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Angered by Stiyl callous disregard of his ability, Aureolus attacks Stiyl with his Limen Magna, successfully hitting him several times. However, Stiyl is apparently unhurt by Aureolus, much to his surprise who continues attacking. Finally, Stiyl reveals to the troubled Aureolus that he is simply a dummy created by the real Aureolus.

Stiyl quizzes the unbelieving dummy on why he studied Alchemy. Here, the dummy states that he wants to discover a way for a human to ascend higher without humans losing their humanity. However, Stiyl points out the flaw in his reasoning, asking the reason why he needed the vampires, who are beings that surpass humanity. With this, the dummy's world collapses entirely. Suddenly, Stiyl appears behind him, apparently using a mirage all along during their conversation. Immediately after, Stiyl uses his fire sword, and hacks some of the dummy's limbs off. With this blow, the dummy goes wild, attacking things using his Limen Magna seemingly at random, completely destroying the floor and making it to molten gold.

During all the commotion, the dummy took the time to run away from Stiyl. Meanwhile, Touma meets with Aisa again, and helps him give first aid to the girl who was injured for using magic with her knowledge in blood flow. Touma and Aisa converses a little, with Aisa still insisting that she is a magician.

Touma later suggests to call the ambulance as he needs to go back into the "battlefield", and says to Aisa to go home too as she has been captured, which confuses Aisa. Before Aisa can explain herself, the Aureolus Dummy appears before them, still distraught after his confrontation with Stiyl. Here, the dummy has apparently used his Limen Magna to create makeshift limbs for the one that Stiyl sliced off. Both the dummy and Touma notice each other at the same time, with Touma shocked on how the dummy is doing to the bodies of the students—turning them into gold.

Seeing an incredibly enraged Touma, the dummy attacks him using the Limen Magna dart while using the molten gold for massive damage. Touma uses his right hand to block it, while trying to dodge the molten gold that the dummy is flinging about.


However, the dummy is suddenly astonished at the fact that Touma has yet to turn into molten gold, and even destroys the dart the dummy is using. With this, Aureolus Dummy becomes incredibly ecstatic and becomes interested by Touma's right hand. He attacks again and again, and each time, Touma simply uses his right hand to block the dart which destroys it time and time again. Despite this, Touma's right hand continues to wear down, due to the injuries sustained from the contact with the dart. However, the dummy attacks again, although this time, it seemed to target Aisa.

Touma tries to stop it but it is too late, as the girl that was being carried by Aisa blocked the dart and saved her, turning into molten gold immediately after. Completely enraged, Touma grabs the chain that was connected to the dart and tries to pull the dummy towards him, forcing him to let go of it, injuring himself in the process as he steps on the molten gold he created. Unable to gather himself in time, Touma tactically launches himself on a window platform, surprising the dummy.

Touma then jumps above him and tries to corner him. Unable to counterattack, already injured, and fearful of Touma's power, the dummy retreats before Touma could launch an attack. Injured and wallowing in its own insanity, the dummy wanders the halls of Misawa Cram School, talking to himself and formulating plans for his next move. However, an enraged Touma continues his pursuit of him. He dashes towards the dummy, to which he tries to use his dart to attack him, however, Touma easily dodges his attack. Aureolus dummy attacks again, however, Touma counters with a punch of his right hand, destroying the dart and chain again, predicting his attack from the very beginning.

With Touma being able to get close enough to the dummy, he successfully connects to attacks—a punch to the face and a headbutt to the jaw.

What is Venous Thromboembolism?

Wriggling in pain, the dummy reels back and tries to use his dart on Touma again. Seeing this, Touma manages to catch the chain with his left hand as so not to destroy it. The dummy immediately releases the chain afterwards, and tries to get away from Touma, however, his prothesis has been destroyed in the squabble, making him lame. With the dummy down, Touma uses the chain the dummy cut to strangle him.

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In Touma's state of bloodthirst, the dummy pleads to Touma to spare him. Hearing this, Touma acquiesced and the dummy escapes with an inch of his life. Managing to get away, a seriously injured Aureolus dummy tries to gather his thoughts. Here, he realizes that he is slowly dying and ebbing away after Touma hit him with his right hand. However, in this state of dying, he has realized something: he has discovered the answer to the question of whether or not a human can ascend higher without losing his humanity. Immediately after, Stiyl arrives and finds him. Here, he asks Stiyl if he still wants to kill him even though he is going to die anyway, to which he responds that he has no interest in killing you.

Stiyl then interrogates him about the dead Roman Catholic Knight a while back, to which he states that the dummy says he did not kill any of them. Stiyl later clarifies to the questioning dummy that he has arrived not to kill him but to give his final blessings as a priest. Hearing this, the dummy could only give a genuine smile, as he finally gotten the answer he was looking for. Seeing that the dummy is within his limit, Stiyl calls out with magic name, to which the dummy tries to remember his own magic name, Honos , his name and purpose.

