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A very British holiday book, The Camomile Lawn follows five cousins and their surrounding friends and family throughout the Second World War. Lots of bed hoping, but done in a wonderfully matter-of-fact way. Set mostly in Cornwall, The Camomile Lawn will make you yearn for the sound of the sea and parties outdoors. If you are heading south west, the tangled relationships will give you something absorbing to read on your epic English journey.

This is classic bonkbuster territory. This is the book you go to when you want an epic, classic novel. The Penguin classic edition weighs in at pages. If you want to concentrate and throw yourself into a book take Anna on holiday. Florentino Ariza falls deeply in love with Fermina Daza and, even though she rejects him, he waits for her as they both age.

Lush and wonderfully written, Love In The Time Of Cholera likens obsessive love to a disease and makes the slightly sinister Florentino seem thoroughly understandable. An interesting side question for those who have read the book: do you think camomile tea tastes like windows?

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Strands covers a year of walking on the beaches between Liverpool and Blackpool and Jean Sprackland is a highly poetic beachcomber. Strange things wash up on beaches and are often washed away again. Wild and windy beaches have just as much charm as calm sunbathing spots. We then follow Linda Radlett, who has always longed for romance, through a series of unsuitable relationships. Linda life in Paris is initially the stuff of romantic fantasy, wildly in love, clothed in couture and living in an apartment filled with mirrored art deco furniture. The number one bestselling novel in Mexico for two years, this heady mix of romance, tragedies, and home recipes centres around the history of the all-female De La Garza family.

Who are the locals in your seaside town? A private investigator picks up a cold case, a 15 year-old school girl convicted of murdering a classmate, and Unsworth uses it to look at ideas of belonging, the occult and the strangeness of our flat, eastern counties. Conjure up dark imaginings about the people around you. Countess Ellen Olenska has separated from her husband, scandalising her high-society relations on her return to America.

Love is powerful, but is it a match for the expectations of s New York society? Durrell, as a child, roams all over the Greek island pursuing his interest in natural history. A brilliant non-fiction story, beginning with a group accused of poaching rare ghost orchids from a Florida swamp, but spreading outwards into those who are obsessed with orchids and the nature of obsession in general. This is the book the central character in the Charlie Kaufmann film Adaptation fails to adapt. Why is this a holiday read?

Orlean is fascinating on most topics, but top notch at describing humidity. But behind the black and white striped tents, a battle between two young magicians, Celia and Marco is heating up — a fight which gets ever more complicated as the pair fall in love. The magical plot offers the perfect dose of escapism for a holiday — especially if you had to swap a sunny beach for a rainy staycation. Nobel Prize Winner Canetti visited Marrakech in the mids, and was so affected by what he saw and the people he met, he wrote this book of beautifully crafted essays on the city. A different kind of travel read that truly captures its destination.

Unsuitable suitors, comic characters, and the ability to see ourselves in each sister show why this classic has been adapted on screen so many times. If you studied it at school, or read it years ago, reacquaint yourself with the Dashwood sisters — Austen novels are even better the second time around.

This non-fiction book traces the fate of a shipping container full of plastic bath toys which went overboard in the Pacific in The ducks and other toys are still floating around the world and have become cult objects for beachcombers. Moby Duck is a modern adventure story that will make you stare at the sea and marvel. Toru Okada loses his job, his cat and then his wife.

His pursuit of the latter leads him to a motley crew of unusual characters and situations, from two psychic sisters to sleazy politician. An unsettling and sometimes frustrating book, the bizarre chain of events leave you desperate to keep reading and find a conclusion. But have you read the historical epic that inspired the film?

While holidaying in San Francisco during the s, country bumpkin Mary Ann Singleton does what most of only dream of when we fall in love with someplace new — she likes it so much that she decides to stay. A contemporary portrait of San Francisco in the s, Tales Of The City serves as a brilliant reminder of the interesting and unexpected people you can meet when you open yourself to travel. Adored by her best friends and parents alike — but still unable to meet the perfect man - thirty-something singleton Bridget Jones is plagued by angst about the state of her love life, her career and her weight, making for a laugh-out-loud treat.

With intricate prose and three different endings to choose from, this book is perfect for those who like a bit of a challenge from the comfort of their sun-lounger. This gripping crime thriller follows Tom Ripley, a man given the chance to escape the law and start over in Europe.

Plus the twists and turns of the crime plot will have you hooked for the whole trip. Four very different women leave their life in London behind to stay in a medieval castle on the Italian Riviera. First published in , this novel still charms with its descriptive and peaceful, calming prose. A relaxing beach read that proves holidays really are good for us.

Meet Mrs Rochester — before she was locked in the attic. Dramatic, full of energy and heart-breaking. This wonderfully-named book is a memoir detailing her bad relationship choices. Dump him! This is a Norfolk novel through-and-through, starting in the coastal salt marshes and moving through to the fenland. Silent Pip tries to piece together his family history, starting with his grandmother, Goose, reading messages into the clouds. Take this with you if you go to Norfolk, reading it you can almost taste the samphire.

The two central characters are Turkish Asya and Armenian-American Armanoush who explore their intertwined families. The book is as crammed with life as the city in its title. Known as the Australian Gone with the Wind , The Thorn Birds is an epic, rambling saga that tells the story of the Cleary family from Drogheda, a fictional sheep station in the Australian outback. William Boot, owing to an editorial mix up, is taken away from his column of nature notes and sent to a fictional African country as a war reporter.

He is innocent and inept and eventually ends up in the middle of a civil war stirred up by the British press. Three divorced women in a Rhode Island beach town discover they have beyond-ordinary powers. Teen slang ' agitprop noun agitation and propaganda as an unfocused political tactic; a fashionable genre of theatre arts with a usually left-wing political agenda. Adopted from the name given to a department of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party respon- sible for agitation and propaganda on behalf of communist ideals; a conflation of , and ' aglish adjective nauseated; sick to ones stomach.

Used around the Lunenburg area in Nova Scotia, where many German settlers still adapt old expressions ''' -a go-go suffix all over the place, in a mess; on the go. In the manner of GO-GO a disco , hence dancing applied figuratively ' agonies noun the physical and psychological pain suffered when withdrawing from drug addiction '' agonised button noun on military uniforms, an anodised alu- minium Staybrite button. Originally theatrical usage agony aunt; agony auntie noun a newspaper or magazine columnist who advises readers on questions of a personal nature; hence an adviser or counsellor on intimate problems ' agony column noun a newspaper or magazine feature of readers letters seeking help for personal problems with replies from a columnist or agony aunt ' a good craftsman never blames his tools used for dismissing an attempt by someone to blame a mistake on a piece of equipment or something within their control '' agricultural adjective in cricket, describes a simple, slogging shot off a sweeping bat ' A-head noun 1 an amphetamine abuser '.

A short-lived fad greeting associated with bebop jazz '' a-hole noun 1 the anus. Usage may be literal or figurative. From alco a person addicted to alcohol ; the first widely recognised extended usage was workaholic ' ai! Shanks are manufacturers of toilet furniture ' aimie noun an amphetamine aint; aint verb replaces am not, are not, is not, has not, have not. A widely used solecism aint buyin it! I dont believe you '' aint havin it! I am serious! Teen slang ' aint the beer cold!

