listen carefully on a breezy day you will hear the leaves fluttering beautifully due to the square petioles on the leaves which cause it to 'Quake' or 'Tremble'. Good for large yards or in acreages and will form a large shade tree in a shorter time period than any other species.

This is common choice for a dependable shelterbelt or screen. Sundancer is a newer, more disease resistant cultivar with a more upright branching habit. The white flowers in the spring and beautiful fall gold colour make this tree a true four season tree. It will not tolerate being over watered so make sure it is in a well drained location. The flowers are followed by small black berries which give birds some much needed food through the winter months. This beautiful selection offers a more unique look while still maintaining the orange bark that the species is known for.

Just like the species, it does not like wet site conditions. A silver bark adds interest in the winter. It also happens to have one of the most spectacular fall colour displays around with a red, orange and yellow explosion each September. On top of it all, it bears no fruit so it is not messy. Beautiful white flowers in May are extremely fragrant and cover the entire tree.

It forms small purple fruit that attracts birds. This is a fast growing tree that is very hardy. It has yellow fall colour. This is an easy to grow shade tree.

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It has a larger, more ornamental leaf and it suckers less. It is an accent tree with green leaves turning a dark purple in late Spring. Beautiful fragrant white flowers in the spring followed by small dark purple fruit in the summer. Fruit can be used for jams or jellies. Small black edible fruit comes mid summer. White blooms in the Spring are fragrant and showy. This a great tree to provide contrast and interest! Beautiful dark glossy green oak leaves and corky bark make this the mother of all shade trees.

This tree has a medium growth rate and can live for hundreds of years. The Fall colour is a brownish gold. Regal Prince Oak Quercus 'Regal Prince' 25' tall 8' wide A tall hybrid oak that is narrow and columnar in growth habit. A good acccent tree for smaller yards. Beautiful dark green leaves with silver underneath, turn yellow in the fall. This tree becomes more oval as it matures. It leafs out in late Spring. Ideal for large yards and moist locations. It is great for shelterbelts, parks or large areas.

It is very fast growing.

The yellow stems provide nice winter interest and it is adaptable to a wide range of soils. It can be grown as a multi stem or single stem tree. A more rounded willow tree that is known for its 'tough' foliage that stays on late into the season. It is easy to grow and adaptable to a wide range of soils. It can be used as a large single specimen shade tree or even as a multi-stem tree in a shelterbelt application.

shake like a ˈjelly/ˈleaf

Like most willows it leafs out early and holds it's leaves very late in the year. It has a tendency to self prune smaller interior branches in wind storms. Berries hold on all winter providing some winter interest. It has orange and red fall colour. This is a pyramidal variety with dainty narrow green foliage. It prefers full sun and very good drainage. Good for small to medium yards. Never over water your Mountain Ash! It prefers well drained soil and does not like to be in very wet locations. Nice oval shaped tree with striking red-orange fall colour.

This mountain ash boasts the same fluffy white flowers and red-orange berries as other varieties. A beautiful purple fall colour that is really quite stunning. It prefers well drained soil like all mountain ash. This variety has a nice uniform round shape. After the attractive white blossoms fade in the Spring the red-orange fruit forms and hangs on through the Fall and WInter for extra interest through those cold prairie winters. It is native to many parts of North America.

The dark green leaves turn red and orange in the fall. It prefers very well drained soil. This species has very nice Oak shaped leaves which make it very unique and unlike any of the other Mountain Ashes. The white clusters of flowers are followed by clusters of orange-red berries in the fall. This is a cross between European and Swedish Mountain Ash. Just like the other Mountain Ashes, it prefers full sun and well-drained soil. A beautiful dense shrub with lots of fragrant purple lilac flowers in the spring and small dainty dark green leaves.

It is easy to keep trimmed and maintained. The one thing to remember when pruning any Lilac is to prune immediately after they finish blooming. By doing this you will ensure enough time for the plant to set flower buds for the following season. This is a very good choice for small yards and is typically used as an individual specimen for contrast.

It is cold hardy and easy to grow. A compact dwarf shrub with lavender flowers in the spring. The leaves are larger, with a crinkled appearance and turn a beautiful burgundy in the fall. This is a beautiful, small specimen tree ideal for small yards or mass plantings. With it's tidy growth habit, beautiful late Spring blossoms, and the fact that it produces no fruit, it makes an attractive option for the modern home. It is considered a small to medium sized tree and is a relatively slow growing tree.

Tree Description Guide

There are no real major diseases or insects which attack it. It also has a nice purplish fall colour with hints of yellow in it. A must for any yard! They have large, heart shaped leaves which are very attractive. There are fragrant, small yellow flowers which appear in late spring. American Lindens are great for shade in a large yard, or they can be used in parks and boulevards. They are long lived and give a nice option that is less common than some of the other large shade trees. It is a picture perfect tree which forms a fantastic pyramidal shape with little or no pruning.

The small, fragrant flowers can be smelled from far away and give a nice accent to the deep green leaves in late Spring. This is a relatively fast growing tree once established in your yard. It can tolerate moist conditions to some degree where other trees cannot grow. A great choice that will make you the envy of your neighbours.

Originally selected by Frank Skinner over 80 years ago it is still the most commonly planted Linden today in Edmonton. It is a cross between Little leaf Linden and American Linden. It holds it's beautiful shape with almost no pruning. It is the hardiest of all the Lindens and has the fragrant flowers that Lindens are known for. A true noble tree that will live on for many years if planted in the correct spot.

shake like a leaf

A true prairie success story. Alberta is still Dutch Elm disease free after all these years. It is very fast growing with toothed foliage that is dark green, accented by bright green new growth. It is tolerant of almost any soil condition and urban situations.

It is a spectacular large shade that will establish quicker than almost any other species. A perfect tree for a large yard, acreages, or boulevard planting. It is known to live hundreds of years, so consider planting for future generations to enjoy as well as yourself. Add to Cart.

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