Stiyl asks if the dummy would like a final prayer for hims as a priest, to which the dummy declines. With that reply, Stiyl burns his body, incinerating him. Stiyl after performing his final services to the dummy as a priest, is still looking for Aureolus in the building. Here, he is somewhat anxious regarding Touma, whom he feels felt that he betrayed him. During the course of his search, he meets no enemies, apparently having Touma as bait working for him.

This peace is later broken by a mysterious figure arriving before him. Meanwhile, having defeated Aureolus Izzard and not being able to save the students that have been killed by, a depressed Touma urges Aisa to go home. Here, Touma becomes anxious of finally leaving the battlefield. However, Aisa states that the Aureolus he fought was a fake, and explains to Touma how the real Aureolus would act and say he would leave Touma alone if he left. Touma, however, tries to confirm to Aisa if she intends to leave with him.

She confirms Touma's suspicions, and explains that she has her own aims with partnering with Aureolus. Aisa explains to Touma, what she does for Aureolus, and why she goes to the outside despite having the power to attract and kill vampires. Aisa explains that vampires are exactly like normal humans, and her powers kill them without exception. Aisa continues to explain that she came to Academy City, the city of science, in order for her to gain the knowledge to remove her powers.

As so she doesn't need to kill anymore, that's is why she became partners with Aureolus. Aisa then asks why he is here with her, even when if she intended to escape, to which Touma replies that she wanted to save her. Aisa continues by saying that Aureolus wanted to save someone but he needed her powers' help to attract vampires.

This gives Aisa a chance to use her powers not for killing but for saving. Touma complains about this, stating that if she really thought that Aureolus was not a monster then he can't let Aureolus do his wrongdoings, in order for him to not to reach the point of no return. Touma's worries are later realized, as the true Aureolus Izzard appears before him. Which surprises Touma, believing that he already defeated Aureolus a while ago, although he feels that he is not the same person before. Knowing why Touma is surprised, Aureolus states that he has no obligation of answering him, and has apparently come to reclaim Aisa back.

Angered, Touma tries to attack. However, with one command from his lips, Touma misses his attack despite the close range, with Aureolus apparently not being in the spot where Touma was sure he was in, and has moved. Touma tries to attack again, but the result remains the same regardless. Bored of Touma already, Aureolus tries another apparently fatal command on him, but is stopped by Aisa. Touma pleads Aisa to get out of the way, but recalls on her power as Deep Blood. Seeing this, Aureolus is unimpressed with Touma relying on Deep Blood and compares Touma to himself, asking Touma the difference between them.

However, Aisa interrupts Aureolus, saying that does not know the significance of Deep Blood, and has only come here to save someone he just met. Aisa then asks what Aureolus' objective is. Aisa states that if he is willing to get ordinary people who are not involved in this, get killed for some ridiculous reason, she will kill herself.

Aureolus relents to Aisa's words, knowing that they are just simply wasting time. He then commands Touma to forget everything that has happened here. Index, becoming suspicious of Touma's absence and excuses, sets forth to try and find him. Her suspicions are confirmed after seeing Stiyl's Rune cards applied outside Touma's room, and later follows the mana trail that Stiyl left as so he could maintain the runes. Index's search eventually leads her into the belly of the beast herself—Misawa Cram School.

Here, she notices the apparent strange effects of being inside Aureolus' barrier. Here, she sees the corpse of one of the 13 Knights of the Roman Catholic Church, and notes the strength of the one who created the barrier and the one who killed the knight. She is later confronted by the still-living dummy that was now beyond recognition due to its injuries. Immediately after, the dummy is finally crushed and killed by none other than its creator, the true Aureolus Izzard. Here, he greets Index, apparently knowing her and her memory loss.

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Touma returns outside of Misawa Cram School, and is aware of his memory loss from Aureolus , although he is unable to reason why. Trying to find a hospital to treat it, Touma manages to dispel the effects of the memory erasure and rushes back towards Misawa Cram School.

Managing back, Touma realizes that the remaining Knights of the Roman Catholic Church have the building the surrounded. Here, Touma meets one of them named Vittorio Cassera , who informs him that they will be using the true Gregorian Chant to bombard the building. Touma pleads to Vittorio that there are still innocent people in the building, however, he states that their deaths are necessary in order for them to stop Aureolus. Despite this, the knight orders for them to carry on with the spell.

Immediately after the chant, the sky is torn asunder as a beam of light descends from the heavens and obliterates one of the buildings, setting up a chain reaction which causes the collapse of the other buildings. Touma tries to find survivors from the wreckage, however, he stops in his tracks after seeing that the debris and the building has stopped in midair. Here, all of a sudden, the building slowly starts to move by itself and back together, as if wasn't affected by the Gregorian Chant at all, demonstrating Aureolus' powers true extent.

Having the chance to go back inside, Touma realizes that everything seems to have returned to normal, even the students that have been killed by the dummy's Limen Magna is still seemingly alive. As Touma wanders around this queer spectacle, he comes upon Stiyl, apparently bereaved of his memories as well. Knowing how to remove the effects of memory loss on Stiyl, Touma is still hesitant however, as he might accidentally negate Aureolus reviving him from the Gregorian Chant bombardment.

