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Francisco del Poso Fernandes y Da. Josefa Ruis Davila, escritura de dote, Lima, [46 leaves]. Receipts accounts signed by Jacinto Naranjo, [4 leaves]. Heath, Dwight B. Gandarillas, B. May report to Chester W. Creighton, David Witt. Paz Estenssoro, Victor. Amazon Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Company. Secretary of State for aid in protecting Company's rights and concessions in Brazil," 7 December From the law firm Ivins, Mason, Wolff and Hoguet.

Blanco, Miguel Coronel. Passage of Federico Froons[? Powers, Joshua B. Superior Oil Company. Compagnie Aramayo de Mines en Bolivie. Annual reports of directors and speeches of chairmen, Barradas, Isidro. Unsigned report of expedition to reconquer Mexico with 4, troops, purportedly written by a participant. Banco Real, S. Documents, Notarized copies of documents related to the bank's founding as the Banco de Lavoura de Minas Gerais, its history , balances , structure, and statutes.

Report on pottery recovered in Cholula, site plans, 2 volumes of colored drawings and typed descriptions of pottery. Fikes, Robert Jr. Karttunen, Frances. Carta a Guadalupe Victoria, 3 January [photocopy]. School record from Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 31 January Alessandri, Arturo. Carta a Jorge Silvia Yoacham, 20 December Correspondence log. Alamillo, J. Rodriguez, Santiago. Decree of governor of Coahuila, May Lima, Pereina. Cochrane, Thomas. Correspondence, [ pages]. Hanna, John.

Journal [] and Letterbook [], Rivas Morel, Nicasio. Hermosa, [2, 8 pages]. Hacienda del Nacimiento, Coahuila. Title papers, Northwestern University Venezuelan Project, Feminiflor magazine [Bolivia], letter and images, Papers, [1 inch]. Typed correspondence from party officials, printed announcements, propaganda sheets, posters, and newsclippings. Kidder, Howard J. Family letters from Mexico, etc. Cochabamba, Bolivia. Consejo Municipal and Consejo Departamental. Letters to national officials regarding taxes, road building, education, and similar matters.

Table of contents. Prefectura del Departamento. Official resolutions, circulars, orders, appointments, and decrees, received or sent by the prefecture. Aguirre, Juan. Copybook of letters written by Spanish merchant in Lima between July and March to suppliers and customers in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Europe, with business, shipping and other news; also notes on receipts, deliveries, sales, orders of goods, and prices.

Villagran Kramer, Francisco. Documents, , [photocopies]. Funeral oration for Generalisimo Dr. Rafael Leonidad Trujillo Molina [copy and translation], , Taliaferro, N. Report to Arizona Oil Company on geology and oil exploration in Tamaulipas. Includes drilling and production histories, descriptions of regions and selected wells, and maps of concessions. O'Brien, W. Stines, Norman C. Describes mining claims, prices, operations, productivity, local mining history, and geology along the Tapaje, Maqui, and Sipi rivers.

Organization of American States. Carta de la Organizacion de los Estados Americanos, Bogota, Various manuscripts, , , , , Anita Mining Company. Various documents, Embajada de Chile Washington, D. Telegramas oficiales, enviados [2 bound volumes]. Indians of Tequisquiac. Mckellar, Maud. Henriques, Alfonso. McSwain, Mary Brown. May, Ruth A. Articles titled "Esmeraldas" and "Mina Capillita," c. Cooper, Donald B. Vellum bound, l. Includes wills, inventories, etc. Some certified copies. Goldstein, Marcus S. Typescript, 89pp. Santa Rita Mining Company Zacatecas. Letter copy books, Circulars and directives, Primer libro de providencias , Leather folder, 52l.

Segundo libro de providencias , Leather folder, Leather folder, 41l.

Medieval Spain | SpringerLink

The indian burial record is the final [such? Archeological items from the Mexican-American War , Los Pastores. Photocopy, l. Samples of rocks and minerals, Presented to the Latin American Collection in Stored in Realia Collection. Terminan hasta con una carta dirigida a Don Felix Cuevas a Cocolapan.

Servicios Personalizados

Manuscripts, A collection of manuscript documents related to nationalized Church properties in Mexico. Espinoza, Manuel.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Both were originally found in the book Manuel Espinoza : obras : metaforas de utopia cataloged at ND E85 A4 Heard, Dorothy Whitehurst. The original is cataloged at GZ Jourdan, Nell. Morales , Heritage Press, Xylographs from Paraiba, Brazil, N. Hidalgo Insurgency. Documents regarding the Hidalgo Insurgency, , 4 items.

Cuesta, Jorge, Paz, Octavio, A collection of manuscript documents related to Juan E. Pellicer, Carlos, ? Letters and works, Torres Bodet, Jaime, Correspondence with Octavio Barreda, Gaceta extraordinaria de Mexico 6 julio Typescript copy. Typescript in English. Paredes R. Photocopy of manuscript and typescript, both in English. Merigo, Juan. Collection of documents, Photostats of documents loaned by Sr. Juan Merigo, Mexican Consul. Documents from AGN relating to foreigners in Mexico, Typescript copies of various expedientes from the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores.

Archivo Nacional de Colombia. Salon de la Colonia Caciques e Indios. Minas del Choco. Bound photocopies of documents. Paso y Troncoso Collection. This is an RG, but the original is not at UT. Letters from Catarino E. Garza, Miguel A. Hoops, Richard. Collection on revolutionary government of El Salvador, Rodman, Selden, Selden Rodman was an American author and art critic. A collection of his papers may be found at the Yale University Library. Lacerda, Carlos. Correspondence on Haiti, [3 folders].

Correspondence with Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Weaver, Kathleen.

