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The sparkling silver lining in this harsh reality is that the relative life spans of dogs and humans reminds me how fast our days come and go. Like everyone, I juggle many different roles.

musings – Jay Revell

Writing romantic suspense novels is something I love to do, but making time for writing in a busy life presents challenges. A wife. A daughter. A sister. A friend. Their wagging tails tell me to pause…breathe…keep writing…keep living…. I love to hear about people and their pets. What makes them special to you? Each is a stand-alone novel that can be read out of order. Such a touching tribute to our fur babies. I just lost my companion cat who was 15 human years. His litter sister is still with us and she grieves too. My Pom Sandy is 8 years old and a joy. As we age, we realize the many fur babies we have shared our lives with.

We have loved them all. I know how you feel — our pets become so special to us. I agree no matter what is going on in your life my dogs remind me take a deep breath and go for a walk. I struggle with their life span being so much shorter than hours. My Lab is 16 and a half and been having some health issues. We have been so Lucky to have her as long as we have but I am not ready to say Goodbye yet even though I know it is coming.

I have a long- haired chihuahua named Babyboy! His Mother and Father were brother and sister! Brother and Sister are not meant to mate together! Babyboy was born on March 5, ! He has been such a rock for me! His Mother and Father passed away years ago! December 18, ! They would have turned 15 years old! He has a cataract on his left eye, and his tan hair is turning white on top of his head!

To me 13 years is a miracle for him to still be alive! I feed him the yellow packets of Pedigree sold at Walmart! These packets keep him healthy! He was neutered and never bred with a female! It was soo good! From Pentagon City Mall we walked over to the Pentagon for a tour we had scheduled. Unfortunately, we were late for the tour and had to leave. This was definitely my favourite place that we visited on the trip. It was so peaceful there and seeing all the symbolism throughout the benches representing the victims was really cool.

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We browsed for a while and some people got drinks to go. We drove from the gift shop down to the National Mall. We went to the American History Museum which was fun. Unfortunately, they had taken the original Kermit off display. We got identification cards when we entered, identifying us as a person who either survived or died in the Holocaust.


It was a very sad place to visit but we learned a lot while there and it was important to learn about. We found our state in the semi-circle of stones each with a state or U. S territory on them. Before we headed to dinner we walked around Constitution Gardens Lake and across the road to the Albert Einstein Memorial where we took a big class photo.

We still had many more memorials to visit. One of my friends and I broke off from the group and went to look for all the symbols our tour guide had told us about that were on the wall. A diamond means that they have been officially declared dead, a cross means they are still missing in action, a diamond over a cross means they were missing in action and then were declared dead after the wall was built, and it has yet to happen but if somebody missing in action returns alive their cross will have a circle around it.

We found all 3 that were described. Robert E. Lee was the Confederate commander in the Civil War. The Union soldiers gained revenge on him by burying their own on his land and it is now known as Arlington Cemetery. They are included in a plaque near the bottom of the memorial instead. Before we headed back to the memorial we walked through the Korean War Memorial. Wherever you stood in the memorial there was always one of the soldiers looking at you which I thought was neat.

Hi everyone! Look under our Travel page for Days 1 and 2 in Naperville. I got the delicious gruyere and bacon egg bites again and we got our drinks as well. We then headed to some of the downtown stores such as Ulta and Athleta. Not far from Naperville. We had done a lot of sitting that day so we decided to go walk around Fox Valley Mall, which is on the outskirts of Aurora. There sooo cute. The next morning was our last day in Naperville. We walked the riverwalk for our first and last time on this vacation.

We checked out of our room and for our last hoorah we went to Rotary Sushi bar in Aurora. One of our all-time favourite sushi places for sure! We really enjoyed our trip to Naperville and I was destined for another trip only a day after we left. Look for more posts about it soon! Thanks for reading! Yesterday March 15th was my 6th blogiversary. My first ever post was March 16th, , so today 6 years ago! For my first year or so of blogging I mainly focused on History for Kids posts and after a while they kind of trailed off. I just spent this whole last week in Washington D.

Even though this landmark is definitely not one of the older ones in the city, the amount of historical events that have taken place here is unbelievable. The first stone was placed in with President Teddy Roosevelt watching and the last part was placed in with President George H. W Bush watching. Four presidents funerals have been held at the cathedral as well as many presidents and their wives memorial services. Not long ago in , parts of the cathedral broke off in an earthquake uncommon for the area and parts of it are still being redone.

Arlington Cemetery is located just outside of Washington D. Now it is a place for important people to be buried and people who served in wars. One interesting part of the cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Since World War I, one soldier whose identity is unknown is buried there. The Capitol is one of the most important buildings in our whole country. At the capitol, all our laws and rules are made and then sent to the president to be approved or vetoed.

The capitol was finished in , only to be partially burned in the War of by British soldiers. It was reconstructed and continues to be the place where many important decisions are made. The Library of Congress houses every single copyrighted book ever.

Back Seat Musings of Nine Year Old Boys

C in and has been there ever since. It became a National Historic Landmark in and to this day you can take tours around the house.

Hi, everybody. Sorry for the recent lack of posts. I have many more travel adventures coming up soon though so your sure to start seeing more. We recently went back to Naperville. For my family and I, Naperville is less of a travel destination, like London or Paris, and more of a real vacation. Where you can just lay back and relax and not having anything you need to see or anything you need to check off on your to-do list.

On our way down to Naperville, we had lunch in Schaumburg, Illinois home to Woodfield Mall, and is the 12th largest mall in the United States and the largest in Illinois and the 2nd biggest in the Midwest after Mall of America.

Enlightened Aquatic

We ate at Roti, which is a modern Mediterranean restaurant a couple of blocks from Woodfield. C before but never to any in Illinois. We all enjoyed our meals. My parents got rice bowls with added vegetables and proteins falafel, chicken, steak, etc. I got hummus, pita bread, and falafel.

My favourite thing was the falafel, it was sooo good. After Roti, we had to make a stop at Woodfield Mall. We went to a cool shop that originated in Japan called Uniqlo.

Musings from 14 Year-Old Mara

Their clothes were really cool and we all got a couple of new outfits there. After Schaumburg, we continued the rest of the way down to Naperville where we checked in at the Hotel Indigo.

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  6. After setting up our room it had a terrace and everything we headed down to Starbucks Reserve Bar. Our home away from home. I highly recommend visiting. I had an iced caramel cloud macchiato. I also get a hot dog and fries. Simple but delicious. The next day we woke up and headed to Starbucks Reserve for breakfast where we all got the bacon and gruyere sous vide egg bites.

    They are so amazing! There are two other kinds of egg bites but I have yet to try them. I can never seem to try anything else when the bacon and gruyere are out. After breakfast, we went shopping downtown. That afternoon we had lunch at Burrito Parilla Mexicana where we got a whole vat of guacamole.

    A storybook wedding - except for one thing - UNICEF

    Well, that and their horchata machine. That afternoon we stopped at the Red Arrow Tap Room where they have all sorts of beers in serve-yourself machines around the room. Their cupcakes are so amazing. The shop has a schoolhouse theme and has a sprinkle bar as well as swings you can sit on while you eat your cupcake.