Popularised by baseball radio announcer Chuck Thompson, who used the phrase as the title of his autobiography. Repeated with referential humour ' aint with that I do not agree or consent '' aint you got no couf? Vietnam war usage ''. In a situation which calls for visual proof of the ejaculation, air is not good ''. There is good air and there is bad air '. A BARREL is a betting unit; an air barrel is thus an illusory betting unit '' air biscuit noun a fart air-conditioned adjective sexually frigid ' air dance noun capital punishment by hanging.

A specific dance name is sometimes substituted for dance, such as air polka ' air-dash verb to travel in an aircraft a degree of urgency is implied. An extension of the symbol of the Airedale as an aristocratic dog '. In Glasgow, a shortening of the local pronunciation airieplane ' airish adjective 1 cold '. Alluding to Nike Air Jordan sports shoes '' air junkie noun in the language of hang gliding, a devoted, obsessed flier '' air-kiss verb to go through the motions of kissing but deliberately fail to make contact with the person who would normally be kissed ' airlock verb to speak.

Macafee glosses as from the cut-out in a diesel engine if air enters the fuel system in ,, '' airlocked adjective extremely drunk '' airmail noun 1 rubbish thrown from the upper windows of a building to the courtyard below '. Jocular, implying the punchline blonde up top but you know theres a black box somewhere ''' airplane driver noun a fighter pilot. Gulf war usage '' airplane rule noun in computing, the belief that simplicity is a virtue '' air ride noun a car with pneumatic shock absorbers ' airs noun a pair of Nike Air Jordan trainers sneakers '' airs and graces noun braces; suspenders.

Rhyming slang, surviving earlier senses Epsom Races and faces ' air shot noun an act of sexual intercourse that stops short of orgasm. Royal Navy slang, from torpedo drill '' air sucker noun a jet aeroplane ' air-to-mud adjective used of shots fired or bombs dropped from the air to the ground '' air tragic noun air traffic control. In Royal Air Force use airy adjective marijuana-intoxicated '' airy a none.

As used in Nova Scotias South Shore, this expression is a form of the archaic neer a or a short form of never a ''' airy-fairy noun a member of the RNAS Royal Naval Air Service later the Fleet Air Arm '' airy-fairy adjective delicate, fanciful; insubstantial, trivial ' aitch noun 1 hell. A euphemism '. Guacho prounounced watch-o, a pure invention. Border Spanish used in English conversation by Mexican-Americans ' AJ noun an acting jack, or an acting noncommissioned officer '' ajax noun 1 in hold em poker, an ace and a jack as the first two cards dealt to a particular player.

Punning on the brand name of a cleaning agent '. A borrowing from the slogan for Ajax cleaner comes out clean and the fact that a juvenile offender will be treated far less harshly than an adult '' ajax adjective 1 nearby. Possibly derived from adjacent. An allusion to the branded cleaning product AK noun 1 a sycophant ''. An abbreviation of ss-iss '' AK47 noun a variety of marijuana.

An acronym of lso nown s; from police jargon '. Vietnam war medic usage '' akey-okey adjective satisfactory ' aks verb to ask. A familiar mispronunciation, especially in black and youth usage AL adjective not to be believed. An abbreviation of lways ying '' ala-alas noun the testicles. Hawaiian youth usage ' Alabama wool noun cotton ' a-la-beff noun vaginal intercourse, the woman on hands and knees and the man entering her from behind.

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An allusion to the mating of cattle and the French ' Aladdins cave noun the location of a successful thiefs ill-gotten gains. Metropolitan Police slang. After the tale of Aladdin in ' alambrista noun a Mexican illegally present in the US. Border Spanish used in English conversation by Mexican-Americans; from the Spanish for wire ' Alameda noun in bar dice games, a roll that produces no points for the player. Alameda is an island city just west of Oakland.

In Alameda, a worthless hand is called a Milpitas, alluding to a small and relatively poor city just north of San Jose ' alamo used for registering a strong sexual interest in someone. Derives from the initial letters of lick me out Alamo Hilton nickname a heavily fortified bunker beneath the Khe Sanh base in South Vietnam during the Vietnam war '' Alan Whickers; Alans noun knickers. Rhyming slang, formed from the name of reporter, broadcaster and television personality Alan Whicker b. Built from the synonymous KING CRAB, which is found in Alaska ' Alaskamo noun an American Indian from Alaska ' Alaska strawberries noun beans '' Alaska time noun used for explaining tardiness ' Alaska turkey noun salmon ' Alaska tuxedo noun a wool work suit ' Alb noun an Albanian ' albatross noun 1 a very sick, incurable hospital patient, lingering near death '.

A winter phenomenon, with wind and usually snow ''' Albert County tartan; Albert County dress tartan noun a plaid wool shirt, as used by woodsmen. Albert County is in the Moncton, New Brunswick, area '' albino noun in pool, the white cue ball ' albino grass noun snow fallen on a Vancouver, British Columbia, lawn Alcan nickname the Alaska-Canada Highway ' Al Capone noun heroin alcho noun an alcoholic '' alco; alko noun an alcoholic ' 7 Air Jesus; Air Hebrews alco; alko alcoholiday noun a holiday or festive period that is spent drinking alcohol ' alcohol rub noun a cocktail party ' alderman noun 1 in the circus and carnival, an office worker who informs on his fellow workers '.

Referring to the supposed physique and appetite of local elected officials ' al desko adverb used of a meal consumed at your desk at work. A play on ' alec; aleck; alick noun an idiot. A modern variant of the earlier, now obsolete alecan a heavy drinker a-levels noun anal sex, especially when advertised as a service offered by a prostitute. A play on the name given to advanced- level examinations in the British education system Alexander noun a telephone. From Alexander Graham Bell, , Scottish-born inventor of the telephone ''' Alf noun an ordinary uneducated, unsophisticated Australian male.

Counterpart of the ROY ' alfalfa noun 1 money. Circus and carnival usage '. In , sports writer Ring Lardner created the character Alibi Ike, who always had an excuse for not playing well '. A watered-down version of the conventional use '' alibi day noun payday. Used in logging camps, suggesting that loggers suddenly develop illnesses and injuries that prevent them from working when they have cash in hand ' alibi ghee noun a person who can be counted upon to provide an alibi for a criminal ' alibi Ike noun any criminal who regularly asserts alibis when questioned about a crime ' Alice noun 1 LSD.

A phonetic pun on the first two letters of LSD, influenced by Lewis Carrolls ', , and ' , , which were considered inspirational works by the hippy subculture of the late s. The obvious reference, but not a citation of usage, is Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit, '. Early use is always preceded by the ' Alice B. Toklas brownies noun chocolate brownies laced with marijuana or hashish. Toklas original recipe, which was for fudge, not brownies, carried the caution: Should be eaten with care. Two pieces are quite sufficient '' alickadoo noun a rugby club official or committee member.

Possibly from a book by Alec Kadoo '' alien noun in casino gambling, a betting chip from another casino ' Alimony Gallery noun ex-wives of players at an exhibition game by celebrity filmmakers A-list noun used for denoting all that is associated with the greatest contemporary fame and celebrity. In conventional media jargon the A-list is a notional social elite of those who are considered prestigious enough to add top-value to a guest list ' alive adjective 1 said of a multiple-race bet in horse racing in which the first or early legs of the bet have been won ''. Mostly Royal Navy use '.