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Interview with Magda Portal, [3 folders]. Muro Arias, Luis F. Farias, Luis. Don Andres Lopes de La Ara en [leather bound account book]. Evans, David LeCount. Documents on the possibility of oil deposits in Haiti, , Correspondence and reports on the possibility of oil in Haiti. Correspondents include Evans, Laurence Hammond, C.

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Zivley, V. International Consultants, Inc. Very early original diary from San Antonio, Texas, written by Florencia Leal through at least , perhaps another hand Westminster School District of Orange County, et al" Collection of Mexican documents that originated from missionaries working on the Mexico Mission of the Presbyterian Church. Robinson Family. Haiti correspondence, Group of 37 letters written by Mrs. Robinson and her teen-age daughter Lill the wife and child of U. Marine Officer A. Robinson stationed in Haiti during the American occupation.

They write from Port Au Prince, telling in detail of their life in Haiti at the time. Letters from Mrs. Robinson to James Marshall Robinson, Articles, Daves, Larry. Case file for Plyler v. Doe suit regarding education funding for immigrant children, Manuscript for a book on "Estigarribia and the Chaco War," [6 folders]. Author and date of translation unknown. Agurto Calvo, Santiago. Archaeological sites, Peru, Drawings of various sites, gift of rector Santiago Agurto Calvo.

Alessio Robles, Vito, Regarding government tobacco revenues in Nuevo Leon. Congreso de Nuevo Leon Opinion of permanent delegation of state legislature of Nuevo Leon regarding the threat to constitutional processes in Nuevo Leon and nation posed by recently published statement of Jose Alexandro de Trevino y Gutierrez.

Anderson, San Antonio, Texas, 12 Feb Vera to Harry M. Includes a diary written by Margarita Porter Folks, which covers a period when she and her family moved to Monterrey to live with Mrs. Arra Porter Sawyer. Also a 7 page account titled "Such a Little War" written by Mrs. Arra Porter Sawyer telling of the wounding by cannon fire and subsequent death of her husband during the Mexican Revolution in McSwain, Mary. Mary McSwain spent many years as a missionary of the Methodist Church, and some of her work was in Brazil during the s and s.

Two parts of a memoir deal with her Brazilian period and are segments in her story of the life and travels of a missionary.


Six letters, including three holographs and three photocopies, of General Federico Reina, an hacendado from Coahuila and "General de los irregulars huertistas" with Victoriano Huerta during the Mexican Revolution. Also includes two photogaphs of Reina and family, a photocopy of Reina's birth certificate, and an historical account of the battle at Lerdo where Reina was killed on 23 March Rose, Robert F. Borges, Jorge Luis. Documents and photographs related to Borges' visits to Austin in and Portales, Marco.

Copias de correspondencias, Collection of clippings on industry in Mexico , s. Unknown provenance perhaps from the papers of Charles Hackett? Financial reports on Venezuelan oil production , Discurso sobre los dramas. Autograph book, circa Pacheco Moreno, Manuel. Taylor, George Penix. Garza, Joe. Castro, Armando. Documents on student Armando Castro, McAllen, Rojo Gomez, Javier. Gobernador de Hidalgo.

Decretos, Alburquerque, Lauro. Lugo Guerrero, Jose. Reyes, Alfonso, and Ramon del Valle-Inclan. Photocopied correspondence, provenance unknown, Includes correspondence from Fannie Ratchford and photocopies from J.

Con Valentín Merino Estrada, autor del Manual de Alcaldes y Concejales

Frank Dobie. Bates, Wilbur. Open letter to Joseph P. Note that this item is in poor physical condition. Ask reading room staff prior to handling. Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, Decrees, Shepard, Marietta Daniels, Louis, Danciger, Jack. Interamerican University Association. Report of the Board of Directors meeting, Mexico, March 24, Aultman, Otis A. Photographs, with article by Roderic A. Camp titled "Window On War," Ozark magazine, Printed copy of letter to the president, 9 December United States. Coronel Herbert G.

Concejo de la Mesta

Coronel John A. Monlevade plant of Cia. Siderurgica Belgo-Mineira, S. Primeras obras manuscritas. Circular stating procedures "para que los funcionarios y empleados Dominguez Chavez, Humberto. El Salvador. Reports and statements from an Ecumenical Group of Observers on national elections in El Salvador, Dulles, John W. Typescript on Mexican mining, N. Knowles, Harry, and Fanny Knowles Heacock.

Letters, Collection of 30 manuscript letters with typescript copies, 4 pencil maps and plans, and 1 photocopy of typed biographical paper "Uncle Harry Knowles, Engineer in Mexico. El Teatro Femenil. Program and scripts, ca. Greenman, Almon W. Missionary documents, [and , ]. Collection of 5 documents and one page letter by and about Reverand Almon W. Greenman, of Union City, Indiana, while a missionary in Mexico.

He writes in the letter a detailed account of a riot in Celaya, apparently sparked by religious differences. Letter to "Vicente. En consonancia con este malestar, las protestas de la Iglesia de Tarazona se multiplicaron. Era un ser racional y libre, pero su libertad estaba sometida al poder de Dios. No todo estaba perdido. Para superar este problema, el obispo estaba convencido de la importancia de difundir el pensamiento social de la Iglesia Protagonistas para un conflicto , Madrid, Dykinson, , p.

I, Barcelona, Monestir de Montserrat, , p. Caja Correspondencia Codi III, p. Trabajemos y oremos.

  1. Slavery, Resistance, Freedom (Gettysburg Civil War Institute Books);
  2. Escape: Pearls of Travail.
  4. El Estado. La sociedad. Poder y presencia de la Iglesia.