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  3. Welcome to our restaurant !

They also seem to recall beer being consumed in the house, even during Prohibition! The house at Avenue A remained in the Mueller family all the way up until At that time the house was sold along with the rest of the brewery to be transformed into what is now known as simply The Pearl. We feel a great privilege and honor to be able to carry on the tradition of family and great food that clearly was a mainstay in this house beginning over a century ago.

We hope that you can share in this experience and enjoy impeccable food and drink, and make some memories of your own when you come to visit us at The Granary.

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Commons:Featured pictures/chronological/2010-A

The original Pearl Brewery was founded in as the second brewery established in San Antonio. When it was first established the brewery was known as the San Antonio Brewing Company and retained that name until when it was officially changed to the Pearl Brewing Company named after its flagship beer. In the first kegs and barrels of the ubiquitous Pearl beer were rolling off the production line and into local bars and restaurants.

Pearl Lager anchored the brewery and helped it to become the largest brewery in Texas before prohibition. When Prohibition was enacted in it was a death sentence for most breweries across America, but the leaders of Pearl got creative and survived the 13 years of Prohibition by venturing into the food and creamery business as well as by selling sodas and near beer. Before Prohibition there were over 2, breweries in the United States, by the time Prohibition was repealed there were only about left and that number continued to drop as breweries began to consolidate in the post Prohibition market place.

Eventually the Pearl fell on hard times while trying to compete with the larger Anhueser Busch and Miller breweries and In the brewery was purchased by the Pabst Brewing Company. Pearl Lager was still being produced at the brewery until when Pabst closed down all beer production at the facility for good. The property sat vacant for several months and most locals feared that the historic site would be bull dozed.

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However, in a bright turn of events the entire 22 acre property was purchased in by the locally based Silver Ventures investment company. That purchase began the amazing transformation that is still in the works today as the Pearl becomes a live, work, and play community filled with exceptional restaurants, retail shops, beautiful lofts and work spaces. At The Granary we feel very privileged to be able to be a part of the great things happening at the Pearl.

Cobb Salad smoked chicken, hard boiled egg, avocado, bacon, tomato, buttermilk dressing. Barbecue Benedict chopped brisket, poached eggs, barbecue hollandaise.

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Served on an english muffin with a side of german potato salad. Stop in to see what amazing breweries and casks are featured on our tap wall and extensive bottle list this week! See All events. See All press.

Graphically Speaking: Kris Dresen | spaces

Find a table. The Granary. Learn more about The story of our restaurant has to start with our location. Mueller Family in front of house Pearl Brewery. Agatha Brun Mueller Pearl Brewery. Christmas in the living room Mueller House Pearl Brewery. Wedge iceberg, blue cheese dressing, house bacon, pickled onion, smoked tomato jam. Cobb smoked chicken, avocado, bacon, hard-boiled egg, tomato, buttermilk dressing. Tuesday The Cuban, pulled pork, mojo, smoked jack, pickles, mustard.

Pulled Pork Sliders sweet rolls, buttermilk coleslaw, pickles. Granary Pancakes smoked pecan praline, butter, maple syrup. Pastrami Hash two sunny side up eggs, onion, potato. Texas French Toast powdered sugar, strawberry preserves. Steak and Eggs Ranchero Flannery chuck steak, two fried eggs, ranchero sauce. Scotch Egg soft egg, house made beef sausage, beer mustard aioli. But in most cases, they are happy with what I do. Then I thought—Ooh, Tumblr! In order to flesh out the strips for those who are long-time fans and give some context to new readers, I thought adding my commentary would be cool and of some interest.

Alex: Given all of that reflection, what advice do you have for comic creators? My best advice is that if you really, really want to create comics, you need to stop talking about it and actually do it. Understand that it takes time—lots of it. That every comics creator I know live for doing their work. Hard work and patience have never NOT paid off. Alex: While it seems all of your comics are online, many of them are also available in paperback; in this world of squinting evening commuters peeking over real pages, across the L-Train, at a sneering grin, glowing in the Kindle light, where do you stand on the web versus print debate?

Kris: Web, tablet, print — I love it all. I will always favor print.

Welcome to our restaurant !

My day job is in publishing and I have always loved books, magazines, and newspapers. But I also enjoy digital because of its immediacy. I can buy and download a book at 3AM. I can read uncountable webcomics online everyday. Who cares how people consume media as long as they are consuming it?

By having my comics on the web, anybody in the world can read them. If they were still only in print, then maybe people see them. And not many of those would be outside of the U. Alex: Do you think that it h as it become necessary to do both?

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Kris: For some, yes. As this generation who knows nothing but reading on a screen ages, print, I think, as a means of mass distribution will fade.

Alex: What inspires you? Kris: Inspiration can come from a word, music, artwork, anything. Alex: The first few pages of Broken Birdhouse look great; what can readers expect from this comic? There is a story, and it becomes apparent as more and more pages are posted. So, be patient! Consider it me posting lots of pretty drawings for now.