Taken from the two As on the divisions patch. There were many double-A variants, such as All-African, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Almost Airborne, but All-American was the most common '' all-American drug noun cocaine '' all and everyone noun every single person ' all a penny adjective inexpensive and plentiful ' All Black nickname a member of the New Zealand international mens rugby team ' ' all chiefs and no Indians; too many chiefs and not enough Indians a situation in which too many people are giving orders and too few are available to obey; a top-heavy command structure.

Military coinage, meaning all officers not other ranks. From the earlier and continuing use as a signal that a danger has passed ' all coppers are bastards; all coppers are cunts serves as a catchphrase among certain sections of society. Popularised in the UK in the late s by Ali G comedian Sacha Baron-Cohen all day adjective 1 in bar dice games involving up to three rolls, taking all three rolls to make the players hand '. Generally jocular usage ' alley noun 1 a fictional place characterised by the preceding thing or activity '.

Originally used by circus acrobats. A combination of French to go with a Franglais version of up ' all fall down used for describing a catastrophe or chaos '' all fart and no shit adjective said of a person who makes empty promises '' all-fired adjective used as an intensifier. Originally All is gas and gaiters, Charles Dickens, ,, Repopularised as a useful catchphrase by the BBC situation comedy , ' all get-out noun a high degree of something all gong and no dinner adjective all talk and no action ' all hands adjective sexually aggressive ' all het up adjective 8see: HET UP alligation noun the charring of burnt wood ' alligator noun 1 an enthusiastic fan of swing jazz '.

So named because it crosses the heart of what had been an impenetrable wilderness, the Florida Everglades. The name is thought to have been coined by the American Automobile Association in to express supreme disdain for what it considered to be an unsafe toll road ' alligator bait noun 1 a black person '. From the appearance of the flapping leather ' alligator burns noun charrings on burnt wood in the form of scales that resemble an alligators hide ' alligator mouth noun a braggart; a verbal bully ' alligator skins noun paper money '' all in adjective 1 exhausted, tired out.

A term coined in the Stock Exchange where it was used to describe a depressed market '. Also known as an all-night '. Probably a Royal Air Force coinage; from TIZZ; TIZZY a state of panic , contriving what appears to be an etymology by amending the source-word to tiswas, a combi- nation of it is and was, suggesting a play on the earlier colloquial phrase not know whether you are coming or going to be in a state of confusion ' all on adjective prepared for violence ' ''' all on top!

Criminal use, probably from the s or 30s; whats on top is in addition to the truth ' all-out adjective very drunk ' all over bar the shouting adjective finished for all intents and purposes all over it adjective in complete control all over the place like a madwomans knitting adjective in chaos, in utter disarray. An elabor- ation of conventional and unconventional senses of all over the place ' all over the shop adjective confused, in disarray; everywhere all over you like a rash adjective making determined advances of an intimate or personal nature ''' allow verb to be lenient towards someone, to let someone off lightly.

Predominantly black usage all piss and wind adjective prone to boasting ' all pissed-up and nothing to show adjective used of someone who has spent or, more precisely, drunk all his wages or winnings.

Sullivan: The Gondoliers - Take a pair of sparkling eyes

A variation, probably from the s, in the manner of all dressed up and nowhere to go ' all quiet on the Western Front adjective used to describe a situ- ation in which not much is happening. From a World War 1 communiqu that became a satirical catchphrase; now general- ised, probably influenced by the novel by Erich Maria Remarque and the film so titled. In the US, the phrase replaced the Civil War-era all quiet on the Potomac all reet adjective good; all right ' all right adjective in possession of drugs ' all right used as a greeting among prisoners '' all right for some!

Especially popular after Little Richards hit song Tutti Frutti ' all round the option adverb all over the place, everywhere ' all show and no go adjective used for describing someone who cannot back appearances with action all singing all dancing adjective configured or equipped with all possible enhancements. Especially of financial and IT products, 9 alley juice all singing all dancing but originally from the advertising matter for.

Often humorous; adopted from the jargon of space exploration ' all that noun sexual activity. A shortening of the conventional, already partially euphemistic all that sort of thing ' all that adjective superlative, very good '' all that and a bag of chips! A catchphrase ' all the eighths noun a seven-eighths point movement in a stock price ' all the fives noun fifty-five.

In Bingo, House or Tombola, the for- mula all the announces a double number. Varies numerically, from all the twos 22 to all the eights Recorded by Laurie Atkinson around ' all the go adjective in the height of fashion ' all there adjective 1 sane. Khaki trousers are the regular schoholboy uniform, eliminating personal, social or class difference '' all the way adjective in the military, destined for leadership ' all the way adverb to a championship '' all the way live adjective excellent, superlative ' all the world and his dog noun everybody.

Generally with a sense of hyperbole all-time adjective excellent ' all-timers disease noun used by surfers humorously to describe a persons proclivity to exaggerate when recounting surf conditions or their accomplishments '' all tits and teeth adjective used for describing a woman who makes the most of a distracting smile and breasts ' all to buggery adjective awry, bungled, utterly confused, unsatisfactory, mixed-up ' all to cock adjective awry, bungled, utterly confused, unsatisfactory, mixed-up ' all to hell adjective utterly ruined ' all two adjective both ' all up adjective 1 of things exhausted, fruitless, ruined; of people bankrupt, defeated, doomed to die.

Especially in the phrase all up with. From Latin for fostering mother; adopted with obvious irony from its English school or university use, first recorded in '' almighty adjective great; impressive almond rock noun 1 a frock, a dress. Rhyming slang ''. Obsolete rhyming slang for COCK. Also shortened to almond '' almond rocks; almonds; rocks noun socks.

Rhyming slang, based on a confection popular from the mid-C19, can be presumed therefore to be late C19 in origin. In the mid-C20 it was popularly abbreviated to almonds; later use seems to favour rocks, i. A specialised military variation arising during World War 1 was army rocks '' Aloha Airlines nickname an aviation unit attached to the 25th Infantry Division during the Vietnam war '' alone player noun a card cheat who works alone ' Al Pacino noun a cappuccino coffee.

Rhyming slang, formed from the name of the US film actor b. From conven- tional usage indicating a premier example alphabet city nickname an imprecisely defined area on the lower east side of Manhattan, near Avenues A, B, C and D ' Alphonse noun 1 a pimp. Rhyming slang for PONCE an effeminate male alpine snow noun cocaine ingested off a womans breasts alpine stick noun an oversized frankfurter ' ' Alpo noun sausage topping for a pizza. An allusion to a branded dog food '' alrightnik noun a person who has succeeded in material terms ' alrighty! Originally applied in horse racing to any horse placed fourth or worse and thus not winning any money on the race ' altar noun a toilet ' altered adjective very drunk.

A suggestion of a completely altered state of perception '' alter ego noun a false identification card that permits a minor to be served alcohol '' alter kocker; alte kaker noun a mean and nasty old man. Circus and carnival usage '' always late in take off, always late in arrival nickname the Italian airline Alitalia. Most airlines seem to attract jocular nicknames. This is one of the more memorable Alzheimers avenue noun an area in a hospital or nursing home frequented by memory-impaired patients ' am noun an ateur amateur half-hour; amateur hour noun a poorly organised event '' amateur night noun 1 New Years Eve.

