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  2. Unwrapping Your Child's Spiritual Gifts
  3. What about Children Using Spiritual Gifts?
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Continue Reading. Some prophecies will come to pass by the will of God no matter what man does.

Others will come to pass only if we press in and war with them before the throne of God. Such was the…. My first significant word from God was at age 7. It wasn't a dream, but a vision with a prophetic word. But at the time I didn't know it was a message from God.

Unwrapping Your Child's Spiritual Gifts

It was revealed to…. One might wonder why we would talk about Babies and toddlers in relationship to teaching children to walk in the supernatural power of God. After all, what can you teach babies about anything, much less spiritual issues? How much can they learn?

What about Children Using Spiritual Gifts?

Tapping into their spiritual gifts is often key to this long sometimes painful process. What spiritual gifts lay dormant inside me that will bring glory to God? How do I activate them?

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Is he or she to reject that mandate on the grounds that their sheep are just too little? Too underdeveloped? Too childish? Jesus praised his Father because of His practice of using foolish things to confound those who think themselves wise. How foolish does that sound? But how very true it really is. Recognizing spiritual gifts in your kids should be one of your chief endeavors. But how to go about that?

Before you begin there are few things you should know. Secondly, remember there is a difference between natural talent or ability and a Spirit given gift. She sees spirits, she hears spirits, and she feels their energy.

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Overtime when she has visited my home, she has seen spirits sitting in chairs in different rooms. Upon going to bed at nighttime, spirits have told her goodnight. She has learned to embrace her gifts and talk with me if an experience has been a little scary. For this, I am grateful. If you have children that you feel are experiencing other worldly events or persons, try to understand that such things do exist.

Spiritual Gifts Inventories for Preteens

Talk to your child and ask them to open up and tell you what they are experiencing. If the child describes something you feel is frightening, then seek the help of a physic healer that deals with those kinds of issues. If you feel the experience is positive and sweet and loving, then talk, talk, talk to your child. If you feel you need the help of a physic healer to help your child and your family understand the special phenomena, then seek one out. Know that not all spirits and energy is negative.

There are those spirits who have not adjusted to no longer being in human form and are angry. They need to be helped to ascend into the light. A psychic healer can help with that also.

Spiritual Gifts & The Children Who Use Them

Embrace their love and energy and know that none of us are truly alone.