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  1. Serenade at River Park Apartments in Oxnard, CA
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Chances are you are not familiar with most of the pieces on the album, making the exploration of these great characters all the more fascinating.

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David Salazar — Operawire. Roland H. Dippel — Concerti. But when, oh when, have you heard about a baritone superstar? A part of this neglect is rooted in the repertoire — baritones are usually the villains, scoundrels, humourless fathers or sour priests. But the true mystery to me is why a baritone one of the loveliest voices you are likely to hear, and for me THE best voice for chanson, lieder and any other voice-and-piano music has never reached the levels of adoration that other voices have.

Here to prove my point, two gentlemen poles apart in their careers.

Serenade at River Park Apartments in Oxnard, CA

Even their choice of music underlines the elegant divergence in their approaches: Hampson recorded his first record exclusively dedicated to French songs by opera composers, while Mulligan chose new vocal works by the American, Dominick Argento. Both are passionate, lyrical, thoughtful singers.

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Both fully understand the works they sing — no empty sound-making typical of some sopranos here. Both have the benefit of intelligent accompaniment by great piano players: Hampson with the phenomenal Maciej Pikulski, and Mulligan with the equally redoubtable Timothy Long.

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  • So maybe the recording quality will give one of them an edge? Alas, the PentaTone transparent recording is matched here by the more present Naxos studio job — both excellent. So the contest is a complete draw, as both singers are wonderful, unabashed, triumphant and resounding baritones! The king of voices in my small universe proves again its power and beauty, showcased by both a seasoned and a novice singer, delivering the most satisfying vocal music of the past and the present and leaving the listener with an urgent need to hear more.

    Robert Tomas — The Whole Note. Read More. Granada is such a unique place, I love it here!

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    Tocaremos St…. He has received many honors and awards for his probing artistry and cultural leadership. Through the Hampsong Foundation which he founded in he employs the art of song to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. All Rights Reserved. Designed with love by Lenny's Studio. Recordings Serenade. Buy Online. Her Verbum Special Attacks on the other hand, are extremely powerful, allowing her to strike from a great distance for multiple hits of potentially massive damage. She also possesses a healing skill, L'energie du Vent , that heals everyone including herself and rivals the power of Polka 's Blossom Shower.

    In particular, her Throne of Thorns has amazing damage potential and can pierce through the enemy's guard stances in addition to hitting a fairly wide area around the primary target. The power of her Special Attacks, perhaps more than the other characters', seem to be tied directly to the number of Echoes built, with those used with no Echoes or a low Echo count having little to no effect, while those launched at 24 or 32 Echoes result in devastating numbers.

    The only main disadvantage of her Specials is that those other than Throne of Thorns cannot hit multiple targets. Serenade's HP is similar to Polka's at comparable levels, but her defense is second only to Crescendo, with her exclusive Noble White robe adding a further points to it. In music, a serenade is a musical composition or performance in someone's honor that is typically, light calm music. Sign In Don't have an account?

    Start a Wiki. Standing still does not solve anything. For things to change, one side needs to take a step back.

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    Would you not agree? After all, there is no guarantee that there will be ground to stand upon. |

    Contents [ show ]. All this time, I have kept close watch to make sure that Baroque made no move, that they never invaded Forte. And I was fully aware that by doing this, I was lending my support to you, and to Forte. But, through it all, I believed I was following the correct path; because I thought it was the best way to prevent a war.

    I'm quite serious indeed. You see! The Eternal Sonata Wiki has 33 images related to Serenade. The Eternal Sonata Wiki has a collection of quotes by Serenade.