Just as amateur Christians attend church only twice a year, or amateur Jews attend services only twice a year, amateur drunks only drink to oblivion once a year '. In constructions such as quaff an amber ' '' amber fluid noun beer ' amber gambler noun a motorist who speeds up through a yellow light ' '' ambidextrous adjective bisexual.

A pun on the ability to use either hand ' ambisextrous adjective bisexual. A pun that puts sex in ambidextrous ' Ambitious City nickname Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton has thrived through steel and car assembly, benefiting by the Auto Pact between the US and Canada ' ambo noun 1 an ambulance ''. An initialism '' ambulance noun a brakevan caboose ' ambulance chaser noun a disreputable solicitor, especially one who arrives or has an agent arrive at the scene of a disaster to seek clients from among the victims; in UK usage since the s, solicitors who advertise on television for no-win no-fee clients.

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From the image of following an ambulance to an accident ' ambush academy noun during the Vietnam war, training in jungle warfare, especially of the unconventional sort '' ambush alley nickname the section of Route 19 between An Keh and the base of the Mang Giang Pass, South Vietnam. So named by truckers after countless Vietcong ambushes, borrowed from the Korean war where the term was used for any dangerous road ' am dram adjective ateur atic; hence, exaggerated, unsubtle, histrionic ' amebiate verb to get drunk ' ameche noun a telephone.

Americalley nickname in Vietnam, the 23rd Infantry Division, which played a key role in the massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai. The 23rd was formally named the Americal Division. The calley variant referred to a key participant in My Lai '' American Airlines noun in hold em poker, the ace of diamonds and ace of hearts as the first two cards dealt to a player. From the initials AA ' American taxpayer noun any violator of routine traffic laws.

From the vociferous indignation voiced when stopped by a police officer ' American tweezers noun any specialty tool used by a burglar ' American Wake noun a farewell party for those emigrating to America in the late C19 and early C20 '' American way noun relatively peaceful co-existence by rival organ- ised crime families '' Amerika; Amerikkka noun the United States. A spelling favoured by the political counterculture in the late s and early s; in the second form, kkk signifies the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan.

Derogatory '' AMF used as a farewell. From the naval term for the middle of a ship ' a mighty roar went up from the crowd used as a humorous comment on a lack of response to a joke or comment. Coined by Keith Olberman on ESPN to describe players or fans who do not seem to be as happy as they should be following a home run, touchdown, or victory '' amigo noun used as a term of address.

Spanish for friend ' Amish golf noun croquet. Coinage is claimed by rap-artist Eminem, after the film , ammo noun 1 ammunition, actual or figurative '. Rhyming slang, based on a US radio comedy that ran from ' amp noun 1 an oule a glass vessel of drugs intended for hypodermic injection '. Medical slang ' amped adjective 1 under the influence of a central nervous system stimulant, usually amphetamines or methamphetamine '. A nickname based on the drugs severe side effects '' amp joint noun marijuana and hetamine or possibly another drug mixed and rolled for smoking in a cigarette '' Am Sam nickname American Samoa ' amscray verb to leave.

Pig Latin version of scram ' -amundo suffix used as a humorous mechanism to form a slang equivalent. Popularised by the Fonz Henry Winkler on the US television programme , ,, set in the s, which aired from until '' AMW noun a vacuous female celebrity or hanger-on. An abbreviation of ctress, odel,.

A figurative extension of a technical term '' anchor noun 1 a brake. Originally truck driver usage, and then widespread '. A younger sibling is likely to hold you back or prevent you from going out with your friends. This northern phenomenon is also known as ground ice ' anchor man noun in casino blackjack, the gambler immediately to the dealers right ' ancient adjective unfashionable, out of style ancient Mary noun an AM radio ' and a half used for intensifying the preceding noun and all that 1 used for intensifying ''.

A signature line of comedian Jackie Gleason ' and co and the rest of them of people or things with something in common Anderson cart noun a cart made from a cut-down car and pulled by horses, during the s depression; later, any car that ran out of petrol or broke down ' Andes candy noun cocaine. A near reduplication based on the cocoa grown in the Andes Mountains '' and everything used for completing a list or a thought. If anything less sincere than synonymous ' and like it!

Naval use ' and like that et cetera; and so on ' and monkeys might fly out of my butt used as a reflection of the high unlikelihood of something happening '' andro adjective androgynous ''' android noun a patient with no normal laboratory values '' and so it goes used as an ironic affirmation. The signature sign-off of television journalist Linda Ellerbee, with homage to Kurt Vonneguts use of so it goes.

Repeated with referential humour '' and that et cetera; and that sort of thing. Also widely used in Australia and that aint hay used for humorous assertion that the topic of discussion is no small thing. Both Abbot and Costello in the film , and Mickey Rooney in , used the phrase in high-profile ways in It stayed popular for most of the decade ' and thats the truth! A signature line of the Edith Ann character played by Lily Tomlin on the television comedy programme. Repeated with referential humour ' and thats the way it is!

The signature sign-off of television newsman Walter Cronkite, who ended his nightly newscast thus from until Repeated with referential humour, often imitating the lilt and bass of Cronkites voice ' and then some and more; and much more. Probably an elabor- ation of C18 Scots and some ' and there was much rejoicing used as a humorous comment on a favourable reaction. A humorous elaboration of the official military abbreviation. Andy Capp is the workshy hero of a long-running cartoon strip '' Andy Gump noun the surgical removal of the mandible in the treatment of jaw cancer.

The post-operative patient looks like they have no chin, resembling the comic strip character ' Andy Gump chin noun a receding chin ' and you know that! From a BBC television puppet who first appeared in '. Rhyming slang Andy Rooney noun in poker, any player, usually short, who is inclined to complain.

Acronym in use during the s by the British Army in Northern Ireland, borrowing the initials from mmonium itrate uel il, a type of explosive ' angel noun 1 an outside investor, especially one who backs a theatrical production. Theatrical origins '. Originally referred to the passive partner, but later to any homosexual '. Originally a veterinary anaesthetic, it became a popular recreational drug regarded as a cheaper substitute for other illicit drugs '.

Korean war usage ' angels seat noun the cupola on top of a brakevan caboose ' angel teat noun a whisky with a rich bouquet ' angel track noun an armoured personnel carrier used as an aid station ' angel with a dirty face noun a male homosexual who due to caution or fear has yet to act upon his desire. The term was brought to the mainstream by Mexican-Americans in the southwestern US '. Used as a derogatory term by people from a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern background, opposing the term wog ' Anglo adjective of or pertaining to Anglo-Australians ' Anglo-Banglo adjective of Anglo-Indian birth ' Angola black; Angola noun a potent marijuana from East Africa ' angora noun in horse racing, the totalisator.

Contemptuous ''. Also knee biter. A Bristol usage ankle express noun walking '' ankle-slapper noun a small wave '' anklets noun leg irons ' Annabel Giles; annabels noun haemorrhoids. Rhyming slang for piles, formed from the name of the UK television presenter b. From the stereotypical wardrobe of certain groups of hobbyists such as trainspotters ''.

