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  1. Sonos One: £199, Amazon
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It's a rather large speaker--each one consists of six 7-foot-tall panels. Each Ultimate houses a total of 40 inch subwoofers, 24 8-inch woofers, and massive arrays of 2-inch-wide and 1-inch-wide ribbon tweeters.

Sonos One: £199, Amazon

A pair of Ultimates are nearly 40 feet wide! High prices ensure exclusivity, and if that's what a few select, well-heeled audiophiles are looking for, Moon Audio's Titan mega tower should fit the bill. It's offered in a strictly limited edition of three pairs, and each pair is hand-signed by the designer. Each pair will also be named after its buyer and once the third pair is built, the Signature Titan is history.

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Designed by Ross Lovegrove a top industrial designer who counts Sony and Apple as clients , the Muon is a masterpiece of 21st century industrial art. It's fabricated from malleable sheets of heated aluminum, and it's hard to keep your hands off its undulating curves.

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The system includes power amplifiers, and the Muon's sound is sophisticated, pure, and clean. That hasn't always been the case with Magico speakers, but the M 5's hyper-detailed sound was offset by a visceral presence; this is a speaker you feel as much as hear. It's the sheer precision of the sound that most impressed. Avantgarde Trio Classico.

This German manufacturer has elevated the horn speaker to new heights of design and performance. The massive round horns make for a daring design statement, and contribute mightily to the Trio Classico's sound quality.

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I've heard Avantgarde speakers in various stages of development over the years, and always thought they were very special. Dynamics--large and small--are rendered without compression, which is why Trios can sound shockingly realistic. Before I heard the speaker I thought YG Acoustics' motto for its flagship model, "The best speaker on earth," was an outrageously bold claim.

After I heard it I still wasn't completely convinced of the "best" assertion, but it's certainly in the running.

I was hard pressed to find anything to criticize about the sound: bass power, definition, midrange transparency, upper treble purity, soundstage focus, and low distortion are truly exceptional. A loudspeaker basket was designed by means of FEM Analysis to guarantee the best possible airflow and stability. This resulted in a unique asymmetric die-cast frame of which each blade is shaped differently depending on its individual load.

Seven different layers with distinct properties are combined to form a lightweight, well damped but rigid cone that has strongly reduced resonances compared to other cone materials. This newly designed dust cap was shaped differently in order to equalise the frequency response in the high midrange. This improves the overall sound quality — just more audiophile! First it comes with a built-in voice assistant and Chromecast.

Revox | True studio sound quality since

And second I mean, just look at it. It's got a beautiful mid-century modern look with a real walnut top and bottom and an old-school cloth grill. And it doesn't sound bad either.

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But what makes it truly special is a unique pair of retractable arms which house the mid-range drivers and tweeters. The Lyric Speaker offers a transparent front panel which can display lyrics for over 2 million songs. A wireless speaker made of concrete? You'd better believe it. The Devialet Gold Phantom is a high-end wireless speaker with a somewhat-crazy 4, watts of power.

Speakers and more

We ran a brief demo in the CNET office and it sounded better than the previous Phantoms we've tested, including Like the Gold Phantom and the "vanilla" Phantom, the Silver one features a pressurized design that the makers liken to a bomb. It features a quirky setup routine -- "gently touch the Phantom" -- and streams Spotify Connect, and over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While it could act as a sound bar for your TV, you wouldn't want to put anything on top of it due to its distinctive weighted volume-knob-come-control-panel. It features a lucite base, uniquely modern lines and a giant touchscreen with a volume knob on top.