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They shared the truth from Scripture, they explained it, no doubt you read the Word yourself…. And you loved them and appreciated them and they were an important part of your life—and maybe still are. A man came up to D. What methods do you use? What are yours? Please pray for me. Just like I was…just like you were.

Please pray for the gospel to be both seen and heard through my witness. By the way, do you want to live close to the church and luxuriate in blessings not always a bad thing by any means , or, do you want to serve in a rescue shop a yard away from Hell? You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The Church Within a Yard of Hell

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Within A Yard Of Hell

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But the number of abortions is so great that there is simply no other event in history with which it may be compared. When a dozen innocent school children are insensitively gunned down the entire nation grieves and then despairs of living in such a senseless world.

They report, discuss and wonder at how one human being could so crassly kill another, yet all the while the most innocent human beings are murdered by the hundreds of thousands in respectable medical institutions without so much as a prick to any of their consciences.

DayBreaks for 9/26/17 – Living Within a Yard of Hell | DayBreaks Devotions

There is a moral pragmatism at work in the human psyche. It is a parasite of the mind devouring truth and morality, leaving no foundation for common sense.

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Truth and morality exist in people by nature and by training. Often nature and training work against one another so that a person feels uncomfortable, at least for a while, doing the things which others are training him to do. Too often training wins and truth becomes so fluid as too drift about on the currents of popular thought, moving from here to there until it disappears into the abyss.

Romans chapter one tells us that humans have no excuse before God because all men know that there is a God and that they must eventually answer to him. Notwithstanding this knowledge, people would rather be their own chief than allow God to rule them, so they make their own gods, or make themselves gods, so that they may choose to do their own thing. This is a very slippery slope in that no one knows to where it may lead.

After moral truth from God has been removed, what basis is left for the existence of any morality? Today abortion is in. Transgenderism is in. Homosexuality is in. But racism is out — at least in public dialogue. Misogyny is out —again, in the public dialogue. However, with the fluid state of truth deciding, who is to say that the truth of tomorrow will not require mass exterminations of Asian people or enslavement of women? Pragmatism is not a bad thing outside of a moral context. We all like to do whatever works best to accomplish a goal.

But moral pragmatism leads a person to choose to do what he feels is best for himself regardless of the higher moral implications. A great deal of rationalizing becomes necessary in order to overcome the God given moral knowledge innate to every person. The more one allows oneself to succumb to the truth devouring parasite of moral pragmatism, the easier it becomes to accept outlandish ideas like full-term abortion and infanticide. While it is true that we are living in rapidly changing times it is also true that there is nothing new under the sun.

There was a progression to their depravity. First, they rejected the true God, then they began worshipping false gods and behaving like the pagans around them, and finally hurled their living babies into burning furnaces. People should relax, right? We should be upset by the wickedness around us for many reasons. One reason to be outraged over abortion and infanticide is that every baby, from the moment of conception, is a living soul. It has been created by God, loved by God, and will live forever. God takes human life so seriously that He commissioned humans, through government, to execute those who kill innocent people.

That is serious. Another reason for outrage over abortion and infanticide, as well as other forms of wickedness is that it does bring the wrath of God upon people. The Old Testament book of Jeremiah records the devastating atrocities which God sent upon His own people as well as all the other nations because of their wickedness.

Yes, the sky is falling! However, while it is reason for deep concern and even godly sorrow, it is not reason for a hysteria which robs Christians of joy and peace. We know our future and have a mission in this world. In part 2 we will look at a proper Christian approach to the problem. I would love to hear from others about these books or similar books. Please comment. This is a great book. Apparently this is the book behind the current Broadway play called Hamilton. Chernow excels in telling the story.

Having previously read biographies of many of the founders, as well as Revolutionary War and Early American history books, I felt fairly well-informed about Americas founding. However, Hamilton helped me understand some things in a new or different way. There are some great leadership lessons as well as basic life lessons to be learned through Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton may have been one of the most gifted of the founding fathers, but he never had anything handed to him.

He was born into poverty, was on his own as a teenager, worked hard, took calculated risks, believed in God, worked to end slavery, and fought for what he believed. He was a sinner who had affairs and died in a duel. Chernow deals with all this and more. This is an old classic on the life of Lincoln.