A written convention that has taken on a life of its own another country heard from used for humorously acknowledging that someone who had previously been silent has spoken up ' another day, another dollar a humorous expression of a day-by- day philosophy of life '' anothery noun another, especially another drink of beer ' answer noun a rap artists response to anothers song '' answer verb to score soon after an opponent has scored '' answer record noun a rap song released in response to another song '' Antarctica monster noun fire ' Antartic 10 noun any moderately good-looking person of the sex that attracts you.

The humour lies in the fact that a ten in Antarctica would be a five anywhere else '' ante noun the money required to begin a project ' anteater noun 1 in trucking, a short-nosed C-model Mack tractor '. Liverpool use; possibly from antiquey anus bandit noun a predatory male homosexual ' anxious adjective good ' anybody in there? A deliberate mispronunciation ' any kine noun anything. Hawaiian youth usage ' any more for any more? A humorous elaboration of the official military abbreviation '' anyone for tennis?

Seen as quintessentially British and enormously witty in its many variant forms ' anyroad anyway. Also used as an adverb. Northern dialect, widely familiar from television programmes such as ' 13 Anglo anyroad anything for a laugh serves as a justification for doing something because you have no choice in the matter. Often rueful '' anything for a quiet wife a catchphrase that means exactly what it says. A jocular perversion of the proverbial saying anything for a quiet life ' any-to-come noun in gambling, a type of conditional bet in which all or part of a winning is returned on another bet.

May be abbreviated as ATC Anytown USA; Anytown noun a notional American town that rep- resents the appearance or values of stereotypical small-town America '' anywhere adverb in possession of drugs '. Shepard was widely credited for introducing the term to the general public during the first US space flight. Originally of ships, then of persons and things AOS used for suggesting that there are no good options in a par- ticular situation. An abbreviation of ll ptions uck or ll ptions tink a over k adverb knocked upside down. An abbreviation of rse ite ' '' a over t adverb head over heels.

An abbreviation of ARSE OVER TIT ' Apache noun Fentanyl, a synthetic narcotic analgesic that is used as a recreational drug Apache land noun a rough or dangerous urban area ' apartment noun a prison cell '' apartment girl noun a prostitute who works out of her own apartment or comes to a customers apartment '' apartment house noun in bar dice games, a roll from the cup in which some dice are stacked on top of others, invalidating the roll ' APB noun in police work, an all points bulletin, broadcast to all who are listening ' apcray noun nonsense; rubbish. A Pig Latin version of CRAP ' ape noun in the entertainment industry, a technical member of a film crew ' ape adjective crazed, frenzied, demonstrating rage or delight.

Based on the behaviour of apes in films not in real life '. Most commonly known as a mullet '' ape hangers noun high handlebars on a customised motorcyle. Rhyming slang for nightie ' A-pie noun apple pie ' A-plug noun a plug inserted in the rectum as part of a sadomasochistic encounter.

An abbreviation for '' apoplectic adjective behaving in a violently temperamental manner. An example of overused society and middle-class hyperbole ' apparatchik noun an office worker in a support role ' appie noun an appendectomy patient ' applause noun a sexually transmitted infection, especially gonorrhea. An excruciating pun on CLAP '' apple noun 1 a person. Usually heard with a qualifying adjective such as bad or rotten. A variation on a theme red on the outside, white on the inside '. Sometimes embellished to apple E or green apple ''. From the ships official designation as an APL '.

An abbreviation of apple tart, and by rhyming slang to heart ' ''.

A Pair of Sparkling Eyes

Rhyming slang '. Also used in a noun sense ' apple box noun in the television and film industries, any device used to raise an actor or object to the desired height ' apple-catchers noun a type of roomy underpants ' apple core; apple noun twenty pounds; in betting, odds of The island state is noted for is apple-growing industry ' apple jacks noun pieces of crack cocaine.

From a resemblance to a popular breakfast cereal '' apple-knocker noun 1 a rustic, especially a naive one ''. From the image of apples dropping onto the outhouse roof ' apple orchard noun a location where police wait parked, certain that they will soon witness a driving infraction ' apple pie order noun complete and perfect order ' apple pips noun the lips. Rhyming slang ' apple-polisher noun a person who shamelessly curries favour from those above him.

Several variant forms are attested ' apples noun the female breasts ' apples adjective 1 satisfactory, good. Possibly rhyming slang for apples and rice, nice '. Rhyming slang apple tart; apple noun a fart. Rhyming slang apple up verb to become frightened ' apple z verb to undo something.

Ironic military use ' appy noun an appendectomy '' apricots noun the testicles ' anything for a laugh apricots 14 April fool noun 1 a tool. Rhyming slang, originally meaning a burglars tool then in more general use as a workmans tool '. Rhyming slang; a narrower sense of the much earlier tool. Rhyming slang ' April in Paris; April noun the backside, the buttocks. Rhyming slang '' apron noun 1 a woman or wife '.

From and synonymous with Latin , via Italian , aqua boot verb to vomit into the ocean '' A-rab noun an Arab. Not flattering, but more oafish than derogatory. The slang sense of the word is gained strictly through pronunciation a long first A, two drawn out syllables, and a light twang with the second. There is no racist intent in this term, deriving as it does from street Arab an obsolete term for a homeless child '.

Explore historic Koblenz, and perhaps visit the Festung Ehrenbreitstein, a citadel built by the Prussians. The Deutsches Eck headland marks the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. Enjoy an afternoon of live jazz as you cruise the beautiful sweeping curves of the Moselle towards Zell. Later this morning, cruise along the meandering Middle Rhine to the pretty, medieval town of Bernkastel-Kues,.

Enjoy live jazz tonight. Day 4: Bernkastel-Kues to Traben-Trarbach. See the colourful Renaissance houses and 17th-century fountain at Bernkastel-Kues this morning, then cruise the Moselle to the villages of Traben-Trarbach where the buildings are art nouveau in style. Enjoy an included excursion to a local vineyard for wine tasting then more evening jazz. The lovely town of Cochem has been inhabited since Roman times.

Wander the narrow streets lined with gabled houses, and see the remains of the Old Town Wall. An optional excursion tours Cochem and magical Reichsburg Castle, finishing with a trip to a local vineyard to sample local white wines. Enjoy a live jazz performance this evening. Explore the charming old wine-town of. This afternoon, cruise back along the most scenic stretch of the river — the romantic Rhine Gorge — to Boppard, past castles, terraced vineyards and the famous Lorelei Rock.

Don't miss the Gothic Carmelite Church or the opportunity to stroll along the Rheinallee, a waterfront promenade. This morning, sail to Cologne where the skyline is dominated by the vast Gothic cathedral, housing the relics of the three Magi. Enjoy a farewell dinner and a jazz concert tonight. Disembark after breakfast and travel to the UK by coach.

Eurostar standard is available for a supplement departing from London St Pancras or Ebbsfleet to Brussels and onward by coach. To travel from a local airport or to take advantage of our flight and Eurostar upgrade deals both subject to availability and extra charges may apply please call for details. Some of the highlights may only be seen on optional excursions or by exploring independently. Jazz in Dorset Get toe-tapping with four nights of live jazz music from leading bands, two jazz talks and an excursion to Compton Acres, with two dates and two programmes to choose from!

Your jazz programme Look forward to four evenings of live jazz from four different jazz bands, and two jazz-related talks from your host. Your holiday also includes a half-day visit to Compton Acres to see the glorious gardens, covering over 10 acres and home to some 3, plant species. Savannah Jazz Band After nearly three decades of worldwide performances, the Savannah Jazz Band has gained an international reputation for their style and spirit.

