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2. It's a slam-dunk. Just go on video and say what you want to.
  1. Council Post: Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing
  2. Video marketing: a complete guide to crushing it with video
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Video viewership is actually falling on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Council Post: Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing

Don't try to copy other people. And beware of "best practices. Beyond straight-up technical quality, anything goes. Be passionate and entertaining. Countless YouTube stars sell make-up, promote comedy gigs and push weight-loss products. The most successful way to use video is to provide constant exposure to good ideas. This is what generates trust and goodwill--and more business.

Video Marketing Explained

It does not work. Instead, always put your viewers first. The price for video technology has dropped dramatically. Post-production, your new video s can be used anywhere you like including on your website. What You'll Get. Fast Turnaround We produce quality videos fast so that you can use them to grow your business.

Full Ownership Once completed, you own all rights to your video and can use it wherever you like. Request a Video For Your Business Would you like to show off your location, your team, your customers, or your products? Contact us to get an HD company video. Get Started. Call Us. Interviews can be an easy way to produce content rapidly. By inviting guests onto an interview series, you can leverage their knowledge to create your content for you. You could build more credibility with your own audience by associating yourself with other experts with positive reputations.

Another benefit of leveraging interviews to create your content is that interview guests may share the interview with their audience. This could help you build your number of email subscribers, backlinks, and overall brand in the industry. Think of webinars as free live events that offer helpful, valuable insights to attendees.

Webinars are high-value, low-cost endeavors that require no scripts or actors, just a Rolodex and some Google Calendar invites. Companies that feel comfortable shooting vlogs should definitely think about setting aside a few hours to host webinars on a weekly or monthly basis. Check out this 6-minute podcast called How to Run Automated Webinars. Webinars can also be a great piece of content to promote through paid traffic. For example, you could have a Facebook ad campaign that drives people to a webinar, and then drive them down the rest of your funnel. It could be a persuasive gateway to your content, after which you could drive leads to a consultation call, or sell them another product in an email series.

One step up from a webinar is an event video, which covers the proceedings of a corporate event, usually B2C, in a polished and highly shareable fashion. Traditionally, event videos cost a lot more than other video types usually because it takes an entire crew and multiple cameras to do them justice , but with the popularity of second Instagrams and 6-second Vines, many companies are starting to capture snippets of their events in montage form.

How many of us actually went to that parade, ever? Now compare that to how many of us know about it, and have seen it year after year, because it was covered on television. There are even production houses that specialize in shooting pre-event promotional videos, like Event Commercials :. Source: TED. Are they hugely popular because of the quality of speakers and the chosen topics? Or is it because TED is a global platform with global reach?

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A presentation takes the excitement of an event and combines it with the usefulness of a webinar to create a compelling and shareable narrative. When you really think about it, most TED speakers are just men and women looking to increase their brand presence. If they can do it, why not you?

One way brands can use the mojo of presentations to their advantage is by giving targeted presentations at company events or small-scale networking events. Michelle Phan above amassed a following of millions with her makeup tutorials, which eventually led to her own angel-funded makeup line. By offering free tutorials, Michelle was able to eventually build her own business on reputation alone.

Video marketing: a complete guide to crushing it with video

Most brands could stand to use some coaching from tutorial producers like Michelle when it comes to their own content offering. A tech company could focus on producing more helpful product tutorials, for example, while a health and wellness brand might put out training videos that offer workout tips. Another helpful type of video content is the product review, which has been popularized by tech sites and blogs the world over.

They can just rely on your recommendation instead of having to figure things out for themselves. How could product reviews possibly benefit an SaaS model, a B2B model, or a vertical business with only one product on sale? Just think about how happy you are when someone refers you a good product, and now start thinking about how you can make your customers feel the same way.

Social Media

As Customer Experience Insight duly notes, being helpful is better than being affordable. Figuring out how to get those customer testimonials on camera can be a bit tricky, which is why Fiverr has a category just for video testimonial actors. Our advice?

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  • Video marketing strategy: determine your objectives.

Here are a few questions you can ask to your customers to gather powerful, persuasive testimonials:. Technically, animation is more a style of video than a type of video, but what a powerful style it is!