After confirming that Stiyl was in the building that was left intact by the bombardment, Touma finally dispelled Stiyl's memory loss as well as pay him back for using him as a bait. While going to the unaffected North block of the Misawa Cram School where Aureolus' office would most likely be, Touma notes to Stiyl on how Aureolus Izzard was able to stop the Gregorian Chant, to which Stiyl is unbelieving of this as he believes that Ars Magna cannot be attained by human means. They argue on how Aureolus could've just used Ars Magna to conjure up vampires and just outright kill them if he really had Ars Magna, instead of going to such ridiculous lengths.

Touma also notes how Index has become involved, Stiyl realizes what Touma means and states that Aureolus was Index's partner three years prior and intended to save her from the effects of the , grimoires in her head, however, since he hid himself for three years he has yet to learn that Index was already saved by Touma. Stiyl and Touma confront Aureolus in his office, confirming their suspicion that Index truly was abducted by Aureolus. Here, Aureolus reveals to them that his plans, that he plans to summon a vampire in order to either implant their ability of infinite memory into Index or at least turn Index into a vampire.

However, Stiyl sternly warns him that regardless of any method, Aureolus will never save Index, although he remains resolute in his vindication, because of this, Stiyl reveals to Aureolus that the person beside him—Kamijou Touma, holder of the Imagine Breaker—has already saved Index and is now living happily with her. Naturally, Aureolus didn't take this news kindly, and after seeing Index call out to Touma's name, finally loses his foundations of his beliefs and tries to kill Index but is unable to.

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In his enraged state he commands both Touma and Stiyl with his Ars Magna to the ground. Wanting to make them suffer more, Aureolus tries to prepare another attack, however, he is stopped by Himegami Aisa. However, despite Aisa's urging, Aureolus now sees her as worthless and commands her to die. Immediately after, Touma breaks himself free from Aureolus' bonds and manages to dispel Aisa's death after touching her, surprising Aureolus as to what Touma's power really is. Fed up with Aureolus, Touma lays down Aisa to rest and begins his confrontation with Aureolus, determined to break his illusions.

During their confrontation, Touma negates every attack Aureolus uses on Touma using his Ars Magna, with Touma noticing that Aureolus uses verbal commands in order to attack. However, Aureolus sees one of the weaknesses of Imagine Breaker, seeing that Touma needs the power of touch with his right hand in order for him to negate his attacks. He summons a gun into his hand that can fire a bullet fast enough that the human eye cannot perceive, thus Touma is unable to touch it with his Imagine Breaker.

Seeing that Touma could not possibly track the bullets fired from the gun, Aureolus summons several more pistols into his hand. Here, Touma is hit with several bullets but is not fatally injured, but is told by Aurelous that he will not kill him easily. Stiyl tries to distract Aureolus regarding his Ars Magna as so Touma can find a way to counterattack.

However, it is revealed by Index that his Ars Magna was achieved using a modified Gregorian Chant by the students of the cram school, in order to substitute the century long enchantment into only a few days order to achieve Ars Magna. Here, it is also revealed that Aureolus also revives the dead and injured esper students who overloads after using magic several times in order to facilitate his substitution.

Enraged at this realization, Touma charges once again at Aureolus, throwing his phone at him as a distraction. At the same time as this, Stiyl makes up a bluff regarding Innocentius as well in order to distract Aureolus. Fed up with him, Aureolus commands Stiyl to float up and then made him explode violently, keeping Stiyl alive just barely, although distorted his body to look like a piece of artwork. This action though, causes several of the rune cards Stiyl keeps within to fall and scatter towards the ground. Meanwhile, Index immediately faints after seeing what happened to Stiyl.

Although terrified, Touma recalls Stiyl last piece of advice before being violently exploding, which is regarding the needles that Aureolus use during their battle to stab himself. Touma realizes that Aureolus simply uses the needles in order for him to concentrate. Here, Touma realizes that Aureolus Izzard does not change reality through his through his words, but through his thoughts.

At the same time as Touma realizes this, Aureolus manages to summon a blade, knowing that Touma's Imagine Breaker lies within his righ hand, he severs Touma's entire arm from him.

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The dragon king that sprung forth from Kamijou Touma's severed right arm, as depicted in the anime adaptation. Touma survives having his arm cut off, and begins laughing maniacally for some reason, apparently sure that he is going to defeat Aureolus, making Aureolus uneasy. Aureolus tries to attack but it does no effect on him, even after several barrages, Touma is still unscathed from his attacks, continuing his pursuit of Aureolus with nothing but a smile on his face.

Slowly but surely, Aureolus loses his confidence in his abilities, and becomes fearful of Touma. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Will a Print on demand version be available for this? I know it's fairly small, but a professionally printed copy is always nice to have. Will there be any discount on the soft cover for those who have previously bought the pdf? A customer. Fairly simple fight the werewolves and their allies adventure, with the twist that one companion is a secret lycanthrope: determining the latter is cleverly handled by a nice mechanic.

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