Banjo, trombone, cornet and clarinet means this six-piece ensemble exudes fun and excitement. Washington Whirligig. This band play music ranging from early New Orleans to mainstream jazz, blues and swing. Dart Valley Stompers Led by founder Jeremy Huggett, the six-piece Dart Valley Stompers will get you out of your chairs and on your feet with their lively interpretations in traditional and New Orleans styles.

Jazz in Dorset - Queens Hotel - Bournemouth. Four top jazz bands will perform at the famous seaside resort of Blackpool Your Programme Enjoy the dynamic rhythms of jazz on this upbeat holiday on the northwest coast. As well as four live jazz performances and two diverting talks by your host, jazz singer Margaret Saddington, your holiday includes an excursion to the world-famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom for a tea dance, as well as a visit to Salmesbury Hall.

Look forward to hearing: Washington Whirligig —This band play music ranging from early New Orleans to mainstream jazz, blues and swing. Eagle Jazz Band— Led by Matt Palmer, the band focuses on the ss, with a mix of popular songs and classic compositions. There will also be two showings of jazz-related films — perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing, plus some free time to perhaps explore the nearby town of Leatherhead.

At the end of each day, enjoy dinner at your hotel followed by a live evening jazz session performed by the JB4 Quartet. Grab your walking boots and embrace the great outdoors. Discover the beautiful Surrey countryside as you enjoy guided walks and an introduction to Nordic walking. North Coast: Set off on a challenging walk from Bonne Nuit Bay, along the rugged north coast of the island to see nesting sea birds and spot marine life, concluding at Greve de Lecq.

Your walking programme Denbies Hillside. Walk through Westhumble village and farmland close to and over the River Mole and below Norbury Park, passing through woodland paths and fields to Chapel and back through the vines of Denbies. Polesden Lacey Walk through the historic National Trust estate of Polesden Lacey and beyond, taking in valleys, ancient woodlands, farmlands and rolling hills. Join a taster session and learn the basics of Nordic Walking, enjoying a short guided Nordic walk in the grounds of Polesden Lacey. Poles are provided.

Walks are designed so that entrance is not required, but with the option to visit and omit a walk if you choose to. It has restaurant and bar, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, steam room, gym and tennis court extra charge. Based on travel by Condor Fast Ferry from Poole as a foot passenger. To take your car on the ferry, this option is available for an extra supplement, subject to availability. Alternatively, fly from Gatwick with British Airways.

Local flights are available subject to availability. The four walks range from easy to challenging, are between eight and fifteen kilometres in length, and a reasonable level of fitness is required to complete the route. Walks may be subject to changes due to adverse weather conditions or other external factors. Walks are from nine-and-a-half kilometres to eleven kilometres, over terrain ranging from footpaths to uneven and rough terrain, with ascents and descents, some of which may be steep. Holiday code: AK Local flights Sublime coast and mountain scenery will be revealed on this walking holiday.

Fishing Villages: Hike westwards from Carvoeiro to the estuary of the Arade River and the fishing village of Ferragudo. Healing Waters: Walk a valley floor with luxuriant vegetation and visit Caladas de Monchique, where the Romans built baths. Up in the Hills: Walk from the market town of Monchique through the hills and see a 17th-century convent and an ancient watermill. Vidamar Resort Algarve QQQQQ Stay seven nights in this locally rated 5-star hotel, an ideal retreat set beside an unspoilt sandy beach, and six kilometres from Albufeira. You can extend your holiday at the VidaMar Resort Algarve.

Discover the coastal and mountainous terrain of Spain's Costa Blanca, with its orchards, historical sites and wildlife. Your Programme Coastal orientation: Enjoy a short introductory walk along the coast and the peninsula. Extend your holiday You can extend your holiday at Hotel Port Denia. Flights from Gatwick to Faro with the scheduled services of British Airways.

To travel from a local airport or to take advantage of our flight upgrade deals both subject to availability and extra charges may apply please visit saga. Walking the Costa Blanca. For single accommodation, to travel from a local airport or to take advantage of our flight upgrade deals all subject to availability and extra charges may apply please visit saga. Walks are easy to moderate and between 5 and Walks are moderate to strenuous and range from 9. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, lounges with free Wi-Fi, indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna extra charge. Each of the 55 bedrooms has a television, telephone, hairdryer, tea and coffee-making facilities and safe.

Continue onto the town of Noja, and the Playa del Ris beach, concluding at the town of Isla. Ason River full day : Starting in the mountain town of Ason, walk around the protected Collados. Continue to the Cabo Mayor lighthouse following the coast and cliffs to the Litoral Interpretation Centre. Walks are moderate and range from 9. Explore the beautiful and mountainous Costa Blanca, ascending hillside trails and walking through varied landscapes. Tarbena: Beginning in an old mountain village, walk along narrow paths and mule ramps, and enjoy wonderful views.

Fleix: Venture along a series of Moorish pathways, passing historic sites. You can extend your holiday in Calpe. Enjoy five walks in the province of Huelva and discover the region's varied scenery. Your programme The province of Huelva lies in Andalusia in south west Spain, with a rustic coastline known as the Costa de la Luz. On this walking holiday explore this fascinating area in the company of your Saga Host and local walking guide.

Almonaster full day : Walk through hills dotted with farms and villages, returning to Almonaster La Real with its castle remains and rare 10th-century hilltop mosque. Rio Piedras Nature Reserve and El Rompido half day : Walk through this important nature reserve, home to many protected species, a salt marsh and a fish farm. It has a restaurant, bar, outdoor pool and fitness centre. Walking in Calpe. Walking in Huelva. Walks are mostly moderate, with two graded moderate to strenuous, and range from 6 kilometres to walks of 14 and Walks are over rough and uneven ground which may be slippery underfoot, with ascents and descents.

Holiday code: AK15Y. This walking holiday discovers the best of the Costa Brava, the 'wild coast'. Your programme… Coastal Walk: This is a route with great charm that leaves no corner of Castell-Platja d'Aro unexplored, a perfect balance between nature and architecture. The Montseny summits: Discover the great beauty of Montseny Nature Park, ascending to mountain prairies and stunning views.

Walking on lava and medieval towns: The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park has many interesting sites to visit, from volcanic cones and lava flows, to oak and beech woods, and rural areas. Also see medieval towns and Romanesque churches. It is unfinished, but commands superb views across the gulf. Tarifa: Tarifa and its surrounding natural park offers scenery from pine forests to rugged gorges. You can extend your holiday at the Iberostar Royal Andalus. Walking the Costa Brava. For single accommodation, to travel from Manchester or to take advantage of our flight upgrade deals all subject to availability and extra charges may apply please visit saga.

Walking in Cadiz. Walks are moderate and range from 6 to 14 kilometres. Walks range from easy to moderate with one strenuous walk. They are no longer than 18 kilometres with ascents, descents, some uneven terrain and slippery sections. Holiday code: CT Holiday code: AK13Y. Day 1: UK to Santiago to Sarria. Fly to Santiago de Compostela. Day 2: Sarria to Portomarin. Set off from medieval Sarria following paved tracks and rural bridleways.

