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We have different products and therefore we can trade. We can do business. Thais are used to the tropics, but many enjoy cooler temperatures sometimes. It makes sense for Thais to visit Siberia to experience a different climate, just like Russian tourists do when they come to Thailand. I would recommend to Thai people that they visit Siberia during April and May when the weather is hottest in Thailand. If we visit people in very different lands it will improve understanding and also create opportunity. I came to this conclusion after meeting with ordinary people there.

They keep very clean and tidy homes. From the outside, some homes might look old but on the inside, they are nicely decorated, well arranged and above all, clean. This applies not only to private homes but also to restaurants, hotels, schools and other places. They love to eat and drink and love to talk if they know you well.

From Bangkok to Siberia via Marrakech - Book review - Senior Travel

They are active and very creative. Again, I felt that when people learned I was Thai they immediately became very friendly. The only real negative is the infrastructure is not yet up to par if Siberia is to reach its enormous potential. Driving across Siberia was like a dream come true, and I am already planning the next trip.

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This year the Kingdom of Thailand and the Russian Federation celebrate years of diplomatic relations. Kirill Barsky provided some perspective on this diplomatic milestone. So the friendship between our two countries spans two life cycles, and I am sure we will continue to be friends through many more cycles. The origin of the friendship is a very interesting story and one that is dear to hearts of millions of Thai people. The trip included around 22, kilometres that took the Crown Prince to Northern Africa and India before a long homeward stretch that brought him to Japan and finally to Vladivostok in north-eastern Russia.

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Siam was a major stopover for the voyagers in March The historical record shows that the two young men established a very good personal relationship. Kirill Barsky. At the time France and the Great Britain were in the process of finishing the colonial conquest of Southeast Asia.

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Siam was the only remaining independent country in the region. King Rama V decided to make St Petersburg his first destination and to use his friendship with Emperor Nicholas II to strengthen his position with other European powers. He was received as an equal partner by the emperor. Historians believe that this wise move by King Rama V played a significant role in keeping his nation independent and also in changing European attitudes toward Siam. The event was orchestrated to recreate the setting in which King Rama V was the guest of honour.

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has remarked that the event produced a very powerful impression on her. This is manifested in an intensive political dialogue, growing economic and trade cooperation and broadened cultural exchanges, especially in the areas of education and tourism. Thailand has become a top destination for millions of Russian tourists in the past 15 years. This is shown by the mutual understanding of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Thai Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha to strive for a strategic partnership between our two nations in the future.

This is because Russia lies in the centre of the Eurasian land mass and has been subjected to all kinds of exchanges, both peaceful and violent.

Surviving the Trans-Siberian train

Russia was conquered by many countries and tribes and we fought always to be free. We have had so many wars throughout our history. Finally, we liberated ourselves from all rivals. They include Vikrom Kromadit, who in the summer of led a caravan of luxury mobile homes across Siberia.

Read books From Bangkok to Siberia Via the Marrakech Express: Russia, Morocco, Thailand and

The ambassador applauded Mr Vikrom for letting his adventurous spirit lead him to the beautiful and remote region. In , the same year that Crown Prince Nicholas visited King Chulalongkorn, Russia embarked on a very ambitious project to connect the European part of Russia -which includes St Petersburg and Moscow - with the Far East of Russia, the city of Vladivostok, by railway. The Russian government very skillfully tackled the challenges presented by the vastness of Russia and completed this important and massive infrastructure project in The Trans-Siberian railway stretches 9, kilometres, making it the longest railway on Earth.

In the government completed the electrification of the whole Trans-Siberian railways. This crucial land bridge connects the Asia-Pacific region with Europe. The cargo transit capacity is million tonnes per year. The Pacific coast city of Vladivostok at the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian railway is becoming a hub of the Asia-Pacific region. We are also expanding 11 other seaports along the Pacific, but Vladivostok is the main one.

The ring will connect Russian energy supply centres with storage facilities in Japan, South Korea and China. The big new city of Tsiolkovsky is being built close by. Another important project is the development of nine new special economic zones called Territories of Priority Development. The project aims to build 20 new airports and a number of new land roads, and create , new jobs. Ultimately the goal is to provide resources and incentives to enlarge the population of the Far East from the current six million to 11 million people.

How to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Siberia by plane, car, bus, taxi or night bus

The taiga forest covers thousands of square kilometres and encompasses magnificent rivers and mountain ranges. The Pacific coast of Russia is amazing. Vladivostok is cold in the winter but in summer time it is a paradise. I want to invite the people of Thailand to come to Russia.

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They may not be able to take an extended tour as Mr Vikrom did, but they will find that a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway is an experience one never forgets. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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AUG SEP OCT Throughout his journey he immerses himself in the local culture to the point of acting as the groom in a mock, traditional wedding ceremony. The third journey follows a 3, mile section of the Trans-Siberian Railway starting from Lake Baikal. William gives a fascinating account of all that interests him along the way, backed up by background research. He is very interested in meeting and interacting with the local people, and clearly he has a discerning eye. The text is illuminated by about photographs. However, sometimes details of people and places cannot be clearly seen.

Maybe the author, or the publisher, could make some of the photographs available on an image-sharing website such as Flickr. Obviously this book is a must-buy for railway enthusiasts and provides excellent background material for anyone intending to visit Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco or Russia. However this book has much wider appeal.