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It may make you think twice before you shame someone for not going out one night or even not wanting to answer the door. People with anxiety disorders often face a sense of worry or dread and spend hours ruminating over worst case scenarios, which can get in the way of professional goals, personal relationships and a good quality of life. But there are ways to cope. Here, experts offer their best techniques to work through situations that might drum up anxiety, which may help you or someone you know keep worry or fear at bay.

Social sorting - Wikipedia

One of the worst things about having social anxiety is the way that my social anxiety makes me appear to other people. Because social cues and verbal communication are so important in forming new friendships, my anxiety often makes me come off as being cold, disinterested, and even mean. Unfortunately, the more interested I am in getting to know a particular person, the worse this will be.

For those who may not know, social anxiety is usually classified as an intense discomfort during social interactions or a fear of judgment by others. But the 15 million American men and women who experience the disorder know all too well that the struggle of the condition goes beyond just feeling awkward in social settings.

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We asked our Facebook communities to share some of their pet peeves about the disorder. Have you ever felt like a shadow walking amongst the masses? I have. But when is this feeling considered too much? I'm not trying to say that we're heroes, but I can't think of a better word for it. Basically when everybody is still awkward and stiff around each other, we make impressive efforts to make everyone feel like they're part of the group, because as much as we are anti-social in nature, we are also really boss at determining what level of social interaction the people around us need and do not need.

All of your heroics are quite exhausting. It's like your brain gears are moving on full blast for several hours and they just shut the eff down all at once. Other people are always claiming that they totally feel you on this, but you are entirely sure that they don't. Otherwise they would just leave you and your sweatpants alone.

Such A Sociable Sort

Again, an arena where introverts tend to get a fast pass. If you don't show up, your absence is even louder, because you, as a human being, are generally louder. People notice when you're gone and call you out on it.

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Otherwise you'd just be on a minute goodbye parade, and by then new people will show up to the party with expectations that you'll be super chatty and want to catch up with them, even though literally all you want to do is take off your pants and never speak again. You're sparing all parties from this torture.

Social sorting presupposes difference

Sneaking out is the logical option. You thrive on the kind of social interaction that has zero pressure attached to it, and nothing says "zero pressure" like elastic waistbands and wine. I feel like anti-social extroverts are like magnets—I find them all so easily, and it's such a relief, because they just get you. They don't subtweet you for not texting them back or guilt trip you about breaking plans or any of those psychological warfare time wasters, and when you hang out with them, it's the chillest of the chill.

Two years is approximately the amount of time it takes for an anti-social extrovert to forget how stressful throwing a party is, and be stupid enough to throw one again. Don't get me wrong: These parties are the bomb. But by the end of them, your entire life force is gone. You just love them even more from a distance sometimes. Like alone in your room with the covers over your head and your phone on silent.