Day 3: Portomarin to Palas de Rei. Day 4: Palas de Rei to Arzua. Walk through woodland, pausing in Melide which marks the halfway point. Your walk continues through O Pino. Day 6: Amenal to Santiago de Compostela. Continue through pine forests, descending to Santiago. Day 7: Santiago de Compostela. Farewell dinner tonight. Day 8: Santiago to UK. Travel to the airport for your return flight to the UK. Explore the volcanic landscape, follow donkey trails with cliff-top views and walk through wonderful scenery inland.

Your programme Helechos: Enjoy a circular walk in the north taking in meadows, stunning cliff-top views from the Mirador de Guinate, and a caldera. If you decide to extend your holiday for another week in Lanzarote, please note that there won't be a walking programme during your extra week, or a walking host, just our brilliant Saga Host on hand to help.

The Santiago Trail. Walking in Lanzarote. Please note: walks each day will range between 20 and 30 kilometres over varied terrain with some steep up or downhill sections, therefore a good level of fitness is essential. Walks are easy to moderate, covering distances of up to 16 kilometres. Walking in Minorca Discover the hidden Minorca while walking stretches of the historic Cami de Cavalls — the ancient coastal path that encircles the island, and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of this Balearic island. Local Flights Hotel San Luis QQQQ This locally rated 4-star hotel is set within spacious grounds a short distance from the sea, and well placed for exploring the east side of the island.

The hotel has a main restaurant serving buffet-style meals, two bars, two outdoor pools, free Wi-Fi, a card area, television lounge and tennis courts. Complimentary tea and coffee is available between 9am and 11pm. Your programme The Flatlands of the East half day : Walk a flat section of the coast past saltpans and the Alcafar Tower, then cut inland through a shady gully to reach the islands most easterly point.

The North Coast full day : Explore this flat northern section of coast through wetlands, pinewoods, saltpans and the early Christian basilica, Es Cap des Ports. Two Landscapes full day : Wander through dry gorge landscape, and into typical Minorcan countryside and farmland, all.

Drop back into a second gully and walk down to the sea. Minorca's Gorges full day : Dubbed the gorge path, this walk takes you past some of the island's loveliest beaches, through marshes, farmland, dunes and woodland, as well as gorges which run from the island's central limestone plateau. See dune vegetation, sculpted by the wind, and. Walks are mostly moderate along rough historic tracks, and will be between 7.

Half Board. Made up of two buildings connected by an elevated walkway the hotel facilities include two restaurants, a bar, outdoor pool, sauna and spa with indoor pool treatments are at extra cost. There are bedrooms, each with a television, telephone, free Wi-Fi, hairdryer and safe extra charge. They extend in total to some kilometres and were designed to transport water. They had their beginnings in the 15th century when basic water channels were created to supply water needed for crops and mills.

Over the ensuing centuries they were expanded by private enterprise until the 19th century when the island saw the introduction of State levadas with some kilometres of levadas being created between and ! Today they offer an opportunity to view this beautiful island from a unique perspective. Rabacal — enchanted forest and waterfalls: Walk through a laurel forest along an old levada, passing the Risco waterfall and the 25 Fontes levada,. Visit a sugar cane factory at Calheta which only operates for one six-week period each year, its product being used for molasses, honey cake and brandy.

The Eastern Cape-Ponta Sao Lourenco: Walk to the peninsula of Ponta Sao Lourenco with its volcanic rock formations and Atlantic views, continuing to Canical and visit the whaling museum, plus the town of Machico — where the island was first discovered by the Portuguese in The Green Couldron-Calerao Verde: Walk in the beautiful natural park of Queimadas with its giant rhododendrons, lush forests and waterfalls. Next, ascend and continue to the Levada Nova, where the countryside includes waterfalls and a tunnel.

Walks are up to 13 kilometres. While they range from easy to moderate, please note levada walks can be strenuous and require navigating ascents, descents, steps and tunnels in some places.

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Please note this holiday is not suitable for anyone who suffers from vertigo. Flights from Gatwick to Funchal with the scheduled services of easyJet. Explore picturesque coastal villages, pass impressive lakes and discover the dramatic limestone scenery of the Biokovo mountains. Your programme Coastal villages: A gentle coastal walk through picturesque villages with beautiful white pebble beaches bordered by lush pine forests. Return via the village of Kotisina. The Saga Lounge, with outdoor terrace, is open from 11am to 11pm.

Free drinks can only be consumed while you're in the lounge — if you want to enjoy drinks elsewhere in the hotel, these can be purchased from one of the other bars. You can extend your holiday at the Meteor Hotel. Discover Slovenia's picturesque alpine scenery of waterfalls, abundant flora and meadows, with spectacular views of the Julian Mountains.

Krnica Valley: This scenic walk follows the track between Lake Jasna and the Pisnica river past dramatic mountains. The path leads over moraine, grassland, woods and meadows. Stay an extra week at the Ramada Hotel and Suites Kranjska Gora with two included half-day excursions. Walking the Makarska Riviera. Walking in Slovenia. Walks are easy to moderate and between eight and 14 kilometres in length with ascents and descents of up to metres.

Walks are up to 12 kilometres long over moderate to strenuous terrain, with some challenging sections with ascents and descents over uneven ground. Discover the stunning beauty of the Budva Riviera. Enjoy views of idyllic Sveti Stefan, Becici and Budva. Vrmac: Hike to the village of Vrmac, and catch glimpses of rural Montenegrin architecture and rich Mediterranean flora.

Brajici-Milocer: See historic sites including the 19th-century Kosmac fortress. Hotel Tara, Montenegro QQQQ Located near the beautiful Becici beach, this modern locally rated 4-star hotel offers a warm, friendly welcome and stunning surroundings. There are rooms with balconies. There is an exclusive Saga Lounge where the free bar, open from 11am to 11pm, serves local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You can extend your holiday at the Hotel Tara. Let the beautiful Dolomites provide the perfect backdrop for guided walks. Your programme This beautiful walking holiday has departures in spring and autumn, the walks are the same on both departures: Lake Molveno: Enjoy a gentle circular scenic walk along the shore of Lake Molveno through woods and by waterfalls. Molveno and Andalo: A strenuous walk offers magnificent views over Lake Molveno from the town of Andalo. Molveno to Rifugio Croz dell'Altissimo: Walk up towards Croz dell'Altissimo for panoramic views of woodlands and lake.

It has good facilities and an award-winning restaurant. You can extend your holiday at the Hotel Alle Dolomiti. Walking in Montenegro. Flights from Gatwick to Tivat with the scheduled services of Montenegro Airlines. Walking in the Dolomites. Flights from Gatwick to Verona with the scheduled services of British Airways.

Walks are moderate over some rough ground, with ascents and descents, and between six and ten kilometres in length. Walks are easy to strenuous and range from 8 to 15 kilometres, some with ascents and descents, requiring a high level of fitness. Departing: October 2, Day 1: UK-Catania, Sicily. Fly to Catania. Transfer to Milazzo and take the ferry to Lipari for a three-night stay at the locally rated 4-star Hotel Gattopardo. Lipari town walk and visit to archaeological museum and cathedral.