It is a tome. I had heard about this book originally a multi-volume set but never read it. Now I am listening to it on Audible and have 15 hours left of the 42 hours of narration. Sandburg includes massive amounts of detail from the lives of secondary characters. He often detours to discuss topics like the life history of a sea-captain or the history of a newspaper in Chicago.


There is no direct spiritual content for the Christian in this book. However, this is probably not the best book on the Civil War, or Lincoln, for someone who is not an avid reader of history. The book covers many events of the American revolution during the year Much of the story is told with George Washington as the central character but other major characters are emphasized as well.

All Americans and Christians in particular will do well to immerse themselves in American history. I am being bombarded via email, Twitter, Facebook, and personal contacts with passionately held, opinionated arguments for how Christians ought to vote in the coming election. Some are saying that Christians must vote for Donald Trump in order to defeat Hillary Clinton while others are arguing that any vote for Trump is a compromise of true Christian values.

I plan to deal with Donald Trump in my next article but here I want to explain why I believe that Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton. I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton or anyone holding similar moral and political principles. My reasons, unlike the opinions of so many who are screaming about both candidates, are not based on personal behavior, sins, crimes or idiosyncrasies.

It is critical for us to understand the world view of anyone who aspires to lead a nation. The foremost reason is my confidence that life begins at conception. This belief is scientific, social and spiritual and leads necessarily to the conclusion that purposely ending an innocent life, for any reason, any time after conception is morally wrong and murder. While no candidate winning the presidential election has the ability or authority to immediately end all abortion, it is clear that the next president will have tremendous influence legally, financially, and socially over millions of lives yet to be born.

The fact that Americans kill over one million 1,, babies each year constitutes a blight on our nation which can bring nothing but the judgment of God. God cares about innocent life. No Christian should endorse or vote for a candidate who believes abortion is morally acceptable. The second reason is related to the candidates understanding of truth. Is truth absolute or does it change over time? I believe that God has determined absolute truth and it is clearly seen by the morality revealed in the Bible as well as in the hearts of humanity.

Examples of such truth would be that it is wrong to kill innocent life, wrong to abuse children, wrong to steal. These things are obvious to most people, but we are living in a day when truth is being blurred and bent to the degree that many Americans deny any standard of absolute truth. This is how we end up with abortion, gay marriage and transgender bathroom issues. One place where this truth has been most blurred is in the court system. Judges have been using their authority to create law based on their own and public opinion rather than allowing the American Constitutional system to create law.

When the Supreme Court has the power to essentially erase the First Amendment by denying people the freedom to apply their religious convictions in moral areas, it is clear that absolute truth has been made to bow to the subjective, ever changing philosophies of men. They believe that the Constitution as well as formerly passed laws and amendments can be re-interpreted to mean whatever the judges desire.

The Supreme Court has been fairly balanced between liberal and conservative judges. However, with the passing of Scalia, a very conservative judge, the power of the court could be tipped decisively toward the liberal side. The result will be a new government, an oligarchy, with the power make or change any law they desire. The First and Second amendment are in very serious jeopardy. Hillary will appoint a liberal judge and further remove truth and meaning from our laws.

I could write much more about the philosophical reasons that Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton but I think these two examples are enough. We must make our decisions based on overarching philosophy of life issues. When a Christian encounters a Muslim person on the street, at work or school, or in the neighborhood, he should seek to develop a relationship with him or her and show the love of Christ and the Gospel with that person. A Christian should not feel hindered in declaring Biblical truth. I have had a number of occasions to speak with Muslims about spiritual things and all these conversations have been kind and friendly.

On several occasions the conversation became something of a debate because we fundamentally disagreed about things that matter. My intention every time has been twofold: first to communicate the truth of the Bible and second to show the love of Christ through my kind treatment of the person. The number of Muslims holding these beliefs appear to be in the tens of millions and may be in the hundreds of millions.

Islam is not a race but a religion and it is not just a religion but an entire world view and culture for many people. There are certainly variations within Islamic culture but many factors also unite Muslims. Traditions, family values, morality, loyalties, bias and prejudices are all connected through the religious cultural training. This complicates the matter of sorting out dangerous people because in a world dominated by political correctness and multiculturalism — both dangerous ideals designed to destroy individualism and freedom — to appropriately criticize any element of Islam is considered an attack on the entire culture of all Islamic people and is therefore a sin on the same level as racism.