A History of Victorian Literature - A History of Victorian Literature - Wiley Online Library

Transfer by boat to Vulcano island. Walk to the summit of the dormant volcano. Catch the ferry to Stromboli for an overnight stay at the locally rated 3-star Hotel Miramare or Hotel Ossidiana, dependent on departure date. Walk to the summit of Montet Rocca di Novara. Three-night stay at the locally rated 4-star Mareneve Hotel. Discover the north of Mount Etna. Walk from Randazzo. Transfer to Catania airport for your return flight to the UK. Discover the eastern face of this beautiful island, once home to the Minoan civilisation, on a walking holiday that takes you off the beaten track.

Your programme Kritsa to Hamilo: Walk uphill to the village of Kritsa, continue to the frescoed church of Panaghia Kera, ascend to the ruins of Lato, and return via the scenic highlands of Hamilo. Krousta to Kalo Chorio: Follow a downhill path through a shady gorge to the traditional working village of Kalo Chorio, which runs down to the sea. Stop at Krasi, to see the ancient sycamore. Round Agios Ioannis Point: Enjoy coastal scenery on this peninsular walk, with spectacular views of Spinalonga. You can extend your holiday at the Imperial Belvedere.

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  • Flights from Luton to Catania with the scheduled services of easyJet. For single accommodation subject to availability and extra charges may apply please visit saga. Walking in Crete. We are unable to include the Greek Tourist Tax, this has to be paid locally by all guests. Walks range from easy to moderate covering kilometres, with ascents and descents. Transfer time for most walks is around an hour, so you will be out of the hotel until mid-afternoon on most walking days.

    A packed lunch will be provided. After breakfast enjoy your first walk — through the village and up to Drachenfels to take the rack-rail train up to ruined Drachenfels Castle. Admire superb views, then walk back down to the ship, making the entire walk approximately six kilometres. This afternoon, Rex Rheni pauses in Remagen where you can join an optional excursion through the Ahr Valley.

    Koblenz has a rich history spanning two millennia, and its past is reflected in a wealth of monuments and historic. Walk through the town and take the cable car up to mighty Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, then follow a guided walk back to the ship, approximately four kilometres. Later cruise the Moselle to the picturesque town of Zell. Day 4: Zell to Bernkastel-Kues. Enjoy the early part of the morning in Zell, then board a coach to nearby Traben-Trarbach. Enjoy a walk through the woods along the Bernkasteler Weg to Bernkastel-Kues — around seven kilometres. After lunch, transfer to Moselkern for a spectacular walk through the hills to medieval Burg Eltz.

    Continue the walk to your coach — making the total distance covered around nine kilometres — and head back to the ship. Cruise back to Cologne and join a short guided walk around the Old Town and cathedral. Flights are also available for a supplement. Walking in the Andes Lace up your hiking boots to see the highlights of Peru, visit the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, take to the waters of Lake Titicaca, go in search of Andean condors and visit Inca ruins in Cuzco and the capital, Lima.

    Departing: May 14, VIP door-to-door travel service — see page 67 11 nights in hotels and 2 in flight Four guided walks Excursions and visits. Fly overnight to South America. Arrive in Colombia this morning and fly on to Cuzco in Peru. Transfer to the Sacred Valley for a two-night stay.

    Welcome dinner at the hotel. On an included full-day excursion explore the ancient terraces of Moray. After a packed lunch head to Maras for a scenic three-hour, four-mile hike downhill to the salt flats at Salineras. Walk down to the Urubamba River to meet your coach back to the hotel. Take a train into the mountains and Machu Picchu.

    The moderate-grade walk includes an ascent of some 2, feet of altitude. Cross into the Machu Picchu site for a guided tour. Afterwards trek down to the bus stop — taking your total distance covered on foot today to around eight. Stay overnight in a hotel in Aguas Calientes. Morning at leisure. This afternoon, travel to Cuzco for a two-night stay. At leisure in Cuzco, the imperial capital of the Inca Empire. An optional tour visits some remnants of that era, including the fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

    You can opt to take a guided trek from the fortress back into the city. Dinner show at a restaurant. The long coach journey to Puno is punctuated by visits to Andahuaylillas and Raqchi. Stay two nights in Puno. Alternatively, travel by luxury train for an additional charge visits not available.

    Also visit Taquile Island for lunch in a local home. Enjoy a scenic drive to the Colca Valley and stay overnight. Continue to Arequipa for a two-night stay. An included half-day city tour also takes in Santa Catalina, a huge convent built in Some 20 nuns still reside in the complex. Transfer to Lima for an overnight stay. Enjoy a farewell dinner at a restaurant overlooking the illuminated ruins of Huaca Pucllana, a vast 5th-century pyramid built from millions of clay bricks.

    An optional tour of the city reveals its colonial elegance. This afternoon, transfer to the airport for your return overnight flight to the UK, arriving the next day. Walks are challenging, some at altitude and covering uneven terrain, ascents and descents. The moderate-grade walk on Day 4 will include an ascent of some 2, feet of altitude and a distance of some 12 kilometres.

    Uncover the treasures of the past and discover something new. Explore the legacy of the Romans as you visit two important Roman forts close to Hadrian's Wall. You'll also visit museums where you can see collections of Roman and later artefacts, step forward in time on a tour of medieval Durham with its important Cathedral, and enjoy two talks from your expert host.

    Segedunum Roman Fort: Extensively excavated, Segedunum guarded the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall, and has an interactive museum and viewing tower. Bowes Museum — archaeology gallery: The archaeology gallery of this museum has a collection ranging from prehistory to Roman and medieval. Jarrow Hall: Leave the Roman World behind briefly as you visit this recreated Anglo Saxon farm and village, with its associated museum relating to the Venerable Bede.

    Durham: Set off from your hotel for a guided walking tour of this famous medieval city, including a visit to the cathedral, regarded as one of Europe's finest buildings. Amenities include a restaurant, bar, gym, sauna, indoor pool and spa charges apply. Excavations of the enormous site started in Shops, temples and public buildings are still identifiable. Also see the archaeological finds at Oplontis.

    National Archaeological Museum in Naples: View objects excavated from both sites for an insight into daily Roman life. Phlegrean Fields: The landscape here is dominated by volcanic activity with fumaroles and craters of steaming mud. Facilities include a restaurant, terrace, lounge, bar and outdoor pool. Pompei and Ancient Italy. Flights from Gatwick to Naples with the scheduled services of British Airways. For single accommodation, to travel from a local airport or to take advantage of our flight upgrade deals subject to availability and extra charges may apply please visit saga.

    Departing: October 3, Itinerary… Day 1: UK to Noto. Transfer to Noto. Stay three nights at the 4-star Grand Hotel Sofia 3Q. Visit Ragusa and its archaeology museum. Visit Syracuse, with its preserved Greek and Roman remains. Stay three nights at the 4-star Hotel Garibaldi 4Q. Optional walking tour of Palermo. Travel to Monreale for a guided tour of the town and cathedral. Travel via Segesta with its Greek archaeological site, to Mazara del Vallo. Optional guided walking tour of the town. Stay three nights at the 4-star Mahara Hotel 4Q.

    Optional excursion to Selinunte. Visit Marsala and the island of Mozia, its ruined Phoenician city and archaeological museum. Pause at Agrigento en route to Giardini Naxos. Stay three nights at the locally rated 4-star Hellenia Yachting Hotel 4Q. At leisure or join an optional excursion to Mount Etna or Catania.